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  1. There are exclusions to the regs such that info can be shared where doing so prevents or reduces a threat to the public. I'm not sure that would apply to disruptive cruise passengers!
  2. What a little charmer. I know 2 labradors in Lincolnshire who would look after him for a while...
  3. Sadly, such information-sharing, without the consent of the individual, would breach the General Data Protection Regulations.
  4. I hope they found whoever did this. And threw the book at them.
  5. Wander round Southampton? Voluntarily?
  6. The lack of hierarchy amongst the guests is clear. We are in the least expensive OWV (which is a relative term, of course) yet those at all levels receive the same high levels of service. SS could learn a lot from the effortless efficiency of the staff here. Our butler is unreal - he appears as if from nowhere when we even think we might want something.
  7. You know, I'm really not great at "resort holidays" but I have to say that Six Senses Laamu is exceptional. Apparently it's at 70% occupancy but it often feels like we are the only ones here. The food, service and accommodation are truly outstanding. I now have my list of my 3 favourite places in the world: 1. Wildflower Lodge Hotel, Shimla, India 2. Six Senses, Laamu, Maldives 3. Inishowen Peninsula, Co Donegal, Ireland Oh, and, of course, home with Kim and our dogs!
  8. You can. We have never done it but others have. SS guest services should be able to advise.
  9. They include a dessert wine, which is not very good, and port, about which I know nothing. For a good dessert wine I'd recommend their Tokaji from the connoisseurs list - around $90 for 375ml bottle and they will store partial bottles for subsequent dinners. Just ask the sommelier.
  10. Excellent. And the waters are so clear and calm that even a reluctant swimmer like me feels at ease. OH is part woman, part fish and has had a great time.
  11. OK, so I'm just boasting now, but what the heck? Arrived on Laamu Atoll in the Maldives yesterday for a week at the Six Senses. I've got to say: this place is awesome. Overwater villa, half-board. Brilliant service, beautiful buildings, snow-white sand and azure water. Granddaughter trying to look cool after bouncing around behind the speedboat. Then 2 random photos. (Or vice versa)
  12. It's really mean that dyslexia is such a hard word to spell.
  13. J S Bach had 23 children because his wife was deaf. At night he'd say "Do you want to go to sleep or what?" She'd reply "What?"
  14. Eiswein: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_wine
  15. Just watching footage from Maui on the BBC. Hope any Coolers from that fair island are safe. So many devastated families, homes and businesses. Tragic.
  16. Thank you. I shall not use those phrases going forward. At the end of the day they are nonsense.
  17. Whenever I see/hear the phrase "reaching out to" I can't suppress a gentle gagging reflex.
  18. We've seen some terribly infantile, needy and entitled brats on board Silversea. They've all been over 60, though.
  19. My grandfather downed 35 aircraft in the Battle of Britain. He was the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had.
  20. Don't they usually sneak into La Dame before it opens and put a towel and book on the chair they want?
  21. You mean there might be passengers aboard SS who would use the system to their advantage without regard to anyone else? Surely not.
  22. Another vote for Lyon. We lived an hour north of Lyon for 5 years and visited frequently. Do not drive in Lyon, it's chaotic and parking is difficult. (We used to park on a French Army base; they were surprisingly accommodating to RAF veterans) While many consider France the food capital of the world, Lyon is undoubtedly the food capital of France but everywhere except McDs will be shut on 25th. There's a TGV (high speed train) from Gare du Lyon, Paris to Lyon.
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