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  1. Aus Traveller

    Circle North Pacific cruise

    Maybe the dissatisfaction with that cruise has resulted in it not being repeated. But, as you mention, if there were good lectures on the ports and good enrichment lectures focusing on the area, it would be great.
  2. Aus Traveller

    Customs declaration in Australia

    I think it would all be allowed, even the bread, BUT you MUST declare the food items. If you do not and they are found, you will be chastised severely. If the items are not on the prohibited list (and I don't think they are) you probably would not be fined, but you would be made to feel very uncomfortable. If you declare the food and show the quarantine officer a written list of what the items are (or tell them in detail), you will most likely be thanked for declaring them and let through with a smile. If there is an item that isn't allowed, it will be confiscated, but you would not be in trouble IF you declare it.
  3. Aus Traveller

    A few Pacific Explorer questions

    I am not sure about booking Angelo's prior to the cruise, but I doubt that you can. I do know that you cannot bring wine on board either at embarkation or at intermediate ports.
  4. Aus Traveller

    one bottle of wine in one suit case?

    No. Princess states that you can carry one bottle of wine on board each, but it must be in your carry-on bag. If you have it in your suitcase, it could be confiscated. I understand your dilemma about flying. The only solution is for you to remove the bottles from your cases and put the in your hand luggage, before you check in for the cruise.
  5. Aus Traveller

    Passports off ship

    Maybe you misunderstood my post.🙂 I said " If you need your passport in a particular port (for instance if the local authorities need to see it), then the ship will return the passport before arrival. " My comment refers to the scenario where passengers have to go through passport control on shore. I can think of a few ports where this happens. In those circumstances, the ship will always give the passports back (if they had them in the first place). The people you reference chose not to leave the ship without their passports. When the ship keeps passengers' passports, it is often (or usually) so the local authorities can process the passports during the day.
  6. We were on the Sea Princess for a domestic cruise late last year. This was not a 2-nighter that could be part of an international cruise: all the passengers were on a domestic cruise. The ship put on their usual shop sale in the deck 5 dining room. We had OBC and bought a couple of pieces of clothing at greatly reduced prices😊. The point I am making is that this sale was put on for a 'ship-load' of domestic passengers. I have agreed with you from the start of this thread regarding the sale of non-dutyfree items, but our experience last year shows that the problem you encountered must have been the particular staff member now in charge of the shops. By the way, I believed our OBC was non-refundable. It was as part of the 'deal' and an extra bit for the number of cruises we have had with Princess. After a charge for corkage, drinks and the clothes, we bought a couple of small items for our granddaughters to use it up. We had 46 cents left. On the last afternoon we got a print out of our accounts just to check that there were no errors. The statement appeared to show a credit balance. We were puzzled so we went to the desk to nicely ask for help in interpreting it. The CSR confirmed that we had a credit balance and added that he couldn't give it to us in cash because he was limited to $25. He said a cheque would be sent. Two months later a cheque arrived. 😊😊
  7. Aus Traveller

    Passports off ship

    Yes. If you need your passport in a particular port (for instance if the local authorities need to see it), then the ship will return the passport before arrival.
  8. He is complaining that he was not allowed to buy normal retail items (not duty free items). These should be available even on domestic cruises. I can see his argument, but I am not getting excited about it. Maybe I would, if I wanted to buy any of this stuff.
  9. Ha!😊 I gave up buying souvenirs a long time ago, but to each their own.
  10. He wants to buy items with the ship's name on.
  11. Aus Traveller

    Travel Insurance Required

    Check how much of your travel expenses you have to pay on the card to qualify. ANZ requires you to spend $250 of your travel cost on the card but with NAB it is all of the costs. I recall that someone who relied on the NAB travel insurance had their claim refused because they paid for some of the land content (I think it was hotel) not on the credit card. This would worry me. If it is to be "all of the costs" does this include meals? This is worth checking out.
  12. Aus Traveller

    Travel Insurance Required

    Yes. I have relied on the ANZ travel insurance for many trips including one to Antarctica. For that trip, I phoned the underwriter to check if I would be covered for evacuation and the answer was "yes".
  13. Aus Traveller

    Sun Princess Rumours

    😊 I laughed out loud at that comment.
  14. Your duty free limit will only apply once and that is when you disembark in Sydney. Your immigration check will most likely be at sea before you get to Darwin. Otherwise it could be in Darwin, but you will not have to re-do Immigration in Sydney.
  15. Aus Traveller

    Sun Princess Rumours

    I agree with a previous poster. Two great features the Sun has are the anytime TV (love that) and the International Cafe.