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  1. OK. They will know the full details of having a wedding on board. After all, their job is to sell the wedding package.
  2. As 'chengkp75' said - not on the Majestic Princess because that ship is registered in the UK. Ask Princess anyway, but it is better to be prepared. Most of us have had experience with the call centre operators not being fully informed. They might just say "There is no wedding chapel on the Majestic", when a chapel isn't a necessity. I have seen a few weddings on the Sea and Sun Princess, neither of which have wedding chapels. Consider a land option for the wedding.
  3. Aus Traveller

    Worst nightmare ever, scamming to the next level

    I have read the thread from the start and been involved in the discussion. I don't think 'Onboard' has missed anything. If so, I must be missing it also. What is it? The way I see it is that an error has been made on currency conversion and Oscar should get his money back.
  4. Aus Traveller

    Worst nightmare ever, scamming to the next level

    That is the way to approach it with Princess - human error. Although they are clearly in the wrong, if you talk about a 'scam' you will get their backs up.
  5. Aus Traveller

    Worst nightmare ever, scamming to the next level

    I am sure that with a company like Princess, it would not have been a scam. It is human error. However, a problem arises when that error has not been recognised (when it was pointed out) and rectified. All I can suggest is that you politely ask to speak to the head of the Finance Department. You might have done that already. All the best. You obviously cannot let this matter rest until it is resolved.
  6. Aus Traveller

    Worst nightmare ever, scamming to the next level

    👍 I can't understand why people would be commenting negatively on the OP's choice to put that much on his/her on-board account, or on his/her choice to gamble with that much money. It is his/her own business. That is not the point of the post. It is obvious that any amount of US dollars, when converted to CAD, will be a larger number. Escalate this with Princess. You should be able to get someone who can understand the basics of currency conversion.
  7. At the time Princess changed the Country of Registry for a few of their ships, we were told on board the ship we were on that it was so the Captain could perform marriages. As you say, he/she cannot on vessels flagged in the UK. If the couple that the OP mentioned want to have an unusual wedding, maybe they could consider planning a ceremony while they are in Australia. I know some people have had their wedding when their cruise calls into either Fiji or Noumea. From the original post, it looks like the cruise is literally around Australia. It would require planning, but every wedding does. A few ideas would be a wedding in Sydney (the local Council would have a website showing where weddings can be held - maybe a park fronting the harbour). What about on Cable Beach (Broome) at sunset. That would be magical. They would need to find a Marriage Celebrant in the city where they want the ceremony. Most weddings in Australia are conducted by a Marriage Celebrant. They are registered with the government and legally able to perform the ceremony. Actually, a ceremony would not be required legally - just the paperwork which they organise and that the participants sign. Best wishes to the couple.
  8. Aus Traveller

    Sea Princess?

    The promenade deck on deck 7 is the best place to watch the sea/coast. For sailing into a port, I recommend the small decks at the front of the ship. Our favourite is on deck 11 because there is often some shade from the bridge on deck 12. There are also decks out at the front of decks 9 and 10. To access these, walk to the end of the corridor on whichever deck you choose and go through the door. If it has a strap across indicating it is closed, try the other side. Take care that the door doesn't slam. It often does with the breeze coming from the front of the ship. A good place to relax with a drink, particularly at "sail-out" is the deck at the aft end of the ship on deck 11. Coffee - There is a coffee 'bar' on deck 5 opposite the passenger services desk but it can sometimes difficult to get a seat. Drink and people watch - Definitely deck 7 crooners bar.
  9. Aus Traveller


    You might have more luck getting an answer on the other section of the forum, rather than the Aust & NZ section. I suggest going to the section for your particular cruiseline. It is further up the home page of the forum.
  10. The interesting thing about the Diamond and Sapphire meeting up, is their shared history during their fitting out.
  11. I don't like that style of shower. We had it on the Ryndam - we had a suite.😊
  12. The GBR is the largest reef system in the world. Just because you have seen a tiny part of it that is "dead, dull and boring" does not mean that the rest of the reef is. I wasn't impressed with the coral around Green Island, but this isn't the outer reef. Other areas I have been to were spectacular.
  13. I have heard of 'Duelling Banjos' but 'Duelling TVs'??
  14. The Diamond and the Sapphire met in the Nagasaki shipyard where they were both built in 2002. A devastating fire broke out on the Diamond and consumed decks 5 through to 14. The Sapphire was being fitted out in the same shipyard but she was a few months 'behind' the Diamond. The Diamond was supposed to go into service first, but it was now so badly damaged, a lot of work was required before it could be handed over to Princess. Solution - the ships swapped identities. The Sapphire was quickly completed, and went into service as the Diamond. The damaged ship (originally the Diamond) was repaired and completed and became the Sapphire. Just some trivia for cruiseship buffs.
  15. The jellyfish are found close to the shore (they breed in the creeks), not on the outer reef. If there is a chance of jellyfish, the tour operator will supply what is called 'stinger suits'. Don't be put off by the negative comments.