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  1. foodsvcmgr

    Just Off QM2

    The pre-plated hot apps have been a fixture on Holland America for years at happy hours and are quite nice and seemingly eagerly devoured in my observation. Hopefully at some point QM2 will give this a try similar to how they are handling the plated cold hors d’oeuvres. I’m sorry, “gourmet” popcorn is still popcorn, along with the olive du jour not in keeping with the ambiance of Commodore.
  2. foodsvcmgr

    Just Off QM2

    Just disembarked QM2 last Thursday in NY after a fabulous crossing with the NSO. The two Cunard Proms were a real treat, far from the typical shipboard entertainment. For us, first time back on QM2 since 2010, first voyage since becoming Platinum, first time in Britannia Club, first T/A since 1979 on QE2. A few observations that may be of interest: Had a new cabin on Deck 13, still very fresh, very quiet, agree that the shower door is a big plus. As we have always encountered on Cunard, still 95% of men in black tie on formal nights. Other nights most all in suits but probably 40% without ties, particularly the first and last nights, myself included. Only a handful of casual interlopers were seen in venues such as the Chart Room at night. Arriving from Stonehenge about 12:45, we were immediately ushered aboard with priority embarkation, past hundreds seated waiting to be called. Overall the ship is in great condition, Carinthia Lounge and the redone King's Court are vast improvements. I like the new menus and enjoyed mostly everything I chose. They seem much more "British" than in the past, which is better and more interesting than a generic cruise menu found on most lines today. Agree with prior comments here that the second formal night is lacking any really upgraded items though. Tried a few items from the a la carte page. Really enjoyed Britannia Club, taking all meals but one lunch at our reserved table. Comparing to the main Britannia, the value of upgrading is not just the fixed table/open seating but the extremely prompt and professional service, we were typically attended to by two waiters and two or more junior waiters at every meal. Food was brought individually from the galley, consistently served hot. Dominic the maître 'd was as hard working as his staff and agreeable to modest off menu requests, such as creating mixed green salads at lunch. Flambe was only offered on the last formal night for the cherries to top the Baked Alaska. Captain Wells was extremely visible and quite personable, even taking on humorous roles as bell ringer and conductor with the NSO. As had been said, pricing the liquor and mixer separately is a bit odd, although one typically receives a small bottle of tonic or small pitcher of soda so the end result is really a drink and a half. The plate of olives every night with a cheap pairing such as popcorn is a major decline in Commodore Club, however promptly at 7:45 each table receives a plate of four cold canapes, the hot and butlered service are sadly history. So overall very pleased and eager to return, will continue to intersperse HAL and Princess until I can find a suitable date and itinerary with Cunard. Any questions please ask.
  3. foodsvcmgr

    No HAL to Bermuda in 2019?

    The concept of reviving an older ship to be able to utilize a specific port is not unknown. RCCL brought Empress of the Seas back from a number of years with their Pullmantour subsidiary to be able to have a ship that could fit into Havana.
  4. I have always received a refund or credit for port taxes on missed ports for the 40 years I have been cruising. Don’t have the impression that this is optional for cruise lines to do so. When and by what means of course will vary.
  5. Top photo is NA, bottom is KONINGSDAM.
  6. foodsvcmgr

    Princess: The Race For New Ships

    Yes I would also like to see a new (or existing) Princess ship spend more time sailing from New York. A bit confused by the couple negative comments about crowding and poor service due to passenger volume on QM2 - yes the ship is huge at 150,000 tons but only carries 2700 passengers, notably less than Grand-class.
  7. foodsvcmgr

    Aboard QM2 now (9-23 Sept)

    Thanks for the update on Capt. Wells. Enjoy the rest of your voyage Mark. Eagerly awaiting our turn aboard next month.
  8. foodsvcmgr

    Aboard QM2 now (9-23 Sept)

    Any idea who will be replacing Captain Phillpot?
  9. foodsvcmgr

    Aboard QM2 now (9-23 Sept)

    Enjoy your trip Mark. What if anything is offered in Commodore with cocktails now?
  10. foodsvcmgr

    New menus in Britannia Queen Victoria

    The new menus look interesting, some things a bit exotic or trendy for my taste, but certainly can find something agreeable each day. Many thanks Hattie for posting. Can I assume now that they are somewhat standardized and no longer dated with the evenings date that one can no longer obtain a set at the end of the voyage as in past years?
  11. How about SCHIEDAM or the once contemplated STELLENDAM?
  12. foodsvcmgr

    Tipping Longshoremen--do you or don't you?

    Having worked through the U.S. food service industry from waiter to Director I have a strong proclivity to tip most everyone who I perceive to be in a tipped position. I don’t begrudge anyone I tip and I tip less in Europe per local custom. Also my bags are not particularly strong swimmers..........
  13. foodsvcmgr

    World Club Issue

    I was missing two QE2 crossings from my history. Fortunately since I like to save such things, I had the tickets still and was able to send copies to World Club. Within about two weeks I was notified that I had been credited and will now get to embark QM2 in October as Platinum.
  14. Why must those who dislike traditional dining continually look for ways to have it eliminated for those that prefer it?
  15. foodsvcmgr

    Explore 4 dining perk?

    We prefer Pinnacle to the extra tariff restaurants on Princess, Celebrity, and Cunard, hopefully Lyndihop you will as well. I would suggest once you see that the assigned time is not to your liking to change it immediately before others do the same or passengers start making new cash reservations.