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  1. For Florida the applicable laws/rules are in litigation in regards to which takes precedence.
  2. I don't quite understand the :four unique codes". For true internet access for various devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops)... Historically i have bought a two device package under my name for me and my wife. We would get one password. Me and my wife just made sure that we each had only one of our devices connected at anyoone time. I.E. if if was using my cell phone, and wanted to use my laptop to connect, I made sure to disconnet my cell phone from the RCCL wifi and then connect using my laptop. My wife did the same for her devices. A few years ago we did a family trip with some of my in-laws. One of the children needed to make a daily trip report to her classmates to have an excused absence. I offered to her parents to buy a three device package with the understanding that they would pay me the difference between the two device package and the three device. For them it was cheaper for them to do this than buy there own one device package for their daughter. Once we got on-board, I gave the parents the one and only code I had received. Everyone was happy. As a side note the parents, paid me back by buying me a few glasses of wine during the cruise. WIN/WIN for everyone infolved.
  3. Why would CDC want to drive cruise lines out of business? The reason why the cruise lines are being "picked on" by the CDC is they has legal authority over the cruise lines, unlike the airline, hotel, amusement parks etc. They can only offer suggestions to them. So they can't use the same tactics to do a "new green deal". I do think the CDC was remiss in waiting so long to get more direct information to the cruise lines about what procedures/policies they need to implement to start sailing again
  4. I like the Freedom class over Voyager class ships because of the extra sizer of the Royal Promenade. On Voyager class ship it seemed a bit claustrophobic.
  5. 25% of America has receive at least one dose of the vaccine? I don't think so. In certain groups yes, but not all America
  6. At this point of time it is useless in speculating on what RCCL MAY require to board a ship in the US. CDC has yet to provide more direct guidelines, even after stating that said guide lines would be issued in the last week or so (this was based on what they said three weeks ago). Unlike what the CDC can mandate in the various states, they do have a Yay/Nay vote in regards if ships can sail from US ports. Discussing if the various cruise lines decide to have more than stringent requirements than the CDC is a moot point at this time.
  7. But how big of aircraft can the airport handle? I live near St Augustine Fl, and there is an airport there Periodically there has been scheduled flights between it and the Bahamas, so technically it could be considered an "international airport? However the planes are in the turbo prop size. How big of planes can the Cozumel airport handle? Not trying to be snarking, just don't know.
  8. I find it hard to believe that they will be building a whole new dock. They will have to retrofit an existing dock to handle checking in new passengers and loading there luggage, along with taking on supplies I am guessing the airport is on the mainland, so to add to the complexity, they will need to figure out how to get the passengers/luggage from the the airport to the island and ultimately to the ship. Somehow I don't think this will happen by May 1st.
  9. However, I imagine that there something/somewhere that say by putting down a deposit for a cabin priced at the NRD rate, you may forfeit the deposit if you decide to cancel for any reason. Also, whenever the CDC decides more in-depth policies to the cruiseline, the cruise lines can always point to the Gov't policies and hide behind them
  10. I worked for a large international banking company about 13 years ago they implemented a work from home program, in which a majority of our division took advantage of. Mind you, the team I was on was spread all over the US. Most of the people I interacted with were not local to my location. As long as I had internet connection and a phone, I could work from anywhere. About 4 years ago there was a change in senior leadership and the new senior was old school and wanted everyone back in the various hubs. Back we went. Based on a conversation I had with a now former co-worker, when covid hit and various municipalities ordered everyone to stay hope, there was capacity issues. Most likely because they ripped out a lot of the infrastructure supporting remote working. We used Webex for meeting. It is cisco's version of Zoom. The only time we used the video portion when a Powerpoint deck was being presented, but that was the only thing seen. We just didn't feel the need to see each other faces. I agree that work from home will still be around after covid. Not every company will continue with it but many will.
  11. Yes you can get a free lounger chair and now the umbrellas are free. Floaters are available for rent. Beverage package are honored at the various bars/beverage stations on the island. There is also a swim bar in the pool. Lunch is available, and there are several snack station that you can freely partake. There is a for charge meal restaurant also available.
  12. You didn't include my comment about "hard to hide cruise passengers arriving at the port". All of a sudden hundreds of cars showing up at the port during abnormal times when port employees don't normally show up. Even more so if they utilize buses. Remember all it takes is someone in condo overlooking the port to see additional activity. Also keep in mind the ship has to dock somewhere outside of the US. There are many people that could leak the information with little risk of repercussions. Mind you "test cruises" is a broad term. I don't doubt that there may be some "test cruises" which may be utilizing the skeleton crew to test check-in procedures, restaurant's serving procedures, etc. But until actual passengers are involved they aren't true test cruises. In the IT world using the crew as first testee's would be called Alpha testing Adding the the passengers for short test cruise would be Beta testing. The latter is what I would call true "test cruises". Also keep in mind that if they want to ramp up staffing they will need to apply for the appropriate visa's for the crew. I am not sure, but I am thinking that this would be a matter of public records.
  13. Kind of hard to hide 18 wheelers bringing in supplies. In addition the passengers need to get to the ship. A bunch of cars driving to the parking areas at the pier would be very noticeable
  14. And some counties in Florida are experiencing 4+ hour waits for vaccinations. Not exactly the gold standard in scheduling/administrating vaccinations
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