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  1. They want the second dose two weeks before sailing? This comes in force on 1st May? I am 71 yrs old. My first vaccine, if I am lucky will be in February and the second three months after that. Maybe perhaps? Add the two weeks that they want and we are looking mid May at the earliest. That date will be much later for the 50’s and 60’s and Mrs B falls into that category. Don’t get me wrong, I can see where they are coming from but the dates don’t make sense for UK citizens when we are told there are no private facilities to get the vacc
  2. I have just asked for specific flights and an earlier journey out. No problems whatsoever. It cost me £50pp deviation fee.
  3. I am not at all optimistic as to the future. I strongly suspect that my June (Spirit) cruise to the Baltic will be cancelled. Fortunately this was a standard payment booking, not an FCC as I have no desire whatsoever to accept any cruise credit ... so that will be an interesting conversation when the email arrives. When do we think the next batch of cancellations will be announced?
  4. I find them very ‘predictable’ in content as each episode follows pretty much the same format, but I always wonder why the executive chef parades about on the pier, or goes shopping, when wearing his chefs whites? 🤷‍♀️
  5. Contact SS direct ? They gave me a decent choice last time. ...and don’t consider the lifeboat ... see the avatar ... one gets wet !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. From a couple of weeks ago, What about the Seven Seas Explorer .... the most luxurious ship in the world🙄 They were pontificating about ‘fine dining’ and luxury and then it showed them loading stores which included a cheap supermarket brand of camambert 🤭
  7. The most ‘interesting’ meal I had was lunch on Boxing Day 19xx .... suffice to say it was a long time ago 🥴 We were in the South Pacific and carrying aviation fuel around various islands. In this case we were sailing almost due west. Traveling due west at 15 knots we would travel 360 nautical miles in one day which ensures the sun rises much later every day - unless we altered the clocks. Noon was getting later and, as Second Officer ( and in charge of the day to day navigation) I approached the captain and told him that we needed to 'flog the clocks' one hour on Christmas Eve night
  8. As people are aware the situation in the UK can be different and a TA is the ‘vendor’ as far as claims go. I still have an outstanding claim in that part of the dispute was outside Visa time scales .... Because of this I sent a strongly worded email to Crystal ... no reply ... surprise surprise..... I then sent an email to my TA suggesting that I was considering court action against them. They said they would chase up Crystal. The outset of this - and the reason for this update - is that Crystal refused to tell the TA if they were processing refunds or not, and as su
  9. Our Officers dining rooms had direct access to a serving galley. Obviously all sorts of catering bits and bats were stored in there. Occasionally someone would have an accident and drop a plate which was heard in the dining room. One Master I sailed with, upon hearing the tinkle of shattering crockery would pick up his bread plate and throw it over his shoulder loudly shouting ‘encore!’. Not good in rough weather when the ships motion could be somewhat unpredictable and unsecured items had a life of their own 😀
  10. As you say ... it could happen anywhere so I put it down to experience. No need to embarrass anyone. I did get an email from the company after I got home. I am sure that some folk would have ‘kicked off’ and made a made a major fuss .... I have had worse food in my time at sea 😏 New thread? This wouldn’t really fit into anything vegan related 🤭
  11. MBP&O2/O


    ...... and the ‘duty free’ regulations are set to change as well.
  12. Also in the UK. I filed a debit card dispute and managed a partial refund in that the initial balance paid to the TA is still outstanding. It took well in excess of 200 days to get that money back ... even the bank took over 100 days. I am now giving serious consideration to a small claims court action to get the outstanding monies back. Neither the TA or Crystal are answering emails so I feel my options are limited, coupled with the fact that I suspect that if I do nothing then I will not get any money back. First and last time for that TA ... and Crystal!
  13. It would be churlish to mention the company ... but it was a ‘luxury’ line. Sat down with a salad and a caterpillar crawled out from under a piece of lettuce. I didn’t make a fuss but discreetly mentioned it to the MD ... and with minutes the executive chef was at the table apologising 🤭
  14. I am no expert but on the two cruises I have done I asked for two ‘one off’ meals. I gave them 48 hrs notice 😊 and they didn’t bat an eyelid. I did ask about the ‘Always available’ menu and was told that the new equivalent is the Room Service menu ... and you can ask for anything off that in the restaurant.
  15. Partial success. My bank have reimbursed me part of the monies paid. They refuse to look at the initial deposit claiming it is outside of the Visa time limit guidelines, so they have refunded me the ‘balance payment’. It only took them 112 days to sort ! Needless to say nothing has been heard from Crystal on day 224! Come to think of it nothing has been heard from Crystal - Full Stop !
  16. Patiently waiting for my refund for a cancelled Galapagos cruise. Now at day 35. They've stated I should get it by Dec. 26. I guess they think it's a fitting present for under the tree. Very interesting to learn that some are getting very timely refunds. Wow! Am I jealous??? I have been waiting 225 days for a refund from Crystal .... and there are many people who have been waiting even longer!
  17. SS have replied ... confirmed it is £999 per guest per leg .... £3996 to upgrade. (My initial inquiry for the same route 12 months earlier shows a total fare of £3682 ! SS "Cruise Only" discount is £712pp.... which means I could effectively get £1424 off the normal flight price. Even allowing for inflation it makes you think! They also intimate that should I arrange my own flights they will arrange all transfers and hotels - no costing was mentioned. 🙄 The mail said " We are able to organise your pre and post cruise stay which means, we organise all the transfers as we
  18. “Yes, I thought the prices of all the new itineraries were a good 20% higher than I might have expected. I know that SS are probably suffering more than they admit but I, for one, won't be rushing into any bookings. Certainly not when the future is still so uncertain. ” Agree whole heartedly. Some look to be horrendously expensive. I was looking at an ‘all inclusive’ one that had included economy air plus the option to upgrade to business class air fare for £999 .... per person ... per leg. I hope I have misinterpreted that as when I checked a DIY fare it worked out 25%
  19. No, I am not using a fitness tracker per se .... I use it to measure pure distance and then I view the route on a map. Thinking about it though ... could you use a tracker at sea? If you are on a ship travelling at 20 knots and you are walking on the ship, a GPS tracker will plot your exact position and that will be showing up as, essentially, the position of the ship? Just a thought.
  20. Serious question: Where can I see the Visa rules that gives this information? My chargeback is now on 90 days and I intend to make a formal complaint against the bank so this would be a priceless piece of information.
  21. My initial and somewhat cynical thought was that the new prices would only show a slightly increased price that would not be enough to put people off. Then when they have 'hooked' the customer they can hike them at will?
  22. If !! They adopt it as per the publicity it could be interesting. Many of the ships I sailed on were Indian crewed. We had two separate catering departments. One, for the European Officers, was staffed by Goanese personnel. They cooked what they thought the Europeans might like or should have ... usually bland and dire in content. The other was a Gujarati galley for the Indian ratings. They cooked what the Indians wanted and expected. The difference was phenomenal. When we were in port and unable to use the Officers saloon we used to beg and bribe the Indians for some of their
  23. ..... and some of them hurt like hell 😂
  24. London / Dover ? ??? Whoever writes these itineraries needs to study geography?😏 Highly misleading information as the two places are in excess of 80 miles apart. It was only last year when they published an itinerary sailing from Norway to Dover with a single sea day in the Florida Straits. 😁
  25. Hypothetical as far as I am concerned. SS never email me. I have checked my marketing preferences, and I have spoken to head office. Now’t .... not a sausage.. Strange😏 My wife however 😏 I suspect they email her and get her to persuade me?
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