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  1. I agree Julie, I wasn;t even going to contact Insure and Go re a refund until I read on here that someone had asked fro a refund. I didn't ever expect to get anything back as I believed the coverage was from the time you bought it. As we weren't out of pocket for cruise, accommodation or flights I think we are fortunate that we even get part of our policy cost back. I have read that some insurance companies were redusing even credits. As that was was some months ago I don't know if the situation has changed. Leigh
  2. Good luck Les, hope all goes well. Leigh
  3. Thanks Ondine. Was $66 the amount you received? That's not good at all.We have always had good service and also have claimed once without a problem. Leigh
  4. That's great the covidiot was charged Lyle. I read your post to my husband and he asked if the person had been charged with assault. Leigh
  5. What a horrible thing to happen Lyle. The poor staff member, I hope she will be ok. And such an ignorant anti masker. Leigh
  6. Ondine, when you say they promised the full amount as a credit, how long after did they change their mind and if I may ask, was it only the 30% you ended up being refunded? Our credit voucher was for about 85% of what we paid. When I applied for the refund, it came up as the same amount we had as the credit voucher. So are you saying you only received 30% of what your original credit was or your credit was 30% of what you paid? Thanks, Leigh
  7. Yes, it is these people who need to be blamed. I agree Dan should have locked down sooner. But that is hindsight and easy to say now. I am so sick of the whiners here in Victoria and there are also plenty from other states on social media who call those who followed the rules sheep and Dan lovers. I think the Vic government did very well in containing the outbreak and bringing us to where we are now. I am not convinced that Covid 19 is eradicated in Victoria. Once we have returning travellers in quarantine, all it takes is one person to not follow protocols and it will be here we go again.
  8. I don't blame Dan either Julie, it was certainly those who did the wrong thing who caused our outbreak. Leigh
  9. Of course, I didn't mean the hotels literally spread the virus, I meant those working there and returned travellers who didn't follow the guidelines and protocols. I'm sorry if my wording was not correct. Leigh
  10. I agree completely Mic. When staff come in contact with travellers with Covid, it is quickly spread to family and friends and then through the community. It just doesn't make sense that the quarantine is in hotels in capital cities. Leigh
  11. It is wonderful to not have to wear a mask when in public (if not close to anyone), particularly with the weather warming up. Returning travellers will commence flying into Melbourne from Monday 7th December. Hopefully all the correct protocols will be in place. With the problems with hotel quarantine earlier in the year, there only one or two hotels that caused it out of quite a few being used. But of course these hotels caused the virus to spread to the community and into the private aged care sector. Leigh
  12. I think it was about $45 to $50 when we were on the Diamond repositioning cruise in 2015. Leigh
  13. Did you ask Insure and Go to refund your policy or for a credit? Have you travelled already during the period of youe policy? As we hadn't used our policy and couldn't claim any of our cancelled travel because it was purchased after Covid hit, a refund was refused but they finally gave a credit voucher to expire in September '21. We ok with that but when we received their email yesterday we decided to take their offer of a refund as we don't know if and when we will travel overseas again. I would contact Insure and Go and speak to them. Leigh
  14. We have always visited QLD in Autumn through to Spring. The best time by far. My husband usually goes to Brisbane to watch his team play most seasons, and as he says, you can tell the Victorians as they are wearing shorts and t-shirts. Leigh
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