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  1. Makes for a beautiful picture with the sun setting in the background. Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas.
  2. Rotterdam departing. Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas.
  3. Hard to believe that there are that many people lining the rails, it must get kind of crowed around the pool on sea days.
  4. Just broke a wine glass watching the sail away. Pretending I'm on deck for the sail away.
  5. Looks like the love boat is leading the parade today. Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas.
  6. ski ww

    Canadian Rockies

    We did the Rocky Mountaineer train after a cruise. It was a two day to Calgary and just loved it. What ever you decide, enjoy.
  7. Got back just in time to see her come in.
  8. Thanks for all the pictures. I'm really enjoying following along. Great way to start the morning.
  9. Will be looking forward to reading your posts of this cruise. Thanks for the look back. Bon Voyage.
  10. ski ww

    One time only Norway

    Great pictures every one, thanks for posting.
  11. Got here in time to watch the Zuiderdam backing in.
  12. Nice toots on the way out, Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas. That's it until tomorrow.
  13. Looks like they're letting the lines go on the Oosterdam.