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  1. All cruises before my next one on Brilliance has been canceled. I think I will find out if we are go or no go in the next 10 days. If it is canceled, I may try to switch to a back to back on Mariner.
  2. 13 months later, i am still hoping to be on another cruise!
  3. Based on Pre-pandemic history (Is anything still the same in cruising?) It can come right up to a day before sailing. I THINK each ship does their own updates and I've heard of cancelations by one customer triggering last minute updates for another.
  4. I suspect you are exactly right, good advice.
  5. Thanks for that, in the usual half Arrsed way for a royal website, it took me a bit to get there. I have to wait till 30 days to check it (At 44 now)
  6. They should have my info, I get plenty of email from them, will search for the website, unless you have the link
  7. What ship if I may ask? I'm going to guess its for a ship that has started sailing? For me, all Brilliance cruises before mine has been canceled. 49 days to go I think and no email or check in available yet.
  8. Thanks for the name, that will make searching easier. Amazing what you forget in 15 months of not cruising in which I was too depressed to come here much. Either it is the long time away, or the medical marijuana card I got 24 months ago! It helped ease the pain of cruise withdrawl, though that isn't a condition that gets you the card, as far as I know.
  9. I'm joining the thread late as a spectator. I used to love these live cruise reviews when I was between cruises, I sure missed them. I also have been in some really active roll calls that had thousands of messages before sailaway. They are fun. Thanks for starting this and all also thanks to all participating! Off to read the rest!
  10. I apologize to the self appointed forum moderators if I missed it, but I did search. Pre-pandemic Royal started sending out email messages where you could bid on upgrades? Are they still doing that, or is that impractical under the current/ or soon to be sailing rules?
  11. First day back in the office in 15 months today! As i carried all my stuff back in to the office, on my desk was the last Seapass card I used when I got off Mariner 619 days ago! Slowly life returns to normal, or is headed that way.
  12. It was fun following him and his life during the cruise lock down. Very nice guy. We were on this last cruise on Majesty, would welcome him as CD on any future cruise.
  13. I ended up booking the Four Points Sheraton about 5 miles from the port. It feels good to be cruise planning again.
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