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  1. Earlier this year on the Sea we bought the coffee card and was told once our specialty coffee was used up we could no longer get the brewed coffee ? since I have been told I should have maybe asked another server as some of the servers don’t always know the job ? We are on the Majestic in Feb, is the International Cafe the only place you can get brewed coffee from ? Cheers Carole
  2. The booby prize if your a drinker is a couple of happy hours every day buy one get one for $2 Cheers Carole
  3. Lived for many many years in UK and am a frequent visitor now I reside in Australia, Never have I or seen anyone I was with tip anyone apart from rounding up taxi fares which is not expected.(forgot about tours and tipping) Been on a couple of Cosmos tours in US and Canada and of course knew I needed to tip but did not tip the recommended as a few of us over dinner did some sums and I can’t remember now what it added up to but with a full bus (and Cosmos do pack them in ) It was a ridiculously huge amount so most of us tipped as a couple so reducing the amount by half and they still did well ,no idea how much wages they got from Cosmos but they made more than a good wage from tips. Cheers Carole
  4. Since when did the tipping start in UK,,never heard if it ? Bad habit started by citizens of underpaid workers.? Cheers Carole
  5. Ok,I thought I would never weigh in to this topic bu last week while at Tweed Heads Bowls Club there was much talk about the meat pies,made on premises from beef from their own butcher shop. What can I say, full of chunky beef full of flavour, I am gluten intolerant but can tolerate a little so had about a square inch of the crusty shell, husband declared it best pastry ever on a bought pie. Best meat pie I have tasted apart from the ones my Mum used to make with lots of kidney. Cheers Carole
  6. Yes am aware of that, I have a line I draw when it comes to how much I will part with gor a hotel. Have learned always to have something I can cancel if I find a hood late booking price. Cheers Carole
  7. Yes,not in a hurry to book ,choices are endless ,would like the rocks at the right price. Cheers Carole
  8. Thanks Gut /Mic ,may now take train from airport then,was looking at Holiday Inn the rocks to be on the doorstep so to speak, expensive but using train would cut cost an Potts Point May be thought about now and already a member Cheers Carole
  9. Was looking at that one,,,how much then do you surmise for the taxi fare Cheers Carole
  10. Thanks all for your points of view, a open mind is what is required by the sounds of things, I suppose thousands of people return to p&o . Not much on offer from Brisbane but got 3 lined up now between Feb 20 and March 21. Cheers Carole
  11. Please can you tell me what “the hump”is. Cheers Carole
  12. Hi all,I have just paid a huge deposit of $1pp for a obstructed on Pacific Dawn. Can someone who has been on this deck please tell me if there is much noise from below from the bars ? Would be first time P and O any tips would be appreciated as some of the reviews are not crash hot. Can cancel with no worries losing nothing, just wish Princess had some Brisbane departures later in the year than they do. Cheers Carole 
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