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  1. Liberty sails out of Galveston year round on 7 day cruises, very nice ship, excellent entertainment ice show is amazing , also broadway play Saturday night fever is good, sailed ship in 2016 and 2017. We have sailed almost all the major lines and prefer rccl in general.
  2. George C

    Cruise Runners for sale on Amazon

    Easy to hide things in my size 15 eee shoes
  3. George C

    Drink Package on RCCL

    We all know how consistent rccl is ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜, I will see if doubles are offered on oasis in 12 days.
  4. George C

    Drink Package on RCCL

    When we did navigator exactly a year ago , every bartender poured doubles at least the six or so we visited on a regular basis, I did not even ask them , I told them I wanted two drinks and put them in same glass and gave him two cards, he told me you do not need two cards for double. Vintage has many over limit and most specialty also do, we rarely eat in mdr.
  5. George C

    Drink Package on RCCL

    You can not order two drinks at a time but can order a double, package includes all 12 year old scotch and even 18 year old chevis regal. We do go over limit on some wine by the glass , so if limit is 12 and we order a 15 dollar glass of wine we pay the extra 3 and tip on the three.
  6. George C

    Luggage direct to airport

    Your incorrect all bags went to terminal we landed at except the three we used luggage direct, we did check one bag and that also went to he correct terminal , we had a late flight and somehow they went to a totally different terminal. Not blaming service we kept waiting for rest of bags until all bags were delivered except 3 of ours. We normally never wait long so nice we fly first.
  7. George C

    Is Uber XL ok to use?

    We like Uber xl use it to get to airport
  8. George C

    Bottle alcohol service in room?

    no tiny bottles in room, ship has my favorite concierge lounge with free drinks from about 5 to 8:30
  9. George C

    Luggage direct to airport

    We used luggage valet on navigator doing abc islands last November, only issue was luggage went to a totally different terminal at dfw airport which was a hassle, this was a free perk since we were in a suite,
  10. George C


    Yes they always will have turkey on thanksgiving
  11. George C

    Favorite Cruise Ports

    For Caribbean st Thomas and st marten, also A! b C islands , Europe Kotor , Naples Venice and Livorno , also loved leaving from Barcelona
  12. George C

    New Program called "The Key"

    Not worth it for suite quest since we get much of this amyhow, but itโ€™s a interesting perk
  13. George C

    Coastal Kitchen first night

    Never been on ship with a CK hopefully we will like it and eat most of our meals there we have a owners suite, we tried celebrity suite restaurant luminae earlier this year and really enjoyed it.
  14. George C

    Royal Carribean Drink Package

    Prices are a roller coaster , we paid 42 last year, buy now and check daily. My cruise in 2 weeks on oasis price keeps on changing from 45 to 48. I am waiting till I get on board since we just became diamond plus and get 30 percent off.
  15. George C

    Three night specialty restaurant package

    We normally book this but for 5 nights and always have changed reservation if we did not like what was assigned but maybe we were lucky, first night they are all crowded because of the specials, agree thatโ€™s a good price.