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  1. The 12 new locally-acquired cases are all linked to the current outbreaks. 10 of the 12 cases were in quarantine throughout their entire infectious period.
  2. Possibly a day trip to the Port Campbell National Park and the Great Ocean Road - just over 2 hours drive. A stop in Warrnambool and also at Tower Hill, a drive through Port Fairy.
  3. Congratulations Mic on your retirement. Enjoy it while you can, even without the opportunity of travel.
  4. AZ is being made in Melbourne for Australian use. I believe 50 million doses are contracted to be made here. The first lot of AZ Australians were given was made in the UK and since then CSL hs been making a million doses a week.
  5. From ABC website - NSW records 136 new COVID cases Premier Gladys Berejiklian said 53 of those COVID cases were infectious in the community. It’s the highest number of daily new infections in the state since this Delta outbreak began last month.
  6. Victoria's numbers - There are 14 new locally-acquired COVID-19 cases which are all linked to the current outbreaks. 10 of the 14 cases were in quarantine throughout their entire infectious period with 1 of the other 4 cases still to be interviewed. 14,302 vaccine doses were administered yesterday.
  7. Beautiful place is Akaroa Mr Gut and it is real! We have been there once and would love to go back again. Friends who were with us had been to Akaroa on a road trip (the weather was terrible) and weren't impressed so weren't looking forward to stopping there on our cruise. By the time our day was over, they couldn't stop talking about what a beautiful place it is.
  8. Les, I was just responding to By the Bay. I knew Lyndarra was correct.
  9. Sorry to hear this Mr Gut. Hope you are on the way to recovery and feeling much better. Max will look after you.
  10. I believe it was at Bournemouth during one of the Bank Holiday weekends last summer in the UK. It was after one of the lockdowns finished, but there were certainly restrictions in place.
  11. The 26 new locally-acquired are all linked to the current outbreaks. 24 of the 26 cases were in quarantine throughout their entire infectious period.
  12. Ours did too Les, but 2nd one, not as bad or as long reactions. Sore arm was the worst.
  13. Victoria's numbers - out of the 22 cases reported today, 16 have been in isolation for their whole infectious period. It was mentioned by the health minister that the 6 who have not been isolated had a small number of exposure sites.
  14. With about 16000 primary contacts in isolation, there were bound to be more cases.
  15. Not announced at this time. Usually announces during press conference.
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