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  1. Same here. I am booked in a balcony for March 2022 & oabin on either side of mine could be booked. One is still available
  2. Same i understand this short term, but I won’t be going on any sardine packed bused with 40-50 passengers.
  3. Looking at Heathrow website you can see what is offered re: covid tests available there. Hyatt Place Hotel has testing too presently- can change by September. after looking this over, I won’t be making my final payment Dec. 28/21 if these tests are still required. Just not worth the hassle and extra expense. thanks for bringing up this topic. good luck for September.
  4. Google : covid test LHR- same day tests, facts listed etc 140-199 GBP cost range hope something better comes by 2022.
  5. It was a Caribbean cruise on Sky Princess departing March 7/20, before Princess started offering Options 1 & 2. Princess did not cancel this cruise it sailed.
  6. I’ve booked for end of March 2022,all refundable, insured etc it could go either way. This is a year now and even with some vaccinated Ontario is seeing a surge in infections, overflowing hospitals and a younger group with the virus. It is unpredictable. as far as getting tested- I expect there will be tests with quick results by next year. Quarantine, well it is Not always being enforced, just like this Lockdown/ stay at home order we are under.
  7. I’m back in. Mechanical problems/ weekend maintenance?
  8. Who knows? really it is getting scarier by the minute here in Ontario. Pop up vaccines, essential workers, special Ed teachers 18 plus—- some can now get shots—- finally where the need is. now it’s Spring Break and nice weather which means more are out together. I think things are changing by the minute here and you cannot count on anything being the same. Making travel plans for 2021 means one might have last minute cancellations, like I did last March.
  9. I’ve sailed on Princess out of Southampton 3 times and once we had very little g lines and had to sit down until our time/ number was called. The other 2 times we went right thr, no lines or waiting.
  10. i think the difference is OP’s cruise, like my cruise, both sailed on March 7/20. They were not part of any Option 1 or 2. Passen on both of these cruises enjoyed themselves according to their posts on our roll calls. We did not have to use an Insurance Like cancel for any reason. That was more then fair.
  11. Same here all morning cannot let g in. Ontario Canada
  12. an idea- be flexible — choose a shorter cruise, different date, lower cabin category, There are possibilities to use it , rather then lose it.
  13. hello, you are in the same boat as me, so to speak, having cancelled my March 7/20 cruise on March 6/20 and getting my fare back as a FCC. No bonus. But no cancellation penalty. i on the other hand, look at it as how grateful I am to Princess for giving me the choice to stay safe & cruise later. I chose a different cruise and will pay $2600 more for the 2 of us, 2 days longer & deluxe balcony over balcony & the Perks plus package. I am not even going to look back at the Panama Canal cruise prices to see what I missed. I found a cruise to use my FCC on that I feel is worth
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