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  1. I think I agree with you. 🙂 We do seem to be stuck in a quandary in AU currently. COVID is a global problem and AU borders are a federal issue, but it's left to states to manage in a way that best suits them. I don't think this strategy is in the best interests of us who are supposed to be "all in this together" I do understand that this situation cannot be changed without changing in the constistuation. I think I would be a great great great grandma before that happened. I was thinking the other day about this time last year, when bushfires did not recognize state bord
  2. The start of COVID meant my husband lost his brand new job in March within a fortnight of starting, last in means first out type of scenario. The role involved a lot of interstate travel for most of 2020 and the company could see the writing on the wall, plus they were still dealing with the impact of the drought and then bush fires. We had two cruises paid in full which we did eventually get refunds for (apart from one way airfares SYD-AKL for which we are only able to have a credit). I ended up hurrying along the refunds by lodging disputed transactions for both with our c/card
  3. Those US death rates are just mind boggling. No doubt, plenty still saying there is no such thing as COVID however. 😞
  4. I have not heard any mention on NSW media of guests breaching as per your example here and would be interested in the link for that. If that is the case, I wonder why I am just hearing from the premier and health officer that "we don't know how it got out" ? If feel everyone would feel more comfortable and less fearful about the possible leakage if this type of breach was stated. It's explainable. It does seem pretty remarkable that so far, as I understand it, only the cleaner and household contact have contracted this more virulent strain of COVID (other than the four people in the hotel
  5. I have a sister in WA, and get that all in WA seem to love him. (McGowan). WA, with Perth as the most remote capital in the world was always in a good position to keep COVID at bay. I think the tone and language used by most of the premiers however is just not helping the situation. Plus the seeming lack of willingness by most to seriously work out a plan that will work of the whole of Australia.
  6. I would certainly accept it. I heard of a poor lady who has just done 14 days with her two young children and now has to do it again. I think that would send me over the edge...
  7. Yes, thanks. This is my understanding. I had a snigger at Anna saying the "guests" would not be charged for their quarantine and repeat quarantine. I was not sure that that would be much of a consolation. 😞 How many of these people are paying for their quarantine anyway??? Are they supposed to lay their funds on the counter prior to check in? What's the alternative? You just let me go home? Perhaps the returnees have to pay for their quarantine prior to boarding the plane to fly to AU. Anybody know?
  8. I think almost all premiers are unfortunately finger pointing and wagging and it's getting very tiresome and not helping anybody, except their own election chances in some cases. I guess it's all a matter of perspective, or which state you live in. Still not sure why so much heat on NSW when NSW takes the greatest share of inbound arrivals and likely freight. It would be great to get quarantine out of the cities, but I can see that this is easier said than done. For a start, we would need to get a whole lot of those "essential workers" out to the remote area to service the Q facility. And then
  9. Yes, the red zones seem pretty big. 5m+ people live in Sydney...about 20% of the AU population.
  10. Yes, well said about the regional folk too. How do they think their essentials get there? And who do they think pours funds into their local businesses for 8 weeks of the year so that they can remain open for the other 44 weeks, available to the locals to enjoy? And of course JK, JS and business stimulus have poured money into their local economies, all paid for by the taxes provided by business and workers in the major cities. I had a relative in Orange NSW say to me in October "there's plenty of money in Orange, we don't need Sydney money". I was pretty stunned at the short sigh
  11. Agree, I already don't like Anna P, so admit I am biased. She looks and sounds to me like the catty Queen Bee school girl who wants to run the school yard. I have serious reservations about how this is being handled in QLD and I am watching with interest. It looks like they did not think it would happen to them, had nothing much prepared and are now panicking. It seems very heartless to put people who have already quarantined back into another 14 days quarantine. Couldn't they go home and be heavily monitored whilst self isolating? After all there is only 129 people that are being moved. Surel
  12. I feel that Au should be divided into areas and managed by the feds. So you are not excluded because you live in a state, but because you are in a geographic area that currently has COVID. However, it seems that this is not possible as states are able to manage and act "in the interests of their own state". The premiers of almost all states are having a field day with this and ensuring they are re-elected by spreading fear and telling their constituents "we are taking all precautions and acting in your best interests." This often wins elections. The feds of course are paying for this with JK,
  13. It would have made planning easier for many people if a clear directive was given by perhaps late November.
  14. Yes, I recall. It did seem like an iffy idea at the time. But I do know a lot of people who were desperate to travel and see family. Until early 2020, most people in AU never thought that would be a problem.
  15. Agreed. Madness. I guess that everyone will say they have been camping in a isolated spot and not had contact with anyone else. So VIC now needs to stick with it's system. TBH I am wondering if VIC would have been better having everyone return home over a period of several days, rather than trying to manage and test everyone who returns over about 24 hours. I guess they were/are nervous that the Sydney outbreak will significantly expand and so open up the risk of more COVID coming into VIC. Pretty harsh to have locked out VIC residents however. I am starting to think that given just how
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