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  1. We docked in Cienfuegos and we’re there for 3 days. We brought a transfer chair for my husband. He can walk with assistance, but not very far and not on uneven ground. He did okay getting on and off the tender (with assistance). Can you do the steps up and down to the tender? On one day, we got ourselves to the central area and just meandered around. There is a walking-only side street that was quite wheelchair friendly. Just chilling in the town square was a nice experience. But it was challenging getting there. It would probably be best to hire a taxi to get there, although it’s really not far. Then we hired a horse-drawn buggy for a private tour. But I don’t recommend it. Very bumpy and not comfortable. We were dropped off back at the ship. Another day, we took an included ship tour. Still, there was quite a bit of getting on and off the bus. I’m glad we didn’t stay on the ship, and I’d recommend a travel wheel-chair or transfer chair over the rollators. And whatever you take, make sure they’re big wheels to help get over all the bumps. Make sure someone else in the group is strong and can help. You also might check the Cuba forum and look for a private guide that will meet you at the ship. This would probably be best. I prefer to do this whenever possible rather than a large tour.
  2. dcsam

    Shell Beach

    Thanks for the information. This sounds like a great way to spend part of a day. But our first option is to rent a car. We’re a group of 6, so finding a vehicle that’s doable may be challenging - maybe not. In addition, I’m wondering what happens with a car rental (and payment) should we not make it into port due to weather/seas.
  3. dcsam

    Shell Beach

    Wonderful! Thank you for posting! We’ll be making a one day visit too. Trying to decide between Shell Beach or car rental. How wheelchair or scooter friendly is the road to Shell Beach? My husband couldn’t walk that far, so we’ll use one or the other to get there. By the looks of your photos, he would have quite a long walk on the beach - is that correct? I’d imagine we’d spend no more than a couple hours there. Thank you! Caroline
  4. Boy, do I hear ya! Your situation sounds a lot like ours. After using a transfer chair, I finally purchased a Travelscoot for my husband. Yes, they are expensive, but worth it. I can put the carry-on on his Travelscoot. I carry a backpack and pull 1 large checkin. More than that, and it becomes more than I can handle. In fact, it’s gotten to the point we just won’t travel with more than that. I can easily lift and fold down the scooter as it’s 30-35 pounds. It does come with a travel bag, and I’ve met a couple who uses it to check the scooter in. Once checked in, they get a wheelchair at the airport. I prefer not to check it in however. My husband drives the scooter right to the point of entry at the plane. He gets out and walks to his seat; I push down and lock steering; take off battery and back rest. I carry those three things (and carry-ins) on the plane. I leave the scooter and it’s loaded into cargo. Once the plane lands, I deplane a bit earlier than my husband; wait for scooter; put it back together and he walks out after most on the plane have left. It works out great. The transfer chair worked pretty good too. In fact, we may bring both on an upcoming cruise. He actually prefers me pushing him throughout the ship over using the scooter. But on land, the scooter works best. Also, do loads of research if you’re planning on purchasing a different scooter. Before the Travelscoot, I purchased another folding type. 50 pounds may not sound like much, but it was an awkward 50 pounds. It was very slow and bumpy. Needless to say, we sold it shortly after we purchased it. Yes, I was trying to save money, but ended up losing quite a bit on resale.
  5. It’s been a couple years since we cruised with Azamara. My husband uses a compact Travelscoot. Last we cruised, there were lots of areas (mainly to and from pool area) and onto the deck that were difficult to get through. The thresh-holds were quite tall and doors were heavy. Have those improved? We have a hold for ADA cabin 4047. Are there any pics of this cabin? Or 4049? We’re debating between the 10 night Azamara cruise or Holland America Volendam. We enjoy both but realize Azamara offers so much more. Thank you.
  6. We’re not making too much progress on the President’s Day sale promo. Our friends are currently booked in a B3. They can upgrade to an A3 for the same price or an A4 and get just a smidge back. They really want to stay in the B3 with the extended balcony. Below is what the TA said: ——————————— Cat. B3 cannot be repriced to a lower category because it is not one of the categories in the promotion. The only thing they could do would be upgrade to a Concierge and move cabins or stay where they are. If they cancel and rebook the pricing will be the same for the B3 as they currently have. ————————————- At this point I think they will be happy to stay where they’re at. Don’t know if they’d be interested in booking an outside and get the promo to a standard balcony. It’s all about the ex. balcony. The concierge has a few extra perks - not many though. Tough call. Curious as to what others would do? Extended balcony or Concierge and why? As far as my booking: for some reason we have to wait until tomorrow because we’re booked in one of the few ada balcony cabins. After learning what our friend’s are eligible for (or not), I’m not sure what we’re waiting for and what they’ll be able to do. Are there only 2 ada balcony cabins on the Riviera? Sale end tomorrow. Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the information. I’ll post the outcome. I don’t know what we’ll spend the money on - probably a couple massages. Our TA is providing the gratuities. My husband doesn’t drink and we don’t do ship tours, so shipboard credit seems best.
  8. Thanks! As of now, there’s loads of space. We did get an OLife perk when we originally booked (we opted for the shipboard credit). Other than that, there weren’t any other promotions going when we booked. Hopefully, our TA can work a bit of magic on Monday. We’re booked in a B3 category and would like to keep our cabin if at all possible (ada for my husband). If we had to change, I think I’d stay with what we’re currently booked at and skip the sale.
  9. We’re already booked for a December cruise. Today I see the President’s Day sale applies for our cruise. I think it could save us a bit of money. I called our TA, but she’s not in until Monday. Any ideas what they might be able to do for us? Will we have to cancel and rebook? Any penalties doing that? Final payment isn’t until September. Thanks much!
  10. We're long-time HAL cruisers. We prefer their smaller ships, but we're just now considering the Eurodam or Celebrity Solstice Alaska cruise. Both are RT out of Seattle (makes it very convenient for us to drive to the port). What ship would you recommend for someone who will be utilizing a wheelchair or lightweight Travelscoot. In my brief research, I get the feeling the Solstice is more enclosed (not as much outdoor space). Is this correct?
  11. Thanks much for the information. I did some reading on the subject last night. Seems anything after 12:00 is doable, but things do happen regardless what time you disembark.
  12. Thank you. He can walk a little. Not sure if he’ll use the Travelscoot or transfer chair while onboard. Really... I think he prefers me pushing him in the transfer chair as it’s easier to navigate and much quicker and less stress... for him;-) On our most recent cruise with Viking Oceans, we also found the hallways quite narrow. But people were always gracious and stepped aside at the nearest area. It wasn’t really a problem.
  13. Our Riviera cruise ends in miami - scheduled to dock at 8 am. Is a 12:15 flight out of Miami a safe bet? There are others, but are much later (6pm). Thank you.
  14. Thank you for the information. We booked with another cruiseline (Oceania) aboard the Riviera. Seems less crowded, which will be more enjoyable for my husband. We love Holland America, and will continue to cruise on their smaller ships. Thanks again.
  15. I agree about shopping for pearls in the Papeete Marche. I’ve found many lovely pearls there. Last time we were there (about a year ago), I bought several for gifts. They range anywhere from$10 (great for kids) to $25-50 (better for adult gifts. You’ll notice the quality difference). Walk around once and get a feel of the various pearls. Walk around again and pick up the ones that stood out. Go upstairs too. You can do a bit of negotiating if you buy more than a couple at a vendor. But some are so inexpensive, it’s not worth haggling. Ahh... shopping for pearls at the Marche - one of my favorite things to do.
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