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  1. That number would equal to the cost of fuel, cost of food/beverages, and wage costs along with some ancillary costs.
  2. Hmm. Towels are placed in the corridor FLOOR. How is this better better than the room steward placing them directly in your cabin? Put me in the camp that I am not going to start wiping down my cabin. In everyday life do you wipe down EVERYTHING you touch outside your home?
  3. Because many people book cabins without thinking about that. They don't intentionally book a connected cabin. They just take what ever is offered up by the TA, website, etc that may meet location requirements. On-land when they book hotel rooms. I am guessing most don't check if it is a connecting room. So why do they think to do otherwise when booking a cabin. I used to book cabins based on price. Then it evolved on price and location Then it evolved again taking into account price, location, and if it was a non-connecting cabin. This was a thirty year process, with many, many cruises under my belt. Not everyone has done as many cruises so don't have many "hard" requirements. They don't intentionally book a connecting cabin they just book a cabin.
  4. Actually on the Queen Mary II can be considered ocean liners. The other ships are not ocean liners more like a cruise ship like RCCL's etc. Direct from Cunard's website... The world's only ocean liner. Not only is Cunard a unique experience, Queen Mary 2 is also a unique ship: today's only true ocean liner. Stronger, sleeker, smoother and swifter than a cruise ship. A link to a glorious past only Cunard can provide.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. So in essence they have turned the MDR on the ships that have implemented this back into set time dining. I haven't seen this mentioned on other threads. Sorry ourusualbeach.
  6. About the only thing I would do differently besides what the cruise line changes would be more pushing of elevator buttons with elbows and perhaps taking stairs more often. Even before covid, when using the public restrooms I would use a paper towel to open public bathroom doors upon exiting. (after washing my hands for 20 seconds). Didn't wipe down my cabin on embarkation day and still won't. Will still utilize the MDR and Windjammer. Different strokes for different folks.
  7. BINGO. It is a trademark for a mask. Disney in the last few days have started selling facemasks using their trademarked characters (Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Pixar etc) No indication if the the Disney Parks will be requiring guests to wear masks.
  8. Think if you own a car. You need to buy the license plate for your car at initial purchase and renew it every year or perhaps every two years (in Florida you have an option). When you show up at the DMV to due the initial registration (often dealers take care of this for you) or renew you have to show you have car insurance. If you don't show this proof, you can't get the license plate or renewal sticker. Sure you can still drive your car, but not legally. The police can issue citations/tickets etc, and god forbid if you are in accident someone can sue you and you would have no car insurance for help. They could go for everything you own.
  9. He has been recommended for re-instatement. Security clearances are not "earned" by coming up through the ranks. Clearances are granted due to need-to-know. I got out of college and started working for Strategic Air Command (SAC), later US Stratcom. With-in a year I had a high-level security clearance, after a deep background check. I didn't earn it by years in service, I earned it because my background checked out and my job required it. A couple years later me and another civil servant were granted a even more "specialized" clearance. We were the first two civil servants ever granted that clearance. We were granted it because we were the techies that kept the computers running so the people planning the next nuclear could do the planning. Had nothing coming up through the ranks. Even with these clearances, I couldn't just show up on the air line and ask to board a B-52 that was carrying nuclear weapons. I had no reason to be there, no matter my aforementioned clearances. From my understanding he did initially try to engage the chain of command during normal channels. He was rebuffed/ignored. So he wrote a letter to a handful of other officers and not to the press.
  10. John, I didn't see an answer. The only thing I have come up with is that cabin 9641 in on the port side vs the starboard side as the map/directions indicate.
  11. When I get on a cruise ship I don't make bee line to the cabin to use the functions of the TV. At least if everyone is required to initially go to a muster station they kind of know where to go. If only one person does this, doesn't matter much later in the cruise for their fellow cabin mates. I know me and my wife are not married at the hip during a cruise. I lay to vedge out and read, while she is doing an activity and vice versa. If I attended the muster drill and she didn't, doesn't do her much good in the event of a real call to muster stations and she is on the other end of the ship from me.
  12. I agree with it having to do with issuing refunds etc. However the CDC can lift the no-sail rule at anytime before expiration or as expiration approaches, they can extend it.
  13. Don't know about John's county. But Duval (Jacksonville) beaches are open from 6am-11am and 5pm-10pm. You can't bring chairs or blankets to lay out. You can walk/run, fish, and surf. St Johns county (st augustine) Open 6am-Noon with similar conditions as Duval.
  14. Cruise ship can dock. Patient can then be transported to hospital. I have been on one ship that had left St Thomas about an hour ago, when the Captain came on the speaker and said we were returning to St Thomas to offload an unhealthy passenger. We docked the passenger was placed in a waiting ambulance and taken to the hospital. I have been on other cruises where when docked as scheduled and there were waiting ambulance(s)
  15. What breach of contract? They are refunding money. It may be taking time, but they are refunding money.
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