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  1. Thanks, and I am super glad that Tapatalk is back to being usable with Cruise Critic. I've been giving serious thought to dropping participation in CC because of the unfriendly user experience changes on the CC website. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks. I'll be doing a few more updates to the blog before closing it out. There are still many passengers who didn't realize this is a different form of cruise. HAL marketing is missing the mark pretty significantly. We even had a couple of fellow passengers indicate there was nothing to do. We don't gamble, drink, do trivia, knit, and the like and I still only got one book read in three weeks! We'd leave our stateroom at 8am most days and not be back until 10-11pm (except to grab a soda for lunch or dinner or perhaps change clothes). We are now home and I dug the car out of the snow and unplugged the dryer vent. Back to reality. 😉 Captain Jutten told me he hopes to be back in in July. He's a delight to sail with and REALLY likes doing these new itineraries. I don't know about KK. We should hit Gold medallion status after the second leg of the upcoming voyage. We'll see if they honor us on the Maasdam or on our following cruise on the Volendam to Brazil. Tim
  3. I have never found the vibrations excessive on any ship. But I do notice changes in them. For this second leg we were in an outside cabin port side forward and just aft of the medical center. In our cabin we were above some electric motors that were activated when docking or tendering preparations occurred at arrival and departure times. I suspect they had to do with the gang plank or tender platform. For the July voyage on the Maasdam, we are sailing with a guarantee inside cabin, so we don't know where we'll be until shortly before departure. Tim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The Captain indicated he might back then, and I don't know about KK. Yes, the lecture quality has been excellent fir the most part and Terry Greenberg will be back along with Al Trujillo (from the first segment). We'll hit gold on the second segment of the three segments we are on starting in July. Nothing before then is scheduled. See you then.
  5. We took a Holland America Tour today and visited the Presidential Palace, the twin towers, Independence Square, and Chinatown before return to the ship where a large Chinese Cruise Ship (Genting Dream) had joined us. We celebrated Valentines Day in the Lido as our last dinner meal. All of the details are in my blog. Presidential Palace Guard on horse Standing Guard (in 94°f heat) Petralas Towers Fountain Activity Incense at old Chinese temple We have company (Genting Dream - 3500 passenger capacity). Lido Dinner. The artichokes were fabulous. We shared a chocolate heart on Valentines Day!
  6. The Guest Chef's husband told us it was lotus flower petals.
  7. From the Guest Chef's dinner in the Pinnacle Grill tonight. It was a Malaysian theme by Pearly Gee from Penang, Malaysia.Menu Course #1 - spicy Pork & okra - Pretty Good Course #2 - Essentially a liver pâté. Not our favorite Course #3 - Fish & veggiesCourse #4 - Chicken Curry & Blue Rice Course #5 - desert Angela & Pearly Gee Wait Staff
  8. Thank you for your kind words! the Zodiacs are an extra cost shore excursion. I did purchase ours during a HAL sale.
  9. As we're approaching the end of this segment, here are a few pictures from our mangrove tour today at Langawi, Malaysia. It's 94° f here today.Mother & Baby Monkey at the Bay Cave Our boat driver Bats in the Bat Cave Rock formation. The white spots are saltwater spray. Sailing ship framed by the Maasdam's Bow lines Crocodile Cave
  10. Story time is back with Ashok Ferrey sharing 3 of his short stories about travel experiences. About 30 people were in attendance!
  11. We did a Zodiac snorkeling trip yesterday at Utheemu and I heartily recommend it. Captain Arno Jutten piloting our Zodiac. He truly loves this part of his job and is very good at it. At the Beach Returning to the Maasdam.
  12. It's been rock solid smooth sailing thus far. Hardly a ripple in the Lido pool!
  13. Will do. I'll do it on a future sea day.
  14. We are in 728, an outside ocean view cabin and the TV is the small antique style computer monitor. Our stateroom is perfectly cool and I've heard of no other complaints about a/c. The shower is a high step in tub. Size wise, we really like the room. HTH, Tim
  15. There are public computers to use on every ship (generally they are near the Explorations Cafe). The middle plan is called Surf and it has a daily data cap of 300mb. It's what I now use as I don't need to stream video. I can, for the remainder of our cruise, upgrade to the highest tier for $50 for ten days.