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  1. This information underscores the importance of working with a knowledgeable trip insurance agent. I have been told that a cruise purchased directly from Viking as opposed to purchased from a travel agent or transferred to an agent is handled differently by insurance companies in the event of default. There is some good information on the CC Insurance Board. Given the amount of money we have invested in our Viking cruises, we need to do our homework!
  2. As one would expect, the CDC wants ship crew vaccinated. Viking will follow suit and extend this to passengers. As many of us have been telling Viking, this is the only safe way to operate which Viking desperately needs. “COVID-19 vaccination efforts will be critical in the safe resumption of passenger operations.” https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/cdc-ok-travel-vaccinated-americans-seen-step-toward-cruise-resumption Additional good news is travel is safe for fully vaccinated passengers. This will be the key to travel. Viking is moving glacially but will h
  3. Beautifully said, OtJ. You are articulate and wise.
  4. Sorry. I meant vaccinations. I plan to cruise regardless of the restrictions as long as Viking mandates vaccinations.
  5. Jim- COVID is a global pandemic due to it being highly infectious and it can be lethal. It is easily spread airborne which is why masks and social distancing can slow the progress. It is more infectious and lethal than the typical influenza. Without the measures taken there would be many more million already dead. No government, no politician wants to destroy the two trillion dollar travel or cruise industry. Less travel is less in tax revenue and less employment. So why the drastic response? The number one responsibility of doctors and governments is to protect its citizenry. Australia w
  6. The Infectious Disease docs I consult with unanimously agree. Last April they pulled the plug on our December 2020 Viking cruise. Without required vaccinations, they believe the risks would be significant. A ship-wide spread of one of the variants would be a serious danger for the unvaccinated on the cruise.
  7. The latest research out of Israel, which is months ahead of the US in vaccinations, is those vaccinated do not spread the disease. The research only pertains to Pfizer but it is likely the same for Moderna. This further re-enforces the importance of Viking requiring all passengers be vaccinated.
  8. I personally find such statements offensive. It minimizes (unintentionally, I am sure) the significance of the deaths of 551,000 Americans. I have attended 9 funerals of victims of COVID. Yes they are a small percent of those who have been stricken. Their families could care less. Some of this tiny percent were parents and grandparents.Some were someone’s child. Yes, I plan to cruise if Viking requires masks. And yes, as a responsible citizen, I proudly follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask or two in public. COVID is a global pandemic that has taken the lives of 2.8 million peop
  9. OTJ: Thank you for a wise post. It’s a breath of fresh air.. Seems like some believe if they can’t get immediate gratification then why vaccinate? Sadly the fact the vaccine can save our lives but also protects others is irrelevant. This may be the challenge. At the moment an estimated 30% of the US is afraid or unwilling to get vaccinated. I’m not convinced the safe reopen will be 2022. As the successful President Biden pledge of 100 vaccines in 100 days proves, much can happen in a short period. Now, 200 in 100 seems within rich. I’d like to see 300 in 100 days the ne
  10. Correct t. Josh is short for Joshua and he is a male. He is a career Carnival executive. A friend knows him and his family.
  11. A bottle of 15 year Pappy online is $2499.00. Strong stuff but best bourbon ever. Get with the program, Sir.
  12. Come on Jim. I promise not to order a glass of Pappy Van Winkle 15 year bourbon!
  13. I don't either 😉 Maybe a thimble if that. We are cheap dates for Jim. If we don't drink we can wear a mask or two for him!
  14. Your question really can't be answered. The vaccine response is fluid and changing weekly. A month ago UK was just getting started and recently ramped things up. Jan 10 there were 2.2 mill done. As of yesterday 28 mill. Things are moving in the right direction. Imagine if by the Summer we have four or five even approved vaccines to draw from! Bob
  15. Squawk: Here is the Snopes article explaining the complexity of the matter! We do not do many things in a simple way in the Commonwealth...except enjoy our bourbon. Please join Jim and me for some in the Explorers' Lounge! Jim is treating. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/rand-paul-ophthalmologist/
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