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  1. You could be right - I really hope you aren’t though. The sooner the better ...
  2. Also came across this link - the Alcolizer Covid Tester isn’t just a distant plan - https://junctionjournalism.com/2020/06/02/handheld-coronavirus-testing-kit-set-for-production/
  3. Not talking about any of these existing tests - it’s about a test that has gone through the University of Technology Science Department and will be developed in conjunction with Alcolizer, a WA firm. It is a swab test that goes into a testing unit the same as the one the Police currently use for roadside drug tests and the testing unit is mobile. So far testing results have been near perfect (read attached above) and in my humble opinion we need something that works quickly, allows the testers to make immediate decisions, any negative results - don’t cruise. Alcolizer is currently developing an antigen assay in collaboration with Australian universities. The antigen assay allows direct measurement of the viral load in a subjects saliva within 10 minutes.
  4. We may not have the Opera House or Harbour - but we have a smick new Terminal, on site shaded parking and the “loos” https://urbanutilities.com.au/community/looseum 😆
  5. I think how we arrive at our embarkation will be an individual choice, just like we currently shop for groceries or go to work each day now. IMHO we need to take responsibility for ourselves at some point ... .......just saying 🤔
  6. Apologies - was tongue in cheek but there is no Emoji for that. And I meant more so in regard to: how long it takes / who / when / where / why and with whom. The more bakers in the mix, the longer the final results take to appear.
  7. This is good news, but these tests have been around for some time and are referred to as ‘drool saliva’ - you spit into a tube. And the results are still taking 48 to 72 hours. This definitely won’t allow us to board a cruise ship. The Australian test will be carried out the same way as a saliva drug test, with a swab of the inside of the mouth / tongue and results within 10 MINUTES. This test is the type that will get us back cruising.
  8. You are correct, the UTS however actually put a price on the unit of $25. As to whether this will be the final price, who really knows. But, if it works as the UTS is predicting, I for one don’t care. Something HAS TO change.
  9. One that actually works, with quick results, is all we really require to begin to open the World up again. Bring it on I say. And please, keep the Pollies out of it they wrecked 2020.
  10. Agree - placing all our hopes on the vaccines seems to be over reaching. So, as always - the solutions begin to roll in 👍 Now - we, the people, just need to be able to access these solutions 😉
  11. I think this is good news perhaps in the return to cruising (and the disappearance of 6” cotton swabs in painful places) https://www.uts.edu.au/news/health-science/spot-coronavirus-test-within-spitting-distance
  12. And they still don’t think the rules apply to “them” 🤨 https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/news/5678/?et_cid=3371003&et_rid=24528239&et_referrer=NULL
  13. It does sound great doesn’t it? Everything crossed that it all goes ahead as they plan and explain.
  14. Who knows that one? But it’s just a small part of the big picture really, the fact that they are promoting a Covid Test that doesn’t involve 6” cotton buds up the nostril - I’m totally supportive of 🙄
  15. Could this be a Game Changer 😳 https://www.uts.edu.au/news/health-science/spot-coronavirus-test-within-spitting-distance
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