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  1. We had a pleasant treat today at 10am. Our reef pilot suggested that we sail into the Garove caldera for some scenic cruising. The Captain was thrilled to do it as were the passengers! Here are a few photos from today. Caldera entrance from inside the caldera small village
  2. The adult version of this bird (cassowary) has a bad temper and the talons are razor sharp and will slice open what ever it comes in contact with. The pictures one is a juvenile.
  3. I have the photos fixed I believe. I don't know what happened. We had a great day in Madang, PNG. Walked out to the Coastal Watchers Monument, went snorkeling and stood next to the world's most dangerous bird.
  4. We had quite the adventure today in Wewak, Papua New Guinea. Details are in my blog. Here are a few pictures.
  5. We crossed the equator about 2.5 hours ago and then had the shellback ceremony. The person kneeling is one of the ship's 2 doctors.
  6. Here's the planner for the last section of our voyage.
  7. When I fax my info in, I request a confirmation email be sent. I print out that email and bring it to the ship with me. It's worked well for many cruises.
  8. Today at the coffee chat the Executive housekeeper announced that instructions from Seattle now ban the creation of towel monkeys. Political correctness gone amuck.
  9. Here's the latest routing map for our course to Wewak, Papua New Guinea. Even if our port stop at Jayapura hadn't been cancelled, we could not have made it due to the storm. There is quite a bit of motion to the ocean today. In his noon announcement, the Captain noted that much of the waters we are sailed through now have not been accurately charted so we need to stay a fair distance from any land.
  10. The Captain just announced that there is another tropical depression ahead of us but since we have an extra sea day available due to missing Jayapura, he may divert us around the worst of the weather. Currently we're waiting for the Coast Guard to arrive as they are escorting us in some fashion that I don't yet understand. We had a nice send off earlier in the pouring rain.
  11. It was a wet day in Guam today. Much of our time was spent at the Micronesia Mall but we did fit in a trip out to Two Lovers Point and got to practice being lovers. Despite the rain it was a good day for us. We had seen the war related items on our 2015 visit, but we had never seen the main town. Beauty queens passing out leis Sonething guys would appreciate Two Lovers Statue Perpetual motion machine port of Guam
  12. We had a good visit to Saipan today. Here are a few pictures. The above picture is of Tinian Island from which the B-29's took off to drop the A-bombs on Japan. The 4 runways were not visible to us but are at the top of the low cliffs. The picture below is our location off Tinian Island.
  13. No club orange and I don't expect it to make it to this size ship.
  14. Civil unrest. There were no options to substitute a port. We're in a pretty remote area of the world.
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