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  1. i'm hoping for a lot of crowd photos to see if I spot my friends who were with you.
  2. In 2017 I went to Blue Lagoon Island for the 2nd time and was underwhelmed. On the boat ride over, I saw an island with a lighthouse and I remember thinking, just drop me off there with food and water and pick me up again in 5 hours and I'll be fine. Turns out that was Pearl Island in the making. For my fall 2018 cruise, I found Pearl Island on the Royal offerings and went to Trip Advisor and saw a lot of good reviews. We booked it and ended up having a pretty good time. I mentioned it in my 2018 Enchantment review. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2589608-blue-collar-diamond-becomes-enchanted-4-days-917/ I communicated with them via email a couple of times and found their communication good.
  3. BillOh

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    I just don't like casino's so that won't happen for me. I've often told people, I would have more fun walking in a casino and throwing $100 at the wall than I would gambling. Maybe if I threw $100 at Guest Services that might have better luck.
  4. BillOh

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    I'll be curious to how the boarding in Miami goes for you. It seems all of the Symphony reviews I have read that started in Miami were all suite or Pinnacle cruisers. (Not that there is anything wrong with that. ) Since I'll be boarding in 157 days in just a balcony (pending 2nd miracle upgrade) I'll be curious as to how well that goes. I'll be watching every Symphony review between now and May 2019, so I'll enjoy anything you post and I know how to skip ahead on things I don't want to read. Oh, I'm sure you will find time to enjoy your cruise while reporting, so no more special requests from me. Now I am laughing at myself as 2 posts later you upgraded to a suite! Oh, the sin of replying without reading every message first!
  5. You probably saw John's review that says Susan is still on Enchantment, I really had the impression it was short lived, but I guess things change.
  6. BillOh

    I thought Dogs weren't allowed?

    Now I have to read the entire thread and see if the dog was seen later reserving pool chairs.
  7. I've seen plenty of the machines with that curved screen on several ships, just not the HD theme.
  8. I don't remember the details, but there was talk of a new terminal south of town (Tampa) that would allow the larger ships
  9. BillOh

    CocoCay Beach Bed

    We only had two people and 2 loungers at ours. I would GUESS if you reserved for 4 people and there was only 2, they might bring you more. The people at the checkin area are very helpful.
  10. Has the cruise indicated they are happy the customers are keeping their close on this week? 😁
  11. BillOh

    Evolution of Dining Attire

    Decorum and attire are two mostly different things to me. To me the biggest blow to what people most remember on formal nights was airlines charging for baggage. I'll add in my personal view of the Tuxedo on a cruise ship vacation, its like getting stupidly fall down drunk. I've been there, done that, no need to do it again.
  12. BillOh

    Bermuda+drone = CREEP

    I do like the easy way youtube videos are embedded into messages in this new forum software.
  13. I do think this is place is new and not yet totally finished. There were a few more bits of shade this fall and I could see more coming. Maybe by early 2019 this place will be finished, just a guess on my part. We may revisit in May, but I'm not positive yet.
  14. Did you happen to notice if they got those sand/water rinse stations working yet?