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  1. I don't normally click through links to redit as many times they seem to go to black holes. I just said what I saw elsewhere. I didn't dig down to where they got their information. Did you read other sources? If not, how do you know they just regurgitated the redit post? in any case I just more or said the same the same thing so people didn't have to click through. To make you feel better I debated about quoting your post instead of the one I did. If I knew it would bruise your ego I would of quoted your post but would have said the same thing I will make note of this in the future so I won't offend you
  2. If you are on a budget for home furnishings, it is a good place to buy shop. You can buy furniture (some assembly required), lighting, area rugs, appliances curtains. down to kitchen utensils. If you go an actual store, they have vignittes of various type of rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms etc. fully furnished with Ikea products.
  3. No I didn't miss your post. I read through the entire thread before posting. I gave more additional information that there were multiple news places that reported it. Plus I added that the "teenagers" were 18 years old. Just saying "teenagers" leaves a broad age range of 13 through 19. There is a big difference between a 13 year old showing up at the gangway without their parent to reboard as opposed to an 18 or 19 year old.
  4. It is by device. When it is just me and my wife I normally purchase a three device package as sometimes one of us (me normally) want to have two devices connected at the same time. One time we traveled with some of my wife's relatives. One cousins daughter needed to connectivity for school purposes, so we bought a four device package, with the understandings she would only use one connection at any one time. Her dad just paid me back by buying drinks equal to the difference in price between the 3 and 4 device packages. Worked out cheaper for him than buying a one device package for him. It worked out great.
  5. Yes he is. I may be a sucker, but I like to think he started as legit but then got caught up in the lifestyle and when his business couldn't support the lifestyle he turned to fraud. Only time I wear a "watch" is my garmin gps watch when I did my 10k walks. I like to keep track of distance. I don't like to wear things on my wrists and even before the advent of cell phones, I phone clocks were readily available esp. on cruise ships.
  6. Yes. There were several reports of this from multiple news sources. The teens were actually 18 year olds. When time was getting close, they repeatedly told their parents that it was time to get back to the ship. The parents ignored them, so the "teens" were responsible and went back to the ship arriving before all on board time. I don't recall the ship/cruise line.
  7. Yes. There were several reports of this from multiple news sources. The teens were actually 18 year olds. When time was getting close, they repeatedly told their parents that it was time to get back to the ship. The parents ignored them, so the "teens" were responsible and went back to the ship arriving before all on board time. I don't recall the ship/cruise line.
  8. Are you talking about on-board RCCL or bars in general (land or sea base)? Windjammer is most certainly a bar and has couches and seats that are not in a "common" area. Whereas the the pub is a bar, but the seating outside along the the promenade I would consider to be in a common area. Back to the original question. If it is not crowed and only one or two kids who order a drink and ride up and down once or twice, I don't see the harm.
  9. Thanks for the additional information. When I saw your first photograph of your cabin days ago, I figured it was a deluxe inside cabin since it seemed large. Amazed now that you said it was the "smaller" inside cabin. Looking at the deck plans it looks like they are shorter but wider than the deluxe inside cabin. I am considering a Celebrity Beyond cruise. I initially was thinking the type of cabin you had but then switched to think deluxe inside seemed it to seem larger. Now I am thinking about the cabin category you had. Thanks
  10. They have been around for years, but in the last couple of years they have blown up on the different cruise lines. You bring a rubber ducky type thing and "hide" it for someone else to fine. All good clean fun for those who participate. In regards to the door decorations. While we haven't ever directly done it, I say go for it. If it makes you happy. Plus I do enjoy seeing them. The indirect time we just happened to book a cruise over our wedding anniversary date, so I ordered the cabin decoration package. It include a door decoration.
  11. The right hand cat on the ottoman definitely looks Tonkinese. We had a rescue cat that looked similar looking and we called him a Tonkinese. We got him as a kitten and lived for 18 years. He was very friendly and would even answer to his name. I am contemplating on doing a first ever Celebrity cruise on Beyond next year. Western Caribbean with a stop at Coco Caye. It will be a one year post liver transplant anniversary trip. We are on a kind of on a budget, so I am leaning towards booking an inside cabin. So any information you provide about the ship/entertainment/food experiences would be appreciated. Enjoy your trip.
