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  1. Looks like there will be a bit of shopping around for our upcoming cruises then 🤔
  2. Yep - still available, but it will be on put on your sea pass card, staff will tell you when you have used the 15, or you should ask. You buy it at the International Cafe, if I remember correctly.
  3. You know, you are absolutely correct. We go through security to board the ship and our rooms are also secure. To access most things within the ship we use security, (our cards) so it is a monitored environment. For the most part, I believe that cruising is safe, that there is very little crime in comparison to the number of people cruising. If someone feels otherwise, perhaps cruising isn’t for them 🤔
  4. So, you are saying that a gated community has less crime than a high population area like Cabramatta; so a luxury cruise line would have less crime than say P&O Aus or Carnival?
  5. SuitesRbest - seems the vote is in for Insure and Go. Agree with mum and son - do a bit of research on other sites, TripAdvisor, Productreview etc. but CC users seem happy with it. Some type of Insurance cover is def better than NO insurance. Rose https://www.insureandgo.com.au/
  6. Just did a B2B with Princess round Japan and seapass cards remained the same. RCI make things particularly difficult don’t they, if this is how they do it? If the OP keeps the same cabin, do you think they will also need a new seapass card? Because their account should continue over both cruises, or do you think that they would need to settle their account for the first cruise and start again for the second? All things they would need to consider - personally I would contact Royal 🤓
  7. If you book direct with RCI you should be able to keep the same cabin for both cruises. Just ring them to confirm this - easy👍
  8. I have used Travel Insurance Direct (TID) and Insure & Go. Finally settled on TID as they have a great app, rates are reasonable and easy understandable PDS. Have used them locally and for OS trips. You can get a quote with each and make up your own mind. As others have said, try your current insurers too. (have an idea first of $$ from the above companies) As to credit card travel insurance I think there is a thread on CC somewhere on this Aus/NZ forum about someone who had some real trouble with claims for travel insurance using this type of cover, I personally would never rely on this one. Personal opinion only. Cheers, Rose
  9. Perhaps next time it would be easier for each couple and the singles to do their own booking, even though your intentions were only the best? Save the hassle 🤔😉
  10. I think if you were also to Google crime etc in the town you live in, the statistics would read very much the same. Anytime that human population live together in any type of proximity, crime, illness and accidents occur. I think this is called life and a cruise ship is just a small capsule of life isn’t it? 🥺
  11. We were On Diamond in June and just asked our steward for the barrel chair and they returned it to our cabin for the cruise - easy 👍
  12. We are booked on Ruby to NZ in Feb ‘20 and can’t wait. By then she is supposed to be Medallionised - so very excited to do this one 😎🤩
  13. Esilef, Couldn’t you book something then if you don’t need to cruise it becomes a future deposit for something else?? Few offers floating around ........
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