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  1. Serious question: Where can I see the Visa rules that gives this information? My chargeback is now on 90 days and I intend to make a formal complaint against the bank so this would be a priceless piece of information.
  2. My initial and somewhat cynical thought was that the new prices would only show a slightly increased price that would not be enough to put people off. Then when they have 'hooked' the customer they can hike them at will?
  3. If !! They adopt it as per the publicity it could be interesting. Many of the ships I sailed on were Indian crewed. We had two separate catering departments. One, for the European Officers, was staffed by Goanese personnel. They cooked what they thought the Europeans might like or should have ... usually bland and dire in content. The other was a Gujarati galley for the Indian ratings. They cooked what the Indians wanted and expected. The difference was phenomenal. When we were in port and unable to use the Officers saloon we used to beg and bribe the Indians for some of their
  4. ..... and some of them hurt like hell 😂
  5. London / Dover ? ??? Whoever writes these itineraries needs to study geography?😏 Highly misleading information as the two places are in excess of 80 miles apart. It was only last year when they published an itinerary sailing from Norway to Dover with a single sea day in the Florida Straits. 😁
  6. Hypothetical as far as I am concerned. SS never email me. I have checked my marketing preferences, and I have spoken to head office. Now’t .... not a sausage.. Strange😏 My wife however 😏 I suspect they email her and get her to persuade me?
  7. Indeed ... it is / was called a Record of Vaccinations and was recognised Internationally. They were mandatory when I went to sea,
  8. When I first went to sea in 19 er err errrr ... having this book was mandatory. Having said that in those days doctors didn’t charge to endorse it, and if they did you could claim expenses 😁 We needed everything as you never knew where you would end up!
  9. Easy solution as far a cruising is concerned. Either produce a vaccination certificate or be denied boarding. As they say in the UK “The management reserves the right to refuse admission”
  10. Memorable. Jules Verne ((Eiffel Tower) for sheer pzazzz. A complete rip off but Mrs B had a splendid birthday meal. A wonderful occasion. Harbour Cafe in Capetown. Just for the excellent seafood. For a unique reason. Some scruffy cafe in Antwerp ... a wonderful steak with a superb green peppercorn sauce .... from a horse ... the meat that is, not the green stuff😁 Never say never 😎
  11. I use Viewranger. The app is free but you pay for the maps. Reasonably priced. They cover a small area so you can get what you want. I use it for walking and it allows you to track your path if you so desire.
  12. I see that Viking have installed a fully functional testing lab on one of their ships. May be a similar thing planned for this. Having said that you would have expected some major publicity from SS, mailing list updates etc.
  13. The bank stated quite categorically that I would be credited with the payment before November, unless the vendor disputed the claim. Now, a week into November the bank have told me that they are still ‘in discussions’ with the vendors bank. So who knows? I have emails that state the cancellation is accepted and I can have all the monies back less an admin charge. The only thing I can think of is that the TA is saying it’s not their fault as Crystal haven’t paid them? But my bank are saying the TA took my money so they should pay it back. The TA is stunning with their silence an
  14. Apart from the fact that the free wifi is one connection at any one time per lower class suite. The free excursions are not guaranteed as higher paying guests get first choice. The same applies to speciality dining ... higher paying guests get first crack at reservations. I found this out from attending an RSSC sales event ... when I asked about these points I was told not to worry as I should (!!!) be able to sort something out on board. I also asked about airfares as, where we live, we have minimal international flights and usually cannot get to European ports until late afternoon. A
  15. Six months today since I cancelled the cruise, 21st August for the card dispute, and now my TA is disputing the claim with my bank! I despair.
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