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  1. Who do you call to get your loyalty level corrected on the app?
  2. Did you gate check or luggage check your scooter?
  3. We are enjoying the same cruise. I followed someone’s advice and booked starboard and am so glad Many of the sights are just off the balcony. We even had a smaller iceberg float by very close with 20 to 30 penguins. Shortly before the cruise, there were many more port cabins available than starboard. There was a reason.
  4. We have a cruise booked for next November and just agreed to purchase flights thru Celebrity. Celebrity did not give me a confirmation number to check the flights on the airline schedule. When do they do that? We chose the option to not pay for the flights until final booking.
  5. I think we will just pack a couple of empty water bottles from home
  6. Thanks. Was afraid of that. Can is no help for a day trip
  7. Do they sell bottled water or cans for shore excursions? Need to know if I need to pack a water bottle. We board her on the 16th.
  8. Really enjoyed your post and especially the second picture in this post. Gorgeous photo!!
  9. I know that the ice and penguins are the real show but are you getting main stage nightly entertainment?
  10. We are doing the Christmas antarctic cruise and plan to take the usual fake comfort dressy clothes. Black pants and dressy tops for me. Black pants and collared shirts for him. He also wears black Reeboks as he is an old guy and feet sometimes painful. We are from Florida, but former skiers so drag out the silk underwear and layer, layer, layer..
  11. Thanks for those who responded and had good experiences. I really do not care about what the art used to be. We have enjoyed cruises on several lines on their older smaller ships so will plan to try it
  12. Thanks for all responses so far. I am looking at a TA so food and main stage entertainment as well ads daytime lectures are my concern. We are a paid of oldies on the ship and can deal with staterooms equally old.
  13. Reviews are really bad. Are there no happy customers? I do like the itinerary
  14. Have enjoyed your review so far but really looking forward to the review starting now. We are booked starting in Santiago on Dec 16th
  15. Thanks. That is good news as we are now 4
  16. Does Canelleto have discounts for 4 and 5 star members or is that only on some ships?
  17. Thanks for feedback. It was a really low price after final payment and I was curious. There was no free play but that is ok. I was able to choose a balcony. I usually do get casino discounts and once in a while the $200 rate. I am a small time slot player
  18. We have hit the 85plus age bracket and are booked for the Antarctic cruise this Dec. We thought about next year but who knows if we would be able to make it. Also Holland gave us a fantastic last minute price. It is more difficult to do any tours, but we have seen many penguins in SA. We really want to view the ice in the Antarctic before more of it melts. We appreciate the tolerance from younger cruisers. We are oart of the crowd that likes to eat early, enjoy the theatre shows and goes to bed early. Cannot take the loud volume in the music halls and can no longer dance. Holland does offer something for everyone.
  19. Are restricted fares the same as casino fares?
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