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  1. Frequently the headliner will had a small part to play in the welcome aboard show and he or the CD may say something to the effect that it is or isn't suitable.
  2. BillOh

    Symphony Escape Room Booking?

    I'm 2 weeks behind you, haven't seen anything yet. If you do see it, please report back here.
  3. BillOh

    Symphony Escape Room Booking?

    When is your cruise? Our shows just become available to book last week, I haven't seen the Escape room available either.
  4. BillOh

    Why rush to board?

    When I have been sitting for hours, I will pop up, stand in my seat, or go no further than my own row. If I have something in my overhead I'll put it in my seat and stand quietly. At least I know you are over there pitying me.
  5. BillOh

    Website pain

    I had that happen last night, I suspect they were adding more to my cruise reservations because shows just got added. I booked a few shows on Symphony, went back to do more and got the same error. This morning it was fine.
  6. BillOh

    Why rush to board?

    I love when that happens, I've been first in the pool on many cruises, especially when I've already been on that ship before.
  7. Comedy club opened up the next day.
  8. That reinforces my previous theory that they open 3 or 4 sailings at a time.
  9. PS Royal' website still sucks. Logged into my account, was on my dashboard, made some entertainment reservations. Came back 30 minutes later, logged in, clicked on cruise planner on my dashboard, a screen that shows my reservation number, cruise date and ship. It then takes me to a screen that asks for all that again, and then takes me to a dead page.
  10. Our Symphony reservations opened up at 79 days! No Comedy Club reservations available though. Did they change that and make you wait till you get on board?
  11. BillOh

    Has anyone been on FOS lately?

    Great cruise, great ship. I would do it again in a heart beat - Still trying to figure out my 2020 plans for sure.
  12. BillOh

    Has anyone been on FOS lately?

    I've heard that about every ship based out of San Juan, but have yet to experience it. I've sailed Jewel twice and Adventure once, 21 days total. No problems.
  13. I certainly understand your sentiment. When I first reported how bad the machines were on Allure in 2013, most people said it was just a bad week. I've had mostly good cruises with them.
  14. NOTE document kept in MS Word, this forum drops random characters. Sorry. Quantum Class Quantum of the seas - Seeking input – Same as Ovation? Ovation -5 total 2 in Windjammer, 1 in Sea plex and 2 in Sorrento’s – Credit snoozer of the seas 1/’18 Anthem -6 total 2 in Windjammer, 1 in Sea plex and 2 in Sorrento’s – See post #80 courtesy brklyn78 Timf2001 notice 1 in Fuel Teen Disco. _______________________________________________ Oasis Class – Oasis - 7 machines total 4 in the Windjammer, 2 on the promenade near Sorrento’s, and one in the arcade. This was verified by multiple sources Allure - 8 machines total 4 in the Windjammer (2 each side) , 2 on the promenade near Sorrento’s, and in one the Arcade was reported removed by Ken in post 257.,there is one in the Wipeout Café? Harmony -8 total 4 in the Windjammer (2 each side) , 2 on the promenade near Sorrento’s, and one in the arcade. - 1 in the minibites –courtesy of racerxpeedy Symphony Similar to Harmony, except it has El Loco Fresh where Minibites is on Harmony. – Courtesy madra2112 post 164. Freedom class – Freedom - 7 machines total. 4 in the Windjammer, towards the back, 2 on each side. 2 on the promenade near Sorrento’s. 1 in the arcade area. Liberty - NONE Independence 2 in the Windjammer and 2 near Sorrento’s. -Credit little britain – post 159 Voyager class – Voyager – None Explorer – 6 total, 4 in Windjammer and 2 on promenade – Via sergeant655 post 161 Adventure - 4 total, 2 in Windjammer, 1 on each side, and 2 on the promenade This is from my May 2017 memory, feel free to correct or verify Navigator – None as of May 2015 Mariner – EpcotBill and jrapps have shown evidence of them – for sure 2 on promenade seen on youtube = July 2018 ____________ Radiance Class Radiance – None Jewel 4 in Windjammer, all the way back, 2 on each side. (Sneak in back door if WJ closed) Brilliance – None Serenade - None ____________________ Vision Class Vision – none as of 11/17 – Post 168 DJD1000 Enchantment – 3 total, 2 in the Windjammer port side and 1 in the Centrum -credit Ourusualbeach Jan ‘18 Grander – Yes, – 5 total, 2 on each side of the Windjammer and 1 in the Centrum -credit snorkelaway post142 Rhapsody - Yes, per 2 in Windjammer and one in the deck 6 Atrium per jmh2006 ___________ Majesty – 2 machines total, 1 on each side above the Windjammer in the area near Sorrento’s Empress - None
  15. BillOh

    The Quest

    From what I have seen on 3 Oasis class cruises, that happens when an earlier show had to be rescheduled. But it might just happen as you said, I always try to book the aqua show early in the week.