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  1. I also purchased Travel Safe trip insurance thru Steve at the Trip Insurance Store. My cruise was canceled. I sent the cancellation info to Steve and received a refund on the insurance only 2 1/2 weeks later. Thank you Steve. You give excellent advice and service.
  2. Are you saying that your chase credit card insurance will cover your RCL cancelled cruise?
  3. The governor of Florida has an interesting way of doing the math. These are yesterday's numbers for the state of Florida. How can he possibly claim a positivity rate of under 5%? 2,847 positive New persons tested today: 26,495
  4. That may be true for bars and restaurants since it is easy for those of us in high risk groups to avoid them. However, lifting all restrictions for mask wearing is very dangerous to us since although we can self isolate for many things, sometimes we do need to go out. I am thinking about being around the general public for doctors visits as well as grocery stores. We do Walmart pickup for most items but sometimes one needs another source. We did not choose to be old. It just happened.
  5. thanks. I have gotten a couple of offers lately, but I am only a very small time slot player and have not called them to ask any questions. We are trying to sit it out until the fall of 21. I did have a $300 discount offer on any cruise and was able to apply it to I cruise I had booked for 8/30. I was delighted.
  6. That would be the normal difference in the advertised fare of both categories Do you know what they would have charged to upgrade to a balcony on your June cruise?
  7. Do you know what they would have charged to upgrade to a balcony on your June cruise?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am not sure I understand. I will try to be more clear. I have 2 bookings now. I have only paid a deposit on both. I would like to cancel the one with the non-refundable deposit but I don't want to lose the money. The second booking is a refundable booking. Can I transfer the deposit money from the first booking to the second booking?
  9. What happens if you want to switch from a cruise booked as a non-refundable deposit to a cruise you already booked with a refundable deposit? The only money paid so far for both cruises is the deposit.
  10. I am a Floridian and cannot refute it. Seems spot on to me.
  11. I think you can name the company you toured with. I would like to know. We were booked on the Island for Nov 20 and have now rebooked on Royal Caribbean for Sept 21. I prefer Princess but RC was 1/2 the price although 2 days shorter. We are also considering doing it by bus tour, just want a tour that is not too intensive. We are senior seniors and enjoy a relaxed pace.
  12. Thanks but I guess what I was really asking is can the insurance cover the deposit if one is no longer able to cruise due to a serious permanent medical condition.
  13. Steve, if the trip was cancelled due to a covered medical reason such as a relapse of a serious medical condition, what would your answer be regarding the $50 fee and refund of deposit in lieu of accepting the future cruise credit from Royal Caribbean? Thank you.
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