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  1. We love San Diego. Thanks for the photos and update. Can hardly wait to visit again.
  2. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. Thank you Kazu for letting us all know. I always enjoyed reading her posts from years ago. Our hearts go out to her husband and friends.
  3. @Petoonya I will have to email Bruno’s L’Excursion Bleu as on the cruise we switched from a roll call member had arranged it. I’m not thrilled about vanilla & Pearl farm either. I may email Arii Moana Tours first as I like smaller groups. Thanks again for your suggestions. I will email The Six Passengers too but I’m sure dives are their preference unless they have a few boats. i didn’t realize they offer holding onto a float when drift snorkeling-interesting! Never done jet skiing in our lives! @Tahitianbigkahuna Thank you
  4. @Petoonya I'll check out others you’ve suggested. We’ve done drift snorkeling in Bonaire and snorkelled in really rough water with whale sharks so not sure I want to be challenged too much if the drift snorkel is hard work any more! You are a wealth of info ❤️
  5. Originally we were on the February 2022 cruise & booked with roll call with Patrick’s tour. When we cancelled it and moved to September I did email him to ask about our current cruise. No, it’s not private but I have read excellent reviews. For our cruise in late September 2022 we leave from Vancouver so it’s 50 days. Don’t tell my husband-he didn’t ask how long I just promoted it was from our home port 😱😂
  6. Will do. Some rave about “Patrick’s tour” in Bora Bora. Any thoughts? I have attached our ports. Feel free if you have any suggestions on which ones are best to snorkel. We have our own gear (I use a prescription mask). Thank you again for being so helpful.
  7. @Petoonya thank you for all the info. I will take note and check them out. I have tried to read a lot of posts and see your recommendations often-thank you for sharing. Our cruise isn’t until late September 2022 (50 days returning to San Diego). Will be our first time to the South Pacific and the itinerary seems to have a lot of unique stops. Trying to figure out which ones have the best snorkel private excursions. I know we certainly won’t snorkel in all ports-too old for that, lol!
  8. Ok...thank you for your response. I kind of figured that.
  9. We will be in Moorea early November. Is that too late to see the whales?
  10. You’ve got a lot of planned cruising! Too funny!
  11. I’m so thankful we had 2 weeks on the Oosterdam in December 2019. I’m going through major withdrawal! We are booked for the Mediterranean/transatlantic cruise late this October (fingers crossed). Also booked an even longer cruise to South Pacific for late September 2022.
  12. If you get the chance try a suite on Celebrity. We have been in many Neptune suites but booked a Celebrity Sky suite for one cruise. Hands down beats HAL. They have a private dining room for suite only guests which was excellent. There was also Michael’s club open to suite only guests which included all your alcohol. Great place to meet others or just relax. Of course it also came with a butler who we told him we didn’t need him, lol. He was low key for us but always checked in. One day our excursion was late getting back and he put a plate of appetizers in our cabin with a
  13. Boy, I’m glad I read this thread. I’ve never thought about a large hold on our credit card on a longer cruise. Good information.
  14. There’s photos of 4046 which i think is the same on halfacts dot com
  15. takes willpower...best to avoid! If only I could take my own advice.
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