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  1. Caroline, Golden Princess has hair dryers attached to the wall in the cabin. I think pretty much all modern cruise ships provide hair dryers in the cabins. If you use a hair straightener/curler then check it might be dual voltage. Look at the compliance plate if you can. Many small electrical appliances like these automatically switch from 110 to 240 volts without you having to do anything. If you have trouble with an adaptor then the cabin steward will provide you with one. Happy sailing.
  2. Got friends on board. Pity they had to bypass KI but I am sure Port Lincoln will give them a warm welcome with an extended stay. I do hope KI has been through the worst of it. What a tragedy. Hope Seal Cove and the sea lion pups in the dunes are spared.
  3. Captain announced on recent Golden Princess cruise that their newest ship is going to be called Discovery Princess (currently being built) so that's where Discovery went. I would rather see it called Pacific Endeavour but maybe there is a reason this can't be used.
  4. One of my favourite places. Free shuttle buses into town and what a lovely little town it is just to walk along the promenade/beach or browse the local shops. Stop for coffee or seafood. Residents are so welcoming and cruise visitors feel special. First time there some years ago I did a full day trip to Whalers Way I think it was called (the Rugged Coast). Loved it. Plenty for sea food lovers but I love the unspoiled natural beauty of the coastline.
  5. Poster on P&O site has written the following: Earlier this month P&O/Carnival PLC submitted a request to trademark the name PACIFIC DISCOVERY. Maybe this will be it.
  6. It is wild and woolly down in this area (Melbourne) at the moment. Windy is showing 5 - 6 metre seas between SA and Tas in Bass Strait so maybe they have delayed departure hoping for better conditions.
  7. Maybe Oasis Class are too large for coming through the heads and doing the dog legs in Melb. Wind factor if they veer off course. The largest ship so far to dock in Melb was the OOCL Seoul container ship (in 2018) which is 35 mt shorter and 5 mt narrower at waterline (not to mention superstructure width) than the Oasis ships.
  8. One thing I can see on the new Pacific Adventure deck plans is that quite a few 2 berth balconies are to be converted into 4 berth. 26 cabins aft on Aloha, 28 aft on Baja, 26 aft on Caribe with some of these made interconnecting and 14 OY cabins on Emerald deck. Probably more if you look more closely. In my opinion the cabins on Golden are small enough without doubling the occupancy. Would hate to have 4 in one of these. Even 3 would be a bit tight. Ladders get in the way also.
  9. I have been to Eden a few times both by ship and land and found it a lovely little town. The people are very friendly and really appreciate cruise visitors. When arriving by ship we have had free shuttle hop on hop off buses provided by the local community which take you on a little excursion around the outskirts of town with about 4 stops which were very popular with passengers. Beware when arriving at the wharf the walk into town is up a very very steep hill. It is one of my favourite places and I can't wait for it to be added back onto itineraries from Melbourne again. Good to hear that the wharf is finished. As Mic mentioned the whale museum is interesting and there is a lighthouse plus you can cruise around Twofold Bay and maybe see wildlife. Check out the Information Centre online and read about the hunting of whales in the early days and how the orcas used to help fishermen catch other whales. Fascinating.
  10. Last time I came off the Golden there was a long wait for taxis (and same the previous time). The lady in charge did a good job of grouping people as to where they wanted to go and if you were going to the airport or Southern Cross she would generally get 6 or more people and summon a maxi taxi for the group. Quite a few maxis were arriving. Sometimes there are lots of taxis and sometimes there are long waits. Bearing in mind the poster has a midday flight and it is a Wednesday morning and peak hour traffic could be heavy you would want to disembark early. Also they are coming from NZ so will have to clear customs which takes a bit longer. Never needed the Princess airport transfers but maybe they are worth looking into for peace of mind. We just live 15 minutes away so just stand in line for as long as it takes.
  11. I just got caught with this one. Did a 13 night cruise around NZ from 23rd March to 5th April and a few weeks after returning I had my pension reduced and concession card cancelled. I had told Centrelink I was going. Did the right thing. Two and a half months later and multiple calls and emails to Centrelink with no success, I was told I was listed as living in an unspecified country. Centrelink blamed home affairs but a check with home affairs had me onshore,. I decided to ring Centrelink's International Call Centre Services, 131 673 this morning and within 5 minutes it was all sorted. I was told that I should have been referred to them in the first place and to always call them if there is a problem or just to check that records are up to date. It appears that cruise arrivals are manually entered into the system and this is why there is greater chances of errors occurring. All other arrivals are automatically done by computer. So if anyone else gets caught by this problem that is the number to use for a quick resolution. 131 673
  12. Hi David can you please add me. 3rd Nov 2019 - Golden Princess to Fiji etc 14th Jan 2020 - Carnival Spirit to NZ 2nd Mar 2020 - Carnival Spirit to NZ 23rd March 2020 - Golden Princess to Cairns etc Many thanks Chris
  13. The first cruise from Melbourne is already heavily booked and is now rather expensive. It will be the last Melbourne to Melbourne cruise on the Golden Princess prior to her leaving Melbourne to go to Sydney and then over to the US before eventually going to P&O Aus. So for us in Melbourne it is a farewell cruise.
  14. When I first sailed on Pacific Eden in 2016 she still had the deck chairs with Statendam stamped on around the promenade deck but on my next voyage they had all been replaced by horrible metal and fibreglass ones. Didn't look at all right and were most uncomfortable. Sad.
  15. I agree Beejay. Was there in March and visited the penguin sanctuary as shown last night. Just booked the tour on a whim when I went ashore. Too late in the year for many penguins but still a few there moulting. Lovely people. The first time in Akaroa last year I did the cruise on the Fox II, the red sailed ketch featured. Brilliant and the cruise people were so informative and friendly. Hope they don't drop Akaroa permanently. I love the place. Coast NZ is a brilliant show.
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