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  1. That is what we have done - half world cruises in 2014, 2016 and 2018. My 2020 booking was cancelled ☹️. I am now booked for 2022, Aust to New York, then fly home. I hope that cruise goes ahead.
  2. I would like to go on the Antarctic trip again (Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands) and also the South American trip (Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco via Cape Horn). However, I don't think I will do these again. I would also like to go on another World Cruise (booked for 2022) and the Tahiti/Hawaii cruise. Other than those, any cruise will do.
  3. The Weather Bureau has forecast that the cyclone will make landfall on Sunday in the Kalbarri-Geraldton region - much further south than usual.
  4. Taking a long-haul flight also causes more risk of blood clots than the AZ vaccine.
  5. Last year, it was reported that for a death in the US to be recorded as a death caused by COVID, the person had to die in hospital after being diagnosed. With their expensive health system, many poorer people can't afford to go to hospital.
  6. A few weeks ago a security officer at a quarantine hotel was infected very shortly after her had his COVID shot. The important point is that (like a flu shot) it takes a few weeks for the vaccination to become effective.
  7. I am sorry to hear your father's story. My mother always said that, when a Union called a strike, the Union officials should go without pay as well as the members of the Union. 🙂
  8. It is interesting to hear a positive review from someone who isn't American. 🙂 Obviously the show is geared towards an American audience. I haven't seen a live production, only a video of a stage production. It wasn't my cup of tea. I didn't like the rap music and didn't feel there was even one memorable 'song' in the show. To make a point, all the actors (male and female) are black with the exception of the actor playing King George III who is made out to be a figure of fun. I am glad the version I saw had captions, otherwise I would have found it very difficult to fol
  9. I feel the reason is that the Antarctic Peninsula (as well as South Georgia -fantastic - and Falkland Is) is easily reached from South America. I don't see the areas that can be reached from Australia as so appealing to tourists.
  10. If you read Lyall's post, I think you will see that his cruise is planned to go around the southern end of the South Island. Otherwise I don't think they would plan to go into Milford.
  11. P&O has just notified us that New Caledonia is continuing its ban on cruise ships until the end of October. They are offering full refund, or FCC + bonus. They will advise us of other options. Maybe they mean the possibility of a domestic cruise in the same time frame.
  12. The report I heard indicated that the tradie worked at the nursing home (presumably as a tradie or general handyman) and also worked part-time as a male stripper.
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