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  1. learned that a table for the two of us is the way to go for all our meals...on the first couple of cruises back in the 80's had to listen to wayyyyyyy to many stories of how many grandkids they had, all of their medical woes, how many cruises they had been on and the details of each and every one and last but not least the guy who wanted to date one of our presidents(no not hillary).. Happiness is being married to you best friend and our meals together are memorable.. Hope everyone enjoys cruisin' as much as we have...wish ya well.
  2. #1 for us in manchebo beach in aruba...blessed to have visited over 20 of the islands and this for us is the ultimate beach. Every thing on aruba is expensive but you get what you pay for....life is good
  3. best balcony cabins in the 2a category for deck 7 on the connie are 7049 and 7080 for the largest balconies..almost a triangular shape and larger...hope this is helpful....
  4. dont remember asking if you like xmas music, i asked if they played it in the lounges that have live music throughout the evenings...i guess that folks just have to voice their opinions no matter what the ?.. thanks again to those that stuck to the ? posed.
  5. thanks so much for the great info from everyone...We are elite status with celebrity, but have not sailed them for a number of years...We got stuck on rccl for quite awhile and we want to see the refurb on the connie and sailing out of tampa is great for us..we like to go to the lounges before or after dinner and listen to some music, and i just did not know if they would play a bunch or any xmas stuff....Decorations are fine, but i just like nice dance music if it is offered without the xmas stuff thrown in. thanks again for all the help.
  6. thinking of sailing on the constellation during the first two weeks of december and was wondering how much xmas music is played in the lounges during the cruise...forgive us, but not our cup of tea.. Please only helpful comments would apply. thanks much. Also wanted to know when the xmas decorations are put on display. thanks again
  7. we are cincy and spent alot of time at the precinct....great place with wonderful food...Loved the crowd, c collingsworth and his entourage, and back in the day seeing bankamper banging on the piano and eating the best steaks in the u.s.. My neighbor back in those days was sanchez and i know that pam worked with him...small world...my comment about wearing that stuff to ruby's places was meant in jest to those who dress like bums in the mdr on the rccl ships....I was brought up to be respectful of folks and dress nicely wherever we go, it's just who we are...i wish you well
  8. just got the list of entertainers for the cruise this friday. dean austin comic bryan cheathan vocal michael holly comic jimmy hopper vocal derrick cameron comic if anyone has seen any of these guys, by all means chime in on your thoughts on how good they are. thanks
  9. could you tell us if the following entertainers are still onboard.....singer finis henderson, band midnight , band from detroit horizons-motown band.,,and who were the comics and the magician???thanks much for your help, we said this friday.
  10. so wife beaters, flip flops and a ball cap would now work at jeff ruby's????????
  11. could you tell me if the following were still entertaining on the ship this past week, as we sail this fri...Midnight avenue a great cover band, finis henderson, the hott band at the pool, horizon motown band from detroit???thanks much
  12. eddie from cincy: if you go to the roll call for the jan 24th sailing of the explorer i listed the entertainment for the ship that performed two weeks ago....Alot of folks liked them...there is also a cover band that usually starts around 8 p.m. and they are great...Good comic, another good magician, and a band from detroit called horizon that does some good "motown" No guarantee that they are still onboard, but i am hoping ....headliners aren't what they used to be, but this ship is better than some of the others in the rccl fleet...there is also a caribbean theme band at the pool in the afternoon which some of the other small ships do not have...Only thing i will miss is a three way and a couple of cheese coneys from the dixie in newport ky...Hope this helps......
  13. we sail frequently on this ship and the casino kinda reminds me of the days when there were smoking/non-smoking sections on planes.....The only time that the casino on the brilliance is pleasant is when it is closed....hey it saves us money.
  14. imagine a steeler fan wanting to know who the favorite bartender is.......ask antonio brown
  15. If anyone has sailed on the explorer recently, we were wondering what time that are allowing us to enter our respective cabins. thanks much for the info
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