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  1. Thanks for comparison, we are really looking forward to our seaside cruise in yacht club at end of the year. Great pictures.
  2. George C


    We went to Zarrella for pizza , excellent New York thin crust pizza
  3. George C

    cheers and cruise cash bar

    We had friend sailing on carnival and he was cut off after 15 drinks but his wife could buy them for him. Perfer rccl no limit on number of drinks.
  4. George C

    Luminae and/or need specialty dining?

    First night in luminae is a filet that is excellent, I would not miss that, there were specials on my last cruise in some of the specialty restaurants.
  5. I am with you, we are scheduled to sail there on celebrity in March hope ours is not changed, most likely will just stay on ship if it is grand cayman, have done that many times.
  6. George C

    Michael'sclub, drinks

    Our butler gave us a bottle of champagne then asked if we wanted a second bottle after we finished the first. Again on rccl if your in a suite lounge has free drinks for only 3.5 hours in micheals it is from early morning to midnight.
  7. There is normally a guitar player in pub also, there is a piano bar called schooner , sometimes classical guitar also.
  8. George C

    Michael'sclub, drinks

    We took drinks out of there a couple a day had no problem, we had drink package also.
  9. Mediterranean cruises do not have many sea days and are not as relaxing as Caribbean most of tours were long so we were gone 8 hours or more a day .
  10. George C

    Suites VS. Aquaclass

    We are totally addicted to suites and the perks, Celebrity has truly excellent perks , love micheals and luminae also larger room . We also like rccl suites but perks are better on celebrity.
  11. I agree I hope they leave them as concierge lounges , we just loved brilliance concierge lounge on our 12 day Europe cruise never that crowded.
  12. George C

    NYC Travel Alert

    Love nyc, but really perfer weather in Dallas .
  13. Bob do any of the ships smaller than voyager class have a suite lounge? Thanks
  14. We always also go there lots of restaurants very nice beach
  15. George C

    First Suite

    Our first cruise on celebrity we were upgraded to a corner aft sky suite on solictice, that was about 8 or 9 years ago , that was before suite restaurant and Micheals.