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  1. Yes we do the same - try to book one of the first cabins in mid aft or mid forward. Those mid aft ones can be closer to the lifts than some midship cabins as well and cheaper. Leigh
  2. Both still could make the 8 but both will have to keep winning and it could depend on the results of other games. Essendon (Bombers) are 1 game out of the 8 at the moment and the Swans 2. Leigh
  3. Yes ML on Saturday July 6th at the MCG, a 1.45 pm game. Leigh
  4. Two weeks in a row, Swans have won by five points! The Bombers even had a win! Yah! Terrible game but I'd rather win ugly than lose. Leigh
  5. Yes those were the three sauces, sorry Uncle Les no GF bread but was I wonder if the sausages were GF? It was a very nice sausage even without onion. I ate it sitting in the beautiful Melbourne sun, quite pleasant. Just needed a coffee to go with it. Perhaps a coffee cart could be provided next election. Leigh
  6. You would thing such an important piece of legislation would be passed before parliament went into election mode!😂 Leigh
  7. I had a democracy sausage this morning when I voted but alas they didn't have onions to go with it. But there were three types of sauce! Leigh
  8. We have used them for our last few cruises for the following reasons - 1. Easy online quote and the pre existing medical part is quite easy to follow 2. Cost 3. Claims settled fairly quickly - we have claimed only once but it was easy and we had no problems Leigh
  9. Thrak, are these all departing from Melbourne? If so the first B2B2B covers most of the south east of Australia and you would also sail in and out of Sydney Harbour. That would probably be my choice. Yes the Australian equivalent of your social security pension is the aged pension. Your trips for the remainder of this year sound amazing. Have a fantastic time. Leigh
  10. But what about the traditional election sausage sizzles? Leigh
  11. But isn't art culture? But then what is culture or cultural? When I looked it up I found two definitions - the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. "20th century popular culture" synonyms: the arts, the humanities; intellectual achievement(s), intellectual activity; literature, music, painting, philosophy "20th century popular culture" a refined understanding or appreciation of culture. "men of culture" Synonyms: intellectual/artistic awareness, education, cultivation, enlightenment, discernment, discrimination, good taste, taste, refinement, polish; More the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. "Afro-Caribbean culture" synonyms: civilization, society, way of life, lifestyle; customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores, values "people from many different cultures" the attitudes and behaviour characteristic of a particular social group. I would like to know where you found those figures - this is from Limelight (Australia's Classical Music and Arts Magazine.) https://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/news/victorians-now-spend-the-most-on-live-performances/ FacebookTwThe article doesn't actually support your statement. But then it does depend on your definition of cultural. Anyway I agree both cities are worth visiting and it really comes down to the decision of the OP on what he wants from his cruises and as he said in his original post the cost was a factor. I agree with Chilliburn about not just staying in the cities, get out and see some of the countryside/towns. Leigh
  12. Soft tissue and nerve damage can take awhile to heal, but hopefully not too long for you. Leigh
  13. Interestingly, I haven’t been to the US but have read numerous articles where Melbourne is likened to San Fransisco or Seattle. Sydney has been likened to LA or NY. Leigh
  14. Thrak, I think the decision will come down to where the cruises you are considering go to. As Chiliburn said Sydney has it's harbour but it will depend on what you consider the most important. Melbourne, where I live is considered the cultural capital of Australia. It has great cafes and restaurants. I would suggest that you do some research on both Melbourne and Sydney plus the ports where the respective cruises sail to and make your decision based on what you find suits you best. Melbourne's port is not in the central business district (CBD) as Sydney's is, it is a few kilometres away but there is a tram which takes you directly into the CBD and there will be taxis and maybe even shuttle buses. Check some of the threads on this board about the two cities. I have only considered Ez Air once which was a flight back to Melbourne in 2015 from Singapore. It was cheaper to book Qantas ourselves. Check the fares from LA to Sydney/Melbourne and then see how much it is with Ez Air. Enjoy your trip to Australia whatever your choice of cruises ends up being. Leigh
  15. We have insured with Insureandgo for our last few cruises including two last year. My husband had stents put in 6 years ago and it was about $60 extra for our to cover this. Leigh
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