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  1. I am very sorry for your loss. This is a terrible disease and we can only hope that the vaccines will beat it back. But it will be too late for so many people. Very sad.
  2. I don’t see the change in the contracts for the cruises we have booked. They still say “recommend insurance” but it’s not required. In Ontario our universal health care is called OHIP and it does cover out of country emergency medical care. The current provincial government tried to remove this coverage but this was challenged in court and they had to reinstate it. However, most people get additional coverage for out of country medical care as OHIP does not cover 100% of the costs.
  3. We like to travel on our own and then cruise to travel back home or to relax before going back home. We have 3 cruises booked that would fit the bill for us: a November 2021 TA; an April 2022 Trans Pacific out of Sydney; and a Baltic cruise in September 2022. We have EZair flexible tickets booked for the November TA (not sure this one will go ahead given current state of pandemic). We are hoping to go in early October and spend a month in Europe before cruising back to North America. For the Trans Pacific we have booked business class tickets to Australia using our Ae
  4. In Canada the regulator is Health Canada and they have authorized the vaccines with the dose intervals as per the clinical trials ie Pfizer 3 weeks, Moderna 4 weeks and AstraZeneca 4 to 12 weeks. It is a national advisory body of experts (called NACI) that has said extending to 16 weeks for all the covid 2 dose vaccines was ok if required because of short supply. They said their advice is based on real world evidence coming out of primarily the UK. The provinces (who have jurisdiction over the delivery of health care) have decided to follow the advice of NACI and use the 16 weeks
  5. Yes it’s CANImmunize (the logo is a bird with a small red maple leaf)
  6. No need to laminate as I got my proof of vaccination both in paper form (which I filed at home) and by email directly from the Ontario Ministry of Health. I stored my electronic version in my emails on my phone but also uploaded it to my Canadian Immunization App on my phone.
  7. Congratulations to the grandparents and the parents. Enjoy your new grandson! Hélène
  8. Not close to $37,600! But the saving was still $376.12 so it must be something more than just the exchange rate. But we like any fare change in our favour.
  9. We saved $376 on one booking. We will take it!
  10. Vaccine roll-out is (finally) accelerating in Ontario where the AstraZeneca vaccine is now available to 60 to 64 years old in some pharmacies and mRNA vaccines are being used in vaccination clinics for older groups. I got my first shot of the AZ vaccine. In Quebec they are vaccinating 65+ in Montreal and 70+ elsewhere. All of my 70+ relatives in Quebec (and some 65+) have now had, or have appointments to have in the coming days, their first shot of the vaccine.
  11. Thank you Ellie for the info on the AZ vaccine. I am hoping to get mine soon. I had a video call today with my daughter and my new grandson. They are doing well. He was 1 week old today. I hope your daughter is doing well. Hélène
  12. Ellie, is there a lot of talk in the UK re: what is happening with AstraZeneca vaccine in the EU? This news of some people getting blood clots after the AZ vaccine is coming just as Canada starts rolling out this vaccine. It’s now available in some pharmacies but I don’t know if people will hesitate now. I did not hear of any such problems in the UK and believe it has been widely used there.
  13. Ontario has started rolling out the AstraZeneca vaccine for 60 to 64 years old. But there is worrisome news out of the EU about the AZ shot and blood clots. Some countries are suspending the shots while they investigate. I find it interesting that Sweden reports that they have had 2 cases of blood clots after the AZ shot and 10 cases of blood clot cases after the Pfizer shot but they dont think either is related to the vaccine.
  14. Same for us, the Princess rep put us on hold to speak to guest services and got our OBC applied to the cruise we booked using the FCC from the cancelled Pacific Princess cruise.
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