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  1. years ago i had a so said "secret booking" for the one and only reason that i was speaking French fluently ...
  2. i was 20 times on Vistafjord and only once on Sagafjord - the Sagaford was a very closed society despite the ships were small they both were very deep in the sea and rather difficult to manoever - the Sagafjord had very weak power on the thrusters - the Vistafjord was needing quite often several tug boats especially when a particular captain was on duty - in Antwerpen he needed 3 tugs in 1992 ( i still have the pics ) in the mid nineties another captain did cancel Tangier with a rather moderate wind , pretending the tugs were far too weak , however he avoided the tugs as much as possible - he simply did not want to go into that place i was on Devils Island with the Vista in 1993
  3. many thanks for posting - i will do the pre Christmas on Esprit around Dubai
  4. I am not working in the travel industry at all. The Berlitz was always very sensible to a variety of breads , quality of cheeses , fruits and other small details - I still have copies from the nineties of last century and the author is pointing those details quite often. On p 127 of the 2019 edition he is opposing the fact cheeses on buffets - both on SB as on Seadream are pre-diced. ( what is not done on Oceania - seen 3 weeks ago ) And exception made for the older Mein Schiff 2 , he does grant higher ratings for food to the Mein Schiff ships as to Seabourn. I cannot deny that is probably also the more European opinion on F and B operations . However the changes on SB are a fact , as are the changes on Cunard . A Queens Grill on QE2 in the nineties and a Queens Grill on Queen Victoria now … CCL i presume .
  5. Actually the F and B operations - buying suplies and what to serve - is decided by the seniors of HAL - confirmed by several officers last year during a ships visit - i cannot put the names on it , neither of the HAL people ( despite i am aware of some )
  6. Is there a difference between Seabreeze PH on Symphony and those on Serenity? I am booked on a Seabreeze on Symphony for Alaska an i am considering one for next year on Serenity... is it not forbidden to smoke pipes and cigars on Crystal exception made for the C Club ?
  7. there are several in YouTube there is one rather long one some 40 min but made by a TA
  8. I am feeling sorry to hear all the above - I was intending to book the original maiden voyage however as I am a "german speaking" but no resident in a German speaking country , I got the information too late and I did noit intend to book the second cruise. I was once booked on a cruise with Europa's beste on the Ms Europa - I think in 2010 - when the entire cruise was cancelled due to engine problems and elementary repair in Singapore . ( Hapag Lloyd was not so generous in that period : 15 % discount on a next cruise - was another CEO in that period ) - the problems with the flights I had to resolve by myself - i think twice some 80 € - ( on my own account ) It must be terrible for all the people who were looking very forward to this experience as the christening of the Inspiration is announced in Antwerpen there is already some fear for the next expidition ship ...on time or not ??
  9. no single EU country does have a 30 % VAT - the highest is Hungary with 27 % Denmark Sweden and Croatia do have a 25 %
  10. Antibes does welcome the cruise ships in a far better way as St Tropez . In Antibes passengers were offered info both in English as in German. ( was there both with Crystal and with Hapag ) Despite it is tendering cruise companies should consider Viareggio instead of the boring Livorno despite the market is wonderful overthere.
  11. i am intending to go back to Mein Schiff next spring however they pertinently do refuse to sell a junior ( x lounge ) suite to a single even willing to pay double
  12. i am only eating off the ship in Italy especially in Sorrento and in France i am avoiding "meals for tourists" in Spain
  13. she was from 1976 and started as Begonia and she finished as Diamond ( Le Diamant ) for Ponant she had lower single suppl as Song of Flower , but unfortunately i could not manage to book her one of the ships i am missing in my "cruise history"
  14. No, Song of Flower was all in ( cfr Berlitz 1998 page 336) , even in those days Moet as poaring bubbels i did a ship visit in 1996 and she was presented as all in .( hotel director was a former hotel dir on Ms Vistafjord )
  15. many thanks for posting all the menus and the many pics of the various dishes in your blog !
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