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  1. Google it. There are several sites where experts say for Covid, it's about 70%. Measles is 95%. Biologist doesn't mean expert in virology. I understand what herd immunity is. I did not make up 70%. I guess Johns Hopkins doesn't know what they're talking about. https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/achieving-herd-immunity-with-covid19.html
  2. The vast majority of those catching the variant are unvaccinated so that shouldn't change that.
  3. Cases are going up a little, but hospitalizations and deaths aren't. At what point does the panic subside and the CDC backs off somewhat? 70% is considered herd immunity so that would make sense.
  4. Um, that masks weren't required like you said. That everyone took them off the second they boarded.
  5. But, what are the hospitalization and death rates in those states? I know in our state and specifically our county, deaths and hospitalizations are way down (basically zero in my county), even with a slight increase in cases.
  6. I watch Parodeejay's YT videos so that's one of the places I'd seen it.
  7. It just seems the CDC makes it up as they go along. 95% is kind of random. It could just as easily be 70% since that is considered heard immunity for Covid. Fortunately, the masking policy isn't as bad as it could have been considering the original discussion was pretty much full time wear. We're not cruising til the end of Nov so by then the CSO expires and hopefully so does the policy.
  8. I'd forgotten that, but the positive rates are almost identical, virtually none. I know there's been a couple on RCI, but in unvaccinated people who have mask requirements. So, that says a lot about whether masking makes any difference or is necessary on a cruise with the other current rules in place.
  9. Carnival isn't requiring masks once onboard for those that are vaccinated. At least they weren't as of the last couple of days so wasn't due to the CDC. There are several videos about the first Carnival cruises and how people take off their masks when they board.
  10. And, FLL airport isn't that far, less than what, 15 min? PC to MCO is about an hour's drive. Much easier in FLL to make a flight at 1030 than one at MCO at 11.
  11. As I said my 83 year old parents have phones and use apps. My mom texts my sisters and I if she just needs to tell us one little thing. Can I ask why the line you drew is smart phones? Of course you can use your laptop to sign in for your cruise. The app gives you other options, especially once on board. Muster is done mostly on the app now. BTW, every generation finds an issue with the latest technology. Remember, cell phones alone were new not that long ago, cordless phones for the home, computers, Smart TV's, cars, all were "new technology" at one time. It is of course
  12. Too many mostly younger people walk around with their nose in their phones. I only use mine when sitting or stopped because I'm not stupid enough to think I can walk and text at the same time. Technology is not a bad thing.
  13. Works for me. I just logged in and clicked on cruise planner on a couple of my cruises and everything shows fine. I'm using Chrome.
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