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  1. That's not what I said. What I said was that they should be diversified enough to withstand ONE stock tanking. If they were overly invested in one stock, shame on them and that is poor management. It is a fund manager's job to protect and grow their account, not take risks with one stock. Fund managers get fired for doing things like this.
  2. To follow up on infection vs death rate and hospitalizations, etc. A good friend of ours was discussing this with his primary care Dr just this week. In our county, the infection rate is below the state level, but what's interesting is according to him out of the 16 current hospitalizations, only 2 are in ICU and we've had very few deaths (2 or 3 all in the 80+ group) over the last few weeks. Our county has two hospitals, one of which completed a huge remodeling and addition just this last year to bring it up to a level III trauma center. There have been no new hospitalizations or death in at least the last 24 hours, even though there are still positive cases showing up with testing. Our PCR is 4.5% with 62 new cases reported in the last 24 hours.
  3. They are also normally diversified enough to withstand one of their investments tanking because it does happen. If they were heavily invested in one stock, shame on them. That's poor management. They're trying to blame one stock for their losses. Our personal investments are diversified enough that we have made money the last few months. In fact, we're meeting with our FP today via zoom of course as we have been every 2-3 weeks for the last few months to stay on top of things because they are managing their accounts properly.
  4. That was what was expected as it mutates, it becomes less lethal but more contagious. It's what viruses do. They really don't want to kill their host or they die out. The common cold is very contagious as is the flu. People don't die from the flu itself and rarely from colds, but from secondary infections and even that is not super common. The Covid infection rate is up, but deaths are way down. We'll see if this gets reported more widely. My MIL lives in a senior facility. It's everything from independent living apartments to full up nursing care/memory care. They haven't had a new case in several weeks and no deaths in a couple of months, which considering their age group is great.
  5. Staying at the Marriott for NYE is not as easy as you might think. It's booked very quickly and for very, very high prices. We always stay there when we go to NY, usually on points. It's not a cheap hotel to begin with, but for NYE, it's really, really high, plus you have to buy a package and pay extra to have a room with windows that look out onto TS. You can't just stay there and go look out the windows. The bar/restaurant area is not open to everyone staying there for NYE, not by a long shot and the attendance is limited. Most of the windows in the hotel also do not overlook TS either. People spend thousands to do it. Not worth it. Having sat in the bar next to the windows I can also tell you, the view is limited to what's right in front of the hotel.
  6. My oldest son and daughter in law had postponed their wedding and reception from May until this past weekend. They went ahead in May and got married in his living room with 9 total people there. Her sister was her matron of honor and my youngest son was his brother's best man. Her parents, my DH and myself, their pastor completed the 9 people attending. At the time the max number of people allowed to gather in No VA was 10. My youngest son's wife, the matron of honor's husband, and my new DIL's 2 brothers who live in the states couldn't come (oldest brother is an airline pilot in the Philippines). Her niece and nephew also weren't there, nor were my parents or my DH's mother. It was live streamed and recorded but not what they originally planned. So, they rescheduled the vow renewal and reception for Oct 25. But on the 22nd (last Thur) they decided to cancel because they were more concerned about everyone's safety. So, they cancelled the event for 75 people (originally 175) and lost all their money. We had given them about 1/3 of the amount and they came up with almost all the rest because her family doesn't have much, but we don't care that it was "lost". The plan was for mask wearing, even though the venue doesn't require it. The wedding was going to be outside, but the reception inside. The venue had bought air filtration systems to use for indoor events. Supposedly all the food that was purchased for the reception will be donated by the venue. The problem with wedding venues is once you pay them something, they get to keep it which is why a lot of people go through with it.
  7. That won't happen. My guess is they will block off the area completely plus there won't be a show there.
  8. Well, we know what Shakespeare said about lawyers.
  9. Yeah, because lawsuits concerning stockholders losing money stand a chance lol. It's a risk you take when you purchase stock. And, it's not securities fraud. They left out a little part about the CDC and not allowing sailings. This probably won't ever get to court, but of course what they want is a settlement which in no way should happen.
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