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  1. drsel

    Change booking to travel agent?

    Your kidding right?. A travel agent earns commission ranging from 10 % for an inside to 16% for a suite. how can he afford to give you 10 to 12% as discount?
  2. drsel

    Costa cancellation penalty

    But the loss to the customer is limited to 100% of the deposit already paid, right? Or will Costa try to extract more money over and above the deposit already forfeited for a cancellation?
  3. If U book a Costa cruise with a 10% deposit 18 months in advance & then email the authorized agent to cancel it 91 days prior to sailing; but due to some miscommunication, the agent cancels it much later when the penalties exceed the deposit, what will happen?
  4. drsel

    First time on Costa

    Thanks Riana and itscamparitime. We don't drink much, so we aren't buying the unlimited alcoholic beverage package. Does an inside cabin have a capsule coffee machine? If so, what type of coffee capsule is used?
  5. Thanks Heidi, that's what I was expecting.
  6. drsel

    When do you pay in full?

    I don't think so. Americans always get the best!
  7. Wow that is quite a delay. So I guess the disembarking pax got a complimentary late check out, late disembarking by 15:30 and complimentary lunch!How were the embarking pax compensated for the delay in embarkation and a missed lunch?
  8. drsel

    When do you pay in full?

    Very sensible and smart!Unfortunately, the Amex deal is only for selected Amex cards issued in the US. I don't think other nationalities can avail this offer. Kindly enlighten us more on the Princess offer. Is it for all nationalities?
  9. A 32.5% loss of her starting capital of $4000 in just 2 weeks.So, to reach 2500 tier points for a free cruise, one needs to play $12500 with a likely loss of approx.32.5% or $4062.50 (give or take a bit). No wonder they will gladly gift a free cruise (or more)!
  10. Wow, did she manage to break even?
  11. Approximately what time was that? 11.00 or 11.30am?
  12. I wonder what they do to those who don't show up even after being paged
  13. Thanks, so I assume it's not how much you win or lose, but how much you play that gets you tier points.By playing how much $$$ on the tables and slots can you reach 2500 tier points?
  14. What are the criteria applied to get a FREE cruise? Does the FREE cruise depend on--1. If you gamble "x" amount? Or 2. If you win "y" amount? Or 3. If you lose "z" amount? If so, what are "x, y and z" ? Thanks