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  1. So it’s gone from $50pp to start to $15pp now? 😒
  2. Glad it worked for you. The Save on Sunshine hasn’t for us but I keep checking!
  3. I don’t think I’d ever share it with another couple but it was family and it was so much fun. Of course WE didn’t have to sleep on the sofa bed or whatever it was called, lol!!
  4. Ha ha! We’ve had 4 adults twice in a Neptune (family members) and it worked just fine. Not perfect but it’s a cruise in a Neptune suite and all were happy!
  5. You are most welcome! Hope you are in port for many hours. You can do a morning excursion then walk around the town.
  6. It’s a personal choice depending on how much time your ship is in port. We walked off the ship on a very rainy, windy day & our snorkel excursion was cancelled. We found several small buses there at the dock and booked a 2 hour tour with Ben’s Tours for $20pp including the Curacao Factory (has samples!!) and a beer on the bus. We have also used Irie Tours doing their 6 hour west beach tours. $65 pp and very good. You see some sites plus get beach and/or snorkel time. They have a big white tent and will take walk ups if enough room. We pre-booked this one before we left as there were 4 of us wanting to do it. They offer different tours so google them and see if one interests you. The town is very walkable too and it’s nice just strolling around, over the bridge, through the shops, have lunch etc. I love Curacao! Have fun, hope this helps.
  7. When we were there it depends on which dock your ship is at-could be a bit of walk but just take it slow. I also have challenges walking but was fine. We found independent drivers at the dock that would take us on a 2 hour tour including the Curacao factory which was interesting. It was with Ben’s tours, $20pp including beer.
  8. You will sleep much better that last night on the ship!
  9. When I phoned for the cruise I was interested in they made it clear non refundable. It’s only $25pp but I’m out of town awhile and can’t confirm with hubby so am leaving it.
  10. I really enjoyed following along (quietly). We have never done a river cruise. You’re information and photos were such a great asset for anyone thinking of doing this. Thank you.
  11. I would hope (ask them) to put a sign up at the Crow’s Nest. Yes, most will be in transit-what a shame but hope it all works out.
  12. As many times as you want. We often put a bag out the first night since we usually are traveling a few days prior to the cruise. You can ask, if you need it, a second bag or put a bag out every day. It’s the best perk for us!
  13. Awesome! Congratulations! Glad something was still available for you.
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