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  1. Originally I had 3 bookings on Crystal for 2020 and 3 on Hapag Lloyd - all of them cancelled The virus made me dance or "balance" from one cruise to another ... Crystal Esprit cancelled for Croatia - late booking for August 2020 , so Dubai Dubai booked also cancelled - Crystal Mahler and Serenity also cancelled ... For 2021 I hopefully will be 4 times on Crystal - the first is Singapore Malé but I am very afraid that will result in another cancellation Also 2 cruises for 2022 booked ... I hope the vaccination is found as soon as possible Major problem is the cancellation of the flights as well - still waiting for refunds for flights booked departure March 2020
  2. Yes but that is going on for many years - Crystal never had many passengers from Europe exception made for the UK; and on the Europa 2 of Hapag Lloyd 30 passengers ( on some 500 maximum) from non German speaking countries is a lot already The approach is simply different , same as the very British items and formality on Cunard.
  3. As from the moment the cancellations were madeknwon to clients , the cruises - on Esprit -just before , the holiday cruise and the one after the Christmas period for 2021 - 2022 are "call for avail. " I did not receive anything to transfer eventually at a higher fare.
  4. I know several people with ample financial possibilities constantly booking penthouses on RCL and Celebrity because they find it very luxurious and great fun despite they are in their 70s there are possibilities for everybody I was 3 times in a PH on Oceania and I did not find it luxurious - we can discuss about it for ages .
  5. i did receive a roll over offer for the River cruise on the Mahler however not for the Esprit...
  6. You cannot compare Crystal with MSC despite their Yacht Club area was very ok However the life boat drill was a joke on MSc - what about the medical care with the virus ?? It is not because I booked one cruise on her , but IMHO Crystal easily could maintain the cruises on Esprit.
  7. I am afraid Crystal never was very strong in the German or the so called D A CH market. Despite every time one of the ocean ships were in Hamburg or even in Warnemunde ample presentations and sale meetings were organised. If they can afford it they go for Hapag Lloyd , especially the older "formal" generation to ms Europa. Exception made for the Uk market say at least until 2010 Europeans were not so frequently seen on Crystal.
  8. All the above is really very sad ... My first river cruise on Crystal is cancelled and very unfortunately also the Holiday Cruise on the Crystal Esprit . So far I never was on a cruise with Christmas and New Year - being single and never low supplements for that period . High demand in normal circumstances ... Also the same cruise on Esprit for 2021 is "call for availability" - I am very afraid for the cruises in February 2021 on the Symphony as well - Crystal even reduced the fares for singles in PH On the last day of July 2020 : despite some bookings were the result of previous cancellations , my actual balance : 7 cancellations... I hope for everybody a vaccin is found as soon as possible. In addition , all the problems of refunds by airlines - still waiting for the refund by a Belgian airline for my first cancelled flights in March...
  9. I am afraid they only accept passengers from the so called D A CH market so Germany Austria Switserland I tried to book an Europa 2 ex Hamburg to " Norwegian waters" and was refused despite I do have a " high level loyalty" on Hapag Lloyd.
  10. I never had a problem with children on the Europa sisters - ok the first day they usually find the elevators very pleasant 😄 on Crystal however several times children of obviously wealthy parents were very rude to the waiters and once a few did curse the guys in the ice cream bar very heavily - during holidays Crystal does have supervision for children as well. and once on Seabourn 2 kids were diving in the pool every time guests were passing by - just to make their clothes wet ...parents did not say anything
  11. Hapag Lloyd did cancel my last booking as well - Malta to Lisbon dep 15 th September 😒
  12. the entire corona covid crisis does illustrate that despite the European Community every country did its own item - in Belgium the 2 major centres of the pandemic were caused by people coming back from "ski holiday" in Sud Tirol and the other close to the German border "Rosenmontag" festivities, mardi gras or whatever it is called , and of course ignoring the first signs as a stupid cold and not staying at home from work. And unfortunately not every country does have the same quantity of hospitals and beds , intensive units as Germany and Belgium. Steamboats , allow me a very final consideration - i presume you are German - suppose you are willing to go to Brussels a top luxury hotel and you also do have a high level of the fidelity programme of that luxury chain - and the reply should be : sorry we only allow people from a French speaking country ( Belgium France Luxemburg ) for the moment ...unhappy i think well that is maybe illustrating how i do feel .
  13. i did book a cruise on Ponant for July and I passed a negative test and will do another just before departure. and I prefer not to discuss the policies by Clia Germany and HL in detail as that will lead to politics what is not tolerated on CC however a certain way of discrimination based on a nationality , area DACH , and / or language is done in the European Union. . You do speak about "markets" - years ago I forced another company to adjust my cruise fare because in another country of the EC - also in EUR currency so not in the UK - was quite lower - nothing to do with local taxes after so many cruises on HL this is a very bitter pill ( that is a predicate in Dutch for a very unpleasant experience😒 )
  14. Somebody working for HL did refer to a decision made by CLIA Germany however I am afraid some essential regulations of the EC are violated - accepting or banning people based on the language spoken in a country? Switserland does have 4 official languages , Belgium does have 3 - all the Belgian Federal laws are made in 3 - Dutch French and German as well . Same with Luxemburg Curious what HL will do when eventually a citizen of Liechtenstein is willing to do such a cruise...
  15. despite a extremely long list of past cruises on HL and quite a decent series of further bookings , I was refused being Belgian. Only clients from Germany , Austria and Switserland are accepted - "the German market" I only can qualify it as a heavy form of protectionism - the fact HL is accepting pax from a non EC country and refusing pax from a EC country is quite very unacceptable . Simply discrimination and not improving - even disturbing the relations...
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