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  1. Thinking about a cruise on the Legend. We like a balcony that we can see down to the water, to see the ship cutting the water & watch runners at port. We last traveled on Jewel of the Seas and were disappointed because we were over a roof covering the lifeboats and could not see down. We prefer to be midships, and notice there are cabins that protrude out on either in front of the lifeboats or midsection behind. The safe bet would be the forward cabins. But I wondered if anyone has stayed in the balconies that protrude out mid ship. Can you see towards the front or are the lifeboats obstructing the view? Second question, where is the comedy club at? I see only the Follies Lounge, is there a second lounge where the comedy show is?
  2. Does anyone know if the accept a Starbuck's gift card?
  3. I am considering a cruise on the Pearl, I usually do Carnival and have done a couple Royal. I would like to try Norwegian as I like some of the itineraries. 1. On Carnival I usually spend my time in Serenity and on Jewel of the Seas I found several quiet areas overlooking the ocean. I like quiet areas to read and quilt. Does Pearl have any areas that would be like this? Because of money, I will probably book an inside, so won't have a balcony. If it is an outdoor deck, I want shade. 2. Also a bit confused about dining, we will probably do free dining, with maybe one specialty restaurant. They have a couple main dining rooms, which say the menu is the same in them. Does that mean that the menu is the same every night or do they have rotating menus that are the same that day? 3. Is it necessary to do reservations for free dining? I would like to see what is going on each night before I decide when I want to eat. We tend to like to eat early, say 5:30 to 6:30. 4. Will we be seated with other people or will we usually get a table for two? 5. On the "Free at Sea" one of the perks is a free drink package. I understand that we will have to pay the 20% gratuity for each drink. My husband likes craft beer, is there any included in this package? I assume it covers most umbrella drinks, I am not a heavy drinker and if I felt it was too much alcohol would it include virgin drinks? Thank you for any information you can give me!
  4. I will also add, it may be a Baltic and transatlantic. It would probably hit a couple of the Baltic ports and then maybe England, Ireland before transit. I don't have a specific cruise in mind, this is informational gathering.
  5. We are thinking of taking a Baltic cruise either spring or fall. We have only done warm weather cruises and usually book a balcony. I think it might be too cold to sit on the balcony with a cruise in the Baltic, what are thoughts about this?
  6. Carnival has a clothes line you can stretch across in the shower to hang wet clothes, does Royal have this? Specifically asking about Jewel of the Seas.
  7. I would love to send postcards to my grand children from the different ports we will go to on our Panama Canal trip, but not sure how to do this. I don't want to search the port for a post office to buy stamps and send the postcards. Any suggestions? A very old topic said that you could buy stamps for the different countries at the purser's desk. Anyone know if this is true? Do countries have post office boxes around the port to mail from? I am sure I can buy postcards right off the ship, just not sure what to do about the postage and mailing it.
  8. Thank you for all the advice, I will stop worrying. The Hep shots were needed anyways as we had an outbreak in the area.
  9. Weldon, We are going to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Guatemala, Costa Rica, through the Canal, Colon, and Cartegena.
  10. We leave for a Panama Canal cruise in a month. I have been working with my local health department on what we need. We are now complete for our Hepatitis A & B. They have suggested that we also get the oral pill for typhoid. In the records they looked up on the CDC in none of the countries we are visiting do they recommend a yellow fever vaccination. When I looked at our final documents from Royal, it says to make sure we are up to date with any required immunizations or vaccines (including but not limited to certification of yellow fever vaccination). I spoke with the local health department today and they rechecked the information from CDC, and nothing indicates that we need a yellow fever vaccination. It is not going to be easy to get one in this area. They have given me a number to check at a larger health department to see if they have any. But they are puzzled as to why our cruise line is requiring it and the CDC does not. Has anyone else dealt with traveling through the canal and being asked for proof of yellow fever vaccination?
  11. I got $18.00 on black Friday for our March cruise, been checking back and have not seen that price since.
  12. I have bought the refreshment package, I believe I have read the cup does not come with a straw, can I bring one from one of my cups from home and assume it will work with this cup? Also will the cup be in our cabin or do we go somewhere to get it? Are there different designs?
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