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  1. No sorry. Went with Alla Tours who arranged everything; they were amazing.
  2. NorbertsNiece

    Diamond Plus boarding gifts

    @PCWalton1 Thanks for starting this thread...... I had no idea...... been ages since I cruised with RCL. I gather you have a free phone number to ring....... in the UK we have to pay to access C&A....... unless someone has an 0800 UK number...... The website says : Calls to 0844 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your company's network charge...... I think I found one...... Edit : 0800 018 2020...... I think Bob got it for me a while ago...... on phone now...... Edited again...... got excited..... now feeling deflated...... a can of coke and a bowl of fruit..... meh....
  3. NorbertsNiece

    Diamond Plus boarding gifts

    Where on line please?
  4. NorbertsNiece

    Do Many Men Get Pedicures At The Ships Spa?

    I can never relax enough to read having a pedi....feet are way too sensitive to the touch!!
  5. NorbertsNiece

    My time dining

    I'm happy to reserve a different time daily for MTD. Some days are long in port. I also like to be on deck for sailaways.
  6. NorbertsNiece

    How to sign up for RCCL meet and mingle

    it's here
  7. NorbertsNiece

    Can you get iron from room steward?

    Nor can you bring your own on board....it will be confiscated. The iron that is. Not sure what they would do about an ironing board
  8. NorbertsNiece

    The VERY best thing about the upgrade

    I've only recently moved over to an Android phone from a Windows one and was getting used to Tapatalk when all this happened. Am good with one less app!
  9. NorbertsNiece

    The VERY best thing about the upgrade

    Hi! Will do.
  10. NorbertsNiece

    The VERY best thing about the upgrade

    Oooh thanks!!!! And there's a tag feature??!!! 2nd best thing!!! @*Miss G*
  11. Am really getting the hang of it but the VERY best thing I have found is the ability to drag and drop pictures in without having to host them first!!!! Genius. Worth the wait just for this. A preview of the post would be great but my ability to really blog live in a few weeks has been made so much easier!!!
  12. NorbertsNiece

    Can see sigs on laptop but not on (Android) phone

    I have heard from CC that sigs on phones are disabled in phone view to allow for smoother flow of posts.
  13. NorbertsNiece

    St Kitts/Nevis

    Me too!! Nevis is the most beautiful of all the islands I have visited. Links to much history. Absolutely delighted that I can upload an image directly to CC without needing it hosted elsewhere!! Can't preview so hope this actually works!
  14. NorbertsNiece

    Signatures not showing in mobile view

    Yeah that's an alternative...... have just reformatted my weekly update for the roll call tomorrow and popped the link directly in there and removed it from my sig. Not a big deal. Am learning the new layout and what I can and cannot do. Getting on with getting on 😄