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  1. We cancelled our Jul Norway cruise back at the end of Apr before final payment and moved our down payment over to a Jul 2021 cruise. Two weeks later we received an email informing us that we would be refunded our excursion in 60-90 days. We just got our CC bill and there was our refund for the excursion.
  2. I'm sure once the covide crises is over & and countries open up to tourists again and if the civil unrest is settled then cruises will stop there again. The only people that will be effected by any change to the laws will be the citizens of Hong Kong. It should be no different then any other Chinese city. When that will be is any ones guess.
  3. I'll pass on the meal suggestion, we have lots of rain so we don't have to water our flowers.
  4. Where did you read that, or is it just a rumor? They are the last two S class ships & the oldest. I don't think any cruise line has spare cash laying around to buy ships, and I wouldn't be surprised if some go belly up before this is all over.
  5. I think with every thing going on in the world cruising any were in the world this summer/fall will be a big question mark. Cruising as we knew it will take awhile before things are back to normal.
  6. Do you think that HAL is still giving OBC after the price of their shares dropped?
  7. The meal suggestion for today doesn't do anything for me. With everything else going on the National Senior Health & Fitness Day is very appropriate, I think for most people on this forum and the times we live in. Stay safe & healthy.
  8. I don't know if he is the one that made the decision to get rid of the full promenade deck on the two newest ships or not but that was not very popular. There was lots of posts complaining when they were first launched.
  9. Sun rise this morning, after raining all night it's going to be very hot & humid today high 20C (75-80F)
  10. Received an email from HAL informing us that our ship excursion has been credited back to our card.
  11. We've rebooked for July next year, 14 Day British Isles.
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