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  1. Seven1113 - I had a similar situation and, like Heidi13, do not consider Viking a villain. We also cancelled in early March and could’ve had a bigger FCV if we waited. You consider a FCV of over $13K useless - most folks here would disagree as we don’t feel Viking will go bankrupt for a number of reasons. You were happy with Viking in the past, but because of an unfortunate decision you made, you’re ready to start a class action. I wouldn’t think you’d find many joiners here.
  2. This is a nice thing about cruising the Douro with Viking. The cruise includes 2 nights at a hotel in Lisbon before we’re bussed to Porto to board the ship.
  3. FWIW, I checked all 6 of my booked cruises. When it looked like spring 2021 Northern Europe cruises were cancelled, I had a July 2021 and an April 2022 showing as cancelled. All is back to "normal" now, so I suspect none of this is related to any real cancellations.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/30/health/covid-cruise-ships-cdc.html
  5. Actually, it sounds like you have more money invested than I do. All of my bookings are payable 6 months before, so most of mine are deposits. In one case (pre-covid), I paid 1/2 deposit. Interestingly, I paid cash (rather than use FCV) for my British Isles cruise March 22, 2021. I figure it has a good chance of being cancelled, so if it doesn't run, I'll get 125%.
  6. Totally agree. This has happened automatically for us as we had 3 cruises cancelled this year. Before Covid cancellations that began in March, we had 2 cruises booked for 2021. We rebooked all 3 cancelled cruises plus added another one. We have a total of 6 booked for 2021, 2022 and 2023.
  7. The cost difference between a standard and veranda stateroom varies depending on when you sail. We have a Rhine Getaway booked for November, 2022. The difference between the cheapest standard room and cheapest veranda room is $600 each. In September, that difference would be $1,500 each, plus a fare difference of $700 for a total of $2,200. Given the veranda room is 25% bigger, we’re going veranda for this cruise. All told, Viking River ship cabins are smaller than Viking Ocean ships. The cheapest river cabin Is about 1/2 the square footage of an ocean one. Hope this helps
  8. Vslparis - I have done the 3 day hold in the past, but since using the same Viking agent, I don’t find it necessary. I can also get an extra day or 2 (maybe 3) if needed to make a credit card cycle. But I agree if you’re using your own TA, it’s best to request the 3 day hold. BTW, the error I referred to above was the final payment due date. That’s how I found out that just having another cruise booked doesn’t automatically set the date at 6 months - It has to be changed by the booking agent.
  9. I always pay the deposit over the phone with my Viking agent. Then he stays on the phone until I receive booking document. Once I did find an error - he was able to change it on the spot and email a new document.
  10. I don’t know how it works with your TA. I work directly with a Viking agent. If I have at least one upcoming cruise booked, then book another, I get a final payment date of 6 months before embarkation on the new cruise. Maybe you could book the April 2022 cruise, pay the deposit, then cancel the May 2021.
  11. To date, I have only booked the basic Viking air. The price is listed on the web, and that price has always been finalized at booking regardless of when I embark on the cruise. I assume it’s different if you use air plus, upgrade on your own, etc. - but that has never been my case for every cruise I’ve taken, had cancelled, or booked now for the future.
  12. I usually check the Viking website at the beginning of each month to see if there were any new sailings added, price changes, etc. I noticed all Iceland’s Majestic Landscapes cruises now show airfare from $1,299 - an increase of $300 as it was $999 last month and in August when I booked. I’ve seen fares change up and down, and once air reduced - but never an air increase. Glad I booked when I did.
  13. I have no interest in big mass market cruises - or attending anything about cruising until ships can sail again.
  14. We agree with Dave 100%. And I would add specifically we trust Viking’s decision to sail or not sail.
  15. all of mine are back there too. I did have a situation 2 weeks ago when one cruise was removed. I was waiting for my Viking rep to be available, so I checked just before I was going to call - and it was back and correct.
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