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  1. Oops, typo. Yep ME. We were there last Oct. Quick tender ride and Acadia National Park is close by.
  2. They'll continue to raise it til it hits a point where not enough people are buying it. Good old economics.
  3. Yeah, well, we're in a JS and are D+ so no Barefoot Beach for us. Our last time in a GS and using Barefoot was several years ago on our last Explorer cruise. We only had GS the 4 times we were on Ex. We love GS, but since we cruise 2-4 times per year now (counting b2b's as 2), it's a bit expensive. So, we sail in JS now which gives us more space. I'm sure we'll do a GS again, just not in the next year and a half or so. We're booked out through fall 2020 in JS's.
  4. We used them on Labadee back when they were like $175 (around 2012-2015) and they were new. Once they went over $250, we said forget it. There's shade under trees and now we book a clamshell instead at Labadee. For our upcoming Harmony b2b cruise, cabanas on Coco (and Labadee) are ridiculously priced. And, yes, people are paying those prices. It's really supply and demand. They are just way too expensive for what they are, yet they do sell.
  5. We have been on GR 7 times and in a JS every time. We're also D+. We use the priority security line and check in with suites. Two out of our last three trips were supposed to include Coco Cay and yes, we were going to get priority tendering both times. Both trips, we missed CC due to weather lol. So, CL access does include priority tendering and that does include D+ on GR. Although, now, there's very little tendering done from any ship. Grand Cayman is one location that tenders. So is Belize. Oh and we tendered in Bar Harbor, MD last year. We know the Baltimore port really well so we don't have to ask for any directions. We always stay in JS. In Baltimore we pretty much walk straight onto the ship, but there is a nice waiting area (suites and Pinns) if you're there really early. Baltimore has changed up (where/how) suite check ins several times over the years. I think they finally have it working really smoothly.
  6. We're doing a b2b on Harmony in Nov. Nov 3 and 10. First leg, Labadee, Falmouth and Cozumel, second leg Coco Cay, Costa Maya, Roatan, and Cozumel. We could have done eastern if we wanted to go the week before or over Thanksgiving. Those dates didn't really work for us.
  7. Having the same issue only I'm 85 days out from the second leg of my b2b. I had the same thing happen a week ago when doing the check in for the first leg and it just cleared up on it's own after a bit, but seriously...
  8. We're doing a b2b on Harmony in Nov. I did our check in for the first leg about a week ago and had trouble getting to the check in page for an hour or so, but finally did. Tonight I'm trying to get in to do our second leg and again can't get in. Sigh, I know it's Saturday night, but come on. Hardly the first issues I've ever had with the webpage. Last b2b two years ago, they still asked if the question if you were doing a consecutive cruise. From what I've seen, that question doesn't exist anymore. Anyway, just somewhat amazed that they still haven't worked out the bugs. No, I take that back, I'm not amazed lol.
  9. Cruises from Singapore are hardly the norm. Most are cruising from US based ports. Lots report finding a location to buy wine before boarding. Diamond is hardly lofty as more and more people are reaching it quickly. I drink what I want when I want, but never enough to warrant the drink package. I do think, as a lot have found out, that with the package you are more likely to drink at times you normally wouldn't. I'm stretching 2 bottles of wine out for 9-14 nights (14 which we've done before). My glass of wine while getting ready for dinner is usually about 2-3 oz so 2 bottles easily stretch out. Just something to sip on. If I don't like a drink, I will order something different. We are at a stage in life where we have plenty of "extra" to spend if we feel like it, but buying a drink package is a waste of money. We'd rather spend our money on our JS and if needed, transportation (business class or Acela train, or sleeper on the Auto Train). But we also have an Amtrak Points card for that. As for the drinks we paid for, including coffee which we have every day, etc we have NEVER been even close to what the package would cost. I was not just including alcohol. I order what I want when I want. I also try different drinks anytime I want. I think that most who buy the package are drinking more and what they never would without it. As I've said before, RCI wouldn't offer the packages if they weren't profitable for them. I know for a fact that we never drink anywhere near as much as a package would cost. I think some who buy the packages have no idea because they drink more than they normally would because they can. I also very rarely drink soda. I might have 5-6 per year. I quit drinking soda regularly 15 or so years ago. Guess what? I lost 7 lbs in one month by doing so. I love wine and I have a few preferred cocktails, but never feel the pressure to drink a certain amount. My experience at breakfast is that the juice (when I have it) the concentrate is just as good as the "fresh squeezed". I usually have water and coffee. Juice is extra sugar and carbs and not really necessary. But, it is your choice. I just don't understand those who use the "I don't want the extra bill at the end of the cruise" crowd. I'd rather spend less, even though I can spend whatever I want.
  10. 4 drinks a day depends on the cost of the package when you buy it. Some people are drinking only beer which means a lot more than 4. Only mention the "free diamond drinks" like others do because it does play into how much I drink. We bring one or two bottles of wine onboard and there's one drink per day or so. The evening happy hour (which I'm sure you will be glad to have when you're diamond so be careful bashing people about it) gives me 2-3 glasses of wine or cocktails, one of which I carry into dinner. Otherwise, buying one or two drinks (sometimes afternoon, maybe one after dinner) a day plus coffee still isn't anywhere near what the package costs. A pkg would cost us around $900 or so (depending on price of pkg) for a 7 day cruise. We normally spend $200 at most on a 7 day cruise. But, there are posts by people who have said drink fatigue is real and they drink more than they would if they didn't have the package. I'm betting those that buy the package on a cruise don't drink as much when they're on a vacation that doesn't have that option. That's why my opinion is that some force enough drinks to "get their money's worth" when they have a package. Once again, this is just my opinion and I'm basing it on reports/reviews that cruisers have done since the packages were introduced.
  11. Every single day? You don't find you drink less as the cruise goes on? Multiple people have reported drink fatigue after the first few days of trying to keep up, especially with port days thrown in. One of our perks as D+ is we get 6 bottles of water delivered to our cabin on the first day. On our recent Carnival cruise, we got two one liter bottles as a perk since we're Gold. Otherwise, we drink ship's water. Have you actually done the math? And by that, I mean keeping track of what you actually drink every day and not just guessing based on what you usually do? The fact is, RCI offers the package because they make money on it, not because people get their money's worth.
  12. Park Cafe also serves pizza now. I remember when that location was just a pizza place. Not 100% sure about lunch on boarding day, but they have it at lunchtime and when open during the cruise.
  13. Number of outlets vary by ship class and cabin type. Older ships have one or two outlets. Newer ones can have three plus usb. That's why you see posts. You're not allowed to bring power strips onboard (or extension cords) and I'm surprised to see one already in a cabin. We've stayed in GS on a couple of different ships and usually stay in JS and haven't seen what your photo shows. And I've never seen 8 outlets in any cabin. Some JS have an outlet by the bed. Anthem I think is one (honestly can't remember for sure after 28 cruises).
  14. I've seen b2b cruisers having lunch in the MDR boarding day on Grandeur, but never heard of Pinnacles and Suites doing so.
  15. We've started paying to eat lunch in one of the specialty restaurants on boarding day. On Grandeur in April it was Chops. On Anthem last fall it was Jamie's. On our upcoming Harmony b2b, we have Jamie's booked for our first boarding day. Just less hectic. We go around 1215 and by the time we're done cabins are usually open. As for Grandeur, the WJ and Park Cafe are free for lunch and open on boarding day.
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