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  1. BillOh

    Bit -coin bomb threat

    Maybe that is why whomever is behind this wave of cyber threats chose the targets they did. Schools and churches today can't assume a threat is fake, airlines and other transportation lines have a little more leeway to evaluate such a threat. I doubt the originator of this round really didn't' expect any payments and wanted to create a distruption. With that in mine, the same type of cyber pirate could create fake cancellations or other economical mischief. I was there in the early days of email. Somewhere around 2000 (I forget the source) more than 50% of all email traffic was bogus. I wonder what that number is today. I just think this weeks event was the tip of the iceberg.
  2. With the internet and phone systems in our country as wide open as they are, perhaps cruises and airlines will be the next target.
  3. BillOh

    Royal gets sued

    At one point when I use to do Royal excursions only, they canceled 33% of the ones I booked. When I tried to find out why, they would only say some token rehearsed statement about the safety of their guests. Its nothing but lip service.
  4. Freedom is no slouch either, great ship, I've had 14 wonderful nights on her. I'd happily do either of these. Its a no lose situation.
  5. BillOh

    Allure meets Edge

    FYI, there is a relatively new 4K video on youtube of the ship. I am considering her for my 40th anniversary. Right now my 40th anniversary is on change over day from one week to another. She is coming back from an eastern itinerary and I ASSUME going back on the western, but that cruise hasn't been announced yet.
  6. BillOh

    Smaller ship recomendations

    I have done at least one cruise on every class except for Empress. I know Freedom is currently doing the Southern itinerary, and its almost as big and is my favorite ship. I've twice cruised the southern on Jewel of the Seas (Radiance class) part of that was to get on the Radiance class as everyone loves it. (I do now too) I also cruised the southern on Adventure (Voyager class) All were wonderful cruises. (We are late 50's empty nesters)
  7. My belief, based on past Oasis class cruises was someone working for a particular cruises does about 4 cruises at a time. By that logic, if it still holds true is there should be a range of +/- 30 days. Someone on the Feb 9th cruise may have gotten the opening the same day.
  8. I'll keep checking and report - 137 days to go.
  9. At least in Sept 18. they were screening that off fairly nicely with a jungle type screen. I hope the OP going in January gets some updated pics. Some of these new features will be too big to hide behind 6 ft fences.
  10. As an Amateur Astronomer, I would disagree, though I don't usually use the term pollution.
  11. Earlier this week I had 140 days till one cruise and 280 to the one after. That is all, I return control of the thread to you.
  12. I'm only able to see excursions and book specialty dining so far. BTW, $57 for Chops per person, has passed by pain threshold.
  13. BillOh

    Pandora charms

    Yes, I don't remember the name, but it was an easy walk from the port. I was last there in 2015. I do remember an obvious Pandora sign visible from the main street. We walked back from Don Foster's Dive shop to the port and saw it on that walk.
  14. Thanks for the post, we usually cruise around this time of year and have been on Allure twice that week. I'm currently working on my 2020 plans.
  15. I'm specifically interested in any recent or soon to cruise on Symphony sailing out of Miami as to when show reservations become available online. This is my 4th Oasis class sailing, but first since 2016. I assume shows are becoming available somewhere between 90-120 days as was the norm back in 2016. Any recent Oasis/Allure/Harmony cruisers is that still accurate? Of course I'm wanting to catch it ASAP and alert my roll call so I'm starting to get a routine of checking now and will re-check every few days, but when I checked today, which also happens to be my first time doing so with the new website and cruise planner I noticed something different. At the bottom if the image below is say to try again on the ship. Being the compulsive planner/sharer, I really don't want to do that and want to take advantage (again) of being a CC member and planner.