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  1. Thx so much. You give me hope. I did expedite and submitted at a “Passport Acceptance Office.” Also included date of travel.
  2. Question: How long is it really taking for expedited passport renewal? Facts: My husband was completing info on-line for our upcoming Ovation holiday cruise end of this year. Two weeks ago, he asks me for my passport. I give it to him. He looks and tells me it expired in June. After freaking out, totally, I made appointment at U.S. Passport Acceptance Office. First appointment I could get was September 17th. I trusted it more than Post Office. I’m told 10 to 12 weeks. Anyone know if it could be longer than 12 weeks? Anyone want to go on a pre-paid cruise with my husband?
  3. You will enjoy the buffet at the Colonnade. It is fabulous. And if you don’t like serving yourself, you can be like my mom who tells the server to make her a salad and says what she wants in it, but you lose out on picking your faves and the proportions you want. Don’t know about the IB because I don’t like it, but I would think that SB has it now.
  4. Hello fellow salad cruiser. I favor the Colonnade for do-it-yourself salads. I often create my own salad there and bring it to join friends at the Patio Grille.
  5. I agree. They are there to serve us; they are not our servants. I cringe when I see those who feel so entitled to disrespect, belittle and humiliate staff. Ugh.
  6. Seems like the consensus is that there’s no bang for the buck. I’ll go up for the intro on embarkation day, but best to watch my alcohol intake since I have been known to sign up for one too many wine clubs and drunk shop (hey, it’s sometimes like Xmas at my house and my husband asked what I ordered - I am often as surprised as he). I am most curious about the wines, but I suppose if was Far Niente or Nickel & Nickel, someone here would have mentioned that.
  7. Look at the comments you got from Cruiseej. Don’t you just love when strangers - no doubt the unfit - tell you how you should vacation??? Little do they know that there are people like us who actually enjoy exercising. I for one love being able to exercise on vacation and not have to worry about getting to work “on time.”
  8. That’s what our friends who’ve been on Ovation and Encore just told us. I’m glad.
  9. Thanks Jenidallas. I appreciate you commentary, and actually makes it sound like I might want to try it - if nothing else than just another setting, and I gather some wines that are not on the usual offerings. The Krug and spa treatment seem like it would almost be a wash. (And who doesn’t love slippers?? I usually take those for the dogs.) Got lots of sea days on upcoming trip so maybe I will give it a try.
  10. Going on a warm weather cruise on Ovation. Not a sun person and actually prefer cold weather cruises. (I live in Arizona.). That said, is there anything special about The Retreat, or anything that someone who does not like the sun would prefer about The Retreat over hiding in a shady spot by the pool?
  11. I must say, I was never bored and never found the selection at the Grill boring, but then again, I am a creature of habit. I did love being outside and it being not as fussy as The Restaurant. Interesting to read the various comments of some saying same and others saying different. Either way, I look forward to trying, and even more excited to be on the Ovation. But I know, after nearly 20 years of sailing SB, I won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your response. I must see what that “smoking box starter” is. 🙂
  12. Another idea if you are not wed to whatever hotel SB chooses for you, see if you can find another couple to share a car with to the port. Through the Roll Call, we met a lovely, and quite fun, couple from the other side of the world who stayed at the same hotel (The Aubrey) and we planned in advance to share a car for the rather long ride to Valpo and stopped along the way at a winery, making it all the more enjoyable to travel to the port. So be sure to also post on Roll Call.
  13. But I have not yet been on the newer/larger ships, so very excited that my upcoming Sojourn switched to Ovation.
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