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  1. I also want to thank you for doing this. We wish you well, good health and a fabulous time. We are on the Aug 15 cruise and quite anxious to hear how it goes.
  2. I know that casino cruises are non-refundable. Can you cancel and receive a ship credit to use at a later date?
  3. We are on the Nov 27 New Amsterdam to Southern Caribbean
  4. and then there are us minnows who spend a little here and there but get cruises with casino discounts. I have my first casino cruise from Holland coming up in November but upgraded from free inside to balcony so not a real steal.
  5. Princess has an August cruise that Also Princess and I think others have northern transatlantics that visit these ports. We were really lucky and did Holland's Voyage of the Vikings, normally a very expensive cruise at a very low price. Holland cancelled a transatlantic that we had booked and gave us the Viking cruise at the same price per day. In August 22 we are doing the Princess 16 night round trip from New York to Greenland and Canada I don't think we will get to see St Christiansund but maybe some other ice bergs. We are going primarily for the sea days and the sc
  6. Greenland and st christiansund sound. Absolutely gorgeous. We are in a similar situation.
  7. Got the survey yesterday and responded. It mainly was concerned with need for vaccination and health safety. I told them that if vaccination was not required, we would cancel.
  8. Do you ship your luggage directly to the ship or to a hotel where you might stay a couple of nights at the port location?
  9. Your late mom did not have to use the current Princess app. As I said, I did learn to use the last one. I am not criticizing all seniors over 70. I am simply suggesting that there be an option for those who cannot or choose not to use the app. I am also criticizing Princess for an app that combines me and my husband into one unisex individual. Please reread my post.
  10. I am so glad our next Princess cruise is not until March. I think anyone over the age of 70 should not have to use the Medallion app. I muddled thru it on our last 2 cruises using one iPad app for the 2 of us. We even got the passports in after much cussing and a few tantrums. Now my online Princess account is fine. However the app thinks my husband is me and he is unisex. I never knew that about him. We are in our 80s and would like to cruise a few more times but it is really getting frustrating. Princess needs to show some consideration for those who were born even before TV. We h
  11. Our first cruise to Alaska left about May 15. Weather was warm and perfect. No bugs. We have been twice in Sept. and had some rain and cold weather. However, we saw more wildlife in Sept including bears. All three trips were great. Your itinerary looks very nice to me. You will love the trip
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