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  1. Assuming you are referring to Luggage Forward, yes. It is complimentary to World Cruise pax at the beginning of the cruise. They picked up our luggage about two weeks prior (it was over the holidays) and it was in our stateroom when we boarded. You can follow it through a link and see where it is. We liked the service so much that we shipped our luggage home from London on our own dime. It was great to just have our carry ons, and it arrived home just three days later. It’s a bit pricy even with Viking’s discount, but I think you will be pleased with it.
  2. Wow! That leaves me speechless, as do so many things these days! So sorry for all who were looking forward to it!
  3. I have a feeling there are as many experiences as there are people with vouchers here, but here is ours. We had a Sept. 2021 cruise previously booked. Then viking canceled a 2020 cruise and we canceled one, so two sets of vouchers. They were not applied to the existing Sept. cruise we had booked prior to getting the vouchers, and They sat around in Viking limbo for a couple of months. Then last week we booked a Dec. 2021 cruise, and the Viking rep I work with said all the vouchers would be applied to the new cruise I was booking. I asked if I could have them applied to the Sept. cruise instead because it is more expensive. She said yes and did so. But seems like as soon as you make a new booking, those vouchers must be applied to one of your cruises.
  4. We have a PV1 guaranty for a December 2021 cruise. Who knows, maybe we will land in the OS! And now I’ll know the ropes!
  5. clay, I meant to respond earlier. We echo you entirely. We are all so fortunate. There are so many worse off!
  6. we were talking about winter just today. Don’t know that our ski resort is even going to open. Winter looks bleak!
  7. Hi Dave. We are originally from L.A. so know the drives. Now in Santa Fe, we plan to drive to Colorado Springs next month to the Broadmoor and spend a few luxurious days. It’s only 4 1/2 hours. I hope that goes. I need something. We haven’t been out of SF this year. I’m taking my own pillow!! Then two cruises booked in the second half of 2021. All we can do is hope!
  8. Thanks. I thought there probably would be a big poolside buffet, but those might be things of the past!
  9. Thanks, Jim. I think ours was the only WC that didn’t go over the holidays, we started in Miami on Jan. 3. So this is a nice change for us, or at least for me. No week of shopping, days of cooking, and half a day of cleaning up (well, that’s my husband’s gift to me). We will book dining on the first day, but since this is the first segment of the WC, those guys will have early dibs, I’m sure. We did. Anyway, I can’t wait! Only 460+ Days!
  10. Ok, I’m going to join you with my real breakfast in the virtual Explorer’s Lounge. And I have a question for all you seasoned travelers. We are seasoned travelers too, but have never done a holiday cruise. We are now booked on the first segment of the next WC, Ft. Lauderdale to L.A. through the Panama Canal. We are on the ship and at sea Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Year’s Day. What can we expect in terms of meals (or what could you expect in the good old days)? Should we make reservations at the speciality restaurants for those special nights, or will the ship do a special meal? I know, I know, I can’t make dining reservations until Oct. 2021, But just curious and love to dream that we might cruise again, even if not until the last part of next year.
  11. Nice champagne is also above the $15 limit. But Viking’s sparkling wine is awful, IMO, the Prosecco just OK. So although we had the package, I would go ahead and buy the real champagne once in awhile. And yes, it’s the full price for the glass, $16-18 as I remember, not $16-18 minus $15. And, Viking has had trivia on every cruise I have been on that has a few sea days. On the WC it was quite the competition, and we were constantly admonished that “trivia is only a game”!
  12. Yes, my daily therapy is to re-live one of my favorite cruising days. Today, I am sitting in the Virtual Explorers Lounge and remembering another day up there—the day we sailed into Rio on the 2019 WC. It was Viking’s first time There, and they had a helicopter taking videos, much like the sail in to Sydney on the first WC. Pretty spectacular!
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