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  1. As to the vaccine roll out in Australia, this article was in todays newspapers = "The European Union has been blasted as a “total disgrace” for allowing Italy to block a quarter of a million doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine from reaching Australia. The shipment was stopped because of the “continuing shortage of vaccines in the EU and in Italy and delays in supplies from AstraZeneca to the EU and Italy,” the Italian foreign ministry said in a statement. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control statistics show Italy has currently received 1,512,000 AstraZeneca
  2. As to the charge for La Dame/Kaiseki - it is one way to use an on board credit ! We usually do dinner at these restaurants at least once per cruise.
  3. We get the Graham Norton TV show here in Australia. I think he is very funny. And he has good guest on usually.
  4. Noble Caledonia !!! I still have nightmares about our trip 👎 And it is nowhere near the standards of SS.
  5. What's the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? ......... Attire
  6. I hope when the world returns to "normal" I get to sail with you mysty - you are my sorta people ! Stumblefoot will confirm that ! 💃
  7. We also did that cruise Sydney to Auckland on the Muse in February 2019. Most enjoyable !
  8. Hey JP here is a GIN I bet you haven't got in your fridge - 🤩 Australian Finger Lime Gin https://ginglebellsgin.com/collections/gin-baubles/products/finger-lime-gin "This gin is the distillers masterpiece featuring suspended finger lime caviar -these little balls of limey goodness pop in your mouth when you bite them releasing an aromatic burst of pure citrussy gin, redefining your definition of the ultimate Gin & Tonic! It is a very playful gin ! "
  9. Don't worry - our Prime Minister is going to make the Covid vaccine mandatory for aussies !! 😃 "COVID vaccine to be mandatory in Australia, Scott Morrison says after signing deal with Oxford University "
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