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  1. Nice ship, sailed on it twice. You will not notice the slight increase in passengers compared say to Equinox unless you are in Aqua Class. Blu is more crowded with deuces only inches apart and sometimes longer waits.
  2. As you state, not looking good. Sadly this was the inevitable outcome, a bit too old to find a trading buyer, some, but not enough balcony cabins to be marketable, and her newer ex-sisters have already been sold for scrap. Hopefully Seajets will use the profits to maintain the rest of their second hand fleet until an operating plan be developed.
  3. The majority of minis on Coral Princess are covered, not at all like Grand class where very few are.
  4. If a cruise requires proof of vaccination wouldn’t/shouldn’t that negate the need for masks within that closed environment? As opposed to being in your home town where no one knows who has been vaccinated or not?
  5. We have a number of cruises with both and I would choose based on pricing as to me there are not enough differences of any real substance.
  6. IMO this is the optimal dining system - no need to tinker around with it.
  7. Unfortunately turning off the AIS is frequently reflective of beginning a final transit to the breakers or at best entering cold layup.
  8. Third to fourth quarter of 2021 but not necessarily to or from US ports.
  9. Celebrity and NCL are also selling drive by itineraries for 2023. Although many on a Holland America thread for this topic have attempted to get an answer, the facts are elusive. It seems unlikely, to me anyway, that the cruise lines continue to market these itineraries in ignorance or intentional deception. There must be some sort of exemption or loophole.
  10. Say what you will but the reality is that as an employee albeit the top ranked, Ashford has no choice but to shill the official company line. At HAL he had to defend larger ships and explain why smaller ones were unprofitable and needed to be sold off. Now at Azamara he must and will extol the virtues of a small ship experience. What his actual personal preference may be will likely remain unknown. And if his next job is head of an all inclusive hotel company he will sing the praises of resorts being far superior to any cruise.
  11. By way of the other thread referred to we have tried to determine conclusively to no avail just what the loophole may be. Clearly there is one as HAL, Princess, Celebrity, and NCL continue to offer these drive by sailings through 2023 long after the practice was to be prohibited. It’s just that the definitive answer to how and why they are still allowed is quite elusive.
  12. Nothing nearly as interesting as the Grandeur of the Seas itineraries out of Barbados. Those are really unique with off the beaten track ports. Celebrity should consider trying these with Summit if they prove popular.
  13. If requiring vaccination will help to rescind the current practice of terminating a cruise on discovery of one positive case then this is a very good move by Saga. The fear of cutting the voyage short and being quarantined to cabin is a major concern of my returning to sea.
  14. If you are referring to the $15 pp, I was given this on a Sky sailing that I booked to replace a cancelled Crown voyage. Then I changed to a different and more expensive sailing when additional itineraries were announced and my credit disappeared.
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