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  1. Agree there Chilli, would like to see a plan too, soon ......... 🙄
  2. I think Carnival has the right idea “Post Cruising” as to taking care of passengers and keeping ships clean. Did some research on this process and it looks very efficient, we should appreciate the fact that Carnival would be applying best practice and be using the best currently available. There is more, link follows: At night, a deep cleaning and disinfection process is conducted utilising electro-static applications through specialised machines in highly-trafficked public areas (including all restaurants, the fitness centre, spa, lido deck areas, promenade, casino, medical centre, public restrooms, lounges, bars, lobbies, elevators, atrium, youth activity centres, arcade and all crew public areas). https://www.carnival.com.au/travel-advisory#cleaning-standards Cant find anywhere where Princess is planning on using this process too 🤔
  3. Our Premier isn’t going to open our Queensland State border before September, so I don’t hold out much hope for International tourists into Australia by December this year - let alone cruises ships, sorry KeepOnCruisingJG 🤔
  4. Murray is very full atm Don, shame we can’t cross borders though 🙄
  5. Blackduck59 - Vader1111 seems to be our current expert. Australia currently has its own cases of CV19 - we are quiet and in control, but not clear by any means. Any country (Or person) that thinks they are totally safe until there is a vaccine are delusional.
  6. Just a totally different track regarding dates - we decided to cancel our October ‘20 cruise, from Southampton to Singapore on Regal Princess This was a 38 day sector of a 56 day Southampton to Sydney ‘Exploration Cruise’ Princess called it. There are other sectors - Sthmptn to Dubai, Rome to Sydney, Singapore to Sydney - probably more can’t remember them all. Anyway, we cancelled because 1) We couldn’t see flying to Southampton by October & 2) We couldn’t see flying home from Singapore again, or IF Singapore will be allowing cruise ships by November 😳 Princess is still selling rooms for at least three sectors according to our Roll Call 🤷‍♀️ Mean while Princess has sent emails out stating that the Southampton to Sydney 56 day cruise is cancelled?? Just glad we cancelled a few weeks ago 🤔 what do you guys think? The Roll Call members just being “extremely optimistic” 🤪
  7. Couldn’t agree more Battleship02 Covid has become this generations bogey man, but if this was 1964 it would be Influenza A or 1918 - the Spanish Flu. Cruise ships aren’t the problem, just life is 🙄
  8. haha bit like you BRANDEE it gets confusing for us too. Fuller is the NSW Police Commissioner (every State has one - can you believe it 😳) Commissioner Walker is a Leading Barrister (Top Lawyer) who has been Commissioned by NSW Government to head the investigation. Hence he is now the investigations’ Commissioner. Supposedly he will be unbiased, unrelated to the ship or State Govt, and just look at “the facts” - this has to be done without using any “hindsight” - which I thought was a particularly relevant ruling, (seeing this is what most of us love doing on here 😉) Note: finally got our email for the Questionnaire from NSW Police, why bother, really!! Have you thought about doing a personal submission, there is a tab on the page with the hearings? This is where I submitted our information regarding our experience on the end 7th/8th March cruise. Rose
  9. Blackduck59 you can follow it yourself if you like: https://www.rubyprincessinquiry.nsw.gov.au/hearings/
  10. “ This allows researchers to identify who someone caught the virus from and also to identify clusters. Wow!!“ Agree, this sure does sound like 💩 to me. 60 Minutes making the narrative suit the story ..... Anyway - will be interesting to see what, if anything comes out of the Public Hearings tomorrow 🤔
  11. Gosh, really pleased I don’t donate to them then, though they have pleaded a few times while browsing 🤔
  12. Doing some research on Ruby and Wikipedia has a very concise breakdown of cruise ships and Coronavirus - Pushka you will 💕💕 this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_on_cruise_ships#Ruby_Princess
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