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  1. Some time ago we booked a cruise with an ocean view cabin as the balcony cabin was £1500 more expensive. The floor area and specs were exactly the same ... the only difference was the balcony. Then we changed it and upgraded to the balcony. The reason was seeing reports of people being quarantined in their cabins! Yes, I appreciate there is only a slight chance of this happening again but if it did I would be ‘stir crazy’ within days! Most of my working life has been spent in the open air so to be confined to a cabin in the long term would not do it for me[emoji4] Even when I was at sea, wherever possible I would spend more time on the bridge wing than the air conditioned bridge / wheelhouse.
  2. Some time ago we did a cruise on a 3000+ pax ship and it took up to 30 to 45 mins to disembark with a view to accessing the ‘official’ bus for an excursion. The last two we did took less than 5 mins ! 300 pax as opposed to 3000 pax. Unfortunately, at one port, there were two ‘mega cruisers’ as well and they disgorged several thousand passengers to the point where the town in question struggled to cope. As an aside it wouldn’t surprise me if many of the smaller Italian and Adriatic ports start to ban the larger ships, going down the same route as Venice.
  3. You're missing the point. Would you do 14 days of all sea days and no ports at all? Back in the day, it was not uncommon for us to sail for 70+ days without touching land .🤬
  4. Yes .. exactly the same. Maintenance? If so then bad timing!
  5. We were on the last cruise before the refurb. The only issue that concerned me was that, in my opinion, La Terrazza could not cope at a busy lunchtime. It is a very small buffet area and in the restaurant itself they appeared to be short of staff. I put the latter down to sending folk home before the dry dock. The buffet area was not scheduled for any refurb / enlargement at the dry dock. Apart from that it was fine. Some people say the decorations in the accommodations are dated but that is a personal opinion. We didn’t spend much time in the suite anyway[emoji16]
  6. Many many moons ago I booked a cruise via Virgin Holidays. They made ***** up after ***** up and it got to the point where I reported them to ABTA! It wouldn’t surprise me what they do .. or fail to do 🤭 Never ever again!
  7. We are giving serious consideration to a June Baltic cruise. It’s a good deal but in the end, to get the 10% EBD, it needs to be booked next week. Knowing our luck the deal will be extended but .... The last one we booked extended the 10% offer, and kept the suite prices the same, for several months after we paid up front. That tactic does annoy me.
  8. Summers breeze ... fwiw ... apart from the mask issue I disagree with everything you have said. But what do I know [emoji16]
  9. Never managed a ‘Round the Horn’ trip but did go through Magellan. It was getting on towards winter to we had a bit of everything weather wise. Absolutely fantastic scenery, and much better to admire than the cargo we were carrying ...new VW Beetles from Santos to Chile 🤨
  10. Cabo San Lucas to see the whales or China for the Terracotta Warriors. Either way .. someone else would have to pay [emoji57]
  11. Someone at one of my drills rebuked someone and told them to”listen with their ears .... not their mouth ...as they might just learn something” Remember, if it comes to the real deal, you will have to behave yourself and listen to what is being said ... including the “choice” language 🤭 Circumstances may be different to the drill. I can assure you that the “real deal” is not pleasant and being in a small boat in a big rough sea is an experience to be missed[emoji57]
  12. “..... test taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in the state.” I read that as you get the test, and results, within 72 hrs of your arrival. Assuming you get immediate test results .. no problem. That said... getting a written summary of test results could be another issue 🤨
  13. No pool, fitness centre or spa would not bother me in the slightest .... even in general terms. The rest I find ‘off putting’ .. although greater spacing of tables could be nice.
  14. I was booked on the 27Sept departure and the following one as well. Not too sure that Italy will be open .... we have cancelled.
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