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  1. Could it be an issue with MVJ? I have a December 9 cruise and offered excursions have been available for almost a month. I would call Viking and ask what's happening.
  2. The policy is stricter since the Covid-19 situation, but if you have another cruise booked, you can ask for 6 months before embarkation.
  3. I generally agree with Redtravel. We have several cruises booked, but we still receive occasional emails with special offers - maybe 3 or so a year. I never received snail mail promos. But we do get calls from our Viking agent, plus I regularly check the website for new itineraries, added salivates, and price changes.
  4. Sometimes promotions aren't noted on the website, particularly if they are available only to those in the Explorer Society and/or those with at least one other cruise booked. This happened to me in early May. I was checking out the Viking website and saw an added sailing I liked. I called my Viking agent to see if there were any additional discounts - there was one.
  5. I agree and have a V2 cabin booked on deck 3 aft. I use the same Viking agent for all of my bookings who always suggests which side to get based on the specific cruise itinerary. I suggest you ask your agent which side would be better.
  6. Retiredman - where in South Jersey do you hail from? I lived in the Trenton area from 1975 - 2010. In 2010, I remarried and moved to my wife’s house in East Brunswick. Both of us were widowed, and tomorrow (6/26) will be our 10th anniversary.
  7. My NJ shore favorites are the Shrimp Box (Point Pleasant) and the Lobster House (Cape May). Never heard of Twisties. But my all time favorite is still the Lobster Box in City Island (Bronx, NY). Been going there almost 50 years.
  8. Lew - I’m going to suggest Ocean City (NJ) as it has what you’re looking for. OC is a dry town - no bars or liquor stores permitted - so the atmosphere is quiet. You can bring your own alcohol for consumption in your room, and there are large liquor stores on the land side of the 9th Street and 34th Street causeways. There are several motels and one grand old style hotel (Flanders) on or near the boardwalk. For dinner in “nicer places”, I suggest driving a few minutes south. There’s the Deauville Inn in Strathmere just over the causeway from the south end of OC as well as other nice seafood restaurants a little further down in Sea Isle City (all of these have full service bars). You can rent bicycles, tenders and surreys which are permitted on the boardwalk before noon. The Music Pier probably will be closed after Labor Day, but it is a nice place to sit for a while in the shade. I believe the boardwalk shops and food are at minimum open weekends. Check out ocnj.us (official website).
  9. Lew - Also, you might want to consider the Cape May - Lewes Ferry. You take your car from the tip of the NJ shore to the Delaware and can continue to the Chesapeake bridge - tunnel if you're staying east. Nice boat ride plus saves a lot of driving.
  10. Lew - If you're continuing south, you have a lot of choices. Let me know what you're looking for - quiet seclusion, boardwalks, Atlantic City, quaint B&Bs, etc. Asbury Park has undergone a transformation from run down to upscale with tons of restaurants and night spots that cater mostly to millennials. The Jersey shore is approximately 130 miles - not as much as California, but quite a lot - and, like CA, very varied.
  11. We often spend a week at the NJ shore in the late spring or early fall. Great times to go as you avoid crowds and expense. Which town(s) are you thinking about?
  12. I don’t think there’s a hard and fast process as there are several variables (cabins held for 2-3 days before deposit and cancellations, possibly for group bookings, maybe Viking holding some cabins). I had one booking recently where the website said 1 left, I booked it, but the website never indicated it was sold out until weeks later. Did you get the PV1 you wanted? BTW, we had a PV1 once - loved it.
  13. The availability info on the website is often not accurate. I have had situations both ways (sold out that was available and categories indicating they were available were actually not available). I work directly with the same Viking rep - what he sees is not necessarily what it says on the public website.
  14. Phil - before trying to book excursions, log in again and see if you can access either of the 2 bookings you added. I can only get the next cruise that Viking out there.
  15. I was upgraded with no notices, etc. My next cruise was there, all correct and better information than the old version. I assumed that my other booked cruises would be there, but they weren’t. So I added a cruise last night, and all was OK for both cruises. This morning, I added my other bookings, but nothing is available to view except the original next cruise - even though the one I added last night worked then, but not now. Guess the upgraded version is not ready for prime time.
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