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  1. gotta love the tradeoff of loosing aruba curacao and bonaire and picking up san juan, puerto plate and the obligatory labadee..no need to get off the ship for those three....still think this is a ploy to drive all of the diamond members back to our childhood days on carnival and substitute zombies for a great bottle of wine, don the flip flops, ball caps, and wife beaters for formal night....aint life grand!!!!thanks rccl
  2. we too were booked on nov 12th 9 day cruise on the eos....Booked it to go back to the abc's..Explorer has better entertainment, better food, more to do than the radiance..Will have to cancel as our dec 21' cruise on the "connie" goes to many of the same ports as the "new" itinerary on the radiance....We go our new room assignment on deck nice with the same oversized balcony but like i said we have sailed on the jewel, brilliance, rhap and radiance and they just dont stack up to the explorer in any way..just my two cents worth.....rccl is doing it darndest to send these diamond members back to celebrity.
  3. i worked in the gemstone business back in the day and have a friend that owns a nice mom/pop retail jewelry shop on one of the most popular islands in the caribbean......I asked him one day what it took to be a "preferred" shop in the cruise brochures?..He laughed and wrote the amount on the note pad. He said his business was blessed with many loyal buyers and he did not have to pay the cruise lines to be "preferred"....enough said?
  4. to the happy cruiser, our neighbor down in cape coral....we are verteran cruisers on rccl and celebrity and have never tried msc..I saw in your signature that you had sailed with them and we thought we would ask your advice on whether to try the sea that goes to st martin, antigua, st. kitts etc on those 7 day jaunts out of gua or barbados....We live in clearwater and love rccl and celeb, and just dont know if msc would live up to those standards.....thanks so much, i know that this does not have anything to do with the thread, but i knew that we could get an honest reply from you on our ? thanks and be safe.
  5. it was nice to see her again......got a good feeling that may 1st will be a great day. both at churchill downs and in tampa.
  6. we dont do the specialty dining, no need to .....we tip our waiter and assit waiter every night right after we dine....It is truly amazing how good the food and service is for the entire cruise...same way with the cabin steward. He or she gets a nice tip the first time we see them and then every evening they get another one.....Amazing how good the service and cleanliness are for the entire cruise.... and did i forget, a smile doesn't hurt either. I sold cruises years ago and that is my #1 tip......Be safe everyone, we wish you well.
  7. last two weeks of april, allof may, nov except thanksgiving week and the first two weeks in december..these have worked for us during the last 25 years of cruising....very few "yutes" and very good weather, life is good.
  8. sounds like our last explorer of the seas sailing, We had 1600 diamonds onboard and they would be standing at the door to the DL an hour before it opened.......Had to go into the adjoining lounge every night....Still managed to have a great cruise.Me thinks that folks just like to drink too much!, but boy it's fun to watch.
  9. the interview was on the news this morning on tampa television station...hope that is valid enough...
  10. dr. "F" announced this morning that in his humble opinion that the vaccine will not be widely available until the end of 2021. Wonder how that will affect cruising????????
  11. sante fe band that worked the palms in vegas are one of the best bands in the country...seeing them on a cruise ship had to be an amazing experience..Jerry and the guys have released several great cd's and sitting on our cruise ship balcony with a cold adult beverage and them playing on the dvd player still makes me want to cruise again in 2021. We wish everyone well and safe cruising next year.
  12. miss the "old" days when we were treated to the drifters, platters, coasters, charo and a host of other good entertainers..Not going to happen anymore, most of the groups we have seen recently were vegas lounge acts type...With the financial problems that the lines face, entertainment will not get any better, but i know alot of great musicians are are going through tough times and might welcome some work in whatever venue.....will stay optimistic and hope to sail next year after the vaccine comes out. stay safe everyone...
  13. we agree on the smaller ships, we have cruises booked on both the connie and brilliance for 2021 and that size ship is our preference. I dont need water slides and a mall to enjoy my cruise...good cabins, good service and food, nice entertainment and a great glass of wine on our balcony and we are happy campers...we wish you well
  14. we like the 2b cabins on deck nine like 9552 and 9052....reasons for liking them: 1.no inside cabins across the hall from you, less noise 2.midway between the two sets of elevators and stairs, less traffic in front of your door all the time 3.11 cabins down the hall from the noisy centrum opening and yes it is noisy in that area until midnight. 4. 194 sq foot oversize cabin with a decent balcony and no obstructed view.. hope this helps. we are from tampa and sail this ship once in awhile.
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