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  1. canadianbear

    Priority Tender Question

    At one of the ports we had a notice in our cabin that stated, when ready, to report to a certain location to get your priority tender ticket. Then we were escorted to the tender location. It was one of the few times we ever used this but came in handy. It was also clear anyone sharing a cabin with Neptune, 4 or 5 star mariners were included in this.
  2. canadianbear

    Priority Tender Question

    If in the same cabin they have the same privilege as you including free laundry! They do have to be with you though for the priority tendering.
  3. canadianbear

    Nieuw Statendam

    I hated the turnaround day when we did before-it seemed to take forever and there were always stragglers. We went right back on the ship too when allowed. Wish it could be simpler for those staying on for next cruise.
  4. And I thank you all as well! Although I just did this exact itinerary last month on the Kongingsdam with a friend, this time it is with hubby, son and DIL. Always special traveling with family.
  5. canadianbear

    Need help with my cabin mate cancelling...

    Do phone and check with your insurance. On the last cruise I did with a friend it covered us if one of us cancelled. Thankfully we both could go. I’m like you, I’m not sure I’d go alone even though I’ve been on lots of cruises. I hope it works out for you.
  6. canadianbear

    New Holland America mobile apps

    Yes that would be fine!
  7. canadianbear

    New Holland America mobile apps

    I respectfully disagree-can you imagine all the noisy sounds of everyone’s chat notifications dinging! Basically we tell each other if not together to check every 30 minutes for updates if so inclined.
  8. canadianbear

    Review - Nieuw Amsterdam

    it’s not a bid just a phone call to your PCC or TA to let them know if an upsell comes around that you’re interested. It’s best to advise them also the amount you’re willing to pay so they can grab it if it happens.
  9. canadianbear

    Oosterdam Very Casual Dress Observation

    It has definitely become less formal than when we started cruising in 2008. I admit I’m one that changes after gala dinners as I need to wear a brace and it doesn’t fit in nice shoes.
  10. canadianbear

    Review - Nieuw Amsterdam

    When we want a Neptune we book it. I’m sure everyone else on your cruise would love a Neptune suite too! The only thing I can suggest is if you booked through a PCC express your interest and the amount you’re willing to pay and they will possibly monitor it for you.
  11. canadianbear

    Koningsdam - Get your flu shots!

    I call that cruise crud. I agree in this day & age people should know not to cough in their hands and spread their germs all over. For people with compromised immune systems it can be difficult avoiding these inconsiderate people other than running the other way!
  12. canadianbear

    Koningsdam - Get your flu shots!

    Noro maybe? Were they doing a deep clean? Never nice getting sick on a cruise.
  13. canadianbear

    New Holland America mobile apps

    Is it necessary to download the App or can we just continue to use the Navigator when on the ship? It looks like it does the same thing. (Pardon my not so great at understanding this stuff).
  14. canadianbear

    Nieuw Statendam

    We will be on the Kongingsdam for that mess! Think we will just go plunk ourselves in the water and look for the octopus. I doubt we will get the Island tenders.