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  1. it seems Crystal did cancel all river cruises for July and August as well ... curious about the Esprit - not enough non US passengers ??? Crystal really should give it a harder try to attract more European passengers I was far from happy Crystal went "all inclusive" years ago but that was in those days an issue for past SB and SS clients not willing to book Crystal - especially for SB clienst in my country the free drinks were extremely important - what I had to witness quite often . I only can hope for my river cruise in October 2021 .
  2. just received the message from my TA , that SS is also requiring full vaccination 14 days prior to sailing , what will be extremely narrow for me if the vaccination i will receive within 14 days is AstraZ ( you do not have the choice in Europe ) Otherwise it is just another cancellation in the series ...
  3. I do not think Grey Goose, Ketel One , Chivas 12, Glenfiddich and Remy Martin or Courvoisier VSOP are basic drinks ... basic to me are Smirnoff , Gordon's , 3star cognac and similar I simply do not know a cruise line with a better choice , maybe a better French Champagne but that is a matter of personal taste ... If you want higher end brands XO , 21 years old I think one must deviate to an Asian or Arabic airline in First ... to find those on complimentary base 😄 Several of the above qualified as non basic are on payable base on a rather expensive yacht style "all in " co
  4. I truly hope for you the Crystal cruise will become an excellent experience the choice of all inclusive drinks in the bars is maybe the biggest on any cruise company
  5. Crystal is maybe the only company to communicate about "who is who" on board Otherwise you had to use "informal" information as some companies are not willing to mention the functions at all. probably also the fact some pax are not booking a particular cruise when captain A is not onboard or not to book when hotel director B is on board and similar I do respect all religions however i think Crystal together with Cunard is the only cruise company still having several clergy people on board.
  6. as a single i really cannot afford those fares 🤑 those fares are some 50 % higher as on the other most expensive cruise product doing "around iceland"
  7. HL - part of the TUi concern - is violating the European rules as from the moment they restarted. No single form of discrimination in the EC is allowed (??? ) based on a nationality and the disguised forms. ( like a place of living or a language ) - i sent them the opinion complete with sentences of the European Court - no reply. HL does refer to german authorities but is refusing to mention which one. We were booked - a group of Belgians - on a around Iceland on Inspiration- first we were refused then the cruise was cancelled. Ponant is doing around Iceland as well , however if
  8. Which Caribbean island can manage a turn over ? Barbados St Maarten maybe ... Otherwise Crystal must involve too many seadays ex Miami or ex San Juan . It does remember me on the year in year out one week cruises on the Ss Norway ex France years ago 4 sea days and 3 islands ... never did those but the cruises were extremely popular. And for the moment even vaccinated EC pax cannot enter the US.
  9. I was also the victim of a manifest discrimination by hapag lloyd , refused( 5 times last time for May 2021 even vaccinnated by then ) caused by my nationality and place of living ( not in German Austria or Switserland ) despite European Community rules do forbid such policies. So not another German company for me for the moment ... Obviously my negative tests were not equal to the German ones 🥵 Cunard does start in September only for Uk pax , they do not have to follow the EC rules anymore after Brexit . There is SS or SB , the problem is the single fare on those 2 and not s
  10. Caribbean in summer or in the hurricane season ??? Flights to Caribbean islands are very limited ex Europe as well : only BA and the German Condor and a French and a Belgian company to the French isles ... and KLM to the Dutch Last year I also was willing to go "everywhere" on "everything" did Ponant - never again !! despite Croatia was still beautiful but desolate even on Hvar
  11. I am not "glad" ... Something similar as the Serenity - but what Singapore Singapore ? very long flights or when they do reach Europe : Civitavecchia Venice - Venice Civitavecchia ? i think Split or Dubrovnik cannot handle a turnover at all - Trieste is horrible for flights same is Genua yesterday Venice did announce to refuse "bigger" ships - is the Symphony too big ? or only those "sea monsters " RCCL MSC and Celebrity ? i am truly looking forward to something similar ...
  12. I did receive my cancellation yesterday very late evening for 12th September. I find it a far too easy solution by Crystal as from September vast majority of Europeans are expected to be fully vaccinated ( end of August 2021 Spain Italy Croatia and Greece and W Europe for sure ) They maintain the Esprit so far Once again the fact Crystal does depend on US pax for 85 % and probably US pax still not willing to come over to Europe - a reason as well ?? and the actual condition of the Symphony ?? The above was my 10 th cancellation on Crystal since the start of the pandem
  13. you can ask addtional questions on the Crystal board - there are cruisers with far more experience + 100 cruises as myself i did 20 so far
  14. I presume the cruise is on the Serenity try to make your reservations for the speciality restaurants on line otherwise you must go to the maitre d' after embarkation around 2 pm - usually he is in Prego tell your stewardess what you like - and which soda's you want in the mini bar unless it is changed you can ask for 2 bottles in your cabin from a list crystal does have the best bartenders : if you do not like a brand in a cocktail just ask to change i do not like smirnoff wodka so no problem to ask for another - you can ask to make your drinks with real Coi
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