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  1. Out course the very day I post this, our first outgoing flight is cancelled and we are back to square one. The tally is 12 changes with another one to come. Of course this is not VAP’s doing. Be patient with your VAP representative!
  2. We were ticketed for our trip 65 days in advance, and to our amazement our return itinerary was completely redone by clearly someone really sharp at VAP. Maybe it was a computer. Regardless, the new itinerary is much improved over what we had. Even though we were not notified until after it occurred, someone really skilled came up with this new itinerary. Despite using Matrix Ita, I had missed it. Kudos VAP!
  3. We have two country requirements and Viking's requirements. Currently 3 tests will be needed.
  4. Confusing? How about this section of the new email I received: "It is important to note that some countries already have COVID-19 testing requirements that may be different from the Viking requirement. If the first country of your itinerary already requires a negative COVID-19 test result for entry, there is no additional testing requirement. The negative COVID-19 test results you are using to meet the country’s entry requirements will meet the Viking testing requirement." What if an Antigen test is acceptable in the first country? This seems to override the 72 hour PCR requirement. And...what happens if you take the PCR test in plenty of time and your first flight is delayed! Anyone have a headache?
  5. I could write a book. 11 itineraries involving 6 airlines. The knowledge base of the obviously new hires is wide. The final VAP rep I had was a pro. The itinerary has yet to change in a few weeks. one other component not mentioned. Some changes are computer generated due to changes in an airline schedule.
  6. Tips are what you place in the jean's pockets but do not wear in the MDR!
  7. I know Israel pretty well having visited 36 times and served as the Board Chairman of a Foundation that supports Israel. Israel is open for group tourism (5 or more) not individual tourism. I will get an update from people on the ground.
  8. The odds of Israel being open then are excellent. My guess is some time in December Israel will relax some of the restrictions. It is one of the most enchanting and fascinating countries we have visited. https://www.touristisrael.com/when-will-travel-to-israel-resume/31963/
  9. You get the picture. The responses to your already answered question will go on for days. The Big Three are jeans in the Restaurant (eg what constitute jeans), tipping and COVID testing. Thankfully the debates over vaccinations ended with the Viking's requirement. Welcome aboard!
  10. My pleasure. Wild Health has been engaged by the state to do free testing and is located in a number of places. All you need is a social security number and to live in the Bluegrass State. Every day the tests are sent to a lab in Lexington. I have always received results back within 24 hours. Because of work, I have to test regularly. In the Vill, they and the Walmart Drive through are the fastest that I have seen. Hardly no one knows about them so you can get same day appointments. Watch out for Urgent Care testing. Several posters on different sites have gotten COVID waiting to be tested.
  11. Jan, In order to take on dress code and jeans one needs a strong glass of Kentucky Bourbon, maybe two. You can find the dress code on Viking's website and if you are still ready after some bourbon, Google jeans in the search box. It makes the Wildcats vs Cardinals look tame.
  12. You question was most appropriate. If you want to wreak havoc just ask about jeans in the Main Dining Room!
  13. If in a pinch come up to Louisville. The Wild Health PCR test has come back in 24 hours without exception for us. It is at Sullivan College. With home tests the key words are proctored and RX. It is prescribed by an eMed doc and proctored. You receive a print out. Regardless, the Ville has Antigen tests at CVS on Sundays. Walmart M-F has always returned in 24 hours. Th lab is Quest and is local. Best of luck.
  14. BinaxNow RX proctored text is reported as accepted for Italy and other European countries on TripAdvisor. There are multiple reports.
  15. Good news. There are multiple on TripAdvisor of the Abbott BinaxNow Home Test RX only test (proctored version) being accepted in Europe in August, September and October. The key is to print and bring the email of your results with you.
  16. Jan, What city do you live in Kentucky? In Louisville, CVS (PCR and Rapid Antigen) and Walmart (PCR) do testing. Wild Health is doing free PCR tests throughout the Commonwealth!
  17. Jan, BinaxNow Home Test comes in two versions. There is a regular home test and one that is an RX ordered by one of their physicians after you fill out a questionnaire. The typical home test is not proctored. The RX test must be proctored to be accepted and it enables you to get a document that meets the Antigen requirements. When I called Viking the agent would not say the proctored test was not allowed. She did refer me to the Italy requirements which is a PCR or Antigen. I'll let you know in December!
  18. Others on Cruise Critic have claimed to use it. You do receive the necessary time/dated document. When I called tellus and the US Embassy, they referred me to the requirements which states a PCR or Antigen test to enter Italy. As noted, it is hard to get definitive answers with some of these matters. Anyone can guess what the rules will be come November. The test is accepted by the CDC as an Antigen test. Currently, unless the rules are changed, we will have to do three tests—Friday (PCR), Saturday (PCR) and we will try the Antigen test on Sunday. I accidentally uncovered a private lab with a government contract to do free PCR tests. The results have always returned within 24 hours.
  19. This is simply a matter of inadequate training. We all get that the testing and COVID rates are in flux. But our expectation as customers is to have consistent and correct answers. We should not know more about Viking and International country's policies than Viking's staff. This is likely a by-product of a large influx of new staff who have not been fully trained.
  20. Actually good news. They are now accepting Antigen tests which produces results hours. The prpctpred tests such as Abbott's BinaxNow RX Home Test RX produces results in 15 minutes.
  21. Our approach is three tests. The odds of all three taking longer than 24 hours is zero. The Rapid test is back within an hour. There are also proctored tests like the BinaxNow RX test which is an Antigen test. You have to use the RX. The results take 15 minutes and you receive a document. The test can be done the day before and work IF a PCR test is not mandatory.
  22. I would do two PCR tests and pray one arrives before departure. You could also do a Rapid Antigen test. Every PCR test I have done at Walmart drive through has been back in 24 hours and because of work I have to be tested regularly. Many report CVS is 24 hours as well. Best of luck!
  23. I think it is sloppy. The MVJ should be the definitive go to place for all. Why expect people to check two separate locations? As it stands the info is the same.
  24. The only problem with them requiring a PCR although 72 hours before arrival can be a hardship if the test needs to be done on a weekend. The problem I have is that lower down it says "Italy Requirement" which is not accurate. This is Viking requiring a PCR test. Italy allows an Antigen. A better approach would be: 1) PCR 72 hours before flight--easily done 2) PCR/Antigen or proctored home rapid Antigen test 48 hours before arrival in Italy. (PCR is nearly impossible on weekends and results will possibly be late)
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