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  1. This is the latest from P&O Au. Looks promising and a bit of good news. SOON-TO-BE PACIFIC ENCOUNTER GETS HER NEW ‘NAME BADGE’ AND P&O CRUISES AUSTRALIA IDENTITY AS FLEET TRANSFORMATION GATHERS PACE AMID GROWING OPTIMISM Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Amid growing optimism of a restart of cruising, soon-to-be Pacific Encounter has arrived in Singapore to be greeted by her new P&O Cruises Australia ‘name badge’ already waiting for her on the dockside. The ship’s P&O branding — each side 20 metres long, eight
  2. Gosh if I saw a mouse in my hotel room I would be out of the door quick fast, never mind the cops or whatever security is there!!! That's not on in a 4 star hotel. I did read in one paper that one of the players thought they should get special treatment because they were here to "entertain us". Well I've got news for her because I hate the tennis and would rather watch grass grow.
  3. Just of interest. Sapphire Princess has now left dry dock after a 19 days stay and is now in wet dock. Star Princess/Pacific Encounter has now entered a different dry dock. Carnival must have some sort of timetable to work to otherwise they would not be spending dollars on dry-docking ships.
  4. Les I am inclined to agree with you wholeheartedly. We are still hurting down here from the great lock-down and don't want to put our hard won freedom in danger. I have no time for sporting prima donas, especially when some Victorians are still locked out of their own state. Then I looked at it from a different perspective. We have to learn to live again and IF this Grand Slam comes off with not too many problems then it is a baby step in the right direction. We got away with limited numbers at the cricket. I imagine when cruising finally gets the ok then there will
  5. I just keep saving my dollars for the future and dreaming about when the ships will come back. Oh and booking a few cruises knowing that they may not happen although being in Vic our season doesn't start till October anyway. Also hoping that I won't be too old to travel or get insurance when it returns!!
  6. Thanks Lissie. Glad you seemed to not suffer too much from sea sickness. It looks like an entirely different experience from normal cruising. Much more intimate. Very spartan - but that was expected. Loved the photo of penguins. I think I would be a bit worried about the zodiacs. Think I would prefer something with a backrest, always worried I would fall off backwards!! Well you do seem to be more organised in NZ with cruises. I was reading about some more this morning from Bluff. Lucky girl. Once again thanks for a good review.
  7. Finally Pacific Encounter/Star Princess has joined the other cruise ships off Singapore. What a long voyage from Panama. Pacific Adventure/Golden Princess seems is heading in toward Singapore dock area. Sapphire Princess is still in dry dock in Singapore where she has been for around a week. Pacific Explorer has gone back to Manila bay.
  8. Thinking back to Aus ports I don't believe I have seen private operators near the terminals. Only time was when we got to Port Lincoln in around Feb 2015 and locals were at the gates selling private tours. Think we may have been the first large cruise ship to dock. The ships tour people were angry about this because they were undercutting them and since then I have only seen private tours available online or else sold from the Visitors Information Centre (where ever that may be - near or not near the ship). Not like in NZ where you can purchase on the pier basically. Excess shi
  9. No Sailaway John it is not me who is sailing. It is Lissie from NZ who is on the Spirit of Enderby with Heritage sailing to the Snares and Stewart Island and a few other small NZ ports.
  10. This is part of an article in today's Cruise Weekly. Nothing for Brisbane, Sydney or Melb though. CORAL Expeditions has announced new voyages for this month, including the Great Australian Bight and the Houtman Abrolhos. The cruise line’s flagship Coral Adventurer will return to operations from Cairns later this Jan after a 10-month hiatus, having recently completed an eight-voyage season alongside Coral Discoverer on the Great Barrier Reef (CW 28 Oct). The new series of expeditions will involve several coastlines previously unvisited by Coral, focusing on pristine nat
  11. Maybe they are feeling exposed a little with the way China is punishing us via trade. They could be regarded as Australian ships and a large passenger ship without passengers is vulnerable I guess. When Aria and Dawn sailed toward the Suez the Indian navy gave them an escort for part of the way because of pirates.
  12. Curious things happening with Pacific Encounter. After sailing south for a day or so after leaving Korea she then abruptly turned north west and then south again and met up with Pacific Explorer who had apparently come to meet her. They are now both sailing together for Singapore. Safety in numbers in the South China Sea ?????
  13. Here is the link to the CDC website which has a table of ships currently in US waters waiting to get permission. Have to go down a bit to get to the table. Apparently the first hoop they have to jump through is the one concerning transportation of crew. There will be many more hoops to come - some not yet tabled. On Marine traffic you can see them gathered around US ports. There is finally some movement but a long way to go. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html
  14. I was thinking equipment or machinery etc. Maybe for the refits, they have to do something about the air conditioning filters and other things to become COVID safe. She was meant to go to Manila but altered course after passing Hawaii and went north west to Korea. Now she is going to Singapore where the refits will be done I imagine. It has added 10 days onto her voyage so must have been worth it.
  15. I believe so. They have to get CDA ready. Quite a few are in US ports or on their way there. There is a list on CDA website of how the ships are meeting the criteria. This only for the ships which want to sail in US waters. Long way to go yet.
  16. Star Princess has departed Busan and is now on her way to Singapore. Due there 6th Jan. Maybe she picked up something very large ?????
  17. Okay what's going on??? Star Princess/Pacific Encounter left Mexico 3 weeks ago bound for Manila but is now off the coast of Japan bound for Busan, Sth Korea. Due there tomorrow. Did the captain lose his way or do they do overhauls in Korea. Maybe Singapore is too busy. P&O Au put out a Christmas video using the name of Pacific Encounter although some of the crew had Princess badges on their uniforms.
  18. Thinking of you. Bon Voyage - hope you have a great time. Look forward to you reporting on it.
  19. I have noticed that the price for balconies is the same for BE to BA but the price for premium balconies B4 is based on the old BC pricing. In other words the price for BA is upgraded from BE but for B4 (aft facing) is upgraded from BC not BE. I think this is causing confusion. Just booked a B4 and noticed this on my receipt. Could be wrong.
  20. My local Coles was selling lobsters from Canada vacuum sealed. Crazy to think we send them to China and then buy them from Canada.
  21. Les glad you got some good news from the Doc. Hope you salvage some of your Christmas plans you deserve it.
  22. Totally agree. Happy Christmas wherever you are everyone. Hope no one gets stuck on the wrong side of a border.
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