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  1. After some prolonged issues with another cruise line regarding the refunding of money from a cancelled cruise we are reluctant to even consider booking a cruise for 2021. This has not stopped us browsing other cruise lines during the isolation hours. We were aware of Oceania’s reputation for good food and service but for us it is difficult to even contemplate an early booking for 2021 . This in part is due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid ,port closures and how the cruise industry will react to distancing etc.
  2. I think from a UK perspective the uncertainty of cruising any where Is unlikely without a vaccine. As for choosing a cruise line , their are pros and cons with all of them . We are moving from Azamara to try another cruise line because of changes made on the ship, poor communication and paying a higher price for friendly service. It’s good to try other cruise lines but it can be a costly experiment if you get it wrong.
  3. There is a clear difference between the staff on the ship and those in head office. You have to question the motives for releasing this at this time. Their reputation off ship is in tatters, near silent communication regarding cruise cancellation’s and questionable procrastination in relation to refunds, whereas on ship it’s hard to fault it. So forgive my scepticism as this feels like a PR exercise for a floundering cruise line that was once well respected but is now tarnished by management off ship.
  4. I assume that this makes the whole process longer. I don’t know if this a premeditated decision to slow refunds so that money stays within the cruise line or they believe it is a more efficient way. In terms of Azamara their poor communication continues and it only annoy’s and frustrates their customers.
  5. It’s because Azamara are so poor with their communication that you cannot believe a word they say . As an aside I was wondering if American passengers are getting their refund/FCC faster than those from the U.K.?
  6. Excellent point , if AZ want you to wait 90 days for your refund then they will have to wait longer for their final payment. Doubt very much that they would consider waiting longer for a final payment because after all they are only a poor cruise line.
  7. Azamara failing to repay our money is having a direct affect on us booking another cruise next year. Not that Azamara cares , this obviously is directed at their appalling management . Azamara’s difficulties have been passed on to their customers and the longer they prevaricate only ensures many former passengers will not sail with them again. There of course will be a group that blindly excuse the many issues that Azamara continue to have but they don’t deserve or respect that support. loyalty does not appear on a balance sheet and don’t be fooled into thinking that the management really only consider you to be a number and nothing else.
  8. They want your final payment as soon as possible, want you to settle your cabin bill as soon as possible however when it comes to them paying you back for the cruise they cancelled Azamara are purposely dragging their feet. The passengers have to wait and wait and get treated with lies and excuses. How can some people on this thread continue to support a company that would not communicate to their passengers until the last minute and then fail to pay back the money that is owed? They could not or would not transfer your credit on to another ship in their group. I would never sail with AZ again they offer reasonable service for for a basic product and at a high price.
  9. Well done Bonnie for sorting this tragic situation, all our thoughts are with Connie and her family at this very sad time. It’s a pity that it has taken a dreadful set of circumstances for Azamara to finally provide a positive outcome . There is an increasing number of cruisers who are still waiting for refunds and being told that the money is coming to then finding out it is going to be even longer before the refund arrives. You would have thought that they would at least try and repair the damage to their reputation and brand but is seems they are beyond caring.
  10. What happens, as in our case , if the future cruise credit is for a company that you no longer wish to cruise with? (Azamara). The FCC should be transferable for it to work fairly. Some of the cruise companies are dragging their feet in repaying money to passengers. When you finally get in touch with either your TA or Cruise company you are subject to a plethora of excuses and false promises and moveable dates for repayment. Some cruise companies have acted quickly and reimbursed their passengers others have not think about this when you are booking your next cruise
  11. Really, their poor communication prior to the cancellation of our cruise said every thing about Azamara, good when they want your money deaf when you want it back.
  12. Like so many disappointed cruisers we have had our cruise scheduled for April cancelled. In many ways we have been very lucky that in that we have not been in quarantine on a ship going nowhere and we should get all our money back. Although everyone’s attention is rightly on Covid-19 I have tentatively been looking at other ships for a cruise next year. No one knows what the world is going to be like next month never mind next year but there’s no harm in looking. We a have cruised predominantly with Celebrity and Azamara but we would like try something else. So my question to you experienced Oceania cruises is what us so special about them ?
  13. Finally someone at Azamara has seen sense and cancelled our cruise to nowhere. What started as an exciting adventure booking the cruise last September has now ended in total frustration in March. No one could have foreseen how Covid-19 has engulfed the world and it’s far reaching implications on daily life , work, and travel. Azamara did not meet the challenge of this virus like other cruise lines have done they chose to ignore the inevitable, like trying to strike a match in the wind and rain. How better they could have treated their many loyal passengers but they did not and I hope they find a bearth with a new cruise line with a more encompassing philosophy and service. Good luck to all our fellow cruises as we navigate the rough seas of the Coronavirus with the hope your next cruise is your best.
  14. Azamara have the April 11th cruise on sale knowing full well the embarking port is closed to cruises ships and so is everyone of other ports on the itinerary. What are you playing at?
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