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  1. And this is a Queensland Gin, drron hasnt tried it yet as he is working in Tasmania 😃
  2. AND I was replying to Fizzys post, which is the post right before mine !! "My take on the OPs question is that, even though he knows what the rules and protocols are for SS, he doesn't want to bring or wear a jacket. There certainly won't be a lack of dining choices for someone going this route but it appears that that the protocols aren't what he's hoping for. "
  3. It always amazes me the number of people who think the rules dont apply to them !!
  4. I know I am older than mysty, and I am not sure if I am older than you Lola, but Stumbles and JP can verify I am an old lady - is there a prize for the oldest SS sailor on CC ?
  5. And we live 250 metres from the beach on the Sunshine Coast 😃 and we have whales swim past 🐳
  6. QueSeraSera not familiar with Noble Caledonia, nor the .co.u suffix? enlighten me while I grab a 2nd glass of sb. Here we're trying to decide whether to book a NZ-Australia cruise 2 years from now 😐 1 We were unfaithful to SS once and did a Noble Caledonia cruise - worst cruise we have EVER done !! So good luck !!!!!!
  7. No especially the Almond ones !! Still cant get them in Australia 😠
  8. I think you mean Queenstown NOT Queensland ( state in Australia) "Queenstown is home to a huge choice of adrenaline activities including jet boating, bungy jumping, white water rafting, skydiving" - ( all very popular with a younger demographic than Silverseas !!) [Fixed. Thanks for spotting my late-night nod off] – Host Jazzbeau
  9. We like the smaller ships, so we tried the Muse - Sydney to Auckland in February 2019, LOVED it !! Our next 3 cruises have been cancelled due to Covid, but we have everything crossed for 2022. And as Stumblefoot said the Arts cafe was always our first stop after an excursion !
  10. HA HA Mysty - as a very retired nurse that made me laugh 🤣
  11. You could never miss George and his hat !! 😊
  12. We will be sad to see her leave the SS fleet. The Explorer was our first Silverseas cruise ( known as the Prince Albert II back then ) in August 2010. Since then we have spent 144 days on the Silver Explorer - so you can see we love that little ship - met some great people too. Great memories !!
  13. Oh Mysty - we have gotta go on a cruise together - you are my sorta people ! 😊
  14. Us aussies know how to drink !!! 🍸 🍻 🥂 🍷
  15. That would be great mysty !! I am really hanging out for a cruise ! But meanwhile here is a photo of tonights wine and the glass I usually drink out of 😉 You can drown your sorrow with one glass. The wine glass is from IKEA it holds 500mls 😁 - those swedes know how to drink !! Cheers So as you can see Mysty your T shirt posting was very appropriate !!
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