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  1. caviargal

    paying $50 when using VO air

    We just paid $50 to be able to leave home 2.5 hours later and get home 5 hours earlier. There was no difference in fare other than the surcharge Viking charges, a money maker for them. At this price point, if fares are equal, there should not even be a service charge IMO.
  2. caviargal

    Viking Ocean vs. River

    I am a big fan of river cruises (not Viking river cruises though) but this is an apples to oranges comparison.
  3. caviargal

    Viking Age Discrimination

    We are currently at a luxury adult only resort in Cabo for a few days. We always choose kid free for our personal vacations and this is one of the MOST appealing things about Viking Ocean.
  4. caviargal

    Viking Age Discrimination

    Ditto. It is worth paying more to avoid cruising with kids. And this is not a line geared for families period. Plenty of those monster ships out there already.
  5. caviargal

    To go to Trinindad or not?

    Can you provide a contact for the guide you used as this is exactly what I have been searching for? Thanks!
  6. caviargal

    Convince me

    We are taking Viking Ocean for the first time in February. We very rarely ocean cruise but when we do, it is ONLY on smaller, premium to luxury lines. We abhor the mass market experience that Princess and the others offer. Our last mass market was on Princess 8 years ago and we will never repeat that experience on that line or any other mass market line. Viking: No kids, no photographers, no constant sales, very limited nickel and diming, included specialty dining, all larger cabins with balconies. We will likely not use any of their excursions, included or otherwise, as we always prefer to do our own thing, on our own timeline. We chose Viking based on input from friends with similar taste and more for what they don't have on their ships (listed above) than what they do. No crowds, no lines, peace and quiet and an upscale adult atmosphere with high quality food and service are what matters to us.
  7. caviargal

    Viking cuba visa

    It is actually included in the fare.
  8. caviargal

    Viking cuba visa

    I agree. The link to the Visa application process with Viking does not include the option of Support for the Cuban people. I am calling today to figure out how to acquire this Visa ( not Viking as they are not being truthful).
  9. caviargal

    Cruise to Cuba with Viking

    That is total BS. We are taking tours with non Viking companies and they all say that the cruise lines use this tactic to intimidate people into buying their overpriced excursions. CUBA most certainly does not put this requirement on tourists - to stay with Viking. https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/OFAC-Enforcement/Documents/cuba_ppl.pdf
  10. caviargal

    On Cuba Cruise Now & Willing to Answer Questions

    I never book excursions with the cruise lines personally. And 1000 pp for a tour is not going to happen for me for sure.
  11. caviargal

    Thinking of Trying Viking Ocean

    I have read the same, hence my comment.
  12. caviargal

    On Cuba Cruise Now & Willing to Answer Questions

    Viking cannot even get their own employees to provide consistent answers on this. They insist on booking their over priced excursions in order to be "allowed" to leave the ship in Cuba, yet trip reports from cruisers on this line and itinerary say the opposite. I am going to make some calls this week but am most interested in what the reality is, regarding booking non Viking sponsored tours or going off on our own - and we will obtain whatever Visas are required.
  13. caviargal

    Thinking of Trying Viking Ocean

    I do not think the fee is for personal training, but is assessed for yoga, pilates, etc. As someone who uses the gym daily and takes yoga and pilates several times a week, I do consider that nickel and diming, and too much like the mass markets.
  14. caviargal

    Thinking of Trying Viking Ocean

    I really hate nickel and diming.
  15. caviargal

    Nightly entertainment

    Sounds like it will be easy to make dinner reservations at 8pm, our preferred time.