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  1. Elorac123

    Where are we??

    Nothing novel about that ! Cheers Carole
  2. Elorac123

    Roll call

    I am sick of the bacon we get in Australia period. It’s all half cooked. Nothing like English bacon you can crisp up without in going stiff as a board. cheers Carole
  3. Elorac123

    Roll call

    Found one but the other one tells me it’s under construction cheers Carole
  4. Elorac123

    Well they’ve done it again

    On my iPad I checked the “add to home screen” box and now I stay logged in cheers Carole
  5. Elorac123

    Future cruises

    Hi,how do you add future cruises to your signature,someone said there is a countdown clock but I don’t see one Cheers Carole
  6. Elorac123

    Roll call

    Where do you find the roll call now please ? cheers Carole
  7. Elorac123

    Well they’ve done it again

    Oh dear that’s a shame,I thought you were referring to a coloured background,all you can do is adjust your backlight which I’m sure you have done cheers Carole
  8. Elorac123

    Well they’ve done it again

    Treat yourself to a iPad or similar it’s plain old black on white.I dislike coloured backgrounds in the newspaper not good for my aged eyes. cheers Carole
  9. Elorac123

    Testing this new format

    Also just testing I like the layout cheers Carole