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  1. I would have been a lot more concerned about them being let back on the ship, instead of them being let off the ship...
  2. The agency is called Fox, and I priced the rentals on Expedia. If you are on a computer, you can click on the image to expand it.
  3. not true in every rental agency's case: And it's still cheaper than the other agencies' rentals for the same day which start at $139 without one way drop off fees. several years ago we did a one way rental from FLL to MCO and it was a mere $16 total with all the taxes and fees. But that was several years ago, and not during the pandemic when most rental companies sold the majority of their vehicle inventory. For what it's worth: I just booked a minivan MCO to ATL, one way, for November, 1 day rental, and it's $200 without one way rental drop off fees
  4. rental cars are pretty hard to find at the moment. Even if the car is booked, sometimes there is no inventory.
  5. if the kids are minors, I would say a "two yes, one no" rule should apply. In order for the cruise to happen, both parents need to agree to it. If one parent says no, than the cruise will not happen. Same rule is usually applied to other major decision in regards to the kids. In order to get a yes from your spouse, you need to convince her. Show her some of the recent RCI threads of people cruising with their under 12 yo unvaxxed kids.
  6. we had been doing that long before the pandemic. Since we started cruising with our then 3 yo - we always wiped the seats and windows and arm rests on the plane with Clorox wipes, and then wiped everything in the cabin on the ship. I recommend wipes rather than spray because you can't spray on the plane anyway, and spraying in the confined space of the cabin will make the cabin unusable for a bit due to fumes.
  7. let's not go there without at least providing official statistics to back your statements.
  8. but that mostly concerns unvaccinated kids. OP's teens are vaccinated. As of this time we are planning on cruising with our unvaxxed kid in November. He is going back to school in 2 weeks, and NOBODY at his school (elementary) is vaccinated, besides some teachers and staff (not 100%). Masks are optional. At least they are not optional for unvaxxed people on the cruise. P.S. We are vaccinated and we still wear masks indoors. We do not eat at restaurants unless they have outdoor seating, we don't go to church, movie theaters, indoor entertainment venues, etc. If we must attend a
  9. We've been to Aruba and Bahamas - yes, they definitely take USD. Punta Arenas - I found google referring to this port in Chile and Costa Rica. We haven't been in either, but I am 95% sure anyone will take dollars there. You could look up the boards for these ports of call and see what people are saying. Cabo is in Mexico - yes, they will take US dollars.
  10. really? That's not what people who are sailing right now are saying.
  11. we are fully vaccinated (except for the kid), but we still wear masks indoors. That said, since you are sailing in November, maybe, you have time to get vaccinated properly? We are waiting for vaccines to be available for our 10 yo so he could be vaccinated prior to our cruise in November. We'll still probably mask in most indoor places on the cruise - with the Delta variant on the rise, we don't trust people much.
  12. no, they ALL take dollars. Happily. I am just trying to say - take CASH with you from home, because they will have no credit card terminal on the beach/taxi/taco stand/etc. We started cruising in 2009 and always bring USD cash with us - to pay for taxis, chaises, umbrellas, tips, small things. Most of the beach clubs will, of course, have a credit card terminal for your food and drinks, but I am talking about much smaller, stand alone vendors. Some of those locations (Roatan, Honduras for example) have armed guards at gas stations. Do you really want to venture out in s
  13. same, except for November 2019! It was very nice and quiet, which is what we want. Here are a couple of our pics of the place:
  14. Thanks. We don't want a bed. We are fine with chaises and umbrellas. We don't have a choice of a beach since at this time we are limited to what RCI offers during our cruise, and the tour descriptions for either Beach Escape or Beach Express do not specify which beach we may be going to.
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