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  1. A storm could make it a little rough, but that's the same for any location. The captain will do his best to avoid it.
  2. 11:30 at night works best for me. Just a five minute or less wait.
  3. My wife is a stroke survivor and uses a scooter. I answered the post from that perspective. In general, she will not even attempt to get off on a tender port.
  4. There are a lot of variables in play. Not all tenders can handle a scooter. How much can your spouse walk? Not many excursions will take scooters. And some don't even take wheelchairs. Then there is the ship itself. If the waters are too rough, the captain may decide to turn around. Or Grand Cayman may close the port. Or the captain may decide not to allow them he thinks it's not safe enough.Just
  5. I grew up in Bergen county in Lyndhurst (near the Meadowlands), and now live in Rockaway, NJ.
  6. You would think that should be the norm, but in reality it's not. My wife is a stroke survivor and uses a scooter so she can get around. I can't say how many times we were late for dinner and shows because people just cut in front of us.
  7. Do they rotate off as scheduled, or do they remain onboard indefinitely to satisfy CDC or other regulatory agencies? I assume the same answer would apply to all officers as well.
  8. Can I move a deposit from a cruise I have in September to another one that I have already booked in May 2021?
  9. Probably A Nov/Dec timeframe like the past few years. But with Covid-19, who knows for sure?
  10. Not for a few years or until a vaccine is found. The first medical issue will create another scare.
  11. We've done it the past three January with no issues. Crowds are older and more mellow. Seas were very calm.
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