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  1. What is the policy about bringing drones on board ships on your cruise line?
  2. Thanks, I was mainly looking for Europe, that's the one that doesn't show. Not a problem I'll just wait awhile.
  3. I just save the map that we get for the itinerary of our cruise.
  4. We don't have a favorite cruise but do cruise a lot with HAL mainly because of the itineraries. The Black Sea & the Baltic because of the ports of call, places we've read about and got to see & experience, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, etc.
  5. At least it's dry but not very warm, good for sight seeing, dress in layers.
  6. Thanks for posting the video, did I miss the pool on the back deck or is there no pool?
  7. Antarctica is still on our bucket list, we made it as far as Ushuaia & had great weather for the sail through Glacier Alley.
  8. Thanks for the history lesson, makes the posts that much more interesting.
  9. When I go to the HAL web site, " Find a cruise, search for cruise" it only lets me search until end of 2020, nothing for 2021.
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