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  1. Please come back and tell us how this works out for you. Vaccines, masks, social distancing. Etc how it is handled for cruises out of Ft Lauderdale. I have 2 bookings from there. Decided to cancel the Jan ‘21 cruise
  2. My cruise was cancelled on March 7/20. My Personalizer was corrected and updated last week & it now shows my FCD to use by March 2021. It took several emails & phone calls to get them back as FCD.
  3. Had upgrades twice. Aft corner Balcony Caribe I booked to a minisuite obstructed by lifeboats. next one was midship balcony caribe to Minisuite forward lido which I cancelled. if you like to pick your cabin ask for no upgrade when you book
  4. Beautiful big ship. Aft pool lovely if you can get near it. I had an obstructed balcony above pizza restaurant. Not obstructed looking straight out. I have Enchanted booked for Dec 10/21. Hoping to sail by then or have my FCC extended.
  5. Must be catching up because my FCD from March 7/20 cancelled cruise has now been returned to my account to use by March 30/21. Was told back in April it was refunded as part of my FCC. Also gave me casino OBC. Not sure what’s going on, but Worth checking to see if your accounts are changing.
  6. Just checked my personalizer and they gave me $100 OBC & $15 cruise credit. Don’t know why.
  7. Call Princess and request where you want FCC applied. I did this recently when mine was split between 2 cruises.
  8. Yes, call to get it fixed
  9. Let Princess cancel. If you are uncomfortable then you cancel by final payment
  10. Tried again. In now. After 2 Nd try
  11. I had obstructed view angled balcony on Sky directly above pizza restaurant. Excellent cabin straight forward view was clear. Looking down you see top of. Outdoor eating area. Quiet. Not far from elevators.
  12. same for me. changed my booking to Dec 2021 enchanted out of Ft Lauderdale.
  13. I will try to use it. Hope they will extend to 2022 if they don’t sail in 2021. I feel they were fair since cancelled day before cruise, in Ft Lauderdale just as virus outbreak was known there
  14. No, they are for the amount I paid for cruise I cancelled day before sail g March 7 th. No bonus given.
  15. there are more then 2 types. My FCC are non refundable and have expiry date of Dec 31/21.
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