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  1. Interesting findings. I wonder if there are any more studies going on about this same topic.
  2. Not only is praline paste expensive and hard to find, when I did find it on Amazon, you have to buy more than you'll use in a while.
  3. You can think you're funny, you're not. I also don't think you know much about viruses.
  4. Even if required, it won't be permanent. Eventually, it won't be an issue. Vaccine trials are going very well and there will be herd immunity eventually. This is not a permanent situation. Also, I voted yes. If you had the last 8 months I've had, you'd do whatever you had to to be able to go on vacation. Broken and dislocated ankle, dislocated kneecap, still in PT for knee. Cancelled Nov 2019 cruises because of injury. I'm thrilled to be walking and should be walking normally by our next cruise. Appreciate what you can do. The whining on here about masks and buffets is ridiculous.
  5. Okay, Didn't realize Harmony was doing a TA. I wonder why they're doing that and using Allure in PC instead of leaving Harmony year round. They're not doing that this year.
  6. Anyone know anything at all about Harmony for Nov 7, 2021? There's no roll call, it doesn't show up on RCI's site and when I google it I get nothing, I thought maybe a charter, but it doesn't show up in a search. Oct 31 and Nov 14 are both showing up. If we need to change our Nov 2020 b2b, we wanted to book for Nov 2021, but not over/near Thanksgiving. Anyone?
  7. 28 cruises and never a lost bag. Well, except one on Carnival when we got it about 1/2 hour later than the rest because our tag had been torn off. Our steward found it and brought it to us.
  8. We're currently booked for Nov 1 and 8 on Harmony. I fully expect cancellation of those too, but my issue is the way they time them out to happen after final payment is due. We got refunds for our May cruises, which of course were cancelled after final payment. We don't want a FCC. After Nov, we're booked on Freedom in May 2021, which stands a much better chance of going.
  9. LOL. I just said to my DH last night, anyone who feels that way could have saved a lot of money and just gone to a buffet instead of cruising.
  10. It was actually announced and in the news yesterday and it's the reason the stock market rebounded. It was announced by Moderna. Googie it if you want more info.
  11. We avoid connecting rooms for two reasons. One, some of them, depending on the ship have less seating and two, the doors aren't as soundproof as a wall. We've had a connecting room one time and we could hear our neighbors conversation in a normal voice. I know a lot of people avoid them for the same reasons. If we were traveling with children, then I would prefer connecting. If we're traveling with friends, no, next door, maybe, but not connecting. In all our trips with friends, we have never had rooms next to each other. We need some privacy. As for the OP, it is what it is. It's allowed, so it's not something to be flagged or anything else.
  12. By that logic everyone's salary is everyone's business because in one way or another we all pay each others salaries. So, care to share?
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