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  1. I did a quick search on this forum - thanks. Just wasn't able to find specific info on the NS.
  2. Where can I obtain pricing for retreat cabanas on NS (14-day British Isles cruise)? Can they be reserved in advance?
  3. We are considering bringing a larger suitcase to share rather than two smaller ones. Wondering if there will be room to slide it under the bed. It is 13.5 inches deep.
  4. Thanks everyone for information. Very helpful!
  5. We have taken a few cruises in the past...none on HAL but have HAL booked for next year. I'm beginning to look at excursions. On other cruises, we have always booked elsewhere - through Shore Trips or through independent operators found by searching Trip Advisor and other places. We've been please with the smaller groups and usually cheaper prices. We might go to similar places but we'd be in a group of 10 while the huge tour bus from the ship would have 50. The price was usually cheaper and we never had a problem getting back to the ship in time. What have others found with HAL? Do you go with the ship's excursions or book elsewhere?
  6. What is the difference between the various categories: VS V VA VC VD etc.
  7. On our sailing the third week of May a couple years ago, we had great weather the whole time and Hubbard was awesome. The captain said it was the closest he had been able to get to it for a long time. The next week's sailing missed Hubbard entirely due to fog. So I agree with others - no way to predict.
  8. Yes agree! We have 11 cabins booked with our group through the TA and it couldn't be easier. The group has a name and everyone has gone through the TA to give their cabin choice, make a payment, ask questions, etc. The organizers didn't have to do anything other than dispense TA contact information once they decided on which TA to use.
  9. If you choose 7107 I hope you can report back. We chose 7107 on Niue Statendam for the British Isles cruise next year. We are traveling with friends who decided on a Vista suite for a larger room, but we just couldn't pass up that additional outdoor space. Hopefully the weather cooperates so we can use it a lot!
  10. We are traveling on Nieuw Statendam in 2019. We chose a Verandah cabin with an oversized balcony on deck 7 (these can be spotted on the NS deck plans). We are traveling with friends who chose a Vista cabin. They are affected a bit by motion so the TA suggested deck 5 for them mid-ship. She said if it weren't for that she would suggest deck 6 or 7. She said deck 8 could be noisy with Lido and pool above but other reports I've read say that the noise travels up, not down - not sure on this. I carefully looked at the deck plans before choosing a cabin to be sure that I did not get a connecting room. The TA also suggested a starboard side for our itinerary but again, not sure her info is correct. The experiences cruisers on the forum (which I'm not!) tend to have way more accurate info than many TAs.
  11. I wondered the same thing! Looks nice: https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/arts-entertainment/recharge-in-secluded-luxury-at-the-retreat-on-your-next-cruise/
  12. We are taking a 14-day Northern Isles cruise in early August 2019. (Amsterdam>Newcastle upon Tyne>Edinburgh>Reykjavik >Isafjordur>Akureyri>Alesund>Bergen>Amsterdam) I know the "dressing in layers" rule for excursions. But what does the attire on the ship tend to be for women? Are summery styles appropriate (sundresses, shorts, white jeans, etc.) I'm expecting the ports being on the cooler side so it's hard to imagine switching over to "summer clothes" on board...yet it's still August. Thanks for help.
  13. I'm pretty new here...what is a PCC? I assume it's a travel agent? And what you describe sounds like a travel agent computer problem, not a HAL problem unless I missed something? My TA booked a cruise for me this morning with no issues whatsoever so the HAL website was working fine at that time.
  14. Thanks for the detailed review. We are planning to take Nieuw Statendam next summer for a Northern Isles cruise and since it is not yet finished being built I look for reviews of its sister ship, the Koningsdam.
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