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  1. Agree, will stop posting as we are going to lose cell service on the trail from Mammoth to Tuolumne Meadows. Four days in and all is well. Enjoy many of your posts. Stay safe.
  2. Maybe assigned was the wrong word, selected is what you chose. If you select a time you should board at the time, not show up because you want to rush on board, Medallion boarding groups is not going to go away. Every guest needs to be on an even playing field.
  3. I disagree, we are over 400 days and have never boarded early to run and book so called “popular items” and make sure we make lunch in the dining room. We are on vacation and board at our leisure with no stress involved. We have done Chefs dinners, wine dinners and ships tours without priority boarding. We usually 15 day or longer cruises. . I would much rather see new cruisers be on an even playing field for booking activities. Hopefully the assigned boarding times will continue and be enforced.
  4. I answered all the questions as they relate today. I anticipate I will be required to answer several of the questions within the 24 hour prior timeframe. So far so good. I am hesitant to say, based on others comments, I think the app is a vast improvement and will speed up boarding. We have sailed many, many cruises and with the Medallian it looks like there is no need for priority boarding.
  5. Our last Alaska cruise April 2019 San Pedro round trip was one the most formal cruises we have been on in the US. Was a very different atmosphere.
  6. I haven’t logged out for months. Everything is working fine for me on iPhone 8. Dining reservations made for the nights we might want on our next 4 cruises thru April, 2022. Green Lane, just waiting for boarding groups.
  7. Breakfast at Tiffany’s martini. Bombay Sapphire, orange marmalade and contreau. Absolute favorite.
  8. One of our upcoming cruises we are booked Business Class from Buenos Aires to San Diego thru EzAir for $1695 pp, booking direct is $7K. Our April flights from LHR to San Diego with EZair are $1995, airlines $13K. We have always found international fares thru Princess in our favor. Have never used them for domestic.
  9. I think we uploaded our CDC cards around July 7 or 8. So far so good.
  10. Still sounds different than usual trials as they are a year or two in duration and there is no mixing of actual and placebo. I see Novavax may apply for approval in September/October. Good luck
  11. Is Novavax a one or two shot vaccine. If they switched between actual and placebo then you have only received one.
  12. The CDC is acknowledging those vaccinated with AstraZeneca in the US trials from an approved manufacturing site. Australia is having issues: https://amp.9news.com.au/article/4306cec0-5d9c-403b-8357-efaf315622c2
  13. And those in the AstraZeneca trials conducted in the US are considered fully vaccinated.
  14. We could have been unblinded at any stage of the trial and free to obtain another vaccine if we chose. It was our choice entirely, there was absolutely no pressure. We were asked if we wanted to remain in the program after unblinding. There was no question in our mind we would continue. It is all in the massive packet we signed.
  15. Yes, it was double blind. We received an email from our team indicating we could be unblinded. Fortunately we both received the vaccine and now have the CDC card. We have two additional blood draws to complete the trial over the next six months. According to our team (US Navy) AstraZeneca applied to the FDA for full approval in June.
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