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  1. BillOh

    Bermuda+drone = CREEP

    I do like the easy way youtube videos are embedded into messages in this new forum software.
  2. I do think this is place is new and not yet totally finished. There were a few more bits of shade this fall and I could see more coming. Maybe by early 2019 this place will be finished, just a guess on my part. We may revisit in May, but I'm not positive yet.
  3. Did you happen to notice if they got those sand/water rinse stations working yet?
  4. BillOh

    Coki Beach ST Martin

    How was the food and drink there?
  5. How did you Mom do -to and from?
  6. After the sandbar recommendations, I looked it up. How is parking there, what did you eat that is so good?
  7. Thanks for that great tour of Symphony in the US, now I just have to get through an Ohio winter.
  8. BillOh

    New Miami Terminal

    I've seen two reviews and lots of pictures, but both reviews I saw were from people in suites. I haven't seen anyone talking about the normal process check in wise. i did see a few people thought the Royal provided shuttle from the port to airport was disorganized, but I won't use that.
  9. Are you planning updates during the week here?
  10. BillOh

    Is Pier up at Coco Cay yet?

    It works out to about every 10 minutes. There are 3, if I remember right, as soon as one leaves, they start filling up another. That may slow down a bit between the morning and return to ship.
  11. I agree completely, but if its of any interest to you, my two best Chop's visits were on Freedom.
  12. BillOh

    Solstice August 17-24- Just Returned

    I'm on the week before you. Dan, I was working on our symphony roll call list, are you still with us on that cruise? Being neighbors, I thought I'd ask. Everyone else, sorry for the intrusion.
  13. Forgive me for posting this on both live threads, but I'm wondering if there are any T shirt or polo shirts offered for the innaugural season in the shops yet, or perhaps that vending machine we saw mentioned. I thought of it because of my shirt choice today.