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  1. Sorry my mistake. Been too many ships called Queen Elizabeth. Yes QE2 is now a floating hotel in Dubai. Just QE.
  2. Oops I forgot about Cunard. They have around 6 Mel to Mel voyages with QE2 scheduled from late Dec 2021.
  3. Yes originally Eclipse was to be home ported in Melbourne from 2021 onwards and Solstice remain in Sydney but now they have decided against having a Celebrity ship in Melbourne. Looks like we are back to having Sapphire Princess and Pacific Explorer (sharing her with SA and NZ over the summer season) home porting us. Very slim pickings for Melbourne.
  4. This is what is on the Princess website. I understand that to say that FCDs should/will be returned to your account but this doesn't seem to be happening. I also remember reading that when you use a FCD it is treated like a normal deposit for cancellation purposes which may explain why it is being refunded as FCC. Clear as mud! I am due to get FCD refunded from a cruise they recently cancelled for Feb so I will just have to wait to see what turns up. --------- If I have an onboard credit (OBC) from a Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) on a booking that is cancelled, will the
  5. I have been keeping watch on Star Princess (Pacific Encounter) waiting for her to move to our part of the world to be handed over. She has been anchored at Panama for some time.
  6. They also added lots of "pop up bunks" thereby increasing the capacity. I haven't actually seen these but from the videos on you-tube they are awful. Have a family trip booked for Dec 2021 and we decided to pay extra and only use twins. They converted all the cabins on deck 12 to quads and many cabins on other decks. I notice that on their website they now have different pictures of quad cabins for the refurbished Golden and Star with bunks being built in along the sides of cabins which look a lot better. Pity they find it necessary to add so much capacity.
  7. And of course the papers are only going to report the cruises with positive cases and not the many cruises which have so far operated without problems.
  8. I understand the new guidelines from the CDC in the USA have stated that cruises be no longer than 7 days for starters. That is why RCL cancelled all longer cruises for the moment. I saw somewhere that this doesn't stop you doing a back to back because as far as the cruise line is concerned you are doing 2 short cruises. It doesn't mean that we will have to abide by these rules. It will be up to the Australian authorities. We are in a different position location wise to the USA hence our longer cruises.
  9. The royal family this season will be LGL and LGK who produced an egg on Saturday. There are some beautiful shots of them together on the Royal Cam website.
  10. Hi Don Did you get the email last Friday from Princess for past guests with the offering of free upgrade from Standard to Princess Plus (drinks package etc ) with balcony or mini suite bookings? The 5th November Melb cruise is one of the selected ones (although email says it is on Coral but not so when you log in to your account it's the Sapphire). Pricing is the same as before and if you don't log in the "special deal" is not there. You said you were booked on the 5th Nov so a great saving for some happy hours. Been following this cruise. It is on my ma
  11. Oh - WDW is Web Dock West so maybe they can come up river. Not sure if you have to go under the bridge to get there.
  12. This is the plan for next year assuming we will be sailing. As usual Princess has Sapphire leaving the day before and returning home afterwards. Now that P&O have sold the smaller ships I guess the larger ones wont fit under the West Gate bridge so can't come up river. Unless a boutique line want to come. Pacific Adventure Mon 01 Nov 2021 0800 Wed 03 Nov 2021 1600 OWSP ISS Pacific Encounter Mon 01 Nov 2021 0900 Wed 03 Nov 2021 1600
  13. I think we have had 4 ships every year since (apart from this year). Passengers get a package which includes entrance to Flemington. The last 2 years I have been heading out on the Golden Princess early November passing the other ships at sea as they arrived. It is not that I don't like the Cup but I like to get away as soon as the Melbourne sailing season kicks off.
  14. Nice looking ship but not many balconies which I think will become a must after COVID.
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