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  1. I also reached out to our PCC and with his 25 years of working there survived the cut too. I’d sure miss him as he’s been a great PCC.
  2. I wish. It was so depressing cancelling our big Europe cruise. What worries me in future is being a Canadian senior and getting travel medical 😒 Thank you for doing this-I look through & dream of hopefully being on a HAL ship!
  3. There are usually bus tours right outside the port which would offer tours. We grabbed onto Ben’s Tours the morning we arrived.
  4. I saw that too. Guess our holidays will be within Canada once it is safe to do that again.
  5. No-not my idea of a vacation. I’d rather stay home.
  6. We have gone as far as cancelling our 2 Europe cruises in October. It broke my heart as it would have been my first time there. Took me a long time also to convince hubby to take the N. Statendam transatlantic cruise after the N.Amsterdam cruise. Had it all planned to fly from Ft Lauderdale after to Quebec to see our little granddaughter before returning to Vancouver. So many, like us, having to cancel after such research and planning. I’m not convinced cruising will ever return to how we knew it.
  7. The Vancouver cruise port is closed until July 1 unless a miracle happens.
  8. We unfortunately have decided to cancel our Europe cruises 😒. We are very disappointed but hoping next year we may be able to do this. Please cancel: N Amsterdam - 13-Oct-20 - 12 day Mediterranean Romance and also cancel: N Statendam - 27-Oct-20 - 15 day Passage to America 😒😒😒😒 Thank you.
  9. Wonderful news that your parents are negative. We will all keep up the positive vibes that they get home soon.
  10. You can see it on the Miami webcam-the front of the Princess ship.
  11. I heard Coral is arriving in Miami. Was refused at Ft Lauderdale.
  12. Oh no. I’ve been silently following from the beginning. Will be praying for a good outcome. They’ve got so many people involved in this amazing journey and are supporting them and you here as much as we can.
  13. Beautiful photos everyone that posted. I’ve been watching on the webcam but can’t take screen shots. Gives me chills (joy) watching the Zaandam finally arrive.
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