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  1. A lot of the shops had cat ornaments etc. I saw a couple of dozen cats in my one day in Kotor.
  2. Yes Kotor. For interest here are some more photos that I have downloaded so I could give more clues. You don't need more clues, but someone might be interested in the photos. BTW, Kotor is renowned for its cats.
  3. With so many cases in USA, I am concerned that there will be a significant number of people with long-term medical problems. This will put a strain on the medical system and there will also a significant number of people of working age who will be partially disabled from the long-term effects of COVID.
  4. A false positive would be less problematic than a false negative. If the quick test returned some positives, maybe those people could be separated from the herd, then another test used to determine their status. However, would there be another type of reliable test that could be taken and the result analysed (without requiring a lab) in the time available, for instance before a cruise departed.
  5. A test has been developed that can detect low levels of infection, even on someone who is asymptomatic. It uses a swab of saliva and gives a result in 10 minutes. If this test proves accurate, this could be a game-changer that would allow cruising to start earlier than otherwise. 🙂 Anyone interested in reading more about this test can clink on the link shown below. https://www.uts.edu.au/news/health-science/spot-coronavirus-test-within-spitting-distance
  6. Is that a current advertising programme? Or is it advertising their usual October 'Halloween' themed cruises?
  7. Correct. We were leaving Lisbon on the Sea Princess when I took the photo.
  8. This test sounds superb. This could enable cruising to re-start.🙂
  9. Where is this fort? For an 'bonus point', what is it called?
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