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  1. If they follow normal practice, 2024 would be announced around April of 2022
  2. Yes 2022. (Smile) Appreciate the quick and comprehensive reply. If you use a ¥10,000 bill for a ¥290 fare, how do you get change? A bag of ¥100 coins or smaller paper bills? Do taxis take credit cards? Is is customary to "round up" the fare and leave the small change?
  3. We hope to arrive at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal in March 2021on the ms Zaandam. It looks like a reasonable walk to the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station. A few questions. The Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station is on the Yurikamome line and it looks like the best transfer point to other lines would be Shimbashi Sation where every major Tokyo rail.subway line has a connection. Can you buy a one day Tokyo Metro Pass at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station or in the cruise terminal, or must you buy a one way Yurikamone line tic
  4. Agree. The planning machine will continue. Hard to predict the global impact of the vaccine but I won't be surprised if things get better quickly.
  5. Think about the temperature in the north atlantic in January. I don't think you will be spending much time outside. You get a nice view of the horizon, but make sure your expecations of how you plan to use the deck will match the expected weather.
  6. No. It's not the metal that matters. It's the crew and the other passengers. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I live south of San Diego in Imperial Beach and have been watching the cruise ships wait at anchor till things get going again, Here is a photo of the Eclipse at sunset a few days ago. Can't wait for these ships to get started cruising again!
  8. Here is a link to my blog post when we attended the Tattoo in 2017. We didn't use the ship but arranged fir everything on our own. https://www.theinsidecabin.com/day-9-edinburgh-scotland/ Sent from my iPhone using Forums The link to the video is no longer working. But you can search on you tube and probably find others.
  9. We had a great time! The Tomahawk steak was wonderful. We are going to Oceanaire on Thursday. This is our favorite San Diego restaurant Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Port side. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. The only logic would be that if it was free, then the internet would become un-usable as everyone would be trying to use it constantly and then no one could use it. Since the bandwidth is limited you need someway to ration the available, limited resource. A better approach would have been to give people free vouchers they could redeem for minutes. That would be a better way to ration demand. Certainly they shouldn't be worried about generating a palrty amount of revenue.
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