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  1. Just got an email on my August 11, 2020 Alaskan cruise is canceled along with the 2020 Alaskan cruise season.
  2. What do you really want princess to say. I think they’re smart enough not to even bring up the subject Right now both governments are just concentrating on the coronavirus Right now.
  3. Why did it take a request from the President of the United States. I live in the St. Louis the mayor will not allow any gathering of 1000 people or more St. Louis county will not allow gatherings 250 or more I’m sure this is the same all over this country. Are these cruise port cities to worry about losing money then protecting it’s own people. Even at 40% full I’m sure that’s more than 250 to 1000 people just saying
  4. Don’t want the BART looking for a shuttle service
  5. We are flying into Oakland airport pre-cruise spending a few days in San Francisco fisherman wharf area. what’s the best way to get from the airport to fisherman‘s wharf.
  6. If the government would get rid of the Jones Act maybe there would be more east coast cruise.
  7. Can I get beer to bring back to my room unopened if I have the drink package to drink on balcony?
  8. I have a upcoming royal Caribbean cruise. As soon as I book this I started getting junk emails from them maybe 10 weeks ago. But now I am getting junk emails every day from celebrity cruise line I did not sign up for anything with celebrity Royal Caribbean must have gave them my email address that’s not right.
  9. So I have some onboard credits for a upcoming cruise and I also applied a gift certificate to my account where do I see my balance on Royal Caribbean’s website
  10. So I booked a cruise on the anthem of the seas in October. Now every day I get an email to book another cruise. There’s a preference to unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. But I have learned these past couple weeks that our RCI likes to play games with their pricing of excursions and on board purchases I’m afraid if I unsubscribe I won’t get any emails on sales pertaining to my cruise. I don’t want to get an email every day about booking another cruise if I want to book a cruise I will do my research and book it without a million emails in my inbox
  11. Has any body used Apollo Limousine Service in New York or New Jersey ?
  12. Price of a flight out of EWR Is $70 more plus it’s not a nonstop flight so is like five hours longer to get home
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