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  1. We normally eat between 8 and 8:30 in Luminae, we were on a great music charter and one of the main performers were the group America, one of the main members came and tried to get dinner about 9:30 and they were told to go to buffet that chefs had left, he didn’t create any fuss.
  2. Love Navigator, I am jealous of you living so close to Napa 😁😁, we definitely need to visit Napa sooner or later. We do consume at least a bottle or two of Napa wines each week. We had a fun group of people on that cruise.
  3. If you want to see a great movie about Napa valley wine based on a true story watch Bottle Shock , it’s about Stags Leap winning in a wine competition in Paris in the 1970’s . Stags is a excellent vineyard.
  4. I wouldn’t bother pre cruise concierge, but I would talk to server in the retreat, we didn’t like the wine in the old suite lounge and they got the wine we wanted and kept it in stock for the rest of our cruise.
  5. For a 7 day cruise we tip room steward approx 60 , butler it depends what they do but average is about 60 , we also tip concierge depending on what they do and we tip waiters daily about 10 for dinner , this is just us, we also have a royal suite in July on millennium, also did royal suite on sister ship last year. . Great perks including all specialty restaurants and liquor setup.
  6. I think short cruises are fine if you are really close to port, we prefer 9 or 10 night cruises, will go longer when we do European cruise.
  7. When I was in army some 50 years ago at Ft Sill they had a air demonstration which included them dropping napalm , that looked scary.
  8. There is a air show every year in Ft Worth and they have either the Blue Angels ot Thunderbirds performing each year , company my wife works for always host them . Really great watching the show.
  9. I am a diehard Yankee fan my entire life , hard not to be growing up with Mickey Mantle playing center and Yogi catching , my two favorite gifts I received from my wife was a autographed ball and plaque signed by Mickey. Remember as a kid having conversations on who was better Mickey, Willie or the Duke.
  10. We love showing our suites on cabin crawl most people love to see them. As for virtual cabins vs inside I think the extra few dollars is worth it .
  11. We now always book suites, Celebrity has some great suite perks , have done suites on a few lines and their suite restaurant is by far the best, have not done a ship yet with the Retreat but love their suite lounge with free drinks from morning to late night, service in suite lounge and Luminae is both fantastic. Concierge helps you with any problems you may have and so does your butler and of course your suite is much nicer and larger than any normal cabins. Have done sky suites a few times , tried Celebrity suite and now love the Royal suites which offers many additional perks such as unlimi
  12. Agree the length and more important the cost of flights to Europe limit our European cruises, we fly business or first class so flight can cost more than a cruise.
  13. I think most of rccl voyager class and larger , I remember doing a cabin crawl on I believe Navigator just so I could see what they looked like, I thought they were interesting but prefer our grand suite. This was 7 or 8 years ago
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