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  1. Did you not see the part about "Cost" to do land based internet connections, when multiple ships are docking and how to validate them back to the packages. From my prior post... Also keep in mind charging for the service. The easiest way is to "extend" each cruise ship existing internet Satellite connection to the island. As each ship pulls in the island the islands wifi network "plugs" into the ship existing satelite infrastructure. Part of which is to validate what has been bought in regards to an individual passenger access. The other alternative is to have a satellite up/down link on the island. They can download each passengers information in regards if they have an internet package to servers located at the satellite up/down stations.
  2. Capt_BJ, Thanks for jumping in here. I have been kind of winging it. I forgot about your expertise and knowledge. Please don't feel slighted about not wishing you would also find this thread.
  3. I agree I hope he find this. He is a wealth of knowledge. Anyway I will give this a go. He normally comments on ships homeported out of the USA so some of this may be US specific, but I think it may be applicable world wide in various forms. In regards to maintenance... From an NCL propulsion issue that occurred earlier this is what I recall Chengp said an engine/generator needs to be rebuilt every 2000 hours of operation which equats to about every 2 years. Using his words more or less "This is like replacing the engine in your car every 2 years". Obviously this is done on a rolling basis. Now this is where I am getting into a gray area in regards to applicability for ships homebased out of non-USA ports For ship to sail a syndicate has a big say if it can. By syndicate, thnk insurance company not the Mafia. There is a certificate that is needed. Part of the certification is making sure that the engines/generators have gone through this process. I went looking for the thread, where a lot of this was covered by him, but couldn't find it. He went in how different countries organization, International agreements cover all of this. The first time I remember encountering him was right after the Costa Concordia sinking. Them him, bunch of others, and me had an on-going thread that lasted until the ship was completely disassembled at a shipyard in Europe. Since then he has been a wealth of information. He has been particulary active in the last 6 months. I have learned how the AC's systems work onboard ships, the actual responsitilities of the Master vs staff captains vs chief engineers among other things.
  4. I am not sure if cheng has posted on this forum but he is a regular poster on the Royal Caribbean/Carnival/NCL boards in regards to ship engineering: propulsion etc.. I hope he finds this thread. A bit of background on him. He is a longtime Chief Engineer working on cargo ships, I believe he is currently on a tanker. However he has done a stint on a NCL cruise ship. I am gonna try to channel him... Modern cruise ships have two engine rooms that are independent of each other, each containing enough diesel engines to power one "screw" and enough of the hotel services to make things somewhat bearable. A vast majority of cargo ships only have one screw. The reason why cruise ships have 2 screws (or multiple azipods) is because of speed. To drive a cruise ship at 19 knots (a typical cruise ship) speed requires 2 screws (not sure on how many azipods are needed) Cargo ships go at about half that speed and some now even going slower. So my opnion is that there was some event which caused both engine rooms to go offline. Since then they have been able to get one engine on-line, thus getting one screw turning and hotel services going in some limited matter. Again this is my opionion based on what cheng has posted in past when other cruise ships have had propulision issues I really hopes he finds this thread (he may be working, he logs in when he can) and give everyone his opinion on his in-depth knowledge. If he does, and disagrees with any of the above, I would definitely take his opinion over mine.
  5. In recent years, no matter the ship, we have always had plenty of hangers. However I remember years ago when hangers were in short supply.
  6. cwmcaa, thanks for coming back and letting us know the prognosis. When I read your original post, I didn't have any insight about changing names. I have dealt with in-laws health issues and can somewhat understand your stress and the stress that other members of the family may be dealing with. Each family handles it differently and there is no all size fits all approach. Sounds like you handled it with aplomb. Thoughts will be with MIL.
