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  1. 3years ago we took our 1st cruise on Ponant, turned out to be our last as we weren’t particularly impressed. What has impressed us, however, is the amount of information from them during this time. We have received emails assuring us they are still there for us and giving contact details and a letter from the President of the company explaining what they are doing. Even if it is just a marketing excercise it makes you feel as though they are trying to be there for their customers. All this and we have sailed a total of 16 days with them. We have sailed 250+ with Seabourn and have received nothing! We have cancelled our cruise and are ok with the refund/FCC but we haven’t actually seen any of it yet. I really think Corporate could be doing better.
  2. That’s interesting - cruise Auckland - San Fransisco has not been cancelled by Seabourn yet.
  3. What will happen when Sojourn reaches Sydney? Will she be able to dock? No one can get off or on but I note, the cruise Sydney - Auckland is still advertised on their website. Also Auckland - San Fransisco, probably others but I stopped looking. Time for some honesty from Seabourn, these cruises can not go ahead.
  4. As a matter of interest does anyone know where the Seabourn ships are now? Are they docked or are they on the move? I note Sojourn Auckland - San Fransisco Cruise (29th April) has not been cancelled, but considering NZ ports are closed to all ships until June not sure how this is going to happen.
  5. At last some common sense. Why wait until tonight - start the party now - as I cook dinner I will have a toast to you all.
  6. Westmount I’m so sorry this is happening to you and fellow passengers. I’m one of the rare people who doesn’t handle sea days particularly well (2 in a row I can manage, anymore and I struggle) and I’ve been really impressed by you optimism during all this. Hang in there, someone somewhere must realise you have been in isolation and currently fit and well. All I can say is good luck. Hope you get home safe and well.
  7. Welcome to Adelaide (if you make it 😜) I do hope you are made to feel welcome and enjoy our city - the weather will be perfect for sightseeing.
  8. Surely they will let Sojourn dock in Broome - it must be the safest place on the planet right now! After that, who knows. Broome has a reasonable airport considering where it is and the size of community if you want to give up and get home via Perth as soon as possible.
  9. I think the ban applies to cruise ships from foreign waters. I might be wrong, but that’s what I understand and would make sense. Mind you by the time I finish this post things may have changed again.
  10. Just announced - Australian F1 Car race will go ahead in Melbourne this weekend but without spectators. Its anyone’s guess what restrictions will be in place in the not too distant future.
  11. I have no knowledge just speculation but I think Sojourn will make it to Perth. The ship has been self isolated for over 2 weeks so is probably the safest place in the world at the moment. Broome is isolated by it’s very position but it is a tourist destination so who knows if the virus has arrived there or not. The problem with Australia is we are coming into our flu season (winter officially starts June 1st) and although relatively clear here, we are starting to record more cases daily - even Tom Hanks and his wife, who were making a movie on the Gold Coast have the virus.
  12. We have pulled the plug! Originally booked April 29th Sydney -San Fransisco which was changed to Auckland - San Fransisco. This was not a big deal for us and managed to get cheap business class flights (non refundable) to Auckland with Qantas. Things have just become so unpredictable and the family were against us travelling so we started the process of cancelling. Surprisingly Qantas have refunded our non refundable tickets and we have transferred our cruise to October 2020 Vancouver - Miami. Fingers crossed this has settled down by October, if not, I guess we start the process again.
  13. Thank you for the lovely photos - you have quite an artistic flare. Not sure when you arrive in Adelaide or what tours they are offering but if you like food and wine we have wonderful wineries in the Adelaide Hills (some vineyards were damaged in recent bushfires but cellar doors are still open for tasting) and of course the Barossa Valley is only a couple of hours from Port Adelaide. If you want to do your own thing Adelaide is a very walkable city, has an excellent food market (Adelaide Central Market) wonderful restaurants, not much high end shopping but not as expensive as Sydney. The weather should be good, in fact we are still waiting for summer, I hope you enjoy our pretty city. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer them for you.
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