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  1. Tipping the guide and driver is the same whether or not the excursion is free or you pay extra for it. In fact, many of the optional excursions are longer which could mean larger tips.
  2. Char - thanks for doing this! It’s very helpful to be on top of what’s changed should our remaining 2021 cruise be cancelled (hopefully not).
  3. We did the optional Viking Herculaneum tour when we were docked in Naples. My wife was still on a cane from surgery, so we took the gentle route which meant we missed one short leg that involved steep steps down and up. Guide was terrific a d we had a good explanation of what we missed.
  4. Yes and yes. Viking calls it SBC (ship board credit). This is not to be confused with leftover FCV (future cruise credit) which must be used before you embark.
  5. Linda - just read your post, tried MVJ on this iPad - works perfectly!
  6. I am using Safari on my iPad now and have been for years - never had a problem. Be sure you’re system is updated to IOS 14.6.
  7. FWIW - We never cruised with Vantage but every so often we get postal mail as friends recommended us 6 years ago. We just got one of those personalized mailings last week.
  8. We always deal with Viking directly - but we use the same agent, so we call his personal extension. If he doesn’t answer it, I always get called back right away. We will stay on as long as necessary to get the issue resolved which sometimes means I’m put on hold until he gets an answer before our call ends.
  9. I disagree that the Viking agent doesn’t work for you. The degree of working for you vs. the company is dependent on the person you work with. That’s why we use the same Viking agent who truly works for us as much as any travel agent can. The trade off is no additional SBC from Viking in exchange for ease and success of changing bookings, compensation for problems, etc. Not every Viking agent will give you this service just as not every travel agent will give you SBC. Using our Viking agent is like additional insurance.
  10. I also book direct and have been using the same Viking agent for almost 4 years. As he knows us well, the level of service is impeccable especially given the number for bookings and cancellations we had to deal with (not all covid related).
  11. On the itinerary page, Top left, Bucharest to Budapest is highlighted. Click or tap on Budapest to Bucharest and the itinerary will reverse starting in Budapest.
  12. It should be okay in the World Cafe, but I’ve never seen men in sandals in any of the dining rooms.
  13. Luckily, anytime we needed to switch planes it was never in North America. We’ve only done Europe so I couldn’t imagine what arrangements would be if we did a cruise embarking in Asia.
  14. I got the same email for a cruise in November. MVJ has indicated July 22 for a while. We are using Viking Air without Air Plus. Always worked for us as we live close to Newark airport.
  15. Do you have more than one booking in MVJ? If so, did you check the other bookings? Flight preferences must be manually entered for each booking even though most (if not all) of the entries will not change from cruise to cruise.
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