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  1. I might be wrong but I understood that the point of this thread was to highlight the revised Ts and Cs as they affect the P2P and D2D aspects of making a booking. When a significant number of loyal SS customers feel frustrated, disadvantaged or just plain angry at the new rules it is hardly surprising that they vent somewhat on here. And as CC only touches a small portion of the VS membership I think it fair to extrapolate this thread's dissatisfied numbers to suggest a decent chunk of SS regulars are not happy. I've voted with my feet and I'm not the only one. Plenty of people are still booking. Others are trying to suggest that it's all a bit of a storm in a teacup. Very well, be that as it may and have a happy life but in a world of choice and diversity I, for one, will take my custom to a line with a more transparent and fair booking system that will honour my accrued loyalty benefits regardless of whether I choose to take their hugely inflated included features.
  2. This one must be. He's chosen DW as his owner!
  3. To be fair, there are clearly plenty of people happy to pay through the nose to have everything taken care of by SS and are in the privileged position of having money to burn. Anyone looking at D2D who happens to be able to use all of the included elements may feel it's good value. The losers here are those of us that like to arrange our own travel with the flexibility to come and go wherever before and after the cruise. The other losers are those who, because of location, cannot use some of the included elements, receive a credit but end up paying way more than what is effectively a P2P at an inflated price. I can see where SS is coming from. I don't agree with nor like it. The old system didn't penalise those who use their own initiative on travel nor did it penalise folk geographically. I might look like a cabbage but I'm not green. I'm out.
  4. Further to my post immediately above: SS is no longer attractive to our needs so I've copied those parts of the T's and Cs for interest only.
  5. I've taken screen shots of the T's and Cs. It would seem that VS days are credited on P2P but that the VS days-earned 5% and 10% savings only apply against D2D ssilings:
  6. I really hadn't noticed that P2P didn't give VS credit. We had already decided to cruise elsewhere with a mild feeling of regret. Now we have no regrets at all. Actually, I'm truly shocked.
  7. Whoa. Hold the phone! I guess I missed this. Under what circumstances are VS days not credited?
  8. Clearly, there are passengers that accept the D2D/P2P differences ; others, not so much. Equally clearly SS are looking to make a bigger margin from D2D and are making P2P less attractive. For someone with a history of booking cruise only and arranging their own travel and accom, the new structure is disadvantageous. You can argue it any which way but the bottom line is that SS are losing VS customers.
  9. That's as maybe but there are certainly CC members who are thoroughly uninterested in playing those games.
  10. The history of Ireland generally and of the North in particular is a minefield of disinformation, obfuscation and deliberate partisanship. We don't expect outsiders to understand it because we don't really understand it ourselves! Glad you took the time and trouble to look at the city from the streets. I grew up in a street just like those with the gable end murals. It was only ever a very few that wanted violence but the infection of prejudice was rife. A new generation are growing up in a fairer, more inclusive and kinder society. The Belfast of today is a world away from my days and long may it remain so. Enough. Have a great cruise! (P. S. If the Myster likes his beer give Smithwicks a try. Guinness also produce an excellent lager called Hop House 13 - my son likes it rather too much!)
  11. Not only in my home country, you're now in my home town too! If you have time the Botanic Gardens and Ulster Museum are worth a detour.
  12. Yes it is, DW. Even if the non-Welsh-speaking branch of the family in Swansea think they are being ironic for pronouncing it doll-gell-aw. I say ironic, I mean mor.......
  13. Four years ago or so we were staying for a week in a cottage near Dolgellau. As we left I filled the car up at the local petrol station where the 2 girls at the tills were chatting away in Welsh and left me standing for a moment while they finished their conversation with a hearty laugh. When my payment was taken I left them with a (very well pronounced, I thought) "Diolch yn fawr". Now, I have absolutely no idea what they'd been saying but they had the courtesy to look guilty.
  14. My wife and I have had 20 happy years together. We've been married for 40 years.
  15. Bill Bryson plays words like Yehudi Menhin played the violin. An absolute master of his craft.
  16. Better than the horse's ass who thought it was dez moynz!
  17. It's not just silly names that's fun but local accents too. We Ulster folk have the peculiar knack of making many one syllable words into two syllables, then, just to be contrary, turn some duosyllabic words into monosyllables. Some examples: Face becomes fee-ass Eight becomes ee-at Film becomes fill-um Yet Northern Ireland becomes Norn Iron I no longer have my abrasive Shankill Road accent and in almost all respects use accepted English pronunciation. The one strong exception is the word eight. While mostly I pronounce it as 'ate' I have to concentrate. 8,888 still takes some getting out.
  18. Phew! Happy to be corrected. Now I'm wondering how many Iowans laughed inwardly at my poor attempt at pronouncing that fine city's name.
  19. My personal, favourite strange pronunciation is a town in West Yorkshire: Skelmanthorpe = Shat Yeah, me neither.
  20. I'm no authority on Iowan dialect but it seems Dez Moynz is their pronunciatory preference. I know!
  21. Oh, and while we're at it. Why are Leicester, Worcester and Bicester respectively pronounced Lesster, Wusster and Bisster yet Cirencester is fully enunciated? And isn't it about time we loaned the Welsh some vowels?
  22. We got by with Dez Moynez. English villages seem to specialise in pronunciations that bear little relation to their spelling eg: Cowbit = cubbit Slaithwaite = Slowit (slow as in cow) Staithes = Stee-ahs Not just English, actually. Have a go at the following: Milngavie Dun laoghaire
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