  7. Coca Cay is between 45-50 miles from other major Bahama Islands. Grand Bahama, Nassau, Great Abaco. Not sure if the cruise lines would pay to lay the cable to get to their islands however, there are three. Coca Cay and right next to it is NCL. In the vicinity is Disney. I doubt the bean counters would allow this even if all three companies go into it together. Another alternative would be if we assume Grand Bahama has a wired connection to the mainland. Then they put up repeater towers between it and the private islands. There are other populated islands in the vicinity that may have some of the infrasturture already in place that they can piggy-back on. I am no expert on network communication if this speculation is even close to potential reality. Now back to the latency issue. Just because you are on a private island in the middle of the Bahama sea why would expect better performance than being on ship? Also keep in mind charging for the service. The easiest way is to "extend" each cruise ship existing internet Satellite connection to the island. As each ship pulls in the island the islands wifi network "plugs" into the ship existing satelite infrastructure. Part of which is to validate what has been bought in regards to an individual passenger access. The other alternative is to have a satellite up/down link on the island. They can download each passengers information in regards if they have an internet package to servers located at the satellite up/down stations. I am pretty sure the multi-millionaires go a satellite up/down link route on their private islands. Think of the days before ATT bought DirectTV. DirectTV offered a internet connection through satellites. Took more hardware on your roof but was used.
  8. Just because something is inspected doesn't mean things can happen. In the states all kinds of things are inspected including elevators and escalators. For elevators, they even post the last inspection certifcate in the cab (although some say "certificate is filed in the managers office" something to that effect. For example amusement park rides are regularly inspected. Accidents still happen. Ane employee can be hired and did not follow a procedure. If it could be shown that the employee was improperly trained then the company could be at fault. Mind you the ride could have been inspected the day before and passed, but the company is still liable
  9. 1. The menu changes everynight, however there are a few items that carry over from night to night. I have never tried the hibachi/tepanaki, but it generally gets great reviews. The reason why I haven't tried it, is we have great ones locally, and I like to try different things that I can get at home 2. They do repeat them serveral times. It is recommended to pre-reserve esp the comedy show. Also pre-reserver the aqua show early in-case there is inclement weather for that show. They will reschedule the show and honor your reservations. The ice show I have been successful if I enjoyed a show on my reservation day/time. If they offer it later, I can go standby (usually my wife wants to do something else so I am just looking for a seat for me). 3. Can't really comment exactly which table games are offered as I don't gamble much beyond video poker. 4. I don't think RRC nickel n dimes any worse than other cruise lines. They do offer some discounts on spa days esp on port days
  10. This is the business model, that the mass market cruise lines employ. While it can be considered unfair that they do this, I have found life is generally unfair. Esp. in regards to large corporations and how they interact with individuals. Since the OP is so upset, perhaps they should consider no longer taking cruises as a vacation option. For example, I am a Disneyphile. And literally grew up at Walt Disney World since the day the Magic Kingdom opened. Had annual passes for a very long time. However, 10 years or so they started to raise their ticket prices each year at a rate greater than the increase in the rate of inflation. We dropped our annual passes 7 or 8 years ago. Started to go to Universal Studios and actually started to do more cruises, as they had a better value/entertainment ratio than Disney. Disney doesn't seem to miss my business as they have seemed to found enough people to take my place. I don't piss and moan about the prices as I understand that it is a business and they run it as they see fit. The same goes for Royal Caribbean. I may make complaints about certain things, I am still happy with the product. However there may come a time when I decide to move on.
  11. Both videos nicely done. Also had loved the ideas on the magnents. Great to put up notes to your traveling companions about where are more likely at or stash excursion tickets etc. Keeps them out of the clutter that often develops on the desk, after serveral days on the cruise. I liked the idea of the insulated shopping bag. Great way to pre-cool bottles of wine before putting in the "ice" box. For us the icebox will keep our wine cold but has a better chance if the bottles are already cold beforehand. Two ideas I haven't seen before.
  12. As soon as you board the ship find out where the MTD host is located. Am I reading this correctly, On one you night you had booked all four of you for the same time/same table. Every other night you have only two of you booked. You should be fine, if you show up upon boarding. It has been my experience that while the Daily Planner may show no availbility during a certain time period, however once you are onboard you can get reservations.
  13. A while ago Barbados threatened to implement the 6 month policy and either backed off before implementing or it just has a short implementation. You have remember their are at least two different policies in play. The United States has its policy and could care less the policy anyother country may have as that is the passenger's policy to know. So each country in the Caribbean can create their own policy for cruise passengers or othewise, and at this point of time none other Cuba has a policy that requires your passport to be valid for at least six months.
  14. There has been a couple of times that when we shoped for our MTD reservation, they asked us if would mind to go upstairs and be seated there. We agreed and had no problem with service.
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