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  1. I saw a corresponding meme: The rate of COVID-19 spread depends on two factors: 1) how dense the population is 2) how dense the population is
  2. not ALL consumption. BAR consumption due to Corona is suspended.
  3. actually, my little red head DS looks great in orange. Orange is one of my favorite colors. And I'd like to have an orange cat.
  4. I just called RCI and upgraded the 3 of us from interior to a balcony for $123 and my parents from interior to a balcony for $23.
  5. I contacted MSC after May 19th, because the refund wasn't there yet at 60+ days. I kept checking my credit card account and it wasn't there a couple more times. That's all I can say.
  6. woohoo, got my refund - both final payment and deposit. Applied for it on March 17, cruise would have been on April 5, but it got cancelled. Paper statement shows it as credited on May 19, but I know I have checked my account after that and it wasn't showing yet.
  7. still nothing. Not pending either. Filed on March 17, pinged them last week.
  8. last week I made 3 calls to RCI, 2 times the wait was 60 minutes and once - 42 minutes. Just hang on.
  9. very few formally dressed on a Caribbean sailing in April 2019. On Allure.
  10. Woo hoo, a happy update! After an hour hold time, an agent answered the phone, the connection was nice, I gave her my phone # right away just in case, but no need - no disconnect this time. Upgraded two inside guarantee cabins to two balcony rooms on deck 8 close to each other for a TOTAL sum of $150. I am as happy as one can be! Now, all we hope for is for COVID to go away and for cruises to resume cruising safely.
  11. Thanks, I'll be patient (on hold right now 🙂 ). We used to buy cruises through a large TA, but then I started comparing prices, and they were charging us more than the cruise line, and we never got any perks, like OBC, that the cruise line itself wasn't offering. Or I wanted a particular cabin or deck, and they would tell me it was sold out - I would then check on the cruise line's site, and lo and behold, it was available and it was cheaper.
  12. the first agent's accent was definitely Indian, the second - from the Philippines. The first accent made me think that the center may have been in India.
  13. yeah, I understand.... Plus, I think they are all in India somewhere. While the balcony I wanted for us is still there, the balcony cabin I wanted for my parents is no longer available. 😞 Going to call them now and get something different, if we are not disconnected.
  14. the price HAS JUST DROPPED for the holidays. Should I wait to rebook until it goes up again? Seriously? And I wasn't exactly following their cancellation schedule. Everybody is cancelling cruises now, weeks and weeks of it. I am talking about dropped calls, not the long wait. And when you call, their system says - if your cruise is cancelled, please don't stay on the line - you will automatically get your FCC.
  15. yeah, but how strange for the call to be dropped AFTER A VERY LONG WAIT. Why couldn't it drop 10 minutes into it? I know the waits are long due to the pandemic/cancellations/etc, and I don't mind that, but dang it - dropping right after somebody answers the phone twice? couldn't they call me back? The travel agency that works with my company always takes our phone number first to call us back if we are disconnected.
  16. WTH! Trying to upgrade from inside to balcony on my November cruise. Called RCI, was on hold for 60 minutes before an agent finally took my call, took all of my info and promptly disconnected the call... OK, it happens. I call again. On hold for 42 minutes. A different agent takes my call, takes my res # and name, and just goes silent. The call didn't disconnect, but there was nobody on the other line. I "hello--ed" for 5 minutes and hung up. A bit frustrating.
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