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  1. On Cruisemapper she is referred to as Pacific Adventure. I usually look under both names. This was put out by Carnival last October so she is officially P&Os. A little bird told me this morning that she has had some refurbishment done but he was not sure how much. October 21, 2020 3:15PM PT SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – Princess Cruises, the world’s leading international premium cruise line, today confirmed the official transfer of Golden Princess and the accelerated transition of Star Princess to P&O Cruises Australia. Previously announced in 2018, the two vessels will now debut as Pacific Adventure (Golden Princess) and Pacific Encounter (Star Princess) anticipated to sail in 2021. Pacific Explorer has now turned around from Klang and is headed toward Singapore anchorage. Little work-horse.
  2. Yes mine was done within 10 days. The old cruises dropped off when the price matching was done. I noticed that prior to this there was no option to make payments on the new bookings. Where it asks for credit card/paypal or bpay
  3. Not looking good for us. Does anyone know if Golden/Adventure underwent any transformation while in Singapore. P&O are keeping quiet on this. They will have to make some announcement soon surely. So sad.
  4. Would make sense to sail from Cyprus/Greece. I understand that Cyprus comes onto the green list for Britain soon and so fully vaccinated people don't have to quarantine after travelling. What could be better, 2 brand new (second hand) ships, Encounter and Adventure, to make their maiden voyages fully refurbished. Brits could fly out and enjoy P&O Orstralia hospitality and feel at home with English spoken and British food and entertainment just like at home!! Could solve the problem what to do over our Aussie winter months in future. Things aren't getting any better here with Jacinda now saying that all of Australia will be treated as one state for the Tasman bubble. Not that sailing was part of it anyway. Hate to say it but I think the rest of the 2021/22 season, or what is left of it will be cancelled soon by Princess and P&O. I have 6 cabins booked on Pac Explorer for this NY but don't expect it to be a goer. Booked 2 years ago. Not to mention problems with vaccination age groups, grandchildren and testing protocols etc. 2 months ago I decided to have a "Plan B" and booked the same cabins for the following New Year cruise. At $1 deposits what have I got to lose and at least it is something to look forward to when Plan A falls over. Kids are delighted. Someone please tell me this will end sometime before I am too old to sail.
  5. Golden Princess aka Pacific Adventure is currently in wet dock in Singapore. Pacific Explorer is currently alone in the area where Sapphire Princess carried out sea trials a month ago or thereabouts (not in the general anchorage area). Better keep our eyes on them. You don't pay big bucks to go through the Suez just to pick up crew. I think they are maybe looking at doing some cruising from a more obliging country until we get our act together. Sad that it has come to this.
  6. Singapore Cruise Society are now reporting that Pacific Encounter left Singapore anchorage last night bound for Limassol, Cyprus via the Suez. That is definitely not looking good for us down under. Sapphire and Diamond are already on their way there but for P&O to go it is not good.
  7. You can also add Portland in Vic. Not sure why they stopped going there. Lovely town. Plenty of day trips there. We tried to go to Robe once on Pacific Jewel but the weather was against us.
  8. Both Sapphire Princess and Diamond Princess are now bound for Limasol in Cyprus so not looking good for us down under.
  9. They have amended the March 2nd Island cruise from Melb on Sapphire to be Nth Qld. As Sapphire has now left her anchorage off Singapore and is now bound for Cyprus via the Suez I don't believe she will come back this season. Costs a lot of money and time to go through there. I don't believe the New Zealand cruises will go ahead either. Our governments are too risk averse. Only poor P&O left for us now and she has nowhere else to go - yet.
  10. Really great testing numbers in NSW. Keep safe all of you north of the border. We're thinking of you.
  11. I had Princess call me a few days after I submitted the forms for cancelled cruises and was also told that the "price matching team" would be confirming the prices on the new bookings in about 10 days or so and to ignore the new booking pricing. My 4/5th November cruise was a guarantee balcony cabin bought in the Black Friday sale (good price) so not a problem there, however for my Tassie cruise I had an aft facing premium cabin. On the Grand there are less B4 category cabins than on Sapphire so I stressed my preference for that and will see what happens. My 5 night Tassie is now a 7 night SA. I had noticed that all B4 cabins on the new SA cruise were marked unavailable so maybe they have removed some cabins from sale. On the other hand they have made the 14th Dec SA cruise the option for both the cancelled 5 night Tassie and the 7 night SA cruises. Two cruises into one. I also had a 14 night Nth Qld cruise cancelled for the 3rd time but had already booked the corresponding cruise for Nov 2022. 4th time lucky. There are only 12 ME cabins on Emerald deck on the Grand against 18 on Sapphire and I wanted to make sure I had one. I need some cover on the balcony. I asked them to combine the two bookings so will see what happens there. I was using FCCs for the Sapphire booking and had already paid the deposit for the Grand. With the new schedule I now have a 13 night and 14 night B2B which I am nor really happy about. Prefer a gap between. What will be will be.
  12. Maybe they are hoping against hope that the lucrative Christmas and New Year cruises can go ahead. Also School holidays.
  13. Stanley is one of my favourite places. I would love to live there. It was better before the Chinese bought North West Cape and ruined the farming area.
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