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  1. This is something that has annoyed me for some time. I always ask for a coffee machine and on occasion I have been successful. More often than not they say they do not have one available. I know you can order room service (really can’t wait that long and don’t like someone walking in when I’m not dressed) and I wake before early riser coffee is available (can’t change a habit of a lifetime). Really in this day and age they should be in every suite, not just PH and above.
  2. Happiness is .......... My grand dog - 1 year old spoodle (cocker spaniel / poodle)
  3. We are booked on inaugural which is now December 11th - 23rd. This means there is no way we can get home for Christmas (very important family time for us). In fact we would be flying Christmas Day even if we leave the ship and go straight to airport. Not quite sure what to do (did suggest family could join us in London for Christmas but that didn’t go down too well) but we have time to come up with a solution. We are disappointed but it’s nobody’s fault and completely out of our hands - there maybe a lovely panorama veranda suite available.
  4. Does this mean the Venture will not be sailing until 2023? I can’t imagine they would have 2 ships going to Antarctica. Love to have more information about Venture’s progress as we are booked on inaugural cruise July 2021 -don’t expect that to happen
  5. Hooray! Our full refund was posted to Amex card Friday 19th June. To all those who are still waiting, as frustrating as it is, be patient as I’m sure it will come.
  6. I find your comments nasty and unnecessary. You are happy waiting for your refund, others are not. You don’t know their circumstances so in my opinion best not to criticise.
  7. Congratulations to all who have received their refund, sadly we are not one of them yet. JPH814, please add “n” to my entry. We are from Australia but booked through UK TA so don’t know if that will hinder our refund. Thank you for all you are doing.
  8. Can you add us to the list please? Cruise date - 4/29/20 Seabourn cancelled Cash refund requested - 3/31/20 Really appreciate what you are doing , thank you
  9. Slightly off topic (sorry) but cruises next year are being discussed. We are booked on the inaugural cruise on Venture in July 2021. Has anyone heard anything about the ship and how the build is going? I presume it will be delayed but I can’t find any news about it.
  10. Where will these cruises go ? How will they get crew back onboard? How are passengers going to get to these ports? So many questions and reasons why IMHO this won’t happen
  11. Here in Oz the eggs are cooked on a hot plate bur definitely slightly runny - just enough to get in a mess when eaten. The yoke then combines with dressing (usually mayo and ketchup) and juices of meat - wonderful. We also have fried onion, cheese, tomato, lettuce. Pickles are only found on burgers that have come from USA eg MacDonalds.
  12. Every Australian knows it’s not a real burger unless there is bacon, fried egg and beetroot on it. 😉
  13. We had a NONREFUNDABLE Business Class fare with Qantas Sydney - Auckland. We rang them when it was cancelled to see if there was anything we could do - it was returned to our credit card by the end of the phone call. Air New Zealand is a different story. We booked and paid Business Class fares San Fransisco - Adelaide via Auckland in December 2019. This flight was cancelled yesterday (everyone knew it was not going to happen) and their offer is - voucher to use at a later date or cash refund less cancellation fee ($AU1500) THEY CANCELLED, NOT US I can’t help thinking this is nothing short of theft! To add insult to injury it will take up to 60 days for refund. We have spoken with insurance company (Am Ex) and they want $AU250 to lodge the claim (the first we have ever made). I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect our money back (within a reasonable time frame) for services not received. Air New Zealand has had the use of our money for 5months, Seabourn for 16months, it’s time to give it back - all of it!
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