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  1. No. It would not have occurred to me to do so. I will mention that we are Australian and cruise several times a year, always carrying fish oil and other supplements. Australia is very strict on bringing food items in - everything has to be declared although some processed items (not meat products) are allowed. Our luggage was searched once on arriving home and the quarantine inspector found the unused fish oil capsules. He asked what they were and when told, made no further comment. All the best. 😊
  2. I agree that we do not want tipping to become the 'norm' here, however, I feel you have expressed yourself a little bit too directly.
  3. Aus Traveller

    Sea Princess

    The only thing I can think of is that we headed for to our usual forward-viewing spot (deck 11) to watch the entry into Milford Sound, but this was very early and the Security staff hadn't opened the deck. Grrr. We had to head up to deck 15 forward. The only other hint I can think of - Don't expect to find many books in the library. It used to be good, but no longer. I think people have taken home books they haven't finished and Princess hasn't topped up the supply of books. There are usually a lot of 'exchange' paperbacks left from the previous cruise. I usually take a couple from home, then go to the library very soon after boarding to put in a couple of books and get a couple of new ones. Anytime dining works well on the Sea P. It is in the restaurant on deck 6.
  4. I have taken medications and supplements (fish oil, vitamin D, glucosimine) through Santiago airport on several occasions, but they are not precisely the ones you mention. We have medications for high blood pressure, asthma, pain (Panadein forte). I carry our medications in our hand luggage to avoid the problems that would occur in our checked bags went astray. On arrival we weren't asked if we had medications and we didn't declare them. No problems. If you want to be careful, I suggest taking the medications in their original packaging and also take your copies of the prescriptions.
  5. Aus Traveller

    re meat pies

    This is one difference we notice between Australia and Europe. In Australia the seats and picnic tables are usually under some form of shade - trees or picnic shelter. In Europe, the seats and picnic tables are in the sun near the trees.😊
  6. Aus Traveller

    Disappointing service

    This promotional offer was probably sent only to Australian customers. It refers to the World Cruise on the Sea Princess that is based in Australia. The cost of the one-way airfare would have been built into the promotional fare offered for a segment on the World Cruise, although Princess was probably able to access cheaper airfares than someone booking independently.
  7. Aus Traveller

    Disappointing service

    The deal stated: "Free one-way business class airfare. Airfare can be applied on World Cruise segment voyages 46-48 nights departing from select cities." The flyer also stated "Limited time offer! Book before 31 January 2019 to get the following deals:" In the fine print it also said "subject to availability", but it is hardly reasonable that the deal would not be available if someone enquired immediately when they received the mail-out.
  8. Aus Traveller

    Sea Princess

    We usually use the front deck on deck 11. It has partial shade from the Bridge overhead. There is also access to decks on 9 and 10 but not deck 8. I think it is for crew. These forward decks are closed at night. If you want to go out and the 'strap' is across the doorway you go to, try the other side. Sometimes they open one side and seem to forget the other side.
  9. Absolutely no tips required or expected. I recall that when ships operated from Barangaroo in Sydney, there was a sign that tips were NOT to be given to the baggage handlers.
  10. Aus Traveller

    50 Days on Sapphire Princess

    The third photo above shows the Burj Khalifa (the highest building in the world) in the background, with the QEII in the foreground. The former ocean liner is being converted into a hotel.
  11. Aus Traveller

    50 Days on Sapphire Princess

    For many decades I wanted to visit Petra and, like you, I didn't think I had a chance of getting there. There was much more to see than I had originally thought and our visit exceeded my wildest dreams. I hope you get there also.
  12. Aus Traveller

    50 Days on Sapphire Princess

    The toilet was appreciated, but I would not drink the water. Depending on the time of year you will be hot or very hot, although in winter it snows in Petra. If it if hot, you won't be needing the toilet as much as you might think.
  13. Aus Traveller

    50 Days on Sapphire Princess

    We went on a private tour organised by a member of CC. It is around 2.5 hours drive. We had more time in the site compared with the Princess tours because we had lunch in a restaurant at the far end of the valley. The tours have lunch in town, outside the gates of the Petra valley. I advised people going on that tour to either skip lunch or arrive at the lunch venue late and take their chances on what food was available. They just had to make sure they knew what time the buses were leaving. We obviously had time to walk slowly to the far end of the valley and explore the sites close to the main path. The only way to get to the "Monastery" is to head there directly after entering the valley and don't be distracted by sights along the way. The path to the Monastery is very steel and uneven steps. It starts opposite the restaurant where we had lunch. We called it the "Restaurant at the end of the Universe". For someone making their first visit to Petra I recommend forgetting about the Monastery. To get there you basicly had to forego everything else. Not worth it! There is time to take the short detours to the Byzantine Church and to the Royal Tombs. If you can't walk that far, I recommend going at least as far as the Collonaded street. One couple on our cruise couldn't walk very far at all. They simply made the decision that they would hire a cart to travel into the Valley, then camels to go further in. They came out the same way. This was the only way they could see Petra and they loved it. Transport - You can go into the valley by donkey cart, but recommend walking with your guide. There are several interesting things to see on the way and it is very slightly down-hill. Your first view of the Treasury is breathtaking. The impact would be lessened if you were in a cart. I recommend going out by cart. When we were there it was US$30. My husband declined because of the price, but we should have taken the cart and offered the driver a tip if he drove slowly and carefully. The carts only go as far as the Treasury (the famous 'building') at the end of the Siq. From there you either walk or go on a camel. Take plenty of water. We also took hand towels from the ship that I had soaked in water (carried in plastic bag). We were in Petra in the middle of summer (around 36 deg C) so we each draped a wet hand towel around our neck underneath our shirts. About one-third of the way through the valley there are toilets (on the right-hand side of the path as you walk in). We wet our towels before setting off again. We had also left extra water on our seats in the bus so we would have water for the return bus ride. Visiting the remains of the 2,000 year old city was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  14. Aus Traveller

    50 Days on Sapphire Princess

    We didn't need a visa on any of our trips through the Canal. The last one was in July this year.
  15. Aus Traveller

    50 Days on Sapphire Princess

    Petra is gorgeous. It's a pity that flooding caused it to be closed. I thought it was so fantastic, I am looking forward to going back. We went to Petra in mid-summer in 2016. It was very hot. On our next cruise that called into Aqaba, I was under a 'limited mobility' order following surgery, so we just took the shuttle into town. There wasn't much to see. On our visit this year, I went on the Wadi Rum tour. It was interesting, but a very poor 'second' to Petra. Unfortunately, the Destination Lecturer had frightened a lot of people about their ability to do the Petra or Wadi Rum tour. A lot of people cancelled, but when they spoke to people who did the tour, they realised they could have done it.