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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these photos and information! I wish I was there. Have a wonderful time and be safe!
  2. I need 7 more days so I can sail the 49-day Hawaii tripo as a 5* mariner. Several weeks ago I booked a full fare 7-day cruise to So. Caribbean on Nieuw Statendam, with no special offer. The cabins offered were not great, so I chose the best of the worst, a balcony on the 8th deck, very forward, and right under the Spa. I decided yesterday that I would pay more for a better cabin. (LIfe is short.) The HAL agent offered me a balcony, smack-dab mid-ship, on the 5th deck, with only cabins above and below, at NO EXTRA CHARGE. It's a really big upgrade. I have no idea why that happened, but I'm j
  3. William Ellery Channing sounds like a real party-pooper. He's probably never been on a cruise!
  4. Oh thank goodness. I never informed them of my ibirthday, because I didn't want to be the center of attention during that spectacle, lol. The candle in the dessert was just fine with me.
  5. The birthday celebration provided by HAL consists of a piece of cake (or other desert of some sort) with one candle and some of the crew coming to the table to sing a song (it's in another language and is not the traditional birthday song that we all know). To my knowledge, that is the extent of it. If you're hoping for something more festive, you can make your own party elsewhere on the ship, for example, in your cabin or on one of the many sitting areas around the ship. You can make it fun!
  6. I had a little white angora cat and she had one yellow eye and one blue eye. I though that made her quite special. She was a wonderful companion for many years.
  7. December 12, 2021 sail on Nieuw Statendam 7-day sail to So. Caribbean, cost of OC (including a very nice upgrade) $205.00 per person as of yesterday. This cruise will bump me up to 5* Mariner, and I've always taken advantage of most every deal ever offered. If some else gets a better deal, I think "good for them"!
  8. I was never disappointed with any cabin HAL chose for me until yesterday. Fortunately I was able to see my 'upgrade' almost immediatley, and it was not my idea of an upgrade. I went from a close-to-midship Vista suite to an aft Vista suite. I called back immediatley and was moved to an actual mid-ship Vista on a deck with only cabins above and below. I know this is unusual, and I normally have to wait until a week before the sailing to find out which cabin they chose for me. This upgrade was offered because I signed up for the Orange Club. After sailing with HAL 484 days, I have always been h
  9. And I remember that after the main course, they would come to the table and 'brush' away the crumbs before they brought the dessert. I miss all that.
  10. I guess they are assuming that intelligent people would want to know how to save thier own lives in an emergency. I have seen people chatting away and not paying the least bit of attenetion during the drill, and I've always thought they will be the first to run around frantically in an actual emergency, possibly endangering the lives of other. There's one in every crowd.
  11. If you booked EVERYTHING through HAL, and HAL cancels, you will receive all of your money back. That's how it's always been. They won't keep your money if they can't provide the service.
  12. I am surprised to see this activity being referred to as 'gambling'. It has been called 'gaming' for decades. It's entertainment and just like any form of entertainment, it costs money. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years taking my grandchildren to Disney, without the slightest possibility of getting any of that cash back. Gaming offers that possibility. Two years ago I won $3,000.00 on a $1.80 bet on the Buffalo game in the casino on Nieuw Statendam. If not for the casino offers, I wouldn't be able to have cruised in all those high-end cabins that I like so much.
  13. Oh! Thanks for this! I love it! This dance (and the Bunny Hop) was featured at every wedding reception I ever attended when I lived in Rhode Island.
  14. It's a lively little town. I refer to it as 'Mayberry'.
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