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  1. Does anyone have any ideas when five day cruises to Bermuda from Cape Liberty or Baltimore for 2022 will be available?
  2. I tried to move from 5/29/21 to 4/24/22 and was told I was beyond the 60 day window (plus or minus a month). The rep then offered May 2022 dates. Could it be because I had five rooms booked and am D+?
  3. I just got off the phone with RCCL. I was actually able to lift and switch to a 5/22/2022 cruise.
  4. InCan I do a lift and switch from 05/2021 to 05/2022 now that summer 2022 is posted? Or is it past the deadline?
  5. Just norovirus. But everyone was thinking covid.
  6. I was on an 11 southern Caribbean on the Anthem in mid January. We were supposed to be on the 8 day Bahamas on the Anthem in February that had the potential covid-19 issues. We took the refund when they kept changing the departure days. Since then, one cancellation and two lift and switch. Next scheduled is a five nights Bermuda in May on the Freedom which doesn't seem too promising right now.
  7. I would check out Bernards tours. He does a great four to five hour tour at a very reasonable price . He is very accommodating. It's in about a 20 person vehicle and serves drinks on it for free. My family used him many times and never disappointed.
  8. On October 1, I reprised five cruises out of Cape Liberty between Mar and Dec 2021 and saved over $1500.
  9. They are given to C&A members at ,140 points and every 70 after. It an engraved hologram of the ship it was earned on.
  10. Does Royal have the infrastructure in Bermuda to do it? Does Bermuda have enough people to support a ship? Might be a novelty for a few weeks, but what happens after that? And what if the Bermuda government wants no part of it?
  11. Try calling Royal directly. I was able to L&S from an 8 day to a 7. The system said no, but the agent was able to do it. Keep in mind that not all available rooms are always shown.
  12. I have six future cruises. I called Royal Oct 1 to reprice them all and saved between 150 and 600 dollars on four of them. Not bad for a half hour of my time.
  13. Check for tours on the Carnival site. It gives prices there and you're able to make reservations as well.
  14. This is the Bahamas board. Way too much for one day. You can do the rain forest and OSJ comfortably in that time frame. You will see some historical buildings there. Save the Bacardi tour for your third or fourth time on the island.
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