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  1. ski ww

    For the birds

    Those are great shots. These were taking at our local wet land reserve, Wye Marsh. They are all rescued birds that are too injured to be released back into the wild. The trumpeter swans spent the whole winter here, as long as they have open water and we feed them every day.
  2. ski ww

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 51

    Great pictures of the wave action.
  3. Looking forward to following along on this next segment.
  4. Got up too late to watch the sail in.
  5. As always, I enjoy reading your posts, great way to start my mornings.
  6. Just missed the sail in. Thanks for the screen shot.
  7. That's a story that every travel agent should tell to their customers.
  8. I think it'll be too early to watch the sail, but hope to there for sail away.
  9. I might not be here for departure so I'll say Bon Voyage, fair winds & smooth seas.
  10. ski ww

    New Club Orange

    I would not pay extra to eat in Club Orange. We have always enjoyed late, large table, fixed seating in the MDR, have always had great table mates, enjoyed many great conversations and our table was among the last to clear out.
  11. We always enjoy our stop in Funchal. The HO/HO is a great way to get around & see some of the sights. Enjoy your sea days.
  12. The chocolate would be my down fall. Thanks for taking the time posting your blog. Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year. Safe travels home.
  13. To every one that posted, thank you. Reading your posts & looking at your pictures was a great way to start my mornings. Safe travels home & have a Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year.
  14. That was an early sail in, no wonder I missed it. Capt Albert mentioned in his blog that the NS would also be arriving at 0330.
  15. ski ww

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 50

    Well they all turned out just great, even if it was just a casual photo op.