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  1. Disney Cruise Lines would have to transfer wastes through at least two counties and perhaps a third (Volusia, Orange and Osceola) just to get to Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID. The RCID doesn't have any garbage landfills etc. They rely on other entities to handle their waste streams. Doesn't make sense to ship garbage/waste, just to have to deal with Orange/Osceola county requirements, when you just have to deal will Volusia county.
  2. For me it is not an ew factor. During the week and weekend, I cook fresh dinners for me and my wife for dinner with some leftovers that we eat in mid-weekend. On Friday's I like to go out for dinner that someone else to cook. We have a Korean restaurant that we we enjoy. Originally I tried it out on my own, ordering items from the kitchen. Excellent food. However, they have this metal grill thing, similiar to hot rocks. The owner would prep the marinade and do the first batch. Great. After that you were on your own in regards to the remaining two batches. Let's just say my wife realized, that I wasn't happy going out for dinner and having to cook my own meal. If the hot rocks people actually cook your meal for you, as a cook in the family, great. However if they don't... If your spouse does the cooking at home, I would recommend you discuss who will be doing the cooking on the hot rocks.
  3. Short answer, if I lose my status with RCCL, I will go back to jumping between cruise lines. I have been cruising since 1981. I jumped between cruise lines. First Carnival, a few RCCL, then Princess, mixing in a few Disney Cruises, a Holland America cruise then the last few years doing RCCL, where we finally reached Diamond. With what RCCL charges for drinks vs Carnival, reaching Diamond was a nice perk. If I lose Diamond status if I don't cruise for a year or two. RCCL will LOSE my loyalty as drink prices on Carnival ships are cheaper than RCCL.
  4. You don't BBQ a hamburger, you put it on grill, or a flat-top. You use a BBQ to SMOKE pork, briskets, chicken, sausages etc. I remember back in the day when RCCL would put up a wood or charcoal grille on the lido deck and freshly cook hamburgers etc.
  5. Total population of Bermuda of is a bit more than 62,000. Doesn't seem like a large market to even sustain RCCL's smallest ship for more than a few weeks. And I am being generous in regards to a few weeks.
  6. So how do you feel about restaurants posting sign reading "No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service"? To me requiring face masks are no different. Help protects me and others. In regards to don't swim in a lake. In Florida there are many retention ponds and even lakes with do not swim in. In fact Disney used to allow you to swim in two lakes, but many years ago they banned swimming in the lakes (even before the boy was killed by an alligator a few years ago.) All for safety reasons. In regards to "don't drink alchohol over a certain amount" There are already public intoxication laws to that effect beyond the DUI/BUI laws.
  7. Can't find the video you are referencing, however it could be related to how they are partnering in regards covid protocols to resume cruising.
  8. Since offices are operating at different phases, the throughput rate will increase as the offices move up in the phases.
  9. If you miss it. Visit a Miller's Ale house. They show Chive TV
  10. By "order", I meant how they dismantled each individual ship. I.E. Front to Back vs Top to Bottom. 🙂
  11. Thanks Biker19. I was curious about the "order" they do when scrapping a ship.
  12. My guess cruise lines denying boarding to people not having vaccination proof would be legal as long as it doesn't violate Civil Right laws (sex, race, etc). This is private company so they can set the rules. An example of this is that for cruises departing from US ports, the cruise lines will not serve drinks (or even allow them to buy the drink packages) to people under the age of 21 even in international waters. There are no international treaties/agreements that require RCCL, Carnival to do this. Certain bars require people to be above a certain age before entering. Refusal to show a valid ID to prove your age, is grounds to deny entry. Even if state laws don't require this (of course many state laws require that bars verify the age of someone attempting to actually purchase an alcoholic drink, but not to actually enter the establishment)
  13. From my understanding, there are three basic strains and as you said their parts of the world that get the first (through no fault of their health care system). Based on these early reports the scientists decide which one will most prevalent, so vaccine doses can be produced in a timely manner for the US market. From my understanding the three basic strains may mutate but not by drastic amount so if even the correct vaccine was picked for that year it will be at least partially effective. I thought I remembered that there was a fourth strain that emerged, that caught the scientist by surprised.
  14. I can seeing Royal sending a ship or two that normally do 3/4 day cruise to test any new procedures. Then a very short time later the rest will start to move. The plus for the short cruises is besides the CDC they only have to deal with one other gov't entity.
  15. For those that want to participate, feel free to come to my house. I will be happy to provide all of the ingredients for everyone to make their own version for about $10/person and the necessary instruction. In all seriousness making quac is relatively simple and the ingredient list is relatively short. Most important is making sure the the avocados are properly ripe. I.E. not too hard but not too soft. After that you would need a lime for the juice, a bit of chopped fresh jalapeno, a bit of chopped white onion, some chopped plum tomatoes. And cilantro. And then a bit of salt. Instead of the jalapeno, I sometimes substitute several dashes of hot sauce. It is all about balance and the flavor profile you enjoy.
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