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  1. Squawkman

    USB ports

    Absolutely - 120/220 capability is something that needs to e checked. Too bad Viking doesn't offer converters as pre-cruise gifts any more like they used to - luckily, I have 2 from previous cruises.
  2. Squawkman

    USB ports

    This is interesting - never saw this list. Both my wife and I use CPAP machines, but given the availability of outlets bedside, we are fine. However, we often need extension cords in hotels for pre- or post cruise extensions, so they stay in our CPAP cases when on board. Also, if you are going on any pre- or post cruise extensions, be sure to bring 220v adapters. They also can be useful on board as an adapter will give you an additional 120v outlet.
  3. Lots of VR cruisers here (including me)
  4. Just checked with my wife - nothing Christmas-y for dinner (we usually ate in the MDR).
  5. We were on the Sky 12/16 - 12/23/19 and saw the same subtle and tasteful decorations previous posters here described.
  6. That would have been unlikely since we were supposed to embark 3/27. Maybe the cruise the week after ours went out.
  7. We followed the ordeal on the news and were glad to see no fatalities. Then we wondered what Viking would do - put us on another ship? Reschedule? We found out first that it was cancelled when our SAS air reservations disappeared. So we were disappointed - until the email came with the full refund and credit for whatever we wanted.
  8. The last cruise with your version 2 itinerary is the 12/27/19 - 1/3/20. It's possible Viking may do a custom itinerary for this cruise, but I do not think it would include St. Tropez as I remember reading Viking was no longer going there when I booked version 1 last year. While we were not Sky Survivors, my wife and I were scheduled for the Sky the following week. We did get a full refund, full credit, but no Venus
  9. Thanks to all for the info.
  10. Not sure where you're getting your info, but your version 2 hasn't gone to St. Tropez in over a year. It has a sea day in between Barcelona and Marseille. Version one goes to Montpellier instead of the sea day.
  11. Does Viking always use tenders at Greenwich, or is it only at times when there are a lot of other ships there?
  12. As I said earlier, you have to ask - and being a good customer figures heavily. Perks will vary depending on the cruise and probably other factors. One example was a choice of delaying final payment vs. paying sooner and getting OBC. I also view it as extra "insurance" in case minor mishaps happen on board as it's easier to rectify things with a Viking rep you use for booking.
  13. I did a Danube cruise with Viking 4 years ago and agree with Hehny. The included Viking tour of Passau includes the organ concert - one of my most memorable moments on that cruise.
  14. Hehny - I totally agree. For the past 2 years, I've been using the same Viking agent and believe I have been getting extra perks a TA couldn't do. In addition, I have one person I can go to for all Viking issues and questions - and have been satisfied with how everything has been handled.
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