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  1. I followed this thread, I'll come back on 9/22 or 23 with details, maybe pictures. I'm told the CD on Mariner next week is on vacation and their AD is Gemma something is acting CD.
  2. Or God forbid Soccer! This spring on Symphony 200 people were crowded in Playmakers watching a "match on the pitch" I kept hearing thunderous cheering and applause, I kept walking over and the score was still 0-0!
  3. Are you sure its not a gameshow for perfect couples only? forgive me, but that much was obvious.
  4. And week to week, and the only think consistent is Royal's inconsistency. We have had beach beds 2 years in a row at coco - cay, and they werne't available until just a month ago. Back then the water park cabanas were $799. This week they dropped to $299. Including 6 water park admissions, this isn't too bad. Pictures in 2 weeks!
  5. I just saw this show listed on the planner. We are experienced Quest and Love and Marriage players. What can anyone tell me about this game? I'm hoping its new enough that players don't come overly prepared.
  6. They weren't missing the point, they just saw something to get outraged about and got all excited that they get to reply. That is about all that cruise critic is these days.
  7. If my memory serves, all the Junior Suites are on deck 9, the one right below the pool. Ours was, but that was 10 years ago.
  8. I don't argue your intent, but this statement is a bit silly if you have ever worked for a large corporation. I don't smuggle, but I'm going to enjoy every bit of the $18/day drink package on next year's 9 day cruise.
  9. Well that $18 per day drink package on 2020 cruises is looking even better!
  10. Thanks, I'll search for the email when I get home. I put in a really weak bid on a GS
  11. Would someone please post a link, or instructions to check on the status of a Royal Up bid? I thought I saved it, but apparently not.
  12. I did the same on Freedom and it was waiting in the room. Good luck. (10 years CPAP free!)
  13. So the rumors of more new cabins in the Windjammer are not validated?
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