  12. Every so often I see ads for pink pineapples, never tried one and hadn't thought where they come from. My guess genetics.
  13. So after the Sunshine Skyway bridge disaster, why weren't dolphins/bollards added to the Key Bridge. The owners (taxpayers) didn't feel it was worth the cost. As Chengkp75 said how many private companies increase their expenses over competing companies unless they are forced to. Many of the safety features now common in cars were mandated by gov't rules/regulations that applied to all companies in the sector so all of the companies were impacted similarly in regards to costs. Disney spends tons of money because they are able to charge more than your roadside amusement park. That is not their competition. Universal is their competition and I imagine their safety budget is similar to Disney. In a perfect world, yes it would be nice that everything is perfectly safe but I am a pragmatist. To make something 100% safe could also make it cost prohibitive for anyone to actually buy the product. As you know there are many ways to mitigate risks, so you go through the risk matrix and figure out the most cost effective way to mitigate a particular risk. In this case, it may be more cost effective to have a one time cost "harden" bridges instead of mandating ship have triple or more redundancy.
  14. Many times I have a general idea of when, about how much I want to pay, and the itinerary. But not a very specific date, exact ports. Since different ports charge different fees the end costs may vary. Two different ships may sail similar itineraries but not exactly the same, for example one port out of three may be different. It makes it easier to compare these two cruises if the total mandatory costs are put upfront instead of only showing after you gone through almost all of the booking process. This makes it easier in the decision making process. Hotels nowadays, advertise one rate but once you dive into it the resort fees and now parking fees show up later. Two hotels of similar quality and even next to each other may show different rates, with one being higher but once you dive into each you find the "less" expensive hotel, actually costs more because of a vast difference in the resort fees. Makes it a pain to compare apples to apples in choosing a particular hotel stay. If something is mandatory, it should show up in the upfront advertised price, so the consumer doesn't have to spend and inordinate amount of time in deciding on which to choose.
  15. So far in Florida no mention of being worried about it this year. I imagine Coca Caye would be the same with some variables.
  16. Licensing has a lot to do with this. It is basically how many channels that RC wants to psy licensing for. They must not think it is a differentiate enough from other cruise lines to pay the licensing companies for additionsal channels. In regards to offering suites more channels. The licensing is a per ship basis and not a per cabin basis.
  17. Yep. I didn't want to dive into all the variables that go into the timong.
  18. Dry docking is up to availability of the actual dry docks. They have to have an opening in their schedule. This may not match up with the cruise line desired timeframe so the cruise line has to adjust accordingly.
  19. Skipro62. Thanks. That is the type of answer I was looking for. I think this should keep her happy so I can work on her in good conscious. 😀
  20. Potential first time Celebrity cruiser but have sailed on RC, Princess, Carnival, Disney, HAL and Cunard. Looking at what is offered on Celebrity. I am eyeing a Western Caribbean run on Beyond. I am a as long as I am on a cruise I am happy person. However my wife likes to keep busy by attending shows and other activities. Things like musical reviews, show, comedians. Would there be enough of these type of things to keep her happy?
  21. Thanks. In regards to eating sushi with fingers. From my understanding it is perfectly acceptable to eat sushi with fingers in Japan
  22. Since you are spending so much time in lounges can you take a gander of what brand(s) of non alcholic beer they have available? Not being judgemental before my liver issues and transplant 8 weeks ago. I would spend a lot of time in lounges reading and enjoying a glass of wine or a mixed drink. Now that is not an option for future cruises so reading and enjoying mocktails and NA beer is in my future.
  23. My tennis shoes always become untied and they stay on even for the 10k walk I used to do once or twice a week. Now I am limited to about a 1 1/2 to 2 miles while I recover from a major surgery, but they still stay on even untied. 🙂
  24. I should have included a smiley face. I was being a bit facetious, as you would have to look really closely to figure out that they are fake. It really doesn't matter to me if I have to go barefooted.
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