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  1. Thanks for your outstanding and highly informative reports. We will be boarding Coral next week so your port information is very helpful. I’m glad to see the effort made to at least get some time in the Falklands rather than skip it entirely. Also good to know that even if our ship tour is cancelled we can try to find a ride to Bertha’s Beach, and at the very least possibly see some penguins from the ship’s anchorage. Thanks again, stay well and enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  2. Any updates on what basis Celebrity and Azamara are operating these cruises and if any other lines doing "drive-bys" have found a similar exemption/loophole to do so in 2022?
  3. We will be embarking in BA on the 20th and have enjoyed the various live reporting from the ship the last few voyages. If any members are on the current sailing and have time to report any updates we are greatly appreciative for the insight. Thanks in advance and wishing everyone a great cruise.
  4. Not chengkp75 but having spent years in the F&B industry I can tell you that to pass a Health Dept. inspection a commercial dishwasher must achieve a final rinse temperature of 180 degrees at 25 pounds rinse water pressure. These figures are far above the capability of your household dishwasher.
  5. Anyone know the distance to the Parque Ecological on the waterfront? I have heard it is possibly walkable from the cruise terminal? Thanks.
  6. Anyone else getting an “internal server error” message when trying to print boarding pass and travel summary? Not sure if the issue is from Princess or the desktop I am using?
  7. We have AA thru EZ Air to South America and ticket numbers only appeared a couple weeks after we made final payment, as we expected.
  8. This practice is an unfortunate reality not just on cruise ships but at most hotels and resorts as well. Group and convention business is a huge sector of the travel industry that no entity is going to pass up the revenue.
  9. Possibly a change is coming as HAL has just reduced the OBC for future cruise certificates purchased on board?
  10. Have done this excursion and would recommend it. The sightseeing on the boat ride is quite interesting as well, look for the rocky island inhabited by Blue Footed Boobies, otherwise if you are a birdwatcher you’ll need to go to the Galapagos to see them.
  11. NavyBankerTeacher - We will have to respectfully agree to disagree on this point. While you may have noticed little difference in higher speeds and not found it particularly thrilling, I found sailing QE2 at 28+ knots and QM2 at 26 a far different and more exciting sensation than the current 20-22.
  12. Sorry you are missing a port. We are sailing BA-Santiago in February and are well aware of frequent issues with the Falklands. How common are storms causing other ports to be missed?
  13. Nonetheless a shame for a ship with near 30 knot capability to not at least operate one or two high speed crossings a year for the enthusiast crowd willing to pay for the thrill (assuming there is such a demographic), Somewhat like owning a Porsche yet never driving faster than 50 mph.
  14. Thank you for taking the time to provide all this interesting and valuable information. Although our upcoming cruise on Coral is just the 14 day version, you have given us great insight on what to expect and certainly have heightened our excitement.
  15. In the steamship age that preceded today’s modern cruise ships, it was common for ships large and small to give a whistle salute to the great liners as they passed at sea or in port. And the liners returned every greeting with a blast of their steam chime or tyfon horns. A mighty steam tyfon will make today’s horns pale in comparison.
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