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  1. love to see what is in the frig at the home of the folks on this thread that complain about the food on the ships...
  2. please tell those pharmacies in my area that. They do not have the materials to give the rapid test. We hear this over and over again from both companies here in tampa.
  3. yeah: just try to get them to administer the rapid test. We have tried several walgreens and they said no, and then told us them were sold out of the kits that you do at home and have monitered online..Getting the same response from several cvs locations in our area of tampa florida. going to have to go to a clinic to get it done now.
  4. We are cruising during the 2022 ncaa men's basketball tourney next march and april and did not know if those games will be broadcast in any of the lounges or in the cabins in the rotterdam???Means alot and if they don't we will consider cancelling our cruises. thanks so much for any help on this ?.
  5. we are booked on a 10 day on the "connie" in dec. 21' and i periodically check oh how many empty cabins are available. The last time i checked there were 140 balcony cabins unsold.....I don't know whether to attribute that to the cruise lines spacing out the booked cabins, apathy by the cruise lovers, or the time of the year(right before xmas) or all three... The 2day out covid testing(yes we have been jabbed twice) has not made it any easier on my nerves, but if i had to guess i would say that these sailings this winter out of tampa on the "connie" will go as planned...Wish i had more concrete reasoning, but i like that she is very near florida as we speak and i know that celebrity likes having a ship sailing out of tampa during this time of the year, as they have been very well received by the public.....hope springs eternal......B&B in clearwater
  6. old country music hit by john conlee: i'm just a common man, drive a common van, my dog ain't got no pedigree and a common man is what i'll be......We dont need wifi.....and pity the poor folks who feel compelled to spend half of their waking hours glued to whatever you want to call your phone...We are retired, have no kids and most friends could care less when we cruise..We spend our time enjoying the cruises our home, and each other....it is very simple plan and it works quite well, we are blessed. We dont have to google "what is happiness?" we get to experience it every day of our lives....
  7. we seldom get off of the ship at any mexican ports..safer on the ship.
  8. if you go to cruisedeckplans.com you can see from the deck plans that deck 7 is indeed the quietest and hopefully the best way for you to go....On this class ship, we always book deck 7 veranda cabins. You will enjoy it no matter what you choose to do.
  9. well i guess we are ok with the five ports that we are supposed to visit in dec. 21' on our constellation cruise out of tampa. Someone had posted that 3 of the 5 was not accepting any cruise ships...Was hoping to get clarification, but i guess not. thanks anyway.
  10. This list is probably changing on a daily basis, but was curious which islands are currently off limits for visiting cruise ships. As always, thanks for the info.
  11. forgive me for asking, and i don't need to be admonished, but i was raised in a home that my parents taught me that wearing a hat inside of a restaurant or similar place was the height of rudeness....Perhaps that has changed??????just asking, as my wife and I try to be respectful of others.
  12. i understand, but his stance on the cruise lines in florida not being able to demand proof of vaccination has rankled more than a few feathers and then his recent rants about kids not having to wear masks in school has ever more upset...I am not much on politics, i just want us to stay safe as a society, and to listen to those that we entrust to keep us medically safe...just sayin'
  13. she looks great, hope our 10 day on her this dec goes as planned out of our home port. Been way to long since last cruise. wish everyone well on CC....also wish we could bring errol flynn or tyrone power back from the graves and make a pirate movie on our sailing, . where the gov of florida would walk the plank........That would be even better than trivia..... take care everyone.
  14. we did an inside cabin once, 20 years ago--that was enough....We actually use our balcony cabin. We put a quiet smooth jazz( quiet so we don't bother our neighbors) cd on our small dvd player and share a wine or cocktail every night on the balcony before we go to the lounge for happy hour. We probably use the balcony for several hours each day and it kinda reminds us that we are actually on an ocean cruise instead of being back in our college dorms. We do our homework in booking balcony cabins and get alot of bargains from doing just that and using a great TA that knows the ins and outs of the business. We wish everyone well not matter where you stay...B&B in clearwater.
  15. hope this helps:on the infinity cabins 7080 and 7049 have over-sized balconies and are usually priced ok. Unlike the balconies on deck six, you are not directly over the auditorium which makes things somewhat quieter....just sayin'
  16. no clue, but then we always get a table for two for my wife and i anyway...i guess we were way ahead of the curve on social distancing for a long time now...The only time we would sit with strangers was at jeff rubys or trios or carlo/johnny's if they were willing to pick up the tab..Needless to say that did not happen..Miss those days...we are cruising in nov and dec 21' and will remember to pack our bengals t-shirts.. down here in florida they are a rarity.....p.s. please have mike larosa open a pizza joint down here, the new yorkers have no clue what a good pie is....We wish you guys well. B&B in clearwater.
  17. totally agree with the previous posters about doing the larger ships.. My neighbors do the world cruises with hal on the smaller ships in the fleet and evenings sound a little boring. They talked us into trying hal and we did the nieuw statendam and thanks to the rock club and BB KIng's we had great evenings every night..They did away with the live orchestra for the production numbers in the showroom and the canned music was a huge letdown..I assume that the reason was financial and thankfully that $ saved pays the bands in the aforementioned lounges.We usually sail with rccl and celebrity and the perks that we get on them for frequent sailings are a huge bonus.. We are going to sail on the new rotterdam in mar of 22' and that is only because we got a tremendous casino rate for the cruise...I must mention that the food and service on hal were on par with celebrity and everyone was very professional and polite...Life is good no matter where you sail. best wishes
  18. rcl and celebrity still allow 2 bottles per cabin without corkage and most intelligent folks know how to beat that....For those of us that are not financial wizards we have to cruise in a way that does not break the bank. It has worked for 35 prior cruises and i will continue to book with cruise lines that appreciate their clients. i have a neighbor that does world cruises with hal and it is amazing what little the line does to thank them for their patronage.....
  19. la crema 2019 chardonnay costs $13.50 a bottle at the local wine shop. Add the $20 to that and it totals $33.50.....The same bottle on the ship if they had it, would be over $80....This policy is all about the money. Last sailing on hal coming up.
  20. we are sailing on her on 12-3-21 out of tampa and we would be thrilled if she sails at all....We've sailed on her numerous times and unless things change with the AI plan at celebrity this lift/switch sailing for us will be our last time to sail with this line....It has been a great run and we will be shifting to hal and rcl for the rest of our cruise needs....wish everyone well.
  21. thanks so much, made our decision so much easier. have a blessed day.
  22. Was hoping to get feedback from our fellow cruisers on what the view from the balcony is on these two ships for cabins VH4120 and VH4135. They are next to the hump cabins and do not have the lifeboat directly in front of the balcony..Just wanted any thoughts on how nice the balcony actually was..We were lucky enough to get a promo from HAL and this category cabin was the best offer. thanks so much for any input.
  23. identical balconies but both can be noisy from the events down in the centrum area...It is that way until 11 or 11:30 at night..If that doesn't bother you, then both would be nice. enjoy.
  24. the serenade is replacing the rhapsody for fall 22' on the sailings out of tampa. We just booked her for dec 22'. She will be doing seven day cruises to the bahamas but i dont know what other itineraries she will be doing.
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