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  1. Anything on deck 6 is risky. Unless you know the cabin number in advance, there is always the chance you could be looking at some part of a lifeboat.
  2. Two of three a year is not a !ot. We get it, it's something you would like more of. Contact Royal, and stop trying to convince us.
  3. You actually can lose the cabin. On a Voyager class ship, we dropped down from four people in a cabin to three. Being a summer cruise, a four passenger cabin was at a premium. Royal said the remaining three was be moved into a guarentee. This was a few years so I don't know if the policy has changed. But it did have a happy ending. Two days prior to sailing we were placed in a JS.
  4. How about a hop on, hop off bus. But don't get off the bus. You may not get much narration, but you can get a pretty decent tour. Keep in mind that Bar Harbor is a tender port which causes its own unique problems. Did you consider renting a scooter or a wheelchair? The three other ports are fairly easy to navigate with an accessible device.
  5. That will not fly with the passengers. A ten day cruise that you're suggesting would cost 9 vacation days, four for Tues thru Fri, and then five more for the following Mon thru Fri. Personally, I wouldn't spend nine vacation days for ten night cruise. Most other people wouldn't do it either. Leaving on a Saturday and returning the following Tuesday would only cost 7 vacation days which is more palatable.
  6. I've been on the Anthem with a virtual balcony. No sound.
  7. They were he a red an exemption for that cruise due to the weather.
  8. Could the width of the ship be the issue? Quantum class is 138 feet, I believe, and Oasis about 210 feet. I may be off by a few feet on either ship, but you get my point.
  9. Carnival uses Bermuda, three times this past year. And they have used either of the Canadian ports in the past. I did it plenty of times myself.
  10. Both Bermuda and Canada are possible and have been done, but on rare occasions. It would just be a short day stop, something like 8-4, and then head back to Bayonne. Royal does have five days overnighting in Bermuda all the time.
  11. The procedure is also in place at Cape Liberty.
  12. Mimosas are usually offered in the casino bar for $2.00 on sea days between noon and one pm.
  13. Faster check in as well. Agents don't have to go to a central location to get your cards. You get onboard that much faster.
  14. Going there for the first time in January. Are there any places nearby that offer distillery or Brewery tours. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Just keep in mind that once you get off the bus you are walking about a quarter mile uphill. Make sure you have comfortable shoes or sneakers and can handle that walk.
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