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  1. Happy for you! I have done the same and saved a lot over my 15 + years of cruising Princess. Now, I've started looking more closely at other lines: Holland America, Celebrity, & Royal for comparable cruises and am finding better pricing & with Holland an option for non refundable or refundable booking online. . I'd prefer to stay with Princess since I am one cruise away from elite, but I will not book with a nonrefundable deposit. (just my preference), and another annoying thing lately is the process to transfer my booking to my TA with just a phone call.( I know this does not bother others, but I see no need for these 2 changes in the booking process.
  2. If this is the case, my bookings will be last minute.
  3. I would just like to see a reasonable cruise price from the beginning. I do not want the free drinks, free gratuities etc. that I see offered with higher prices and non refundable deposits, more frequently now. I too have booked many cruises I really wanted to take when they first open up and watch prices every couple of weeks for a price drop. I just don't care to keep this up, so I am looking to other cruise lines now for comparable cruises with better prices.
  4. Agree with you. These promos and non refundable deposits are not for me. If there was a cruise I really wanted to be on in a certain cabin and a certain date, I would go ahead in book far in advance, then watch for price drops. Lately though, I'm finding Princess pricing quite a bit higher then comparable cruises on other lines, so am trying some other cruise lines. Holland America is next.
  5. Just tried to book online, (my TA is away for a month). Only want to use my future cruise deposits for this booking, but the cruise I want to book online only shows the promotional fare with 10% NON REFUNDABLE deposit. I want to see All Prices online, and not have to Phone the cruise line for this.
  6. Join your roll call. Hopefully you can share the Princess arranged taxi. Enjoy your trip.
  7. dog

    What is included?

    Booking promotion on now gives: prepaid gratuties, free wifi, OBC . Thanks for replies. dog
  8. 😊 What is included in the A3 category -Sirena? Please direct me to site where it is listed. ie: soft drinks, other beverages, laundry, restaurants, shuttles... What do they charge extra for onboard? Can OBC be used to book excursions online pre-cruise? I am just becoming familiar with the Oceania website. Thanks, dog
  9. I've made notes from your posts. Thank you so much!
  10. For Ghana & Namibia, I read in an article on cruise critic that the ships usually arrange for the Visas. For Canadians the website: travel.gc.ca gives current entry requirements, health & safety information. Maybe this information will be useful to others cruising soon, as it is best to check within 3-6 months prior to travel.
  11. Any information on travel warnings, safety, crime in these ports would be of interest.
  12. Getting back to learning about these ports and looking for resources on: Namibia, Luanda, Angola, Takoradi, Ghana, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and Banjul, Gambia. We have a full day in most of our ports and will consider ship excursions, as well as, DO IT ON OUR OWN. Thanks for your help. dog
  13. Any more information would be appreciated. dog
  14. Bringing this back to life. I'm on the Azamara Journey, 22 night cruise from Lisbon to Cape Town, and would appreciate some resources you used to plan for the West Africa ports. Any information on ship excursion and private tours you took are of interest. dog
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