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  1. $20000 for 7 days?Wow! We are off on Tuesday with Silversea .... 10 nights .... For much less than half that price. Next year we have a Crystal one booked for 14 nights for an almost identical price. We moved from Princess to the above. To be fair we are low maintenance and have had no problems with Silversea, although the last Silversea offering took a whole 15 minutes from arrival at the dock to having lunch after checking in 😁
  2. These Captains get everywhere! 80 day !! Six for me 😀 ... and 350 ☹️
  3. You could try for a visit to a the VTS ... they have a good overall view of who is going where and when, and of course all relevant traffic. Yes, I agree about the bridge visits. I tried on one cruise ship (professional curiosity ... well being nosey really) and managed it but it was like jumping through hoops - despite me showing them my qualifications and discharge books. Now I don’t bother.
  4. Thanks all .... I’ sure we won’t starve 🍽
  5. Silver Shadow next week 😁 Seems like an age since it was booked ... April 2018! However, I ramble ... I am suffering from acute brain fade but I seem to recollect there is / was called an ‘always available’ option on the menu in the MDR. Is this now the same as the room service menu which I understand is available in the MDR. I have checked my old photographs of menus from from the Wind (last year) but nothing is shown? Secondly, am I correct in thinking that wine pairing dinners are no longer offered? As a total aside, whilst looking for an answer to these questions on previous threads, I came across a post from someone - on a different cruise to us - who had booked La Dame for multiple nights with a view to seeing what it was like. If, after dining on reservation #1 .... they didn’t like it, then they would then cancel the rest of the bookings which could explain why La Dame, on ours, has been shown as ‘Not Available’ for the last few weeks? Thanks Mike
  6. Last year, on the Wind, Mrs B asked for a dress to be spot cleaned. They did a good enough job, but out of the goodness of their heart they pressed the dress with an iron that was too hot. It went wrinkly in places. Unfortunately we didn’t find out until after we had left the ship. Suggestion. Be very precise and accurate when telling them what you want - or do not want - doing.
  7. I don’t know if you have seen this? Quite recent. Somebody else's pov for a reference. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g1-i10703-k12945954-Ponant_not_so_good-Cruises.html
  8. Keith The two 7d cruises we booked on Crystal Symphony were sold individually, hence the b2b option. Our dates are (1) 27 Sept to 4 Oct (2) 4 Oct to 11 Oct Also on sale, as ‘individual bookings’ , for the same ship, are the following: (1) 20 Sept to 8 Nov. 49 Nights (2) 20 Sept to 11 Oct. 21 Nights (3) 20 Sept to 23 Oct. 33 Nights (4) 27 Sept to 23 Oct 26 Nights Every night on ours is shown as “Crystal Casual’. Neither cruise has a full ‘sea day’, although the first leg has a 2pm sailing leaving a ‘half sea day’. I presume this is the overriding criteria in that Crystal say “Segment (Getaway) Cruises: On Cruises that are a segment of a longer voyage, we will have one Black Tie Optional evening per segment only if the segment contains a sea day. Cruise segments without a sea day will not feature a Black Tie Optional evening.” Talk about confusing .... my brain hurts 😀
  9. We have 2 x 7d b2b cruises booked for this time next year. Both are shown as segments of a longer cruise. We have no BTO’s at all shown on our itinerary.
  10. There is no criticism, there is no warning to stay away? OP asked for opinions, presumably to enhance his research. It is up to him to decide on the usefulness of others opinions. There are numerous rave reviews about NCL, but again based on the positive reviews about certain aspects of life on board which are not to my taste, I would not consider cruising with them either! I also adopt the 80/20 rule .... I assume that 5% of the top reviews are fake 5% are by people who feel their cruise line can do no wrong. 5% of the bottom reviews are from people who failed the attitude test on board and didn’t get what they wanted. 5% of the bottom reviews are fake reviews. I do my research, and if the same points keep coming up over and over again then I ask my self why? How else do you decide? Make a judgement on what the cruise lines publish....or choose to publish.
  11. I have never come across a decent set of complimentary binocs ... they haven’t been looked after, and are probably not the optimal for personal viewing. The ones the company supplied at sea had a lens that looked it had been cut from the bottom of a beer bottle 😀 They got abused and hammered. I bought my own over 30 years ago, (Nikon 7x50) and am still using them with excellent results. Personally, if having binocs is important to you then I would buy your own set. The compact ones are lightweight, and have very good optics. Look after them and they will last a lifetime.
  12. Like Carole2313 I have never and would not touch Carnival. Reasons? Read Events at Sea on CruiseJunkie.com, where Carnival are often mentioned. Read Cruise Law News ... similar pattern. More facts and less exaggeration. They are getting a bad reputation for being environmentally irresponsible, and seem to be making no effort to improve imho.
  13. Some time ago we booked a cruise via a TA but booked our own flights. Why? The TA admitted they could not match the price we got. We booked as early as we could and managed to secure extra leg room seats (only six available on each flight) and of course we had a schedule of our choice. For another cruise, last month, I asked for a direct quote from the cruise company. The basic price included economy flights, but I asked for a price for a B/C upgrade. The cruise company quoted an upgrade price that was double the price of a DIY booking.... this ‘extra price’ being on top of the included economy price. They also quoted for overnight hotels .... the price they quoted was per person and it was the same as the hotel was quoting per room! I didn’t even bother asking my TA. 🙄
  14. We are Shadowing in four weeks so I am hoping they release the schedules just before we go so that so as we can look at them at home and then we can book on board ..... if there is anything we fancy. That’s my deep pockets and short arms coming into play 😉
  15. “ with the Chief Accountant, (often wondered if my Better Half being a CPA had something to do with that), “ Does professional courtesy extend that far? Last time out I chanced my arm and explained my professional qualifications with a view to a bridge visit .... failed miserably. Security protocols would not allow it. Apologies made but never got a dining invitation ... phew! (I wasn’t bothered about the visit, I was just being nosey and wanted to see how technology has improved.) We used to carry the occasional passengers who would dine with us in the officers dining room. The novelty soon wore off😀 when they realised there was nothing special going off and the food was just as bad every day 🤫
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