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  1. Itchy&Scratchy

    Getaway Cruise Director Question

    I don't think of Paquito at all. I don't care who CDs on our cruises are, and Paquito didn't stand out either. I am sure he is fine as a CD, we just don't care.
  2. Itchy&Scratchy

    Ultimate Arcade Question

    on ncl.com, in your cruise planner. I think it's under Gifts. However, the price went up to a very unreasonable $50+/per day per person some time in November, so we were unwilling to pay that kind of money for an arcade.
  3. Itchy&Scratchy

    So Sad. Grand Caymen substituted for Key West

    so did we!!! Love Grand Cayman!
  4. Itchy&Scratchy

    Which Caribbean?

    i would absolutely go the ABC island itinerary - Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao. Just enough history if you are into it, but gorgeous waist deep water in Lac Bacy (Bonaire), and beautiful water in Aruba.
  5. Itchy&Scratchy

    Would d family with 9 and 12 year old enjoy Princess?

    if they are not fans of playing video games at the kid's club all day, then yes - Princess would be boring... We have cruised on Princess 3 times with our kid (he was on Princess at 5, 6 and 7 years of age). He doesn't do kid's club at all, but he is not a hyper kid either. The only entertainment on sea days was soaking in a hot tub. The pools are too cold to enjoy in either April or November when we cruise. There is nothing else... Well, there was a kid's party at the main plaza once which we enjoyed, but it was more for 4-8 yo kids rather than 9-12 yo... So, having DS's tablet with games and movies/cartoons is great. Now, Regal and Royal Princess have a wonderful free on demand TV with movies and cartoons - that's a huge plus. So, we tried Norwegian Getaway and will be back on RCI in less than two months. Their ships definitely have fun stuff - rock climbing, ice skating, trampoline, spider net, ropes course, flow rider... DS was so busy doing fun stuff with us that he didn't use the hot tub even once and we didn't even turn the TV on. We'll be back on Regal Princess in November for better food, but I am now looking at other cruise lines for 2020. :) With more fun stuff to do.
  6. Itchy&Scratchy

    Partial obstructed views on Royal Princess

    they are lovely. We are in E504 this fall. My parents had E502 (non-deluxe) last year, and we were in E332 (deluxe).
  7. Itchy&Scratchy

    Safe transportation options for 2 year old

    sorry, but this is the stupidest argument ever.
  8. Itchy&Scratchy

    How free is your drink package, really?

    that was me agreeing with you. Probably, would have helped if I'd said "yeap, depends on the sailing". :)
  9. Itchy&Scratchy

    Travel from FLL airport to Miami?

    we usually have breakfast on the ship, since it's included, and then head over to FLL. :
  10. Itchy&Scratchy

    How free is your drink package, really?

    depends on the sailing. When we were on Jade (nov 2018), we could only have 1 perk added to the inside room or 2 to a balcony. I priced "the 3rd person free" perk against the sailaway rate. Well, what do you know - the final price with the 3rd person free was actually higher than the sailaway cabin with 3 paid for people. There was no free airfare anyway. The only choices were drink package, specialty food, 250 minute internet or 3 and 4 persons free.
  11. Itchy&Scratchy

    Travel from FLL airport to Miami?

    UBER XL and a regular taxi minivan will cost the same $75.
  12. Itchy&Scratchy

    How free is your drink package, really?

    the point is that besides the "free drink" cost, the initial cost of the cabin is higher compared to a Sailaway guarantee cabin without the perks. That should also be added to the final cost comparison.
  13. Itchy&Scratchy

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  14. I think she meant that when she goes alone, she seeks out quieter atmosphere with fewer kids, but now she wants to take her grandkids with her, and wants to find a fun cruise with lots of activities.