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  1. With a few exceptions the time of "great" French restaurants " the old style" with lots of cream and butter is nearly history; After the passing away of Paul Bocuse and the refurbishment of his restaurant, several dishes on the menu for nearly 30 years are gone and replaced by lighter creations by the actual chefs. A brasserie should be great or an Italian also open for lunch and something rather informal for dinner - a better steakhouse maybe - should be great - like the Bistro with some hot dishes.
  2. i tried to book 3 cruises as usual - just 1 possible in cat 1 - 2 , i am not going higher - so waitlisted for 4 hoping to receive one morz i cannot believe this : i think pax on board did received already some information before the announcement - not to me as i was on board in June and on the ms Europa in August and honestly i was not expecting the announcement so soon - t thought late autumn now i DO have questions as well !!
  3. Last week on the Serenity , there was coke zero caffeine free available - maybe safer to put a request to be sure.
  4. I also was on that particular cruise last week and it was a full house; there were a lot of TA some with families and several groups. My stewardess from Serbia was excellent and being Belgian I always offer some chocolates from my country. I told her my preferences for the mini bar and I always had plenty of those. I never had bad experiences with cabin service on Crystal - once on Seabourn Odyssey she even said she did not like to work at all on that ship , and once on Oceania in a PH not willing to change sheets after bleeding caused by a small injury "because it was the last night"
  5. During my cruise on the Serenity last week another complimentary Champagne by Jacquart as the Mosaique was poared; it was Jacquart Brut Selection , not as dry as the Mosaique and in retail some 5 EUR cheaper.
  6. Last week somebody on my table at Prego was able to order pasta Amatriciana what is not so complicated if pancetta and tomato sauce and onions are available before Waterside headwaiters were doing that in the MDR as a special.
  7. i only can confirm what Keith said yesterday there was a short delay in Civitavecchia in the disembartkation caused by very heavy rain showers . immigration and clearance is not the most easiest in that port.
  8. I am afraid Silversea - together with Cunard and Saga - still does have the most "old fashionned" dress code.
  9. for instance :TA reaching a very high amount on a particular cruise line are invited on a annual "gala" gathering on board in my early years of cruising I wanted to book a Vistafjord ( i bought the Berlitz in London )- Belgian TA tried to deviate me to a company now exceling in giant "mega ships" - so i booked it in London
  10. I am afraid some TA are only looking for the - luxury - company granting the highest commission ... 2 and 3 % difference is making quite an amount on an "extremely upmarket" booking.
  11. Me as well, however it must be said that even in the most precious restaurants ( 2 and 3 michelin starred ) on land that policy seems to be nearly finished as well. There are a few exceptions and maybe on cruiseships the Grills on Cunard...
  12. Sea days were very boring on Silversea - I really was looking forward to the daily trivia in the early evening. The wine list is cheaper on SS and is very European especially good choice in Champagnes and Italy, however as there is - aside of the speciality resturants - only one sommelier , sometimes the waiters threated the special bottles like "soda's" : too much wine in the glasses. Despite friendly service on SS , bartenders on Crystal are a lot better. Lectures were very boring on SS. The basic cabins on the Wind are extremely small , the same for the bathroom.
  13. This weekend there was an article in a Belgian newspaper about " over visited and over touristic " towns in Europa : Reykjavik : 1.6 millions visiters pro year Amsterdam : 19 millions as from 1st january 2020 group visits to red light area are forbidden Barcelona : 30 millions no more group visits to famous market on Friday and Saturday Bruges : 8 millions Venice : 30 millions ( locals dislike cruise pax ) local tax of 3 € a day is not reducing the number Dubrovnik : 2 millions Mallorca : 10 millions no information about Greece was involved
  14. How much does Crystal charge for the Champagne lunch?
  15. I prefer not to mention my numbers of days and night I spent on luxury lines and I admit in full I am not a PH passenger. I cannot comment on Regent because I never sailed on that company, only that I was not attracted by 2 visitors lunches and that I do not want to pay the onerous single supplements and for excursions I will not join for. After done so many cruises I was far more annoyed by groups of drunk people - several times on various companies - as by children making some laughs and fun.
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