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  1. Yes you are right Docker123, it was more the height of the Aura that seem to be much taller. Leigh
  2. possum52

    A few port questions...

    4) catch a taxi or tram to the Botanical gardens and see Cooks cottage.captain James Cooks house that was moved from England. You won't find the Cook Cottage in the Botanical Gardens, they are in the Fitzroy Gardens which are quite easy to get to - either the tram from Station Pier to Spring Street and walk through to the gardens or take a taxi. The Botanical Gardens are also very close to the CBD (central business area). Tauranga - My friend caught a Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) bus to Rotorua. Perhaps Google it. If you are in Hobart, explore around the area surrounding the pier - there are some beautiful old buildings. Buy fish and chips and sit and enjoy the view of the Derwent River. Enjoy your trip to Australia and New Zealand. Leigh
  3. North East Australia has been impacted by ex Cyclone Evan over the past few days. It has also affected the whole east and south east coast with heavy rain and thunder storms. It is now being described as a tropical low. There are many areas particularly along the far north east coast that are flooded. There is a small chance that ex Cyclone Evan may reform in the next few days but it is off the coast now. From now to April is cyclone season in the northern parts of Australia. Leigh
  4. We saw her as we were heading through Port Melbourne on our way home from Canberra this afternoon. She still looked quite big compared to the Spirit of Tasmania. Leigh
  5. possum52

    Problems Australia VISA

    It seems to me that cruise companies and travel agencies shouldn't be making recommendations such as how to obtain visas. Surely they should give the website or phone number of the appropriate country's embassy or consul so the correct information may be given. Leigh
  6. possum52

    Problems Australia VISA

    May I ask why you went through a non Australian Government agency to obtain a ETA which I believe cost around US$50 instead of through the Australian Government website where the cost would have been AU$20 (US$14.40)? Leigh
  7. It's Monday morning here in Australia fvandewouwer. Te Puia is quite commercial but very interesting but we did enjoy our visit there. We did a tour with Zealandia in a minibus - 11 of us, which was quite well organised. We visited a kiwifruit farm and a Manuka honey place on the way to Rotorua. As well as visiting Te Puia, we drove through the Redwoods, and through Government Gardens and stopped for an ice-cream before the drive back to Tauranga which was a different route to the one we travelled there. Whatever you choose to do ion your visit to Tauranga, enjoy it. Leigh
  8. That made me chuckle Mic! Leigh
  9. The Golden Princess was docked where the Ovation is docked when we were there and we walked along the pier to the terminal and then outside to our coach. Leigh
  10. possum52

    New Zealand on Majestic Princess November 24, 2018

    I have enjoyed reading your posts Purple Traveller, I'm sorry you didn't get into the Sounds. We were there four weeks ago today and were fortunate with the weather conditions to be able to cruise through them. I would have been extremely disappointed if we couldn't have cruised through them. I loved seeing your photos, we have many similar views on our camera. I hope you do manage to see Fiordland, if not by ship then by land. Leigh
  11. The containers were placed like that when we were there last month. It appeared the containers were used as a barrier/boundary to keep passengers from wandering into the port area. Leigh
  12. What a fantastic grab. Well done! Leigh
  13. possum52

    New drinks menu or Princess

    Les, if drinking beer we mainly have Coronas, Heineken or Fat Yak, so we were quite happy with the prices. Leigh
  14. possum52

    Tender or Dock?

    Sugarlift, the Royal Caribbean website states that Explorer of the Seas will be docked at Wollongong. Leigh
  15. possum52

    New drinks menu or Princess

    Not a silly question at all subaru94. The pricing is Australian. Leigh