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  1. Why do you say that about St Thomas? Our april 6 12 night itinerary has St Croix on it. I think like some ports, they alternate. We've never been to St Croix before so interested in what you think.
  2. I always take mine.. My small Sharper Image travel hair dryer is as powerful as my full size one and easier to use than the ones provided onboard. It's also more powerful than the ones onboard.
  3. You do realize the DL concierge does the same things the CL concierge does, right? The job is basically the same for both and from contract to contract they can move between the two.
  4. BND

    Embarkation day go to

    We go sit in either the DL or CL and get coffee and have started having lunch in a specialty restaurant and not deal with the WJ.
  5. That was when it was just a "Diamond event" and there wasn't an actual Diamond Lounge.. That was our experience when we made D and cruised on EX a few times before the lounge was added.
  6. We just got off Anthem and used the CL as D+. We've also used it on Grandeur. Ships with suite lounges do not have CL's so we use the DL's on those. Nothing has changed except they have put SL's on specific ship classes and on those only suite passengers and Pinnacle's can use them.
  7. BND

    24 Hour Venues on Oasis

    I can't think of anything open 24 hours. Pools definitely aren't. Other venues have very specific hours. Arcades might be because they don't need to be manned. Pizza is available really late, but not all night as far as I know. I'm pretty Sorrento's shuts down by 1-2 am. He can always go sit in a lounge or the solarium and read.
  8. Anthem is a great ship for kids. There is so much to do. We just got off her 11 days ago. Due to it being a 9 night NE/Canada cruise, we had very few children onboard. But, between the sportsplex and the indoor pool, kids can stay as busy as they want. I think 8 is a great age to take a child on a cruise. Old enough to be just independent enough that mom and dad can relax some also. Not that I'm saying to leave her alone anywhere, but you can take her to most everything (except adult events-comedy, quest, etc) and not have a tired crying toddler on your hands. I'm always amazed how many children under 5 I see out late at night on cruises. My boys went to bed before 8 pm at 5 and wanted to. There's no way they could have or would have wanted to stay up late just so we could see a show. 8 year olds are old enough to stay up later if they want to and sit quietly during shows, etc. I think your daughter will love Anthem. It really was built for everyone.
  9. BND

    RCCL Approved power strip

    Have you been on the older, smaller ships? In a JS on Grandeur, there are two "US" plugs, period, no USB. I had previously always brought an extension cord with multiple plugs so we could plug in more than two things. I'll need to bring multi USB on the next GR cruise we're on. We just got off Anthem 3 days ago and had plenty of outlets in our JS, but that's not how it is on older ships.
  10. We're on this cruise also. We have a fairly small roll call too. We just got to Newark via Amtrak about an hour ago. Ready to cruise 🙂
  11. BND

    Cape Liberty

    They do not hold people to boarding times and start boarding when it's ready as you said. They start boarding by typical order, weddings, wheelchairs, suites, etc. and then allow everyone to board once they get to general boarding no matter when you arrive.
  12. BND

    Cape Liberty

    Anthem does. We're cruising on 18 Oct and we had to select a check in time for Cape Liberty which is why I answered "this" post. I filled out my set sail a couple of weeks ago and updated it yesterday with photos and it still asks. I'm kind of confused as to why you said that about this particular thread since the OP and I both had the requested time on our set sail and both stated so.
  13. BND

    Cape Liberty

    We're back on Anthem in just over a week and we selected 1030 am but we plan to be there before that. Once they start boarding you'll be able to board as soon as your group has been called or as soon as you get there if they're already doing general boarding. The time selection is to try to spread people out because the port gets congested. The arrival/departure area isn't laid out as well as some ports so they hope to spread out arrivals.
  14. Absolutely. I love it when people say that not everyone has them. My parents who are 81 have both smart phones and computers (yes more than one) and know how to use them. I know a lot of people in their 70's and 80's who can and do have and use both.
  15. It says white or neutral background so a light color. I'm assuming they're looking for contrast.