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  1. Same rules apply at whatever port you visit.
  2. You do have the right to complain. But if that's the rule in your country, you can not expect the same rules to apply as we have here in the states. It is what it is.
  3. You can only bring wine in when you first board, not at a port stop. If they find it, they will take it from you, but they will return it the last night.
  4. Is the room accessible? The scooter may not fit thru the door.
  5. I haven't seen an accessible guarentee. And to reiterate, they are not at a premium price. I do book at least 18 to 20 months in advance, but was also able to get them 7 months out. RCCL also shows accessible rooms very easily. One last comment, yes the prices are usually the highest when dates are released. But if the rates to down before final payment, I have never had a problem getting it repriced. You do need to be vigilant!
  6. Regular balconies are a little bit larger than interiors, which may give you a little more room to navigate. My wife uses a scooter so I know what you are going through. Have you tried calling and asked about available accessible cabins? If you're a party of two, and they have an accessible cabin for three available, they might give it to you. It happened to us this coming fall on the Anthem. It doesn't hurt to ask.
  7. There are two welcome aboard shows, usually 8 & 10. Music Hall bands vary, no specific schedule. You can find out the hands and headliners about two months out. Liqour prices are constant throughout the cruise. If you're going to ports like San Marteen, St Thomas, or St Kitts, their liquor prices are usually cheaper than the ship.
  8. They have in the past. No reason to think otherwise.
  9. They allow a certain amount pre cruise, and the rest on the day you board. You could also get lucky as a walk on it there are openings.
  10. Use a backpack. I push my wife on in one and that is my preferred method.
  11. Cannot speak for the Oasis class, but on all others, it has never been a problem, even if you are late.
  12. Why are you asking here? Shouldn't you be calling AARP for an answer?
  13. How far from the tram to the Tap and Still brewery? It sounds like a great combo.
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