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  1. But noting but speculation on his part. None of us really know.
  2. I've been wondering how many are on what ships. I've been watching Brilliance when ever she comes into a port and can never spot anyone walking around, except when the ship ties down.
  3. Hello Bill, I've participated with you in this section in years past. Previously we have cruised every year around May and haven't had to worry too much, but the past 5 years or so we have added a 2nd cruise in the fall and I've been here every year watching the NOAA site and this forum. Well ,last year our May cruise was canceled and we didn't even try for a fall one. We moved our cruise to May of this year and I've already pre-emptively moved it to Brilliance 7 day out of Tampa. It would be terrible if Bill does cause problems for this cruise since I'm a Bill too. In our 4
  4. With a May 1st cruise, if it happens there will probably be a lot of press at the dock on departure day, it would be one of the first out of the USA. But I'm already looking at next cruise to lift and shift to. Probably Sept unless we get other news before then.
  5. Are you aware of the roll call section of this forum? I know there are people sailing this week, the week before and the week after. Let me/us know if you need help finding that section. I was looking at the 5th and 19th and a former cruise mate is already on the the 12th. I"m planning ahead if my next cruise. May 1st gets canceled.
  6. We were two couples and gave $20 each, it was worth it,
  7. That is what I'm thinking, we have our first GS booked, though its looking likely I won't see it! 😞 Thought I may tip a good tip up front hoping for extra good service since this will be a big anniversary for us.
  8. I've been watching the port cams to keep my cruise bug going. I've been following Brilliance since she is my next cruise (fingers crossed) She is behind Enchantment in this pic. I zoomed way in so the detail isn't good. Is this a cargo door that opens on the back of this class, or do they have a tarp draped there for some reason? I saw outside Grills in Port Canaveral once and watched Divers work on a Freedom Azipod. They put up a tarp like that to protect the ship when they pulled up parts.
  9. Good luck, I hope you get to go! Come back and tell us how it went. Still on my list.
  10. Well. that topic was a dissapointment!
  11. We have always considered 1000 miles our max drive and it just so happens Port Canaveral and Tampa are almost exactly 1000 miles from us. We had our first trip from Bayonne NJ canceled, that would have been a driving trip. We are now booked on a cruise from Tampa, so we will likely drive that. We like the drive and have the vacation time. Now if I see a cruise out of Port Everglades or Miami, we will fly. \
  12. I've stuck my nose in 3 roll calls for Sept and October that I might switch to. I can tell some of the prices look about 25% higher than I thought they would be, so I guess I know how they are paying for the 125% future cruise credit.
  13. Our 40th anniversary is coming up in May, so I'm holding out small hope.
  14. As we approach the last 30 days of official cancelled cruises, I expect an update soon. Any word of large scale re-hirings? I really haven't read much about a vaccine out side of North America and the UK. (by choice, I've been keeping my head in the sand about cruising since rebooking my canceled May 2020 cruise.
  15. Technically I haven't either, but I came close! Took a 5 day cruise on Jewel that went to Cozumel and Costa Maya. We had never been to Costa Maya before and was looking forward to that along with a fun excursion we had planned. The weather was nice and we were surprised we couldn't get off the ship when we docked because the waves were crashing high on the dock and it was flooding the gangway. Initially we were told it would be a see day and we would miss the only port I was looking forward to. But we all quickly noticed we weren't leaving the port area. The Captain would tel
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