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  1. It does seem that way Les. No excuse for the rubbish that has occured here. I read a post on another forum (not CC but an AFL one) a few days ago before this all came out about the security guards. The poster is in employment services and said that he had been contacted by multiple 'dodgy' security firms looking for young people with security and the 10k wage subsidy. These firms are in charge of securing the hotels where recent arrivals stay and they are willing to take people with zero experience and offer no training.The contracts went to the lowest bidder and there has been zero oversight. It was all organised extremely quickly but more needed to be done. Surely government departments had the resources to hire, run and oversee the program. Leigh
  2. The hotels where there have been problems are for quarantined travellers only. Leigh
  3. We came across a couple on a cruise a few years ago who had emigrated to NZ from the UK and then when their children moved to Australia they decided to come too. They had an inside cabin and told us we had made a mistake by having a balcony as just look at how much money we could have saved. They just went on and on! We kept coming across them and they would invite us to have coffee or a drink with them. And each time we would get the same conversation, so after a couple of times, if we saw them we would turn and go the other way. Another cruise we met a delightful couple from the UK, we had lots of laughs. Leigh
  4. Growing up in country Victoria, chocolate eclairs were only ever filled with cream, as well as cream puffs. I will say, I don't particularly like custard so am pleased that here they tend to be filled with cream. Leigh
  5. Definitely cream! I rarely see eclairs with custard. Perhaps profiteroles but not eclairs. Leigh
  6. If I remember correctly OzKiwiJJ there is a Ferguson Plarre at Vic Market. Leigh
  7. It was a Ferguson Plarre bakery where I purchased the tiddly oggies.
  8. Yes, absoultely fantastic. One of my former colleagues used to bring one in occasionally for morning tea. Haven't seen one for a while. Leigh
  9. Our local servo has a Pie Face outlet too. First time we tried Pie Face was on the Gold Coast some years ago. Today we had pasties from a local bakety which they call Tiddly Oggie - oggie is evidently a Cornish slang word for pasty. They are really good. Leigh
  10. I have never tried anything from Burch and Purchese, but they certainly look interesting. I like to visit the cake shops in Ackland Street, St Kilda. Beautiful European style cakes and pastries. Leigh
  11. We have plenty at home Les. Also the shelves were full at local supermarket when I shopped this morning. Leigh
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