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  1. canadianbear

    Master Class: Finding Stuff

    Thank you for all your tutorials, they are so appreciated! I really miss having the ease of the App on my iPhone. I did finally go on the computer today just to see but we only really boot it up once a week. Oh well...less time on here could be a good thing for me I guess unless the App comes back.
  2. canadianbear

    Hotel Service Charge increasing $1

    Personally I’d rather it be included in the fare so people can’t take it off.
  3. canadianbear

    Loyal Princess Cruiser Tries NCL - And it Was BLISS!

    What an outstanding review you are doing-so much detail-love it. Never been on NCL but enjoy reading reviews as maybe one day we will be on it. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  4. canadianbear

    Excursion Ideas

    Thank you.
  5. canadianbear

    Excursion Ideas

    May I ask who you booked your snorkel excursion through-private or ship? We will be there in March for our first time and wondering. Thank you.
  6. I loved using the hand wash station-told my husband it my my wedding rings sparkle! HAL used to be, in my opinion, more strict with the hand hygiene. Touch wood-we have been lucky (or careful) not to get sick so something is working. [emoji16]
  7. canadianbear

    Emerald in a storm

    Thanks for the update!
  8. canadianbear

    Emerald in a storm

    Me too and I sleep like a baby!!
  9. canadianbear

    Emerald in a storm

    My cousin is on this cruise! Fairly typical for this time of year to have some bouncy waves. They had a beautiful day in Vancouver when they left.
  10. The food at the Dutch cafe is wonderful (and complimentary) you pay for drinks only.
  11. canadianbear

    Prescription snorkel masks -questions

    The fellow that sold me the mask said the same thing-keep the regular lenses. I’m in my mid 60’s so have saved them just in case. Glad you loved having the prescription mask-I can hardly wait for our cruises!
  12. Hand washing stations are on Koningsdam for sure.
  13. Not NCL but we had a 3 week cruise chartered out after we booked. HAL, in my opinion, was generous-we could choose to cancel with obviously a full refund or take a cruise in about 8 other ones they offered around the same time. We had originally booked a suite and they said we could transfer it to any of the ones they offered at same price & category with also some OBC offered. We found a suite on their newest ship which we couldn’t afford originally and they transferred the booking to it. We were thrilled. I hope you get some satisfaction-can you escalate up the chain at all? Good luck and I hope something positive works out for you.
  14. canadianbear

    Indonesian creew mwmbe are deeply in my houghts

    Yes she is safely home, thank you for asking.
  15. canadianbear

    Grand Turk snorkel in January & February, 2019

    Thank you. Oasis won’t do it you have to book through cruise ship. Blue Waters was great with sending me info and good reviews.