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  1. canadianbear

    Full face mask for kids?

    I think it’s doing some 7 day trips and others are 10 days. You should check out April 2020 as HAL is offering some very different ports in Mexico on a 12 day cruise.
  2. canadianbear

    Full face mask for kids?

    Yes, end of November on the Eurodam. It’s a 10 day cruise from San Diego and includes Cabo, Mazatlan, PV, Loreto and La Paz.
  3. canadianbear

    Koningsdam Sweet Spot and Gelato

    The actual Gelato spot was an up charge but had delicious milkshakes!
  4. canadianbear

    Full face mask for kids?

    If you live in area I can give you their phone number. The staff member I dealt with was awesome.
  5. canadianbear

    Full face mask for kids?

    We got it at International Diving Centre 2572 Arbutus, Vancouver. You can either get exactly your prescription (more expensive) or very close which is what I got. They have increments of .50 I think it was with small samples you can try. I bought their mask and they popped in the prescription for each eye and wow-I could see!!! The Mexico cruise will be the first time I try it but I also have 3 other warm weather cruises coming up after so very excited. Even my husband is happy that I will enjoy it much more now. I tried the mask at our local pool and was thrilled to be able to see. Your wife would love it I’m sure. Total including mask, prescription and taxes was $215 Cnd.
  6. canadianbear

    Full face mask for kids?

    Great to hear and glad you came back to tell us. Only one minor freak out is good! I’m excited for our upcoming cruise as I finally have a prescription mask and we are going snorkeling with whale sharks in LaPaz.
  7. We were on a snorkel excursion in December on SeaCow to Klein Bonaire. Did the drift snorkel-lots of fish but I can’t comment on the coral as it was our first time there. We are going again in January and February though to do it again. It was still enjoyable to us as we love being in the warm weather (we live in Canada!) and snorkeling. SeaCow was excellent too. Very professional.
  8. canadianbear

    Valuables while on Shore Excusion

    We leave our phones in the safe on the ship. We have an underwater camera each (luckily through Air Miles points) that we prefer to use. For our cruise in February our son purchased a waterproof contraption for his iPhone 8 and he also has a GoPro that attaches to the snorkel mask. He’s used the GoPro before but should be interesting if the iPhone case works well for taking photos.
  9. Looking forward to photos and checking your “homework” when you get back! We spent 21 days on her last December and going on her again in January & February so will be interesting to see some changes. We quite liked the ship so didn’t hesitate to book again on her.
  10. canadianbear

    Valuables while on Shore Excusion

    Ha ha! Glad I could help. We love that store-found a travel crib board to bring too plus a large Nano XP dry bag.
  11. canadianbear

    Mariner Society mess

    Good to hear all is correct!
  12. canadianbear

    Thoughts on on Mexican Riviera Cruise Eurodam

    We haven't been on the Eurodam for probably 9 years but are heading on her at the end of this month for 10 days. I'm sorry to read you found it too crowded and noisy. Glad to hear though that the staff were mainly great-it is one thing we love about HAL is their staff. Not good about the Thermal package and the malfunctioning ceramic beds. I would not be happy if that happened. Interesting about the Wyndham-that is where we usually stay and I appreciate the heads up as we haven't encountered that before about the hard sell on travel packages. I agree about San Diego-it is one of our favorite cities and we always spend a few days prior to the cruise exploring it. Thanks for your review and appreciate your opinion on it all. I'm not concerned about our upcoming cruise on the Eurodam as we love cruising and will be with friends which will make it lots of fun.
  13. canadianbear

    Valuables while on Shore Excusion

    So true about the floating away caution. When we snorkel I wear a high top bathing suit so I can stuff it down the front! Between that and my underwater camera on my wrist I try to be so careful when snorkeling.
  14. canadianbear

    Club Orange Press Release November 12

    Maybe he can just join the threads together.
  15. canadianbear

    Valuables while on Shore Excusion

    We use a dry sleeve which holds our cruise card, drivers license and cash. We put it on a lanyard and wear around our neck or my husband (when snorkeling) will use a safety pin in his bathing suit pocket and attach it. So far so good (touch wood).