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  1. Probably, but perhaps they will require them to wear gloves. I've seen staff on Royal that are less meticulous about sanitation that most guests.
  2. I have 75% hearing loss, so I slept through some late night music in the centrum, but others closed the doors to make our hall way quiet.
  3. When are you thinking of booking, we through all of our FCC toward a grand suite on Brilliance for a 5 day 5/1.
  4. I didn't know this would be my last cruise for awhile!
  5. I've made so many cruise friends the last 14 years, |'ll have a drink (or something equally relaxing) later tonight and think about the opportunity missed.
  6. What makes you say that? I don't remember much different from the other Oasis class (not been on Harmony) But I trust you saw something to warrant this statement.
  7. Thanks, it was supposed to me my first cruise out of Bayonne!
  8. I took the Future cruise credit and don't know when I'll cruise again, but today I got the refund for the $18 drink package for 2 for our 9 day cruise for our 5/21 cruise! I should just now be getting over the hangover.
  9. Ok, I didn't search it first, but would Royal Future Cruise credits be applicable to Celebrity? So much is up in the air now. I'm almost ready to give up on cruising 2020 and I've been planning for a long time for our 40th anniversary on 5/2/2021. I found Freedom's last scheduled cruise out of San Juan looks good, but the cruise ends on our actual anniversary and my wife is not happy with the idea of traveling home, and those hassles on our actual anniversary. I've been considering an X cruise, but had planned on making d+ first, which I should have been tomorrow after returning from our Adventure cruise that didn't happen!
  10. I had to go back and look at her message. She was looking at, not yet booked for April 22. I checked back with her and she was looking at April of 2022.
  11. A friend just consulted with me because I've done Allure twice and she booked it for next year out of Galveston. That was news to me, but I knew Royal was building a new terminal with the probable intention of locating an Oasis class here. I've been keeping my head out of cruising for awhile.
  12. After 17 Florida departures and 2 from San Juan, this would have been our first. The last time I was in that area the twin towers were still standing. Maybe next year!
  13. As I sat down and logged into to work today from home for the 8th straight week, my watched buzzed and reminded me its cruise day! I can see out my window and I'm definitely not in Bayonne. I was so looking forward to the drive there and my first cruise from this point on a favorite ship. Now, I'm just going to forget about cruising for awhile and hope prices don't go up 25% when cruises re-open, but for now, not planning any for the future, while keeping hope that 2020 is not my first year without a cruise since 2006. I hope to be on Freedom next year for my 40th anniversary.
  14. Thanks Nancy! Like so many of my cruises, we did make some great friends and had a great time with you guys. FYI, been a bad year with arthritis spreading to my neck, I'll probably feel better in the summer, but for the cruise just canceled, I had no dives scheduled. I had an interesting dive with Stuart Cove's off Mariner last fall.
  15. I've read several threads about canceled cruises, Future cruise credit, and rebooking. I thought I'd update with my experience this weekend and specifically today. Our 5/21 Adventure cruise was officially canceled. Being in no hurry, I just casually looked at what we could rebook. I found an identical sailing for 7/1, and of course there are no guarantees that it will sail, but the rates are low so I tried to get my reservation just moved over. I got through Saturday after about a 30 minute wait. I got a Hispanic lady who sounded like she was calling from inside a hollow tunnel. She also spoke very fast and wouldn't slow down. After a lot of work and repeating each other, I found out I would have to put down a new deposit and wait/hope to use my frequent cruise credit for a July trip. I elected to wait. Today I saw a big price drop and decided I could live with throwing out another deposit. I called and got right through! I spoke to a guy named Terry and the call quality was excellent and he was very helpful. He said he could put me on this cruise and make notes on the old reservation and the newer one to use my FCC when available. He said they are now booking with no deposit required for people with FCC. I'll check on my status before the final payment date comes. I know July from Bayonne is stil a gamble, but one I'm willing to take, it was really little risk at this point.
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