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  1. What is the criteria for being considered “premium “ ?
  2. We normally cruise mainly with Celebrity or Azamara. The itinerary is what we look for first and then the Ship but we are considering moving out of our comfort zone and trying another cruise line. I know that a cruise experience can be subjective for each passenger, you can have a perfect cruise for others on the same cruise it was the worst they have ever had.. So my question is having read various MSC reviews the food has had a mixed reception. We are thinking of trying the Yacht Club and want to know is the food any better there than other places on the ship and is it worth money? Is the Yacht Club experience really better than a normal balcony cabin ?
  3. Has anyone had the Indulgence Package and did you think it was worth it?
  4. Surely if you wanted to book a shore excursion prior to a cruise you would. Unless AZ had an offer on excursions, don’t be crazy, why would they need to contact you.The price of shore excursions across all cruise lines is out of control . The mark up is incredible and they play the fear card to ensure you pay over the odds on some excursions. You only have to do it on your own once to realise what a rip off they can be. Of course it depends on what area of the world you are cruising in , we used all the ships excursions in the Middle East.
  5. If Azamara had explained the reason in more detail to include issues surrounding the Straits of Hormuz then that would have helped . Rather than a vague comment about immigration when other cruisers had not had that problem. It annoys me that the Azamara apologist’s have to get involved when it does not affect them.
  6. Azamara are the one’s who have instigated the change for themselves not the passengers. Perhaps customer service has been written out of contracts because, in my opinion, a small gesture goes a long way. On the roll call two experienced cruises have said the process was easy on similar cruises involving Dubai and cannot understand why it needed extra time to complete . We now have to leave Mumbai four hours early supposedly because the immigration process is now taking longer . No more information has been made available from AZ explaining in detail why this is going to happen. Which makes me think this is not all it seems.
  7. If it was a security or weather related reason for the change then obviously there would be no problem. However the departure change is only to help Azamara and not the passengers. It would be useful to know how long the immigration process is going to take , why has it suddenly become more complicated, and will passengers have any time on Saturday evening to sight see in Dubai? Azamara should provide free tours for for passengers in Dubai although I doubt that will happen.
  8. Has the real truth yet to come out for this change in itinerary? Very poor customer services from AZ without clarification on if we are on board overnight or are we expected to find accommodation?
  9. Out of interest why?
  10. What’s your itinerary pleaae.
  11. We want to try Yacht Club in 2021 and would like a to know when the brochure will be out. Also do Yacht Club balcony cabins go quickly?
  12. So what are the best Yacht Club Cabins in your opinion
  13. We are looking at cruises for 2021 and I know it is a long time away but we like to plan early . For us the itinerary is always what we look for first and then we will choose the ship. We have mainly cruised on Celebrity and Azamara but are considering trying a new experience on another cruise line. MSC is one we have looked at particularly the Yacht Club and like Aft Cabins and we hope that is possible with ships like Bellissima.
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