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  1. I really enjoyed watching this, as there are many from our 2019 WC. But I noticed the video is dated May 20, or at least the version I saw was. Are all those people still on the ship?
  2. I was glad to see this. We have been waffling about whether to book this so far out, but you are right, others will flip From 2020 to 2021. So, we scrapped our Galapagos trip in August 2021, and transferred the down payment and insurance to Wake of the Vikings in 2021. Got some good deals, don’t have to pay anything else until 6 months out, but did notice that business air with Viking has gotten quite expensive. We have really been wanting to do this trip, so seems a safe distance out!
  3. We loved the 2019 WC too, and are so glad we did it. I have been checking pictures every day to see where we were. A year ago Today, at sea, I did a Moroccan cooking class, and tomorrow, we were in Vigo and went out to Bayona. Such fun. We were supposed to have been in Spain and Portugal these last two weeks. Alas...didn’t happen,
  4. They did this at the same time they canceled the earlier cruises, when Canada closed the border. I have seen them do this before. It means, I assume, they didn’t want anyone else booking those cruises because they may not go. We are on the Aug. 14 cruise, and I check from time to time because I was hoping for a cabin upgrade. The week before the sold out signs went up our cruise was only about half full. But perhaps others know for sure. I haven’t checked with Viking. But last week, Viking said they were cautiously optimistic about the remaining Alaska cruises. And the Orion is still in SE Asia.
  5. Well, good luck to all of us!
  6. I was wondering if you booked your excursions today and what you decided to do? I spoke to Viking on another matter on Monday, and they said they were cautiously optimistic about our August cruise!
  7. Maritime law requires ships not operating under a US flag to go through a foreign port somewhere, so Vancouver is a must. But Canada has only closed its ports through June 30, so we will see. That said, if the cruise does go, and I can get my husband to go, the two things I would avoid are the Star theater and crowded bus tours. We’ve done the inside passage cruise before, but we have the six day Denali Explorer pre- cruise trip, which is our whole reason for doing this again.
  8. Thanks for opening up the ship! I figured if the Explorer’s Lounge deck 7 was open so I could walk over to Aquavit Terrace. Nice to know we can now go anywhere!
  9. The evening shows are generally at 9:15. But do you really think your cruise is going to go? We are on the 8-14 Alaska cruise, and really think it will be canceled. The ship is still circling off Australia, going to Singapore on April 30. Then, who knows. But it certainly looks iffy. We won’t be booking any optional, paid excursions when our window opens up, that’s for sure.
  10. Well, this has been a fun morning in the Explorers Lounge. I think I’ll head over to the Aquavit Terrace for some grilled shrimp and salad. And a glass of wine, of course!
  11. We did this on the WC last year, so no long flights. We got off the ship in Mozambique and after the Safari flew back to pick up the ship again in Durban. It was easy. (And so was the Safari, nothing to do but sit in the truck. You don’t get out and walk around.) Viking put together a nice Safari, although I have to say, some had nicer accommodations than others. We lucked out! And the OBC we got pretty much paid for the Safari, so a win win. Here’s another favorite photo. These two guys were too lazy to get out of the road. They were only a couple of feet away from our vehicle.
  12. We had an elephant extravaganza! Our bungalow was right on the watering hole. One picture shows my husband on our porch so you can see how close. These are fun memories. I had waited all my life for this experience.
  13. But on Safari, some people were sharing pictures of things they hadn’t seen. So we thought if you had seen it but didn’t have a photo that was OK. But if you hadn’t seen it on your vehicle, and posted someone else’s picture that was not. We had some not so good lion pictures, but didn’t post those of,others who had great lion pics. Oh, to do it again!!
  14. It took to the second day to see the elusive leopard. My husband captured it with his telephoto. The rest of us on our phones got nothing. He shared with everyone on our vehicle. Our rule was that if you saw it, but didn’t photograph it, it was “kosher” to accept and share the photo. What a fun memory!
  15. Well, I usually don’t drink anything but wine, but tonight I think I need one of those martinis everyone raves about. I was supposed to be on a flight to Barcelona today. No flight, no hotel, no Sagrada Familia, no Cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon. Barcelona to Lisbon. Last year in April, I was on Safari in Africa. I must remember that we are blessed.
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