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  1. Carnival cancelled Splendor sailings from Sydney upto 3rd March 2021. April is untouched so far
  2. Me too, I have two Carnival Cruises in April 2021 from Australia. But the Australians say that their government will not allow foreigners to enter until the end of 2021. That carnival will be forced to cancel these cruises
  3. Hey Jimbo, I got you beat. We are at 12 cancellations so far, six of them Costa.
  4. you don't need to. Wait for the last minute deals and offers.
  5. You are correct. this price is the best of 10 offers (from 10 different agencies) I received from the bidding site. but then again, I have always benefited from last minute price drops on Celebrity. my best deal was $902 (including all port fees and taxes, excluding gratuities), for 2 adults for a 9 night Cruise in an ocean view on Constellation with 300 OBC included. An absolutely amazing deal and it was a fabulous Cruise! Remember, they need to fill the last few cabins for each and every Cruise and the higher the prices, the more difficult this is going
  6. I am getting a 14 night cruise on Solstice in 2022 for $1345 per pax or $2689 for 2 adults (including all port fees & taxes), with NO perks. Is that a good deal or what? Just wondering if I should book it now or wait for a last minute price drop 45 days prior to sailing.
  7. What nightmare? Everthing is cool, as long as we get to cruise, whether in April 2021 or 2022. I am not booking 2022 Aus cruises right now, just waiting for Carnival to cancel Apr 2021 first, so that I can transfer the deposits.
  8. I'm prepared to shift the cruises to Feb -Mar 2022. If Carnival cancels Apr 2021 cruises, its no problem at all
  9. Thanks! You are right. I am just hoping that my almost free cruises will go ahead as scheduled. If not, no problem. If Carnival cancels Apr 2021 cruises, I will shift them to Feb -Mar 2022. I have nothing to lose, since I havent booked any airfare/hotel,etc
  10. I have 2 cruises booked & would love to receive it!
  11. They cancelled the 4 night sailing for ALL pax, but didnt offer a refund, nor any OBC/FCC. Instead they booked me on a 5 night sailing on another ship a month earlier. Unusual. My agent asked MSC if I could get a FCC with some added benefits, like what Royal or Princess offer when they cancel sailings unilaterally. But MSC declined any benefit, so I was forced to ask for a full refund of my deposit.
  12. You are right. They didnt inform me or my agent, but cancelled the 4 night cruise/sailing for ALL pax & changed my booking to a 5 night sailing on another ship a month earlier, without any cabin allotment.
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