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  1. Can two people order 3 (1 for him and dos para me;-)?
  2. In trying to beat the crowds, we made 5:30 pm reservations at the Tamarind on the evening of embarkation. For Eurodam. Alaska. Just want to be comfortable after a long day, but don’t want any ‘looks’. Are nice jeans appropriate? Best to change? Thank you!
  3. Thank you. I’ll keep a lookout. 🙂
  4. Getting ready to cruise aboard the Eurodam to Alaska. Does the ship offer reduced rates for massages during port days? Thank you
  5. Just a thought: You can often find decent deals doing a 7 nighter out of Vancouver; cruise to Seward and then stay on. the ship for another 7 night cruise back to Vancouver. I think the scenery is a bit better on the southbound route. Either way, good choice with the Volendam.
  6. Absolutely!!! Definitely begin, end or do a round trip out of Vancouver. Unlike Seattle, you experience the true inside passage and calmer waters. It’s beautiful. We’ve cruised many times out of Seattle and Vancouver. Seattle is for convenience. Vancouver is for the scenery.
  7. I understand the room is a bit smaller than the typical Neptune’s. That’s okay. For us, it’s all about being able to spend more time outside on the balcony. My husband has mobility challenges, so being able to view the scenery and enjoy the outdoors without the crowds is what it’s all about for us.
  8. I’m doin the happy dance as I just took a paid upgrade to an aft Neptune Suite aboard the Eurodam! For ~$650 more for the two of us. For a 1 week cruise. I just booked (2 days ago) a good deal on a last minute cruise for Alaska (balcony). So that additional seems like a great deal. I’ve wanted to give an aft balcony a try - just never imagined it would be in a corner Neptune! I’m stoked!! We were booked last summer on the Amsterdam, but had to cancel the night prior due to an emergency. This is our redemption cruise:-) Is it true we can have breakfast in the Pinnacle grill area? Can I trade the complimentary bottle of champagne in for wine? Any hidden perks you can tell me about? Thank you!
  9. I think I just answered my own question. I’m not going to be bothered bringing a blender and I’m not going to go to the effort of finding some overworked person to blend things for me. Instead, we’ll bring supplements, drink oodles of water and choose a few essential foods to keep things a movin.
  10. I see that HAL offer smoothies. However, these are not similar to the type we drink every morning - lots of fresh vegis, fiber, a bit of fruit, ice... But will the blender be confiscated? The other option is to collect our vegis and fruit from the lido and bring to someone who will blend for us. Seems extreme, I know. By the way, I have tried searching for info on the topic. But the ‘search’ on this website isn’t user friendly. Thank you!
  11. It’s been awhile since we’ve cruised with Holland America. I think we prefer the Pinnacle lunch over the dinner. Does the Pinnacle Grill serve lunch every day? Are reservations needed? We’ll be on an upcoming Eurodam Alaska cruise. Thank you.
  12. I just booked the June 15th, Eurodam. It’s been a few years since we’ve cruised with HAL. I’d like to dine at Tamarind a couple times and Pinnacle perhaps once. Are there ‘packages’ available? Is it best to book them now or wait until we’re on board? If we book now, how does the Mariner discount work? Id also like to order a bottle of vodka or gin for in-room consumption. Anybody know the size? Thanks so much!
  13. Thanks y’all. I went back and booked with holland America. They were able to book me into an ADA balcony cabin on an upper deck (something a popular travel agency was not able to do). However, we are booked for the Oceania Riviera in December. I’ll just have to wait until then.
  14. Thank you. Azamara does have some decent deals for Alaska - but only 1 that’s RT out of Vancouver. The other’s require flight to Anchorage and then transfer to Seward. Since my husband has mobility issues, keeping things easy is quite important. Round trip out of Seattle is certainly the easiest. Yes, there’s always Holland America. But I do want to try Oceania.
  15. I just cancelled a hold on an upcoming Alaska cruise. It was with Holland America. We’ve cruised with HAL many times, but our tastes have changed. Viking Oceans and Azamara has spoiled us. This cruise was listed under Holland America’s Top Ten deals. Does Oceania have anything similar for an upcoming Alaska cruise? We are very flexible in our travel, and Seattle is just a drive away. Thank you!
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