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  1. Unfortunately the weather isn't exactly welcoming here in Sydney today I'll be waving at the webcams this afternoon from onboard 😀
  2. I think you have every right to be proud 👍
  3. I was on Majestic Princess in October (balcony) and asked the housekeeping supervisor of my area about kettle and was told NO.
  4. I have only ever had one drop off location - in Elizabeth Street, opposite the Queens Gardens.
  5. Not at all, next to a path that people walk along which they were not disturbed by (until someone's on-leash dog got a little too interested for their comfort and the flew off (probably to return later ...)
  6. Thanks - it sure looked that way BTW this was taken with an RX100-M6 🙂
  7. Wet and (a little) wild - Freshwater Lookout on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches
  8. Decided to have some fun with a couple of shots (processed with Topaz Studio 2)
  9. Spotted a couple of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos on my daily walk that were very happily munching on some red berries, quite oblivious to humans walking past. I observed one snipping off a branch, the holding it in its claw while stripping off the berries with its beak.
  10. A very hard way to learn ... but as ski ww pointed out, real important that nobody was hurt!
  11. Sulphur crested cockatoo feasting on some berries
  12. I agree! Do they allow us to purchase wine in ports during the cruise and then pay the corkage, or does that only apply at embarkation?
  13. A few impressions from Sydney's Museums Discovery Centre (the whole site is a kind of storage facility for a couple of Sydney's museums - one large 'warehouse' is open to the public and displays a wide range of items). Being part of a group and guided tour, it was rather difficult to get shots without interference from bright spot-lights or neighbouring display items. No flash allowed, so a steady hand was called for (very happy to have managed some good results at 1/8s 😉 ...) This is a Model T Ford
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