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  1. Yes, Eden has a new wharf capable of holding a ship. First used yesterday by Pacific Explorer.
  2. I agree, I have not found P&O pricing to be particularly great value lately when compared to Carnival, RCI, Princess on a good special. P& O is OK but has to be at the right price. (cheap and quick) They are particularly not good value on balcony rooms I feel. Possibly more $ on P&O ATM as they 1-2 less ships in OZ than was the case last year?. Cruise pricing is so dynamic.
  3. I am struggling to see what the fuss is about really. 73 more cabins mean 150 more pax. Same public area space to fit them all into.
  4. Thanks all, I have been watching prices for a while and Princess and RCI have some good prices ATM. (can't say the same for Carnival, not good value ATM). We have a weekender booked on Majestic as the price was good and time suited with our group. I note that Majestic has mixed reviews but Ruby seems more consistently good. I think we may go for it.
  5. Good afternoon all. I am after your thoughts on Ruby Princess for a FNQ itinerary I am eyeing off today please? We are in our early 50's, not late night party people, more into laying by the pool in the warmth or enjoying the view and some peace from the balcony. With a drink or two before dinner. Our previous ships have been C Spirit (loved the Serenity area) RCI VOSeas and P&O Pacific Explorer (for a weekend a 6 night to Tas in June). Recent reviews are from cruisers in Alaska. I tend to think that US cruisers may perhaps have different attitudes and expectations to cruising when compared to Ozzies? 🙂 TIA
  6. I agree with this statement. The Amedee Is trip is about $220 p/p and I have been there. It is very pretty and a full 8 hour day. But you will get similar experiences on Lifou, Mare and IOP. In Noumea, for contrast to the islands, if you wanted to do something different I would consider the HOHO bus or Tchou Tchou Train. And/or Aquarium perhaps. Also Zip Lining there is supposed to be pretty good. The islands are very basic, but in Noumea you can get a bit of taste of "France" with food etc. People often enjoy eating in Noumea for that experience alone. Not cheap to eat, but a different experience to in AU or on the islands.
  7. May have not noticed , but on-board gossip was that he was an older gent who just missed it. Not sure about the whole truth... Sat morning was all aboard by 7am, to depart at 8am for Sydney. They waited for a gent who strolled on at 7.42am. "welcome back sir, we nearly left without you, all aboard was at 7am" His reply "yeah, sorry about that". Apparently that's all you need to say when 6 crew are on the wharf looking for you, about 12 wharf workers are ready to go and the pilot is floating out on the river ready to direct proceedings...
  8. Well just back from this trip on Explorer to Hobart for Dark MOFO. The ship did indeed leave Hobart at midnight on the Thursday and then returned and docked again at 9am on the Friday. Stayed in port until Saturday 8am. We just went straight out to sea and back in. No mention made as to the reason for this, so I suspect the need for a little "housekeeping" is the reason. I understand one fella did not make it back on board on time for the midnight departure and had an unscheduled overnight in Hobart. Would have been chilly if he was not able to organize some accommodation. Lucky for him the ship was back the next morning.
  9. This would (I hope) be treated black water? I was assuming that the ship could discharge it's effluent safely into the TAS sewage system, but I guess port fees would be even higher if that was the case?
  10. Hello All, We are on the Pac Ex for the Dark MOFO cruise later this month. 48 hours docked in Hobart on Thursday 20/6 and Fri 21/6. I note that the ship will leave the dock at midnight on the Thursday and then returns to the dock at 9 am on Friday morning, where it stays until departure on Saturday morning at 8 am. Just wondering if any of the brains trust on here would know why that would be, and how far away from the dock would the ship go? I am hoping it would still stay in the river? Or would it have to head out to sea a little? TIA for your input.
  11. Thanks. I think I have located this. But priced from $4899.
  12. I cannot find either. I have been eyeing one package, but this is better. Help??
  13. What about if you had to cancel your big $ Kimberly trip due to an insured event happening prior?
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