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  1. There are already a lot of “snowbirds” missing their trips down south especially those that travel in their RV’s and can’t cross the border. If they have their RV’s down south they are allowed (but not recommended by the Canadian government) to fly there. However, their concern should be getting enough medical coverage.
  2. We usually use PBC too. Haven’t contacted them as yet because our yearly policy doesn’t expire for another month plus we aren’t going anywhere soon. I did read that Medipac.com covers it. I can’t seem to get the link to attach but will see if I can at least attach a photo of it.
  3. Could you please add the following: October 29, 2021 Zuiderdam 12 day Mediterranean Romance B2B with November 10 November 10, 2021 Zuiderdam 17 day Spanish Farewell Transatlantic B2B following October 29 Hope that is done right, thanks Kazu!
  4. We have been getting several emails a week from HAL including their “private sales” promo. We have also received a phone call from our PCC since we cancelled our two Europe cruises months ago. We currently have no HAL cruises booked so maybe that’s why we keep getting the emails?
  5. Saw this on their FB page. Sad...miss cruising & planning so much.
  6. Just saw this on Twitter. Interesting.
  7. We’ve had 2 HAL cruises cancelled so we were waiting for a vaccine. However, decided to book a refundable deposit on Celebrity Reflection for 2022. Just have to have something to look forward to! If a vaccine becomes available we will be on a ship as soon as possible after that though. Sure miss cruising.
  8. Yes, I saw on HAL’s Facebook page they said this: Holland America Line will cancel cruises for the four ships’ deployments, with some select itineraries being assumed by other ships in the fleet. The 2021 Grand World Voyage aboard Amsterdam will be postponed until 2022 and will now sail aboard Zaandam. The Grand Africa Voyage departing Oct. 10, 2021, aboard Rotterdam will also sail aboard Zaandam on the same dates.”
  9. We are being very bored at home 😒 Supposed to fly to see our grandbaby but not flying for awhile anywhere. We do have a summer place and boat that we can now go to (involves a ferry). I’d still rather be planning a cruise! We had to cancel one for October to Europe so I’m really suffering. Was hoping to get to 5* but doubt that will happen now.
  10. Spot on Roz!! We actually, for the first time last December, chose a Neptune on deck 6 on the Oosterdam. Since we were going to be on for 2 weeks, when we booked we could only get a guarantee (which I don’t like) an aft (which no way because of hubby) or mid ship on deck 6. Figured we’d try it and actually really liked it! I’m so glad we got that cruise in as I’m really struggling with withdrawal from no cruises 😒
  11. We usually stay mid ship only because hubby gets the motion sickness. However we’ve been guests many times of friends in aft wrap Neptune suites and I loved them. The huge balcony is a plus for many people. Everyone has their preference for different reasons.
  12. Friends of ours rolled the dice on a Neptune guarantee on the Koningsdam and ended up deck 10 (10006). The wife was extremely upset. Next to no balcony. Room was a weird shape but it was the very small balcony that disturbed her the most. They did complain and the partition was opened but then it slammed all night so they couldn’t sleep so had it closed again. I personally don’t think they should be sold as a Neptune.
  13. Sometimes the 3rd person is much lower priced and if that is so I’d pick a Neptune especially now you’ve said your daughter is 5’4”. Whichever you decide, have a wonderful time. We’ve done several cruises with our adult children and it’s great memories.
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