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  1. we too, live in dunedin and like sailing out of tampa.....We sailed several times on the brilliance and quickly grew tired of the ports that she visited.....We are currently booked on the "connie" for winter of 21" out of tampa and she does a nice 10 day cruise that has a nice itinerary that does not include the mexican ports..We are on that cruise on the lift/switch program and the price was great. Now celebrity has gone to an AI program which will make cruising with them in the future very expensive and prohibit us from future bookings with them...We dont do carnival cruises-our friends tha
  2. never again, carnival for the obvious reasons, ncl poor food , service and entertainment...disney we have no kids and dont want to put up with them or their narcissistic parents. always: rccl, but would like the belly flop and similar activities to be ceased. Maybe again: HAL if they have the BBKING club onboard, that club made up for the horrible shows with canned music. food and service on hal is good. Love celebrity but the new AI program will make it cost prohibitive for us to continue sailing with them even though we are elite with them..
  3. thanks for the reply, with the cancellations and four more cruises currently booked, after awhile you need an accountant to keep up with this mess due to the pandemic...thanks again, i will try to contact either rccl or my useless travel agent who doesn;t answer the phone and takes days to get back when i email them, i will try to get this straightened out. thank you once again.....
  4. We were on an rccl sailing for may 21' that was obviously cancelled by rccl. We had used fcc funds from a prior cancelled cruise to pay for it and we wondered if in fact we would receive the refund that we requested or would the use of the fcc funds negate our ability to ask for a refund. We have already received the refund for the taxes, but not the money in the fcc form that we paid for the cruise itself. thanks and once again if you think that my ? is stupid, please forgive me..These are new waters during this pandemic for us and we are still learning the ropes....thanks and stay safe.
  5. talked to a friend in vegas today, he said that his friends that still work the casinos are just going back to work now.., said it will be sometime before vegas gets back to the "real vegas" with the usual entertainment....I know that they are hurting because we were offered comp rooms at the bellagio and they seldom do that unless you are will to trade in your 401k on the tables.......forgive the humor, we always stay off of the strip. thanks for the interesting replies to our ?.....We will hope that rccl does the right thing and cancels our cruise and that they are quick to provide us with
  6. We like so many are booked for an rccl cruise the first week in may and we think rccl will eventually cancel the cruises out of florida for the month of may. I just was no sure if online checkin would be a complete waste of time..Even though we have both had our two pfizer shots, we would not like to be the first guinea pigs to sail out of tampa...We would prefer to use either fcc's for future already booked cruises with rccl or just take a refund if the company cancels the cruise....Just don't know what difference doing the online checkin would make. thanks and forgive us if you think my qu
  7. so sorry to hear about her passing....We had so looked forward to sailing on the brilliance with you guys...Maybe some day....B&B in clearwater
  8. we used to contact the cruise lines before we booked to make sure that he was not on those sailings..His whole act was repulsive......saw him once and that was plenty...
  9. our last cruise with X will be our dec 21' sailing on the "connie"....We are proud and humble folks that got to elite on X through being loyal customers....We booked this 10 day cruise on the"connie prior to the new AI policy and landed a midship balcony cabin on deck 9 for $750 pp total......We like so many folks dont need the internet/wi-fi, hey we are on vaca and don't need to share our cruise with anyone..We enjoy the happy hours and we do take a few great bottles of wine onboard with us....We dont need laundry service and we tip well...We don't need the beverage package either...We are j
  10. just got the answer to my ? on this cruise.......The cruise is sold out!!!!! Took awhile for the answer from rccl and my TA, but the info just got here...I presume that going from the explorer to the radiance and and having 600 less passengers, i guess that i understand......Anyway, thanks again for your info ...
  11. sent this question to my TA who works out of one of the top five in the country and after five days, still no reply on whether the sailing is a go or what.......All i got back was that i had been reassigned another cabin on the radiance and that in another couple of weeks i would get written comfirmation with the new itinerary and updated OBC amounts.....but no reassurance that the cruise was actually still a go or why cabins on that sailing are not on the market......i guess that patience is a virtue, and i have to think that rccl is hoping that .........be safe everyone.
  12. my apology to you, i was referring to the other responders, not you, but i get tired of posting questions on this site and getting answers that have nothing to do with the posting....once again my apology. I was a TA back in the stone ages and am not one that is usually rude, but this was an exception.
  13. thanks this is one of the few answers to my question that was actually pertinent to the question that i asked. With us being from cincy, i should have known that your response would be spot on. thanks b&b in florida
  14. thank you for the responses, i thought that they might have closed the sailing for some time to switch folks from their cabins that were originally on the explorer to the radiance. They did give us a cabin on the same floor and category on the radiance, but that was three months ago and it would not take that long to switch cabins...I am perplexed and after sailing with rccl for over 20 years, i am not sure that i still have that warm fuzzy feeling about them right now...I know that times are tough, but as a customer one expects a little better customer service than is currently offered...than
  15. We have a cruise scheduled for nov 12th 2021 on the radiance. W have friends who want to join us, but we cant find this sailing available on any website.. This cruise for us used to be on the explorer, but rccl in their infinite wisdom switched the ships and itineraries so that we would now miss the abc's...Their only comment was that the cruise was similar...I did not even know about the change from rccl and had to find about the switch here on cruise critic...I know that we have a few TA's that surf these waters and anyone that has an idea if this cruise is actually happening, please help m
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