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  1. We had 3 of our cancelled cruises drop off our accounts on Friday and the FCD’s returned to our accounts. I chose not to go the FCC route on these cancellations. I now have 2 more cancellations to process. The FCC’s from the initial pause (20K+ each) have been assigned to our upcoming cruises.
  2. We are in an AstraZeneca trial run by the military/Geneva Foundation in San Diego, they are hoping to submit for FDA approval in February.
  3. Princess has been busy today. Three of my cancelled cruises were processed today and the FCD back in my account. Two more to go.
  4. The ability to change or check on existing air bookings seems to be having issues.
  5. Learn about the benefits of Princess EZair Flights are not yet available for your voyage. Please check back when flights become available approximately 330 days in advance of your cruise/cruisetour end date.
  6. Moving the booking to a TA within 60 days has been the norm for at least the last year.
  7. Our PVP refared 6 of our bookings today with price drops on 4, increase of $2 on two and added the speciality dinner. The increase of $2 was more than offset with the speciality dinner as we are traveling with kids and grandkids. Well worth it. Our PVP reached out to us to refare.
  8. Our June 26th Mexico trip was cancelled today. We had 3 suites booked. The offer was to transfer to the Ruby on June 12 or another cruise with a huge $15 on board credit per person for the first 2 passengers. Definitely not going to happen. This is our 7th cancellation for 2021.
  9. We are booked on the June 26th Mexico 7 day which has not been cancelled. Our PVP has indicated a ship swap is in the cards and to hang tight.
  10. We have 3 mini suites booked on Majestic Princess, Riviera deck and wondering if the balcony dividers can be opened.
  11. Our June Mexican Riviera cruise on the Crown has not been cancelled. Our PVP indicated something was in the works for this cruise and to wait for an email from Princess.
  12. I have a cruise booked on the Crown for June 26, 2021, Mexican Riviera that has not as yet been cancelled. My PvP indicated it is being handled differently and stand by for an email. Wonder what’s up.
  13. It is on the list of cancelled cruises. I do not see any temporary cancellations.
  14. The October 21 Quebec to Fll is included in the new round. We have lost another 7 bookings today. Have 2 remaining for 2021. Fingers crossed.
  15. No additional compensation. We attempted to use FCC from an April cancelled cruise on 2 additional cruises which have now been cancelled. Funds in different amounts were credited to our accounts, but total remains the same. You might get an additional 25% if you used a FCD and have it refunded as a FCC. I requested mine be credited back as FCD.
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