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  1. You need to know what time the last Princess bus will leave the airport. There is usually a cut off time
  2. We will be on the Pacific Princess Monday Jan 20. We booked EZair from Sydney to San Francisco on Feb 20. Business class was in the $2000s on American, United, Delta, Quantas and some China, and Korean airlines. Price would vary from week to week as low as $2000 and high of $3600. We started at the high end when booking about 3 months before the cruise and then keep changing to lower fares. Then I cancelled one ticket when I was able to get 1 ticket with miles. At the very end prices had gone back up a little. Economy tickets were about $550 to $700, economy plus about $1300. These are all one way fares. If we booked all the way to Orlando, tickets were about $300 to $400 more. We wanted to have a hotel night in San Francisco so booked tickets the next day with miles for the Orlando flight. Hope this info helps. I keep trying for the second ff ticket from Sydney to San Francisco but no luck for the same day in business. I don't know what it would cost at this point to cancel the Ezyair ticket on Quantas anyway.
  3. mustgo

    EzAir ??

    Thanks for the info
  4. mustgo

    EzAir ??

    if flying easy air, do you just go to the airline website to print a boarding pass? This is our first time to try it and it is for a return flight from Australia.
  5. So far we have taken 3 cruises in balcony cabins that were missing the barrel chair. On all 3 we were able to request and get the barrel chair. Hope the good luck continues.
  6. I am really enjoying your comments. We board her on Jan 20 for 29 days to Sydney with many many sea days. I think we will really enjoy her. We did 28 days on the Prinsendam last year and enjoyed the small ship experience.
  7. Well, I guess we will just have to hope that nothing happens. We booked on Quantas and we live in the USA. If this trip is cancelled, I doubt we will make it to Australia again. I think it is worth the risk. The flight is for Feb and that is not far away.
  8. It is covered but what happens if you cancel for any reason? I have a pre-existing condition so I think that is how we would need to file. I know you get credit for a future cruise for the cruise. What do you get for the air tickets?
  9. How does it work for airplane tickets if purchased thru EZair?
  10. Thank you so much. We are booked at Embassy Suites which is right across the street.
  11. another Lax question . Where is good to buy wine when staying on a Century Blvd hotel?
  12. I share your concerns. I just have not found a better solution. Hope you do.
  13. I am no expert and I am sure Steve will reply with more info. I have cancer (multiple myeloma) now in remission but always present and I still get treatment to keep it in remission. I am still learning but for now I get Princess insurance for cancellation and an annual Geoblue policy for illness. Hope that your cancer never becomes active.
  14. Steve, can one a married couple use Geoblue and the other a different policy for the same cruise? I ask this because my husband is nearly 84 so can only buy Geoblue for 1 more year. I am 2 years younger so would like to stay with them. I have a pre-existing condition that they cover while other companies will not. Thank you.
  15. Book now and change later if something better comes along. This will not work if you are booked with a travel agent that charges a fee to change.
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