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  1. From RCL's Australian website https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en?country=AUS
  2. I only attend any lectures if the subject truly interests me (like anything to do with ships/navigation and also nature - especially connected to the current itinerary) Definitely not anything to do with wars or history. On my Celebrity Solstice cruise in Dec 2018 we had a fabulous young American naturalist named Chelsea Behymer. Her commentary while we cruised Fiordland was refreshingly different to anything I had on previous cruises. She also did several very interesting presentations in the theater - her enthusiasm was quite infectious 🙂 On the same cruise I also attended Captain Tasos' fabulous presentation (he could make almost ANY subject interesting I think ...)
  3. There used to be the Route 555 buses in the CBD that were free - not sure how long ago that ceased.
  4. Even though we lived in and near Perth for quite a few years, I have only ever been to Rotto once - so will definitely go again. Also explore Fremantle on foot, have some refreshments somewhere along the Cappuccino Strip and I believe the Fremantle Markets are on as well - I love strolling through markets of all kinds - anywhere in the world 🙂 And a visit to Kings Park is also planned, as well as catching up with some friends.
  5. Coffee: Hazelnut or Vanilla Latte Beer: on the ship - Budweiser, on shore - something local Cocktails etc: Mai Tai, Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan, Baileys on ice, Chairman of the Board (Princess), Royal Manhattan (HAL) Wine: CabSav or Shiraz if red, White Zinfandel (rosé) or Chardonnay if not too dry
  6. Specially for Lyle - more delicious Hahndorf food 😋
  7. We saw these guys outside the Flinders Chase Visitors Centre which unfortunately burnt down in the bush fires, so they may well have perished 😢
  8. It was just a little one virtually right next to the viewing platform 🙂
  9. Melbourne street art is quite amazing - not always easy to find, often in little side streets or arcades As the weather was great, I took the ferry to Williamstown. A nice trip on the river, with lots of interesting stuff to discover when you get there. Reminded me quite a bit of Devonport (Auckland).
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