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  1. LTL - we LOVED the Muse - you will have a great time ! Make sure you try all the restaurants. (mrs.dr.ron)
  2. Totally agree with TM, Auckland CBD was a nightmare when we got off the Muse in Feb, the construction of the underground railway makes it difficult to get around. Our taxi had to go in a big loop around the mess, A lot of streets are now one way due to the construction. I would definitely add extra time not only because of the traffic/construction but also because of the start of the holidays. It will give you time to have an extra glass of champers in the lounge !! πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚
  3. We did the Muse Sydney to Auckland in February this year. My husband did a full trip report on here Just remember that the Muse sails from the White Bay Cruise terminal which is not the one at Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer. It was a great cruise.
  4. Hi Goorawin, So glad things have improved since you boarded, can you tell me how the expedition staff are coping, and who they are. Is Kara Weller still head of expeditions and who is on her team ? Who is the Maitre'd of the dining room ? The pictures you put on of your bathroom look like they got the fittings from Bunnings !!! πŸ™„
  5. HI Goorawin, so sorry to hear all is not going well on board. The cruise was expensive, and you have lost the first day already. Have there been any offers of compensation from Scenic management ?? If not why not ??
  6. goorawin I hope you have a good cruise and there are not too many surprises on this inaugural scenic eclipse cruise. We were booked on the 15 August sailing but cancelled as we never wanted to be on the maiden voyage. We have sailed on Silverseas many times, and with Kara Weller several times. Hopefully Scenic have got their act together and you have an enjoyable trip. Please come back here and let us know how it goes. We are still going on our trip so will be in Quebec City to see the ship sail into the port.
  7. Today I had morning tea with 4 of the Silversea Australia management team to celebrate Silverseas 25 year Silver Anniversary. I sat next to Adam Armstrong MD for Silversea Aust & NZ, I was very pleased to hear that Miss Vicki will be returning to Silversea VERY soon !! ⭐⭐
  8. Thats a big 6 week chunk out of the calendar !! We are on the trans-atlantic crossing and thats still there !!
  9. We did this cruise in February this year, basically to see if we could cope with the size of the Muse. We love Silverseas and cruising, but mainly on the smaller ships. We are Australians, and have been to all the places the cruise stopped at before. We have been to New Zealand several times. My husband did a blog on CC and the link here = First of all, I think if you are going to do one of the excursions I would pick the one from NZ . And it is Queenstown not Queensland - that is far north Australia ! The Melbourne excursion just seems to me to be doing too much in the time allocated. Cruising the sounds in New Zealand are basically the same so you are seeing the same scenery (IMO) and you miss a sea day, so doing an excursion here would be the best fit IMO. Read Rons blog and if you have any questions come back and ask away. 😊
  10. kjbacon - we have never cruised on Regent -- the Explorer I was referring to is the Silver Explorer - the small 120 person Silverseas expedition ship !! πŸ˜‰
  11. We did the Muse in February - we are SS Explorer cruisers, we didnt think we would like the Muse - too big for us, but we LOVED it ! My husband did a full trip report here =
  12. The snacks are "official SS snacks" 😁😁😁 So the M&Ms are the ordinary type, there is a packet of dried fruit and nuts, and the third is some crunchy bar snacky type thing !! And if you eat them they get replaced. We are on our third packet of M&Ms !!
  13. We are driving around England for 10 days staying in some "stately homes & castles" before heading back home via a week in Bangkok. πŸ˜ƒ
  14. Glad things are heading in the right direction now Rachel !! I will be interested in your opinions of the Cloud as an expedition ship ! πŸ˜ƒ
  15. As Ron said we havent received a M&M invite yet !! Should we just make a time to meet up anyway ??
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