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  1. I was hoping with this thread that , if possible, we could avoid Covid and just share personal perspective’s. I realise Covid and Vaccines are going to shape how cruises are going to look in the future and are we necessarily going to like it?
  2. Never. Azamara. Very friendly staff and good service but you can pay over the odds for that. Always. Celebrity. Never had a bad cruise with them. Try. Oceania. We have looked at them many times but have yet to try them. They have a good reputation for their food but we are after an itinerary grads us.
  3. After much debate , research and sleeping on it we have booked a Mediterranean cruise for 2022. After protracted problems getting our money back from a cancelled cruise in 2020 we were really cautious even thinking of looking at potential cruises. The advent of the vaccine has given us hope that we could cruise and many cabins have been already booked for 2022. Are other Celebrity cruisers having issues with getting the cabins they want for 2022 and have more confidence that cruises will go ahead ? The other issue we thought about was possible changes to itinerary if Governments refuse to h
  4. We have booked a Cruise on Infinity for next May . After watching a video of the cabins both on a ship that has been revolutionised and Infinity there seems to be less room for clothes in the upgraded cabins, have passengers found this to be true?
  5. Could some one tell if Infinity has been Solticised?
  6. I do think you paid over the odds for friendly staff and good food. The casinos were removed and the den Den is sold as something special when in reality it’s just an area where people meet. It’s a risk for the new owner’s because cruising is several months off and idle ships still cost money even if they are docked or anchored off shore.
  7. This is not surprising and other cruise lines must be in trouble as the sail dates are pushed further in 2021.
  8. After some prolonged issues with another cruise line regarding the refunding of money from a cancelled cruise we are reluctant to even consider booking a cruise for 2021. This has not stopped us browsing other cruise lines during the isolation hours. We were aware of Oceania’s reputation for good food and service but for us it is difficult to even contemplate an early booking for 2021 . This in part is due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid ,port closures and how the cruise industry will react to distancing etc.
  9. I think from a UK perspective the uncertainty of cruising any where Is unlikely without a vaccine. As for choosing a cruise line , their are pros and cons with all of them . We are moving from Azamara to try another cruise line because of changes made on the ship, poor communication and paying a higher price for friendly service. It’s good to try other cruise lines but it can be a costly experiment if you get it wrong.
  10. There is a clear difference between the staff on the ship and those in head office. You have to question the motives for releasing this at this time. Their reputation off ship is in tatters, near silent communication regarding cruise cancellation’s and questionable procrastination in relation to refunds, whereas on ship it’s hard to fault it. So forgive my scepticism as this feels like a PR exercise for a floundering cruise line that was once well respected but is now tarnished by management off ship.
  11. I assume that this makes the whole process longer. I don’t know if this a premeditated decision to slow refunds so that money stays within the cruise line or they believe it is a more efficient way. In terms of Azamara their poor communication continues and it only annoy’s and frustrates their customers.
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