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  1. Hi! Gosh I really should finish writing this up!! So much has happened!! Tender tickets were given outside the Some Enchanted Evening Lounge. First come first served. Enjoy.
  2. Am booked on this. Friends have done this itinerary and their experience prompted me to book. Have sailed on Magellan before and enjoyed that experience too.
  3. Soooo want to sign up for this. Will have to see. Would only afford solo inside and that's beyond my reach right now 😭
  4. I do hope you get to go ashore at Stanley. Was such a special day there. Bought good quality logo sweatshirts in the souvenir shop on the pier. Wish I'd bought more!
  5. @newport dave Hi. Gosh this thread still getting read! I've had a look through my notes but can't find any reference to currency exchanging. I tend to take US dollars in cash and a US dollar currency card with me when travelling. M&S appear to have Argentine Pesos available. Linda
  6. If you need excursion advice let me know. Just done Panama Canal with RCL. Don't know your ports of call. Booking Magellan for 2020......
  7. I have to disembark from SEEL. It's packed with people and cases. Hiding out in the D Lounge. 2nd or 3rd time I've been in here I think. Someone is shouting at the coffee machine!
  8. 16 days on board and only today do I stumble upon this quiet little seating area to the left of the Solarium. I'd been told, but forgotten all, about it! For the first time it's warmer in than out! My sweaters are in my case! I do have a scarf and a jacket!!
  9. They moved the GF cart in WJ!!! For one moment I thought I would have to forego the bread!!
  10. Thanks. Still have 4 days in New Orleans ...... will post some details for others. Hotel etc. Will finish Cartagena too. I have a sound file to upload but not on this network. Ropes being belayed been going on for 35 minutes. Don't worry, I've only got 30 seconds for you!
  11. I have been for a walk to get some fresh air. It's cold outside! Departing from the blog here are some empty ship pics. Back in my room 5a.m some rooms already have their checkout account bills outside. I don't. 5.25a.m we've pulled up alongside the pier and are tying up. My pics are still uploading. I record something for you. Will try and share next post.
  12. 8.13pm Friday 3a.m Saturday Something I ate yesterday is disagreeing with me. Stomach meds in suitcase!!! You couldn't make this up!! First time all trip!
  13. Popped out to say goodbye to a Casino employee friend. There's an Eagles tribute band playing in the theatre. They sound ok. I don't stay. The saddest sight in the corridor. . . Some time later.... my case is outside my door.
  14. You think??!! 🤢 Am currently perched on a stool in the casino. I may never get off it.
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