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  1. Yes; very disturbing. Equally disconcerting is the practice of Molton Brown plastic tubes. My ecological footprint grows on SB. SB asks to save your towels from everyday washing, but the amount of plastic used is staggering. Shameful.
  2. You will love whatever you do. Magical place. And so wonderful to have it to look forward to.
  3. Wendy, you both will be fine walking around up top if you take the cable up and down. Like any excursion, you do as much or as little as you want or can. And in general, a tour will hit the high points if you’ve not been there before. So very much to see.
  4. Hi Wendy. I last did Masada walking up when I was 16, so no problem then. 🙂 When I was 38, I took cable car up, and then walked down. Didn’t go to Masada last time I was in Israel, but if you hike regularly, I would say doable. But must definitely be either young or very physically active / in shape, and not just Pilates 🙂. We left car at hotel and walked - we were within walking distance of the Old City - so not sure I know the answer. But on our stops outside Haifa and Jerusalem, no problem parking at all. I think if you’ve not been to Israel before, a tour is the way to go, but for anyone who’s been to Jerusalem once or twice before, I would say to go on your own.
  5. So easy to just ask hotel to arrange transfer. It will be by boat - water taxi (unless you are staying really, really close.) And likely less than 1/2 hour. Enjoy.
  6. A couple of years ago we did this (same or very similar, best I can recall) and we went with another couple on our own, rented a car and stayed overnight in Jerusalem. Hotel Harmony - maybe one of the best boutique hotels we’ve ever stayed at. Also stopped for lunch in the absolute cutest town Zihron Yaakov, on the way from Haifa to Jerusalem. And Caeserea. Also went to Atlite Detention Camp. I would highly reco you go on your own /with another couple so you can maximize your limited time. Takes some planning but easy to do. Don’t forget the Kotel Tunnels at the Wall. Then met the ship next day in Ashdod.
  7. Don’t worry. You will have no problem getting rezos once on board. And even w/o rezos, you will likely be able to walk in and get a table. That’s been our experience. I actually find it annoying to have to plan in advance since vacation to me means NO planning. SB does not disappoint in that regard. We’ve never been turned away from TK or when they had Restaurant 2.
  8. OMG Ann & Peter. How funny! I am a Brooklyn girl. I know Seth Low JHS. I grew up in Mill Basin, and I too remember the VB being built. (I ran 6 NYC marathons starting on that bridge.). But here’s the best part of your post - we are going to Saratoga this summer!!!! Staying at the Inn, and have dinner reservations at Osteria Danny on July 30th. I love your comment that you have danced in the Club “sometimes even together.” I am impressed that you won Trivia. My husband is the trivia king on our cruises. (I got an umbrella - not useful in Arizona - and a bear, which i love.) Will you be around to meet us for a drink at Osteria Danny?? It’s my husband’s birthday. No better way to celebrate than with strangers. Looking at a TA for next year, but I want to start from Portugal. But we’ll talk.
  9. You’re on. By the way, you mention a transatlantic. We’ve not done that, but i do want to do that. Why is SB not great for that? Drinking, trivia, and — maybe — late night dancing in the casino 🙂
  10. You may want to post on the Roll Call board to find fellow cruisers. Just know that you will heave a fabulous time and you will get to meet some pretty great people. We have met people over the years who became everlasting friends. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/539-seabourn-sojourn-roll-calls/
  11. SB does not have dancing partners, as does Crystal. Before my widowed mom met her fellow friend 9 years ago, she travelled sole or with a friend and chose Crystal because it had gentlemen hosts with whom to dance. But on SB, you can always find someone or a couple to dance with.
  12. You sound fun. I’ve always been an early to bed person - even in my 20s, I’d be half asleep going to discos at 11 PM. On SB, we have on occasion managed to stay up late when there were partiers in the casino and we’d be nearby cheering them on and drinking. Best thing about SB is that it is what you make of it, and can usually find like-minded (fun) people. If we ever sail with you, we will keep you company - at least once. 🙂
  13. Don’t judge by age. We are in our early 60s, my mom in her late 80s. She closes down the place - as she has for the past 20 years when she used to travel on SB with us. She found SB too dull for her, and has been on Crystal for the past several years where she finds more lively post-dinner cruisers. Age is just a number, and not always indicative of late nite partiers. I could never keep up with my mom, who was always in the gym before I got up!!!!!!
  14. Hi Millie. You should receive an email from SB (regardless of whether you have a TA) about the SB jacket. I believe we received the email about two months before our embarkation date (we go June 17). For your date in Sept, you still have time before SB emails you. For clothing, there is a list I saw somewhere, but here’s one. https://seabourn.shiptoshoretraveler.com/rentals/alaska-sbn. If you ski or live in a cold climate, you may have some/most of the stuff. But for everything, just go to Dick’s Sporting Goods or other sporting goods shop for whatever you need. Convenient to just buy from the website link I sent, but better selection in a store, plus you get to try on. We got everything on the list, just to be sure we are prepared. (And hope to use for new expedition ship.) So yeah, waterproof gear seems essential for the excursions that are described. And layers - to keep warm and peel off as needed. As for excursions, we booked all thru SB this time. Usually we do a combo of SB and private, but this time we just didn’t feel like booking privately as this is the first cruise where the excursions mostly all look pretty fabulous. And prices looked reasonable, although I will admit I didn’t compare to private. Enjoy.
  15. Thanks. I was hoping it was Hamish, but am open to meeting someone new. What choice do I have?!
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