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  1. canadianbear

    Eurodam Sea of Cortez Review

    I’m not sure how their embarkation went but we were watching from our balcony at the Wyndham. The winds were wild and it was torrential rain. The traffic was crazy and I’m sure it took much longer than normal for anyone in an Uber, taxi or shuttle. We did not even attempt to embark until after 1 and by then we just walked on-the rain had stopped thankfully. I felt sorry for those we saw walking pulling their luggage I assume from hotels close by. I can only imagine the scene inside. Disembarkation was an absolute breeze-wish all were as easy as that. Originally we were going to get off later (4&5* could get off anytime) but we decided to leave around 08:45 and walked right off, got our luggage right away and walked across the street to the Wyndham again.
  2. Bon voyage! Have a wonderful cruise!
  3. canadianbear

    Puerto Vallarta

    Yes I think it was $104 per adult. That activity I think is called Flyboard-looked amazing if only I was younger! They have the paddle boards too as well as round floats you can sit on. Waiters on the beach bring you punch, liquor or pop. All quite relaxing or you can do stuff. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. canadianbear

    Puerto Vallarta

    This is one of the pay options-I forget what it’s called.
  5. canadianbear

    Puerto Vallarta

    The parrots:
  6. canadianbear

    Puerto Vallarta

    Here are some photos. Just as a side note, last time we went in morning which we enjoyed more. This time we left around 11:30 so lunch was right away when we arrived. You can swim out to these; and lunch area below.
  7. canadianbear

    Puerto Vallarta

    We just returned from a HAL Mexico cruise and went to Las Caletas. This was our 2nd time we took the excursion because we liked it so much. It’s a nice, comfortable boat ride to and from. The ride there goes along the coast and nice to see. On the way back it’s more of a ride and the staff put on a little show. Lunch was a buffet and very good. There is lots to do-we snorkel (not really many varieties of fish to see). It’s a great excursion in our opinion. They have hammocks to relax in on the beach or in the water. I’ll try to post some photos. There are also other activities that you can pay for. I enjoyed walking where the parrots were.
  8. @Dogstar: hope you’re having a great time on the ship! Please take photos of your cabin-the cruise with my friend in January is in a balcony-hoping us ladies get along, lol. Don’t eat too much at the Dive-In or Dutch cafe!
  9. Really love seeing your photos and enjoying your blog as well. Thank you so much for all your information.
  10. canadianbear

    Brief (not really) Eurodam Sea of Cortez trip report

    Luckily we personally did not encounter any of the passengers being rude or any finger snapping. Actually, just the opposite. Maybe we were just lucky because I usually will say something if someone is downright rude to staff for no reason.
  11. canadianbear

    Brief (not really) Eurodam Sea of Cortez trip report

    Also those with a weakened immune system tend to get this cruise crud. It’s certainly not pleasant no matter what.
  12. canadianbear

    Brief (not really) Eurodam Sea of Cortez trip report

    We were also on this 10 day Mexico cruise. I am one that wipes down the cabin and careful. I got the “cruise crud” as did many others like OP said. Not sure if HVAC system (like OP said no way to regulate fan)-but we spent 21 days on the Kongingsdam last December with the a/c on and did not get sick. We noticed the lack of cleanliness where we have breakfast & lunch at the aft SeaView pool area, non smoking side. I’m female and don’t mean to be sexist but there was one particular female employee there who did next to nothing but stand there with her empty tray (and kept checking her watch) while passengers moved dirty dishes to another table so they could sit down. I’ve never seen this as much as this cruise-usually the staff are right there clearing and cleaning the tables. When someone approached her to clear the table for them she sauntered over, cleared it but never wiped it down. Around day 7, after I guess several complaints, things improved. We loved this itinerary and had friends on board. We ate at the Tamarind (Erikka is great!) and Pinnacle and found them both wonderful. On Gala (lobster) night we dined in the MDR with another set of friends on board and no complaints at all. Service and food delicious. Our room stewards were excellent. They introduced themselves right away and asked if we had special requests. No wear and tear in our cabin-all looked good. The bar at Tamarind is lovely and we enjoyed pre-dinner drinks there twice. Went to happy hour at the Crow’s Nest at 9pm and it was dead. It’s a shame as this used to be such a lively, fun place. The highlight of our cruise though was snorkeling with whale sharks in La Paz. It was very rough seas that day where we had to go but 6 of us booked a private excursion and my husband & I had a fantastic time. It was amazing to be so close to these beautiful creatures and our excursion included wet suits and photos and video after-bonus! Our friends went on the HAL whale shark excursion and were told about the rough seas and if anyone wanted to cancel they could which I thought was very generous of HAL. Embarkation and disembarkation were a breeze this time in San Diego which was a pleasant surprise. If it wasn’t for the dreaded cruise crud everything would have been great. I have two upcoming cruises on the Koningsdam so looking forward to that ship again.
  13. @dogstar -have a great time-like you said before you’re leaving just as we returned from our Mexico cruise. Will chat when you’re back. We also don’t buy internet and happy wife is happy life! Just take notes when she’s not looking and report when back! Enjoy your trip and hope you like the Koningsdam.
  14. What a great itinerary. Safe travels and enjoy the cruise!